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Oriental Nicety (ex Exxon Valdez) in Indian waters

Entry of ex US ship Oriental Nicety (ex Exxon Valdez) in Indian waters
not permissible without prior decontamination

Ministry of Defence Should Probe Hazardous Wastes Trade & Movement of
End-of-Life Ships in Indian wasters

New Delhi 4/05/2012: Justice Altamas Kabir headed Supreme Court’s
bench heard the application against a US hazardous end-of-life vessel
named 'Oriental Nicety' (formerly Exxon Valdez, Exxon Mediterranean,
Sea River Mediterranean, S/R Mediterranean, Mediterranean, and Dong
Fang Ocean) that has been purchased by Best Oasis Company, (a
subsidiary of Priya Blue Industries Pvt Ltd) based in Bhavnagar,
Gujarat on May 3, 2012. The court observed that without the prior
decontamination of the ships in the country of export, no dead ship
including 'Oriental Nicety' (formerly Exxon Valdez) can be allowed
entry in Indian waters.

This is a dead ship for dumping in the Indian waters in the name of
dismantling and recycling. This is a second such ship originally from
USA that is outwitting Indian laws. The USA’s regulations and European
Union regulations prohibit the entry of such vessels. There are 173
plots to carry out the ship-breaking activities for secondary steel
retrieval on the Alang beach under the supervision of Gujarat Maritime
Board (GMB), which has no competence in such industrial processes.

While a total of 5924 end-of-life ships were permitted between 1982
and 2012, there is no data available as to the quantity of hazardous
wastes which has been dumped. How much PCBs, PCTs, asbestos wastes,
radioactive and other hazardous materials have come to the country, is
not known.  How many workers, villagers have been affected and the
extent and enormity of contamination of Alang beach is also not known.
It is not understood how the ship breaking activities is continuing
when there is no landfill facility available. Obviously, illegal
dumping of hazardous wastes is going on, which is totally illegal.

It is noteworthy that actions and agencies identified by Court
constituted Inter-ministerial committee (IMC) on shipbreaking in the
pursuance of eighteen recommendations of Prof M G K Menon headed High
Power Committee that were accepted by  the Court has not been complied
with. The minutes of IMC repeatedly underline security concerns. The
annexed document underlines the need for Ministry of Defence to probe
Hazardous Wastes Trade and movement of end-of-life ships in Indian
wasters. The application has sought direction for compliance.

Following the last IMC meeting this year Directorate General Factory
Advice Service & Labour Institutes (DGFASLI), Union Ministry of Labour
has been asked to conduct a radiology study on the impact of glass
wool on the respiratory health of migrant workers at the shipbreaking
yards at Alang beach. At present there are no mandatory guidelines for
disposal of the glass wool, PCBs and asbestos which is used mainly as
insulators in ships. Some 16 % of workers were found exposed to
carcinogenic asbestos fibers as per the study of National Institute of
Occupational Health, Ahmedabad. They were identified but they have not
been compensated or provided medical and legal remedy till date.

The application has pointed out how even without examining the
inventory of hazardous wastes and materials on board the end-of-life
ship 'Oriental Nicety', local authorities who have not complied with
the recommendations of IMC on shipbreaking like Gujarat Pollution
Control Board (GPCB) and Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) have given it a
clean chit to it.
This 301 meters long tanker is 50 meters wide, 26 meters depth,
weighing 30,000 tons empty and powered by a 23.60 MW diesel engine. US
based National Steel and Shipbuilding Company built this tanker for
Exxon Mobil Corporation, a US multinational oil and gas corporation
and a direct descendant of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company.
It was built in San Diego, California in 1986.

ToxicsWatch Alliance (TWA) appeals to Parliamentarians and concerned
ministries to adopt its original position of 1992 articulated in
Piriapolis, Uruguay in December 1992, by A. Bhattacharja, Head of the
Indian delegation saying, "You industrial countries have been asking
us to do many things for the global good -- to stop cutting down our
forests, to stop using your CFCs. Now we are asking you to do
something for the global good: keep your own waste."

