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मीडिया आमंत्रण : समग्र गोमती सफाई

मीडिया आमंत्रण : समग्र गोमती सफाई "
urvashi sharma

Saturday 14 February 2015

बदल सकता है TRP मापने का पैमाना, इस अप्रैल में TAM को झटका देगा BARC
ब्रॉडकास्‍टर्स और इंडस्‍ट्री से जुड़े लोगों ने संकेत दिए हैं कि TAM (Television Audience measurement) के रेटिंग सिस्‍टम को...

TRP का अजब खेल: Colors के दर्शक घटे, पर पोजिशन बढ़ी, नंबर 3 से बना नंबर 2 चैनल
साल 2015 के छठे हफ्ते (1 से 7 फरवरी) में स्टार प्लस को छोड़कर बाकी सभी बड़े हिंदी जनरल एंटरटेनमेंट चैनलों की रेटिंग में या तो गिरावट देखने को मिली...

बड़े मीडिया ग्रुप ने 50 करोड़ में खरीदा TV Today Group का Oye FM!
रेडियो मिर्ची ने Oye FM का अधिग्रहण कर लिया है हालांकि डील की शर्तों का...

टीवी पर अपनी लाइव परफॉर्मेंस को लेकर नर्वस हैं अमिताभ बच्चन
बॉलिवुड के महानायक अमिताभ बच्‍चन के बेटे अभिषेक बच्‍चन ने अपने पिता को लेकर एक बड़ा खुलासा किया है...

क्या कॉमेडी पर बनी भारत की यह पहली डाक्‍यूमेंट्री आपने देखी है?
भारत की पहली कॉमेडी पर बनी डाक्‍यूमेंट्री फिल्‍म ‘I AM OFFENDED’ का प्रीमियर यू-ट्यूब पर जारी कर दिया गया है...

रॉनी स्‍क्रूवाला जल्द लॉन्च करेंगे ये ऑनलाइन पोर्टल
अपने ऑनलाइन पोर्टल ‘U Education’ के साथ मशहूर बिजनेसमैन रोनी स्‍क्रूवाला एजुकेशन सेक्‍टर में...

आखिर स्टार प्लस ने क्यों बदला अपने प्राइम टाइम का शेड्यूल
फ्लैगशिप जनरल एंटरटेनमेंट चैनल स्टार प्लस दो हफ्ते पहले से शाम 5 बजे से ही ओरिजिनल कंटेंट का प्रसारण कर रहा है...


AAP claims itself to be heralding an era "clean politics"

People thronged the Ramlila Madian , to see a government with a historic verdict being sworn in. The media followed Mr Kejriwal, as he stepped out of his house to start for the Ramlila Maidan. He could be seen getting into his humble car, with his characteristic cough. Every inch the "aam aadmi", whom the Delhites  voted for. The function started a little late, though perfectly acceptable by Indian Stretchable Time.

In the meanwhile , Ramlila Maidan- a place teeming with hope and energy, resembled its Anna Movement avataar. The AAP claims itself to be heralding an era "clean politics". In their own words they are "against the political establishment." But somehow today that image was dented when workers of the party bent down to touch Mr Kejriwal's feet. The funding allegations against the party do not do the the party any good. If it indeed is an alternative, it has to stay away from all the things which it objects to , in other political parties.

After taking the oath, the CM addressed the people assembled in the Maidan. He mentioned the admirable goal of making Delhi totally corruption free and encouraged people to record evidences of corrupt officials using their mobile phones and promised the an anti corruption help line within next three days. But he didn't mention  cash exchanged to accelerate processes in an over encumbered system or for advancement of personal interests. He  took on tax evasions by traders in Delhi, and promised that they could carry on with their business without harassment, if they paid their taxes on time. He also enumerated the achievements of his 49 day government and said that his experience with governance had showed him that, there was no dearth of money. This being true, would be extremely helpful for him, as he would get means to implement his manifesto.

The Delhi Chief Minister could not resist taking a jibe at the BJP, by stating that the people of Delhi have rejected the party which supports  vandalisation of churches. Barring a few instances, the speech was almost apolitical in nature. A demand for complete statehood for Delhi , and a reminder that the same was a part of the BJP manifesto for many years were also a part of the speech. The Delhi Chief Minister further said that this was a historic opportunity to give Delhi statehood, as the government in the Centre and the Government in the Delhi legislative assembly, were both in majority. Ironically , the VIP culture was also attacked in the tax payer funded , swearing -in extravaganza at the  Ramlila Maidan. The speech ended by the Chief Minister singing a prayer , for harmonious coexistence of people in the society.

