Friday, January 5, 2018

Japanese firms record in M&A

Japanese companies made a record number of mergers and acquisitions last year according to a private-sector survey.
Japan’s exports to grow this year, led by strong global demand. They also say consumer spending will moderately rise, because of an improved job market.
Ten think tanks project Japan’s gross domestic product will expand 1 to 1.3 percent in price-adjusted real terms in fiscal 2018, which starts in April.Japan’s economy began picking up in December 2012.
Tokyo-based M&A broker Recof says Japanese firms made 3,050 transactions in 2017. That’s an increase of about 400 from 2016. But the total amount of money spent was down 21 percent as many of the deals were small.
Takeda Pharmaceutical acquired US drug maker Ariad Pharmaceuticals for about 5.4 billion dollars.
Softbank Group invested about 5 billion in Chinese ride-sharing company Didi Chuxing.
Experts are of the opinion Many firms invested in start-ups to get a foot in cutting-edge technology, like artificial intelligence, investing more in foreign companies to help enter new markets.

 US suspends all financial aid to Pak :

Toughening its stance, the US today suspended more than USD 1.15 billion security assistance to Pakistan for failing to take “decisive actions” against terror groups like the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network operating from its soil.
The freezing of all security assistance to Pakistan comes after President Donald Trump in a New Year’s Day tweet accused Pakistan of giving nothing to the US but “lies and deceit” and providing “safe haven” to terrorists in return for USD 33 billion aid over the last 15 years.
The suspended amount also include USD 255 million in Foreign Military Funding for the fiscal year 2016 as mandated by the Congress. In addition, the Department of Defense has suspended the entire USD 900 million of the Coalition Support Fund money to Pakistan for the fiscal year 2017 and other unspent money from previous fiscal years.
“Today we can confirm that we are suspending national security assistance only, to Pakistan at this time until the Pakistani government takes decisive action against groups, including the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network,” State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters.
A top American Senator has announced that he will introduce a bill that would stop US aid to Pakistan, saying the country does not deserve American assistance as it is stonewalling access to key information in fighting terrorism.
“I’m introducing a bill to end aid to Pakistan in the coming days. My bill will take the money that would have gone to Pakistan and put it in an infrastructure fund to build roads and bridges here at home,” Republican Senator Rand Paul said after Trump Administration announced its decision to suspend its security assistance to Pakistan.
“US should not give one penny to countries that burn our flag and chant Death to America. Countries like Pakistan that stonewall access to key information in fighting terrorism don’t deserve our money,” he said.

 Union Budget on February 1: 

The Budget session of Parliament will be held from January 29 to April 6, says Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar. The Union Budget will be presented on February 1. The Phase-1 of the Budget session will be held from January 29 to February 9, while Phase 2 will be held from March 5 to April 6.
The last day of the winter session of Parliament concluded today without passing the triple talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha.
Rajya Sabha today bade farewell to three of its veteran members –Karan Singh, Janardan Dwivedi and Parvez Hashmi, who would be retiring later this month. Speakers from both sides showered praise on them for their contributions in the House. All the three retiring MPs were elected from Delhi.
The farewell was held today on the last day of the Winter Session as their actual retirement date of January 27 would fall in the inter-session period.  Both houses of Parliament adjourns sine die ending the winter session.
The House was unable to pass the instant triple talaq bill in the Rajya Sabha with the Opposition holding firm asking for the legislation to be referred to the Select Committee.
Both the BJP and the Congress had issued whips for its members asking them to be present in both Houses.
The triple talaq bill, which criminalizes the practice of instant divorce among Muslims, was tabled in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. The Congress and the opposition parties, which have numbers in their favour in the upper house, want the proposed legislation to be sent before a select committee, but the BJP has rejected the demand. In the lower house, where the ruling party has a majority, the bill was passed.