It is hoped that both Supreme Court and Parliament will act in time to
set matters right before it is too late and ask the rich countries and
their waste traders to keep their own waste, our own waste is too much
to handle.

For Details: Gopal Krishna, Convener, ToxicsWatch Alliance (TWA),

Logjam continues on NCTC

The non-Congress chief ministers vehemently opposing the the anti-terror body National Counter Terrorism Centre NCTC and some of them demanding its comprehensive withdrawal.Naveen Patnaik,Mamata Banerjee squarely blame the Central government for their manner to thrust upon this order on states without any prior discussion on the subject.Fifteen Chief Minister out of twenty six present completely rejected the NCTC in its present form.
The non-Congress chief ministers opposition came notwithstanding appeals from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram for a broad consensus.
Even Congress ally National Conference voiced reservations over the NCTC in its present form saying it makes it as stringent as the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act.
Congress Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi of Assam also wanted that Centre should take into confidence the states before undertaking operations.
Significantly, BJP leader and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh said they would support NCTC if their suggestions are incorporated and NCTC is suitably amended.
Briefing reporters, he said all the Chief Ministers recognised the need for an NCTC or a similar organization.
“As expected, there was strong support for NCTC by many Chief Ministers, qualified support from many CMs and outright rejection of the idea by three CMs.”
He said the principal concerns were one why is it located in the IB and two why do personnel of NCTC or a similar organisation have to undertake, even on an exceptional circumstances, operations on its own?
“We will examine the two issues…why it will be under IB and why it will carry out operations under exceptional circumstance operations on its own?
The meeting, convened by the Centre to bridge differences with the states, especially fifteen non-Congress Chief Ministers who opposed the NCTC, saw UPA ally Trinamool Congress outright rejecting it.

Trinamool Congress Chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee would not settle down for anything less than rescinding the February 2012 executive order announcing the formation of NCTC.