The enraptured audience listened carefully to every word. And so they should, after all he is the aam aadmi. AAP should start worrying about the promises the manifesto promises to fulfil. The wifi, the water, the electricity, the schools and colleges, the tax reductions, the hospitals and the CCTVs - people wanted them all. True, the AAP had been given five years to fulfil its promises, but the countdown begins on day one itself.  History wasn't made, it's waiting to be made!

 Aparna  Pande>
January merchandise exports declines by 11.19%

India’s exports for the month of January 2015 stand at around USD 23.8 billion with a (Y-O-Y) growth of (-) 11.19% as compared to USD 25.3 billion in December 2014 with a (Y-O-Y) growth of (-)3.7%. During January 2015, the imports were USD 32.2 billion with a (Y-O-Y) growth of around (-) 11.39% as compared to USD 34.8 billion in December 2014 with a (Y-O-Y) growth of (-)4.8%. The balance of trade stands at around USD (-) 8.32 billion during January 2015 as compared to USD (-) 9.43 billion during December 2014.

Value of Merchandise Trade                                                                  
USD billion
April- January
FY 15
Growth (%)
FY 15
Growth (%)
Trade balance
FY 15
(-) 9.43
(-) 8.32
(-) 118.3
  Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India

The cumulative figure for the period of April-January FY2015 shows exports at around USD 265 billion as compared to USD 258.7 billion in April-January FY2014 with a growth of 2.44%; while the cumulative imports for April-January FY2015 stands at USD 383.4 billion as compared to USD 375.2 billion in April-January FY2014 with a growth of 2.17%. The cumulative figure for the balance of trade for the period of April-January FY2015 stands at around USD (-) 118.3 billion as compared to USD (-) 116.5 billion in April-January FY2014.

Trend in Exports and imports   (%)
S Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India

December Services Exports stands at USD 14.3 bn

India’s services exports for the month of December 2014 stand at around USD 14.3 billion and services imports stand at USD 7.2 billion. The trade balance in services stands at USD 7.06 billion for the month of December 2014.

Value of Service Trade                           
(USD billion)
FY 15
FY 15
Trade balance
FY 15
                                                                  Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt of India

Skilling India for global competitiveness

Kenya a World Class Golfing Destination

14 02 2015
All India, 12th February 2015 : Golf is one competitive sport that is gaining traction in Kenya. The first golf course in the country was built in the 1900s by the British colonials. Kenya is famous for wildlife safaris, beautiful scenery and excellent white sand beaches, but also has developed as a major sporting hub in East Africa. There are over 42 Golf courses stretched across the country, at least twelve of which have hosted major tournaments and are considered to be of international standard.
The attraction of Kenya as both a golfing and tourist destination has been buoyed by its favourable climate which is a mixture of tropical and highland climate. The warm and sunny conditions make the country a great relaxation and sporting destination.
Kenya’s weather is ideal for golf all year round making it one of the world’s top golfing destinations.
Golf is undoubtedly one of the world’s best travelling sports. Golf offers the chance to relax and unwind in a natural environment while participating in a highly competitive and skilled game. Kenya is the best choice for the travellers who look for a wide range of golf courses, combined with world class standards and services.
The golf and country clubs have the best facilities and high quality services built on Kenya’s reputation for welcoming warmth. Most of the courses in Kenya have been designed using the natural landscape, which means that a round of golf in these world class golf courses is a nature walk in itself, with profusion of flora and fauna in and around the courses.
A variety of smaller courses offer unique geographical quirks for the connoisseur: from “Kenya’s only uphill course” on the slopes of Nakuru’s extinct Menengai volcano; to Mount Kenya Safari Club, where the Equator and a rich variety of wildlife cross the fairways; to one of the unlikeliest courses you’ll ever come across on the salt-encrusted shores of Lake Magadi.
Kenya’s golf courses stretch from the beautiful sun-baked beaches of the warm Indian ocean, to the spectacular Great Rift Valley, with its volcanic remnants and visible layers of the earth’s history in the making, to the green central highlands sporting Africa’s second highest mountain peak, to the lush and fertile tea country of the west. One of the most appealing features of golfing in Kenya is the variety found from course to course.
The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi is a modern city in the middle of hills, verdant forest and savannah plains. The combination of a modern cosmopolitan city and natural environs make Nairobi a perfect golfing destination. There are seven 18-hole courses including the historical Royal Nairobi Golf Club which came into existence in 1906, and the Muthaiga Golf Club which is home to the Kenya Open – A European PGA event.
The second highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kenya is home to one of the best golfing experiences in the world. This is where the prestigious Mt. Kenya Safari Club is located. The course at the club is a nine-hole golf course, which opens to an African jungle and sighting gazelles, monkeys, and giraffes while teeing is a common sight. It is the only place in the world where you can tee off in the northern hemisphere and putt out in the Southern as the club is not only built on lush green slopes of Mt. Kenya, but also directly on the equator.
A golfing holiday in Kenya would certainly be a memorable experience, where else can you get the opportunity to jump from the southern hemisphere and back again?
Mt. Kenya’s Safari Club gives the travellers a chance as the equator actually crosses the tennis court and golf course. If traditional are to be believed, a special occasion between the two hemispheres dictates to you long lasting happiness. This really sounds exciting so why not experience it yourself by taking up a golfing safari in Kenya.

