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Squirrel in Varanasi, Underground Powerlines Open Sewer Drains
March05, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh

Watching PM Speech & Politics closely, every time is always disappointing and hurtful. He has bunch of Extreme Dullards as Ministers who have WEIRD ideas and largely waste public money and no real progress is expected.

It Cost Nothing to Appoint Competent Professionals than Politicians with Jail Experience and to have Efficient & Competent Government. This is the biggest tragedy of India.

9 Lakh LEDs for 40 Lakh Varanasi People – No Solar Rooftop

Piyush Goyal is Extreme Dullard – 9 lakh LEDs for 36 lakh population is Very Poor – One LED bulb for one Home, Rs.6 Cr -7 Cr in three years – no Solar-Rooftop.

PM also said a. 21 Crore LEDs Lamps were installed. b. Each cost between Rs.50 to Rs.80, and c. Indians are saving Rs.11,000 Cr annually than Investment was ‘Rs.1050 Cr to Rs.1680 Cr’ but annual savings are Rs.11,000 Cr. PM then said people will save Rs.200, to Rs.500 to Rs.2000, buy more milk for their children.

Yesterday UP supplied 12,546 MW Peak Load and NO SHORTAGE which is 31% of Northern Region [40258 MW], Gujarat peak was 12,700 MW. Cut are due to ‘Breakdowns’ and ‘Improvements’.  

There is delay in response – prompted to watch Youtube – ‘Railway Line in Tibet’ – a marvelous Engineering Achievement. Over 1000 km track at over 4000m above sea level, 675 bridges and 7 tunnels in few years. China has already connected to Europe with its Railway Network, is building 30,000 kilometers of new high speed tracks including Bullet Trains in 5 years at $300b, we have Extreme Dullard Suresh Prabhu wasting public money.

India continues to make Coaches and Tracks based on 50-100 years old technology, investing more on Unviable & Outdated Infrastructure.

Why can’t India begin with Amritsar to Kolkata Bullet Train that shall connect Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, UP, Himachal, Uttarakhand, Bihar, West Bengal in first phase? PM is obsessed with most unviable Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet line.

There is no PRIORITY to complete Railway Freight Corridors – which could either take out goods movement in two directions – or could be converted to Fast Train services deploying existing technologies.

Underground City Electricity but Open Sewage Drains On Both Sides of Streets – This is Most WEIRD because on one hand we have Dullard as Energy Minister on the other Totally Lunatic Water Resources Minister.

It is not just Indian villages but old cities areas have Open Sewage Cum Drains.

Floods & Pollution At Varanasi ‘Rank 122’ > BOD 14 mg/L

CPCB - Yamuna River in Delhi is 15-40 Times More Polluted than Ganga at Varanasi, GOI is only interested in Ganga River at Varanasi no public interest.

‘Out of the 240.93 lakh hectares geographical area of the UP State about 73.06 lakh hectares is flood prone.’ So over 30% area is Flood Prone – heavy Rains impact every inch of UP every year. Therefore so long there are OPEN SEWAGE & Septic Latrines Holy City can’t be Clean & Stink Free. Swatchh Bharat idea of Septic Latrines is most lunatic.

BBC still carries stories of August2016 Floods in Varanasi [Varanasi: Floods stop funerals in India holy city], when last rights couldn’t be performed and half burnt remains were pushed in river Ganga. Varanasi get 1048mm Normal Rainfall. There is no mention of it in PM Speech and no concern of MoWR.

PM has no program for AGRICULTURE for UP. Varanasi district crop yields are low primarily due to waterlogging and flooding.

Highway Projects – Big Claims, Small Gains – Rs.3109 cr/Yr
As Can be Seen in the PIB Press Release – Rs.6,218 Cr Worth of Highway Projects were executed in UP in two years since May2014 but would claim Rs.74,794 Cr Are Under Works.

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