Gujarat Chief Minister questions UPA Government’s motive behind creation of NCTC, demanded withdrawal of the order
Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi while strongly demanding rollback of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) condemned the UPA Government for damaging the trust between Union Government and States. He said that in last few months, UPA Government has taken a number of such ill-advised steps to weaken State Governments. He also said that by this kind of intentions and unilateral actions, it is making terrorists happy as its focus is shifting from fighting terrorists to weakening State Governments. In a scathing attack on the lack of leadership, he said that the Union Government is functioning in total disregard to the Constitutional propriety. It is damaging the federal structure and breaking the bond of cooperation. He mentioned that it is changing the basic nature of an intelligence agency and exposing it to public glare. It is exposing the intelligence organization to day to day grind of Police force, running from Court to Court for prosecuting offender. It is tinkering with all such institutions and damaging their capability to perform their task. ‘Guptchar’ is being exposed to become ‘Openchar
He appealed to the Prime Minister to rise to the occasion and cancel the Office Memorandum creating NCTC which is against the Constitutional provision and stop weakening the State Governments who are fighting against terrorism and extremism. He made a fervent appeal to the Prime Minister to work for restoring the trust between the Union Government and States.
Speaking at the Chief Ministers’ conference convened by the Government of India under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on the issue of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), Shri Modi pointed out that Gujarat is clearly in favour of a strong comprehensive anti-terror law to combat terrorism. However, the State is not in favour of damaging democratic polity and federal structure by creating NCTC to create problems for the State Governments. It is more than obvious that NCTC is all about creating problems in the states and ferment trouble for the State Governments. He said that it is obvious that the present Union Government has hidden political agenda.
“What signals we are going to terrorists by creating a crisis of confidence between the Union Government and States? Why Union Government wants to destroy the federal structure? Why it does not trust the State Governments and its agencies? What does it want to achieve - to fight terrorism or to create crisis in States” he asked the Prime Minister.
Shri Modi further stated that in such operations there is a high probability of collateral damages. How will the NCTC tackle these consequent situations if their actions lead to counter violence, protests, agitations and problems of public order? It would be like the Union Government agencies coming and disturbing a bee-hive and leaving the state agencies to bear all the bee-stings.
Shri Modi said that this august gathering should not be converted into a debating forum rather this occasion should be used to give a clear and strong message that both the Union Government and States are together in the fight against terrorism and extremism. He said that our main priority is to combat terrorism in any form with strong political will.
The Gujarat Chief Minister while commenting on operational effectiveness of the proposed NCTC posed a question about the Union Government’s success to deal with issues like viz. infiltration, arms landing, communication, channelization of funds through havala routes and extradition of terrorists, though the Central organizations are primarily responsible for tackling these issues. He also gave an example how Gujarat Government successfully fought for extradition of a terror accused hiding in UK. He appealed to the Prime Minister to concentrate on these issues which will help in the fight against terrorism and weaken the backbone of terrorism.     
He said that States are successfully carrying out operations in nabbing the terrorists. The weak link is right intelligence input from Union Government. He said that he would like to know even a single instance where any State has not cooperated with the Union Government in carrying out operations in the field to nab the terrorists.   
Emphasizing on having faith in our constitutional arrangements and the Union – State relationship in a federal structure, he said that we should not focus on legalistic arguments, but rise above technicalities and dwell upon the larger picture of confidence–building between the Centre and states.
Criticizing the Union Government’s tendency to misuse executive machinery, Shri Modi said that the creation of NCTC when seen in the backdrop of recent events in our body-politic assumes significance as a conscious strategy to pursue certain hidden agenda. This is really “Kahin pe Nigaahen kahin pe Nishana”, he said sarcastically and mentioned the Union Home Ministry’s failure in preventing terrorist attacks in Delhi.
He mentioned that NIA was created to deal with scheduled offences affecting different States. Within a short span, Union Government came out with NCTC. Similarly, MAC and SMAC were set up to strengthen our intelligence system and now it feels that these mechanisms are inadequate and want that all the intelligence agencies be subsumed in the Intelligence Bureau.
During the last 25 years this country has witnessed series of terror incidents and yet we have not been able to deal with the problem comprehensively, he pointed out. As the States bear the brunt of the menace, the real need is to enhance their capacities. The forces fighting terror at the forefront need strong support and legal backing, Shri Modi suggested.
While entire developed world enacted strong anti-terror laws in post 9/11 terror attack, India was seen repealing POTA. Shri Modi pointed out that the Union Government has still not been able to come out with a comprehensive anti-terrorism legislation. The UPA Government of 2004 repealed POTA depriving the country of the legal shield to fight terror and today it seeks to use the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act to create NCTC through back door, thereby depriving States to discharge their responsibilities.
Citing examples of Anti-terrorism Act and legislations in countries like Canada, New Zealand, UK, Japan and Indonesia, Shri Modi said that USA which already had a strong legal framework found it appropriate to enact special laws like the USA PATRIOT Act, Homeland Security Act, SAFETY Act and so on to rise up to the new challenges. However, while these nations were strengthening themselves and sending a strong signal of robust will to fight terror, UPA Government was busy repealing the existing Anti-terror Acts like POTA.
Strongly opposing creation of NCTC in the present form in such a clandestine manner, Shri Modi said that the State Governments must be strengthened and supported in fight against terror. However, what we are witnessing is a systematic attempt to weaken the State Governments and subvert the Constitution just to wield power in States.
Shri Modi also pointed out that the IB, though placed under the Ministry of Home Affairs, is outside the scope of Parliamentary oversight. The creation of NCTC increases the possibility of violation of democratic rights due to co-existence in a single Agency of covert capabilities and direct operational capacities. He wondered why at the conceptual stage, Union Government did not consult States on the issue of creation of NCTC.
Gujarat Minister of State for Home Shri Prafulbhai Patel, Addl. Chief Secretary (Home) Shri Varesh Sinha, Principal Secretary (Law & Order) Shri G C Murmu, Director General of Police Shri Chitaranjan Singh and Resident Commissioner Shri Bharat Lal besides senior officers from State Government attended the meeting.