This Valentine’s Day is not just about ‘LOVE’!Stop Acid Attacks

14 02 2015
This Valentine’s Day is not just about ‘LOVE’!
From: Stop Acid Attacks  Fri, 13 Feb ’15 8:48p
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
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On this valentine';s day some acid attack fighters have written letters. Not to their lovers but to the one who proved their love by throwing acid on their faces.All these letters will be compiled in an e-book and it will be launched on 14th feb on ‘;Stop Acid Attacks';s Fb Page. One of the most significant reasons behind such attacks is one sided love. This book will not only compile letters by acid attack fighters but of some youngsters too on what do they think about love and what do they want to tell someone who has ever hurt them. We also invite you to join us for our first fundraising Tweetathon on coming Valentine';s Day- February 14, 2015. The tweetathon is aimed at raising a voice on Social media to let more and more people know about the Stop Acid Attacks campaign, and raise funds for the campaign. We will be releasing an e-book titled “BlackRoses: in name of Love” on Feb 14, which will be available on our website for download by paying minimum support amount of Rs 99/-. People can donate more money if they want to. The money raised will go to support various activities to keep alive the Stop Acid Attacks campaign.
It will be great if you can join us for the Tweetathon for 2 hours from wherever you are. All we seek is your active participation in the Tweetathon. Once you approve to be part of the tweetathon, we will share the information on social media, inviting people to interact and tweet to you on February 14. We are looking forward to as many Social media influencer as possible to be part of the tweetathon. We look forward to trend #BlackRoses on February 14 to raise a strong voice in support of Acid Attack fighters. What is Stop Acid Attacks campaign?
Stop Acid Attacks is a people’s movement raising a voice to end Acid Attacks in India and elsewhere. SAA aims at sensitising the society about various aspects of Acid Attacks. The campaign firmly believes that Acid Attacks on women is largely due to presence of patriarchal structure in the society. Such structure gives moral background to commit the heinous crime of attacking someone with Acid and snatching the sense of “self” from them.
The campaign has been fighting a legal and administrative battle to regulate the sale of Acids in retail shops in India, which is illegally available as a cheaper substitute of toilet cleaner! SAA engages with the Indian Parliamentarians and global politicians in order to create a support group to advocate the cause and ensuring that the existing laws are implemented across the nation.
Currently 50 Acid Attack survivors are actively associated with the campaign, who have taken the role of Campaigners for the movement. Our campaigner Laxmi has also received the prestigious International Woman of Courage award from First Lady Michelle Obama. Our other campaigner Rupa has emerged as a fashion designer and is all set to open her boutique!
SAA is a volunteer driven movement, working under the Chhanv Foundation. The campaign sustains itself by crowd funding.
What is “Black Roses: in name of love”?
Most of the Acid Attacks in India are due to the one sided love of a man being rejected by a woman. Because the woman has rejected the proposal for love, the ‘;man'; attacks her to ensure that she does not become part of any other man';s life as well.
As Valentine';s Day- a day to celebrate love- is near, we have compiled letters of few Acid Attack survivors, addressed to the person who attacked them. This is first of its kind of compilation of letters. Apart from the letters we will also include few poem by the survivors and other supporters of the campaign.
Black Roses is also the name of our campaign. You can read more about the campaign here:
You can also watch a film made on our campaign made by Al Jazeera here:
Your support is important: Your participation in our Tweetathon as an ambassador of the cause to end Acid Attacks, will motivate not only the various volunteers and campaigners, but will also educate and inform larger crowd in the society. Your participation will ensure that the cause reaches out to many people who are still not aware of the ongoing struggle to end violence against women.
Looking forward to your response.!!
Team SAA

