56 billion animals are subjected to unbearable conditions and slaughtered every year to feed our meat addiction. There’s one simple thing we can do together today: eat less meat. Join the global pledge and together let’s help end this cruelty:
Dear friends,
56 BILLION animals are crammed into filthy, windowless cages and slaughtered every year to feed our meat addiction.
It’s truly horrible, and it may take years to shut down these factory farms, but there’s one thing we can all do today that could accelerate their end: eat less meat.
Avaaz is 46-million-strong and global. If we each pledge to go meat-free just one day a week, even if we are already vegetarian or vegan, then invite our friends, celebrities, and companies to join, we could help build the largest global pledge ever!
Let’s send a signal to industrial meat producers that the tide is turning.
What we eat shouldn’t be dictated by governments or vigilantes but free choice. And we have the choice to say no to such levels of planet-killing meat consumption! Livestock contributes more to global warming than all cars, planes, and buses worldwide, and 75% of all our agricultural land is devoted to crops for livestock feed. It’s gotten out of hand!
We don’t all have to become vegetarian overnight, but experts say cutting back on meat is the single best thing we can do to stop planetary catastrophe.
Momentum is already building, but if we supercharge a global pledge now, our movement from India, to Brazil, to the United States has unique potential to spark a worldwide trend to radically reduce demand for meat, and eventually shut down these revolting farms. Let’s each pledge one small step today:
Many said we could never stop our fossil fuel addiction, but when enough of us together started changing our habits, and demanding our governments took action, the needle moved. Let’s come together again to stop this cruelty and save our planet, together.
With love and hope for 2018,
Danny, Allison, Marigona, Nataliya, Lisa and the entire Avaaz team