CM Modi to preside over Bihar Centenary Celebration, Telugu MahaSammelan

5May 2012:Surat/New Delhi
On Sunday for people migrated from Bihar-Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh and residing in Surat, the Chief Minister NarendraModi will preside over their two mega congregations.
 Shri.Modi will attend Bihar Centenary Celebration as well as TeluguMahaSammelanthat will be held in city, in the evening.

Bihar ShatabdiMahotsav, that will be held at B.R.C. ground,Udhna, organized by Samasta Bihar-Jharkhand Samaj Trust, will witness a grand felicitation of 26 dignitaries from Bihar,Jharkhand and Gujarat.

The Chief Minister will felicitate
Renowned Litterateur cum Journalist Bhagvatikumar Sharma,
noted singer PadmashriUdit Narayan,
noted litterateurPadmashriRavindraRajhansh,
first lady of the world, who scaled Mount Everest twice PadmashriSantoshYadav,
popular film actor ManojTiwari,
TV star Rajesh Kumar,
Prof. TathagatTulsi, who completed graduation at the age of 10,
well known Mathematician who founded “Super-30”, Anand Kumar,
Coach cum player RamashankerSinh
and others at the grand celebration that will be attended by thousands of people from Bihar and Jharkhand.

 NarendraModi, will share dais with Shankracharya of Sri KanchKamkotiPith SriSriJayendraSaraswati at a Telugu MahaSammelan that is to be held at Parbat village area on the outskirt of the City, after attending the Bihar Celebration. Ministers Narottambhai Patel, Mangubhai Patel, RanjitbhaiGilitwala, MPs, MLAs from Surat-Navsari and city Mayor will be the special guests on the occasion.
अधिग्रहित मन्दिरों का धन गैर हिन्दुओं पर खर्च करना अस्वीकार्य : दिनेश चन्द्र

