Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Commemorating 30 years of AFPRO–SDC partnership

Commemorating 30 years of AFPRO–SDC partnership

2010-09-14 03:47:56 - Nksagar-Saga Media - New Delhi :
To commemorate the SDC-AFPRO Partnership,the event well organized at the India International center,Lodhi Road on 13 September 2010 and released document of SDC-AFPRO " Winged Seed" by HE Mr Philippe Welti,Ambassdor of switzerland to India in presence of Chief Guest Pro KV Thomas, MOS for agriculture,Consumer affair andFood and Public distribution.

AFPRO and SDC have recently completed their partnership of around 3 decades. This period has been marked by interventions that have made landmark contributions in the field of rural development. Moved by a common urge to address the issue of food and livelihood security of poor and remote communities, the partnership has especially focused on first-of-its-kind socio-technical interventions that have
good potential for wide acceptance among rural communities based on participatory management principles, natural resource management and technical soundness.

Hence each such intervention has been a ‘pilot’ initiative to develop strategic solutions to livelihood issues that could be then be adopted and scaled-up as per regional or local needs.

This partnership has therefore been marked by projects that have made new inroads in the development sector. Devpimpalgaon and Adgaon Watershed Project of the early ‘80s that initiated the partnership are among the first watershed projects in India. This was the start of the partnership which reached out to communities struggling for livelihoods in remote and difficult environment, enabling them for self-organization and providing technical interventions that blended with their natural resource base and livelihood practices. Sustainability and participation were key themes and special stress was laid on strengthening grassroots communities through process-based approaches.

As an organization, AFPRO itself has also benefited from the expertise and skills of SDC in human & institutional development. These have included programme and financial review processes, which included Joint Progress Review and Development Audit, as well as Planning Process. SDC has also played an important role in facilitating the Strategic Orientation and Planning Process exercise for AFPRO to streamline its organizational approach.

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