Arvind the DELHI Eighth CM

14 02 2015
No women in Delhi Cabinet.
Arvind the DELHI Eighth CM has projected himself with colossal sum of money gathered with fair and unfair means, the most  honest political leader in offing, the most misrepresenting persona who has been put on litmus test by his various mentors publicly denouncing his leadership, but the Delhi citizen big chunk of which comes  from lower strata has put their aspirations on new cadre of drama-nautanki politicians  their vision smarlt decorated with 70 promises along with frugal fiscal at their disposal . Freebees but no work culture when most of our government machinery fail to deliver in ordinary course people of Delhi  watch new rulers of its kind  with amuse, wait for  the  curtain raise ceremony at Ramlila Ground. So watch for real Ramlila or Krishna Lila to follow suit.
Many political experts believe that the nation is still floating on its wing as troll in water but if it has to achieve the heights it must have sophisticated engine to which we lack the meritocracy is still to be now where as the new entrepreneurs find it many hoops to tread.Most of the rulers get into excessive enjoy rather than workaholic culture so the remedy lies in technocrats who understands the tech political science , we don’t need only vertical educated people but horizontally educated people to create synergy,innovation and convergence. Vertical educated can be classical eloquent leader but he fails to convert opportunity into success. Still as citizen of Delhi our good wishes to new leaders but the road of responsibilities are humongous  starting from providing and fixing professional people in  Food for all, Education, Health, Finance Government machinery, Employment for all , social security to senior citizen, excellent  people transport system, houses, roads and drain connected to water harvesting, on environment tress plantations and on the top of it the maintenance part of the exiting structure and reinventing its workers and labour class to motivate them to work with pride. To fulfill the abovesaid promises we need extra smart professionals and people of integrity to monitor the state. But when we have built the foundation on half truth shall we succeed is trillion dollar Q ?
Arvind Kejriwal to be sworn in as CM of Delhi today; Manish Sisodia and five others to also take oath as ministers.Arvind Kejriwal will take over as Chief Minister of Delhi today. Lt Governor Najeeb Jung will administer him the oath of office and secrecy at Ramlila Maidan at 12 noon. Six other Aam Aadmi Party leaders – Manish Sisodia, Asim Ahmed Khan, Sandeep Kumar, Satyendar Jain, Gopal Rai and Jitender Singh Tomar will also be sworn-in as ministers.
President Pranab Mukherjee Friday night appointed Mr Kejriwal as Chief Minister of Delhi with effect from the date he is sworn-in. A Home Ministry statement said, the President also signed an order to revoke Central rule in Delhi from today. AAP sources said, Mr Kejriwal is expected to keep the key portfolios of Home, Power and Finance with himself, while giving Education, PWD and Urban Development to his confidante Manish Sisodia, who will also be the Deputy Chief Minister.
Sources said, Satyendar Jain, who had handled the Health and Industry portfolios in the earlier AAP rule, is expected to retain the same portfolios. Gopal Rai, a senior party leader and Political Affairs Committee member, is tipped be to the next Transport and Labour Minister. Sandeep Kumar, a lawyer by profession, is likely to handle Women and Child Welfare Department and SC and ST Welfare, while Jitender Singh Tomar, also a lawyer, is expected to handle the Law Department. Asim Ahmed Khan is likely to be given the charge of Food and Civil Supplies and Minority Affairs ministries.
In the recent Delhi Assembly elections, AAP staged a historic victory sweeping 67 of the 70 seats leaving BJP with only 3 seats. This will be Mr Kejriwal’s second term as Delhi Chief Minister. He had resigned in February last year after running a 49-day government with the support of Congress.

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