नई दिल्ली मई 5, 2012। हिन्दुओं के मन्दिरों का सरकार द्वारा अधिग्रहण करना तथा उसकी सम्पत्ति को गैर हिन्दुओं के ऊपर खर्च करना हिन्दू समाज के ऊपर कुठाराघात है। इसे किसी भी कीमत पर बर्दास्त नहीं किया जाएगा। विश्व हिन्दू परिषद के अन्तर्र्राष्ट्रीय संगठन महा मंत्री श्री दिनेश चन्द्र ने आज देश भर से आए मन्दिरों के प्रवन्धकों की एक बैठक का उद्घाटन करते हुए यह भी कहा कि यदि सरकारों ने मन्दिरों पर जबरन कब्जे व उसके धन के सरकारी करण की अपनी नीति पर पुनर्विचार नहीं किया तो हिन्दू समाज चुप नहीं बैठेगा।
मन्दिरों को सरकारी चंगुल से बचाने तथा उनको हिन्दू समाज व देश के लिए लोकोपयोगी बनाने के उद्देश्य से आज प्रारम्भ हुई दो दिवसीय अखिल भारतीय बैठक को संबोधित करते हुए विहिप के अन्तर्र्राष्ट्रीय संगठन महा मंत्री श्री दिनेश चन्द्र ने कहा कि पुरातन काल से ही मन्दिर हमारी आस्था व विश्वास के साथ ही समाज रचना के प्रमुख केन्द्र रहे हैं। मन्दिरों के कुशल प्रवन्धन के द्वारा ही इनको सच्चे अर्थों में समाजोपयोगी बना कर सामाजिक चेतना के केन्द्र के रूप में विकसित किया जा सकता है। मन्दिरों ने ही समय समय पर देश व समाज को कर्तव्य बोध कराया है। इस अवसर पर सनातन धर्म प्रतिनिधि सभा के अध्यक्ष स्वामी राघवानन्द जी ने कहा कि हिन्दुओं की आस्था के प्रतीक संत, साहित्य व मन्दिर तीनों पर ही आज चहुं तरफ़ा हमले हो रहे हैं। हिन्दू समाज को इन तीनों स्तंभों की रक्षार्थ आगे आना ही होगा।
दिल्ली के झण्डेवाला देवी मंदिर परिसर में आज से शुरु हुई दो दिवसीय बैठक का संचालन विहिप के केन्द्रीय मठ-मन्दिर प्रमुख श्री उमा शंकर ने किया तथा देश भर से आए अनेक प्रमुख मन्दिरों के ट्र्ष्टीयों ने भाग लिया। झण्डेवाला देवी मन्दिर के अध्यक्ष श्री नवीन कपूर ने सभी आगन्तुकों का स्वागत कर आशा व्यक्त की कि यह बैठक मन्दिरों को सरकारी शासन से मुक्ति दिलाने तथा उनके कुशल प्रवन्धन के द्वारा हिन्दू समाज की सेवा के विशेष केन्द्र के रूप में प्रतिष्ठापित करने में मील का पत्थर साबित होगी। बैठक में महामण्डलेश्वर स्वामी अनुभूतानन्द, विहिप के अंतर्राष्ट्रीय उपाध्यक्ष श्री ओम प्रकाश सिंहल, महामंत्री श्री चम्पत राय, विहिप दिल्ली के अध्यक्ष श्री स्वदेशपाल गुप्ता, मठ-मन्दिर प्रमुख श्री राम पाल सिंह, झण्डेवाला देवी मन्दिर के श्री अनिल गुप्ता सहित दिल्ली के अक्षर धाम व छतरपुर जैसे बडे मन्दिरों के वरिष्ठ पदाधिकारी भी उपस्थित थे। इसमें केरल, आन्ध्र प्रदेश, बिहार, बंगाल, राजस्थान, मध्य प्रदेश व हरियाणा सहित अनेक राज्यों के लगभग 60 मन्दिरों के प्रवन्धकों ने भाग लिया।

विनोद बंसल
(मीडिया प्रमुख)
विश्व हिंदू परिषद-दिल्ली
मो 9810949109

Murder of Senior Citizen Shri Anand Swaroop Sharma

Ex Serviceman on Indefinite Fast

5th May, Jaipur

Police empathy and government's inaction has compelled an ex service man to go on indefinite hunger strike in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Yashwant Sharma an ex service man from Indian Navy is on indefinite fast to demand CBI inquiry into investigation of murder of his 77 yr old father Anand Swaroop Sharma who was kidnapped on 20th Jan 2012 and his dead body was found with his throat deeply cut, on 27th Jan 2012 in a partially built room on an empty plot in Pratap Nagar locality of Jaipur; about 20 km away from his residence.

Police made two arrests on the same day. Suspected main conspirator who was a BJP councilor earlier and now deals in property business has been let off by the police overlooking the strong circumstantial evidences against him that are on record and have been communicated to the police repeatedly.

Postmortem report indicated that the old man was tortured for a few days before being murdered. Some ante mortem injuries were also found on his body. He was also found to be kept hungry for a long time before given food just before killing him.