Celebrate Bob Marley this February ’18

Let’s celebrate the birthday month of the legendary singer Bob Marley with Reggae beats in air, in the “Home of All Right”!
Every year in Jamaica, February marks the onset of the annual Reggae Month, that traditionally kickstarts with the joyous “Bob Marley Birthday Bash”. From 1st February – 6th February, Jamaicans along with visitors from around the world will celebrate the 26th birthday of the King of Reggae, in Negril. Continuing the soulful legacy, the week-long festivities would feature a taste of authentic Jamaican culture, through energetic Music and Live Performances, delectable Caribbean Food, Creative Art Expressions and much more. In the honour of Bob Marley Birthday Bash, top International artists, recognized worldly, for their rhythms of pulsating reggae music, would charm the islands’ vibe, which undoubtedly have their roots in Jamaica.
Saluting the grand occasion, the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association, would be extending the weekly celebration into a month-long party-box, as a dedication to the much-loved genre of Reggae. Store-in is an everyday promise of electrifying live music, dancehall concerts, and weekly discussions, expos and awards nights. Amidst all this February fun, a walk-through the Reggae Village is a must, especially set up at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre, for the visitors. Also do not miss to visit Bob Marley Museum, which is his former place of residence. The place will show every aspect of the life of Bob Marley.
Although Jamaica is known for its’ year-round celebratory ambiance, but, Reggae is the island’s spirit, that one will find in every shade of this beautiful Caribbean Island! Reggae is also an inevitable part of the Bob Marley legacy, which has transcended beyond Jamaican shores. Born and brought up in Jamaica, the timeless legend always has a special place in the hearts of Jamaicans and his fans worldwide.
Come and discover the purest form of reggae music, this February, at the 11th staging of Reggae month, only in “Home of Reggae”.

Inventors, CTO Like Gym Trainers Keep Companies Fit-Healthy

January05, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh
Inventors and CTOs keep their Companies Fit & Healthy with latest and viable technologies like a Gym Trainer who introduce latest equipment for training clients.
Had Sanjay Gandhi in 2004 introduced some ‘Innovative Home Appliances’ than Maruti Car and sold under Maruti Brand he would have Started Industrial revolution – MASS PRODUCTION in Factories – we persists with MSMEs Factories idea even today.
India preferred Crippled Patent Office even today. Though have opened up many sectors up to 100% but nobody can run on one leg – Crippled Patent Office not protecting Patents and Trade Marks are violated when next to McDonald Retail so many other food joints come up in no time.
SUZUKI introduced latest Small Car technology and Advanced Manufacturing to overthrow FIAT, Ambassador and Standard Gazelle – actually outrun by Scooters between red lights.
Vodafone and Idea are to merge soon and their Joint Ventureshall have Three Times more revenue, Bharti already has 120% more revenue than RJio would be No.2 but lower operating cost than reported in latest TRAI performance report. RCom is already history RJio shall be even worse.
RCom started with WLL, next CDMA and GSM no company in the world would offer Three Competing Technologies. Transmitters and Handsets are different for these three technologies. [It is not like buying a Honda, or Hyundai or Suzuki or Toyota or VW, BMW or Mercedes Cars we can own any or all – they only need Petrol or Diesel fuel]
CTO in Indian Companies would have ensured HEALTHY GROWTH of Companies maximizing profits to Promoters, Minimizing Cost to Customers.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

Sagar Media Inc,  Every contribution you make
5 Jan. at 12:11 pm
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Sagar Media Inc,
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Forging an Indispensable Democratic Partnership

Centre for Policy Research (CPR) and the Center for American Progress (CAP) are pleased to invite you to a discussion on
The United States and India: Forging an Indispensable Democratic Partnership
Introductory Remarks:
Yamini Aiyar, President and Chief Executive, CPR
Nirupama Rao, Co-Chair, CAP Task Force on U.S.-India Relations,
Rich Verma, Co-Chair, CAP Task Force on U.S.-India Relations
Moderated by Ashok Malik, Press Secretary to the President of India
Tuesday, 16 January 2018, 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Conference Hall, Centre for Policy Research
This event will be live streamed through Facebook live on CPR’s Facebook page.
The relationship between India and the United States has become an important priority for both nations, and is increasingly important to advancing shared interests in global peace, prosperity, and freedom. Over the past year, the Center for American Progress organized a binational group of Indian and American experts in a wide variety of fields to work together to craft a vision for the future of U.S.-India relations.
The resulting task force report – The United States and India: Forging an Indispensable Democratic Partnership – outlines a path forward for the bilateral relationship, along with a series of concrete recommendations that both sides can take to advance shared interests. The report focuses on five key areas: investing in jobs and economic opportunities; building a clean energy future from the bottom up; creating a U.S.-India security advantage in Asia; strengthening democratic institutions at home and around the world; and strengthening ties between Indians and Americans.
Please join the Centre for Policy Research and the Center for American Progress on Tuesday, 16 January for the release of the report and a discussion with the task force co-chairs – Ambassadors Nirupama Rao and Rich Verma, moderated by Ashok Malik – on the future of the U.S.-India relationship.
Introductory remarks:
Yamini Aiyar, president, Centre for Policy Research
Nirupama Rao, Co-Chair, Center for American Progress Task Force on U.S.-India Relations; former Foreign Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, India and former Indian Ambassador to the U.S.
Rich Verma, Co-Chair, Center for American Progress Task Force on U.S.-India Relations; Vice Chairman, The Asia Group and former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of India
Ashok Malik, Press Secretary to the President of India
Please RSVP to The venue can seat up to 50 people on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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