Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swami Nigamanand,dies in hospital

Nksagar-Sagar Mdia Inc: New Delhi/Dehradun

Swami Nigamanand,of Sadan Ashram, Haridwar was on fast from four months for the cause of Ganga's environment calling for immediate stopping of quarrying near Ganga asking to shift of Himalaya stone crusher from Kumbh mela area, has died in a hospital Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences at Jolly Grant.
District Magistrate of Haridwar R Meenakshisundaram said Swami Nigamanand (36) died at the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences at Jolly Grant.

Uttarakhand government has ordered a CB-CID probe into the allegations that Swami Nigamananda, who was on fast for nearly four months to protest corruption, was poisoned leading to his death.Referring to the allegation of poisoning the seer and a named complaint against the then Chief Medical Superintendent of Haridwar district hospital Dr P K Bhatnagar and owner of Himalaya stone crusher Gyanesh Kumar in this regard, Urban Development Minister Madan Kaushik said the inquiry has been handed over to CB-CID said today.

The seer had protested quarrying near the Ganges in alleged violation of court order.Kaushik said the government had already issued an order in April banning quarrying in Ganga in Kumbh area.reports PTI

Nigamanand had begun his fast on February 19 and was in coma since May 2.
A postmortem of Swami Nigamanand would be conducted in view of the complaints of poisoning to him by his fellow sadhus of the ashram, the DM added.

The founder head of Matri Sadan Ashram Swami Shivanand had lodged a complaint against Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) of Haridwar district hospital Dr P K Bhatnagar and owner of Himalaya Stone Crusher Gyanesh Kumar in Kotwali police station of Haridwar on May 11 alleging Swami Nigamanand was poisoned on April 30 during treatment, following which he went into coma on May 2.Nigamanand was admitted to Haridwar district hospital. On April 30, he was given an injection by a nurse after which he went into coma on May 2, Swami Shivanand alleged.Nigamanad was shifted to the hospital in Jolly Grant.

Swami Shivanand alleged Nigamanand was given “Organo phosphat” through injection which led to deterioration in his condition.Congress MLA from Tehri Kishore Upadhyay has accused Uttarakhand government of being responsible for the death of Nigamanand.Upadhyay charged the death of Nigamanand has “exposed” the double standards of BJP government in Uttarakhand. “While the Chief Minister did everything to break the fast of Ramdev, he did not go to see even once another sadhu who was also admitted in the same hospital for fighting corruption,” he said.

Upadhyay said he and Union Minister of State for Agriculture Harish Rawat had also written letters to chief minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank requesting him to order an inquiry into the allegations of poisoning and send Nigamand to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for better treatment. “But nothing was done by the state government in this regard,” he added.

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