Yashwant has entered into 6th day of his indefinite fast at Jawahar Nagar Road, Jaipur despite several threats he got from various power corners. His condition is deteriorating as his urine sample has started showing ketone bodies. Attending physician is of the view that his kidney may get damaged if he continues his fast for another 48 hours. Police authorities and administration has not responded to his call, yet. Murder of Senior Citizen Shri Anand Swaroop Sharma
 Mr. Yeshwant Prakash who has been on a fast for the past 5 days in Jaipur, I have decided to go on fast to protest against the horrible corruption that I am facing into investigation of murder of my 77 yr old father Shree Anand Swaroop Sharma. He was kidnapped on 20thJanuary 2012 and his dead body was found with his throat deeply cut, on 27th Jan 2012 in a partially built room on an empty plot in Pratap Nagar locality of Jaipur about 20 km away from his residence.Abduction was done to persuade him to sell his property which is on a main city road that has turned commercial.Police have arrested two people and blatantly presented a story that is foolish and legally untenable to allow the arrested accused get out of jail as soon as possible.
At the same time suspected main conspirator who was a councillor earlier and now deals in property business has been let off by the police overlooking the strong circumstantial evidences against him that are on record and have been communicated to the police repeatedly.
Post mortem report indicates that the old man was tortured for a few days before being murdered. There are ante mortem injuries found on his body and he was also found to be kept hungry for a long time before given food just before killing him.
There are many other  anomalies, blatant manipulation of evidences and  twisting of facts in the story given by the police
This is a usual way of helping criminals to make money. This is also one of the unstated reason for convictions in the serious criminal cases to be less than 20% in our country. This 20% also mainly comprises of the people who were not resourceful and hence could not influence investigation or those who were falsely implicated by the powerful people.
This is also the way of weakening our society and in turn the country.  The cancer of corruption has spread in all spheres of our society making it un capable of even protecting the people who are dependent on it viz old, children and women. This has happened to the country that was ones known for its valour, ethics  and strong social system.   
Can we ever expect to be developed in true senses with this rot eating away core of living in our country???
I have decided to fight and do my bit.
I have been advised not to fight since the people who are corrupt are powerful and can attack me. I guess it is too late for that advice. While serving in the defence forces for 23 yrs, I was advised by the same society not to show my back to the people who attacked our country whatever may be the odds. I have decided to do it through the non violent way since the enemy is within. 
Shri Rahul Gandhi,
General Secretary
Indian National Congress, Delhi

Sub: Murder of Senior Citizen Shri Anand Swaroop Sharma, Age 77 Yrs
Request for CBI Investigation
Dear Sir,
1.         This is to bring to your notice the lack lustre investigations carried out concerning abduction and killing of my father Shri Anand Swarop Sharma. My father retired as office superintendent from Town Planning Department of Rajasthan Government in 1992.
2.         After serving in the Indian Navy for 23 yrs as permanent commission officer I took voluntary retirement in May 2007, primarily to look after my father. My wife, posted in Delhi, is a senior scientist in Defence Research and Development Organistion. My son i.e. grand son of Shri Anand Swaroop Sharma has been commissioned in the Indian Navy on 01 Jul 2011.
3.         My father stayed with us in Delhi. We left him at our parental house in Jaipur in Oct 2012 for the festivities at the year end and also to grace the marriage in the family in Jan 2012.  

4.         At about 1830 hrs on 20 Jan 2012, Shri Sharma went out from home for his normal evening walk but did not return. Matter was reported at the local Police Station Jawahar Nagar in Jaipur. Police was also informed of people who were suspected and the property issue involved. Police discouraged us from filing FIR for abduction and did not carry out any serious investigations.
5.         On 27th Jan 2012 police found the body of my father in a partially constructed room on a plot in Pratap Nagar locality of Jaipur about 25 km from his residence. He was brutally murdered by cutting his throat deeply. During Mouka MuayanaPolice officers in consultation with FSL team concluded that the murder had taken place somewhere else and body was dumped at the site (News paper reports enclosed). In the night of 27 Jan, Baldev Singh and his brother Rajender Singh who is the tenant and runs a welding work-shop from the shop owned by my father, were taken in custody. for interrogation.  Baldev Singh was local BJP councillor from 2005 to 2009 and also president of “Unauthorised Construction Removal Committee” during that period and currently deals in property business. No substantial interrogation was done and he was released the next day.Post Mortem report stated that the death had occurred 3 to 5 days prior to the body was found. There are discrepancies in the report and overwriting on the number of days. (Copy enclosed).During initial investigations it was ascertained that Shri Sharma was seen with some people in the Pratap Nagar locality and at some old age home between 20 and 25 Jan. 21.3pt;A newspaper page was found in the pocket of Shri Sharma. Many ads relating to the ladies and sex parlours were tick marked by ACP Naresh Kumar in the news paper(Letter enclosed). An attempt of character assassination of Shri Sharma was made.>After untiring persuasions with higher authorities, on 11 Jan 2011 police arrested Rajender Singh, the tenant in the shop owned by Shri Sharma and a Dev Kishan for the murder. 

11.      Following emerged from the press conference conducted by the police:-

a.     Rajender Singh gave contract of killing Shri Sharma to Dev Kishan for an amount of Rs 1 Lac .

b.    At about 1845 on 20th Jan 2012, Dev Kishan took Shri Sharma on his Scooty to Pratap Nagar (about 25 Km from the residence of shri Sharma) made him have liquor and thereafter  took him to the site and cut his throat.  He went back on Scooty and left the weapon at home and thereafter went to the shop of Rajender Singh and took Rs 6000 from him.
c.     Police recovered knife used for murder, clothes and Scooty at the instance of Dev Kishan.
12.     Detection of Body. As per the version by the accused, if he kidnapped and killed Shri Sharma on 20th Jan itself the body lying undetected for Seven days is improbable due to following reasons :-
a)    As per police on 27th Jan, some children playing in the vicinity saw the body lying in the partially constructed room and informed people at the nearby tea shop. (There is no tea shop in the immediate vicinity). Why did the children not see the body while playing on previous seven days? There were holidays on 21st ,22nd and 26th Jan 2012.
b)    If the body was lying for seven days, smell emanating from the body would attract animals, if not the people. There was no sign of any animal having approached the body.
c)     Post Mortem Report indicates that the death had occurred 3 to 5 days before, indicating death between 23rd to 25th Jan 12. (Copy enclosed) 
d)    Many liquor bottle caps, wrappers of pan masala, gutka etc of different age were found lying in the room. Heaps of stool were also found by the side of the walls in the room where body was and in the adjacent room, indicating people frequented the place regularly.
e)    The room has large opening for windows and doors giving full view of the room to the passers by. There are foot paths passing close by the room indicating people used short cuts to cross the ground in which the room was situated. It has been seen that the children from the adjacent school used these footpaths regularly to cross the ground.   
13.     Transporting Victim. Accused Dev Kishan is of 6 feet height and would weigh about 100 Kg. After sitting himself, there will be hardly any space left on the scooty for him to take a pillion who is 77 yr old and weighs about 70 Kg. Will an old man of that age agree to go with him in such a way on scooty for 25 Kms? It is pertinent to mention that Shri Sharma due to his old age and failing health mostly travelled in car even for short distances. 
14.     Time and Space. Will it be possible for Dev Kishan to take the victim at about 1845 hrs on scooty from near his residence on Jawahar Nagar Road to Pratap Nagar on busy roads for about 25 km , make him have drinks, take him to room, alone kill Shri Sharma by deeply cutting his throat, dispose off the weapon clothes etc, wash himself, return and take money from other accused Rajender Singh at his shop by about 2045 hrs (all within about 2 Hrs)?  
15.     Dev Kishan has no criminal history. With no experience of such a crime will he take the responsibility of executing such a planned murder alone on his own?
16.      Addl DCP Shri Yogesh Dadhich asked for witnesses having seen Devkishan with Shri Sharma in the evening before picking him up and after the crime Dev kishan meeting Rajender at his shop. With his long experience in crime investigations, asking for witnesses for such a version given by the accused that would not stand cross examination by any defence lawyer, is worrying.
17.     Patronage to Accused by Police. On 16 Feb 12, Local news paper Rajasthan Patrika reported that at about 2330 hrs in the night of 15th Feb 2012, Rajender Singh (main accused of the heinous crime) was sleeping  in the record room amongst police files. Lock up was empty and the policemen on duty at the police station had no answer for the whereabouts of the second accused Dev Kishan. (News paper report attached).
18.     Accused were kept in the police custody for 07 days. No further information other than the initial information provided by the accused on 11th Feb 2012 could be derived by the police (Investigation Report enclosed). Despite discrepancies in investigation and contradictions in statement of accused, no further police custody of the accused was obtained despite 15 days police custody allowed. On 19 Feb 2012 both accused were sent to the judicial custody.
19.     Due to serious anomalies in the investigations so far carried out, manipulation of crucial evidences, failure to draw any further information from the accused, patronage provided to the accused during police custody and not asking for further custody despite many discrepancies in the statement by accused, it is obvious that police is hand in gloves with the people who are not letting the complete truth come out. Local political and monitory influence of Ex BJP councillor Baldev Singh, is obvious in preventing fair and serious investigations to avoid exposure of his own involvement in the crime.
20.      Therefore it is requested that the case be handed over to the CBI to bring out the complete truth, bring all culprits involved to the justice, instil confidence in the society towards law and order and arrest deterioration of Indian society. A fair investigation and conviction of the real culprits will also help in bringing up the flagging moral of the defence personnel   due to such serious problems faced by their families in the society.  

Why Mitt Romney hide his money in Swiss bank

Obama fired a bombshell at Mitt Romney hitting his popularity.Obama question his Swiss bank account  which put him in category  to corrupt politicians like Marcos, Suharto, Mubarak.and many others.

These big names has a thing in common that they sneaked and hide their money in Swiss Bank Account and were leveled corrupt.

What made Mitt Romney to hide his money in Swiss Bank number account ?
 Are US banks not rock solid like the Swiss bank ?
Or making preparation to ran away from the USA if found to be corrupt ?
May be Swiss bank paying higher interests ?
People are beginning to have doubts about his sneaky little doubts.
People are in tizzy and puzzled as to  why Mitt Romney had to hide his wealth in the Swiss Banks.
 Will the above charges by the Obama dilutes the popularity of Mitt Romney in president bid.

Letter from the President and CEO:Human Rights First

Chen Guangcheng's daring defiance of a brutal regime is giving courage to those in China and beyond who struggle for human rights. We commend the American diplomats who helped Mr. Chen get to the American embassy, sheltered him there, and negotiated on his behalf with Chinese authorities. It is a credit to the United States that Mr. Chen looked to American diplomats for help and protection. We now owe him our best efforts to ensure his safety.
Letter from the President and CEO
When mass atrocities are committed, the world community tends to focus attention on the perpetrators.  But genocide and other crimes against humanity are complex, organized crimes.  They require infrastructure, planning, and resources.  A few years ago, we developed an innovative strategy to focus on "enablers"—the countries, companies, and individuals that provide money and weapons that make mass atrocities possible. Our idea is to disrupt the supply chain for slaughter.
The crisis in Syria has highlighted the importance of this approach. The Assad regime is getting weapons from Rosoboronexport, Russia's state arms dealer. Unfortunately, instead of cracking down on Rosoboronexport, the United States government is doing business with it.
Thanks to our efforts, a bipartisan group of group of 17 senators led by John Cornyn (R-TX), Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY), Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) is pressing the Department of Defense to cancel its contract with Rosoboronexport. We think the U.S. government should go even further. We're urging the Obama administration to level sanctions on Rosoboronexport and the other companies providing material support to Syria.
The crisis in Syria is complex, and targeting enablers alone will not stop the violence. But going after companies like Rosoboronexport will increase pressure on the Assad regime and signal to the world that the United States is serious about protecting Syrian civilians.
Elisa Massimino
President and CEO
Human Rights First

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