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  Sonia and Rahul slam Modi Sarkar at Ramlila Ground

Congress Party on its rejuvenation plan  is holding a ‘Kisan Samman Rally’ today at Ramlila Ground in the national capital, to honour farmers and party workers for forcing the NDA government to withdraw its land ordinance.
Congress is organising a Kisan Samman Rally at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi today to honour farmers and party workers for forcing NDA government to withdraw its land ordinance. Party President Sonia Gandhi, and Vice President Rahul Gandhi will address the rally. Senior party leaders, Congress Working Committee members and state party chiefs will also be present in the rally. Party spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said, NDA government had to withdraw its Ordinance due to the committed and sustained struggle of lakhs of farmers in every nook and corner of India. He said, the rally is aimed at not only celebrating the success of India’s farmers but to tell the Modi Government that they cannot replace their dictatorial will for the hard work of the farmer.
Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi and the Nehru-Gandhi scion, Congress  Vice President Rahul Gandhi addressed the rally.
Here are the highlights:
* This is not ‘Make in India’, this is Modiji’s ‘Take in India’: Rahul Gandhi
* This is not a fight for farms, not a fight for land but this is a battle for farmers’ hearts: Rahul Gandhi
* A farmer once told me, Rahulji, we have 2 mothers. Our real mother and the land we plant our crops in. Narendra Modi wants to snatch away our ‘mother’ and give it to someone else: Rahul Gandhi
* Farmers are going through difficult times ever since this Govt came to power,their financial condition is getting worse day by day: Sonia Gandhi
* They (Govt) are neither interested nor have time to address your issues; they have time to listen to issues of industrialists: Sonia Gandhi
* If they won’t listen to your voice, then Congress will definitely create hindrance in their path: Sonia Gandhi
* Modi sarkar gives big speeches and hollow promises: Sonia Gandh.
Speaking on the occasion, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said efforts are being made to weaken many schemes like Food Security and MNREGA brought by UPA in interest of people.

Haryana Adopting AMERICAN Model of Fresh Food Supply
September19, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh
Haryana Food Minister OP Dhankar led state is Seriously Addressing the
diminishing income of Farmers Problem. Haryana State is implementing
Farmer Public People Partnership under Haryana Fresh Brand which shall
Triple Incomes of Farmers, Fresh Foods can be home delivered once a
week to be stored in Deep Freezers like in USA.
He blamed Large Inputs & Out Companies [Food Retailers] for Exploiting
Farmers. I achieved record Oilseeds Yields Three Times national
average in Punjab in 1992 for Pioneer6460 Sunflower, Soybean*, and
Hindustan Lever Canola Seeds* but all the Oilseeds produced was taken
to Indore for processing. * Trials.
Punjab Farmers were supplied SPURIOUS INPUTS and Were Denied
Reasonable Price in the absence of LOCAL INDUSTRY Thus FARMERS
ABANONED Oilseeds Cultivation in Punjab which consumes Much Less Water
& Fertilizers.
When Amul & Mother Dairy retail full Cream Milk for Rs.48/Liter and
farmers are paid Rs.25-30/L, Dairy owners in Delhi directly retail
milk to consumers for Rs.60-80/L.
Farmers should get 18% All Bank Credit for Storage, Processing &
Supply of Fresh Foods.
Similarly Trading Margins for RAW Fruits & Vegetables is well over 60%
to 75%. Often Good Quality Kashmir Apple Purchased at Rs.25 Per Kg are
retailed as Imported for Rs.150 per kg. Farmers get Rs.40 per kg for
Garlic and Groundnut Crop but after No or Minimum Processing are
retailed for Rs.180 and Rs.250 to Rs.300 per kg in cities and back to
Villages in packets respectively.
Monthly per capita expenditure [MPCE] in Rural India is not even $25
and for Urban India not even $40. More than half of monthly per capita
expenditure of $25 and $40 is used to pay for Food Items and even in
this MIDDLEMEN EAT Over $10 & $25 in Rural & Urban India.
Earlier in power starved India, including Gujarat and Maharashtra it
was not possible to locate Food Processing Units in Rural India next
to Food Production centers. Rural Milk Processing Units of 1000 Liter
Capacity are now feasible.
Farmer, Public, People Partnership 200m Jobs
Most of India is Fully Electrified. SMEs Food Processing Units like
all over the world, can be located Right at The Farms. All the Foods
Can Be Cleaned, Sorted, Dressed UP for Directly Retail to Consumers
FARM FRESH At Nutrition Best.
All the Food Waste is Ploughed Back in to the Soil.
Most of the Foods can be processed in SME units from Flour & Grains &
Pulses, to Fruits and Vegetables immediately on Harvest and SEALED in
200gm to 50 kg Pouches and Bags to retain FARM FRESHNESS for months.
90% of Food Grains, Pulses, Vegetable Oils, Can Be Processed at Farms.
100% of Fruits & Vegetables Be Graded, Packaged for Retail, 50% can be
Processed in to JUICES, JAMS, PICKLES, Dehydrated, Cooked & Semi
Cooked Foods etc.
Like in Developed Countries Homes to have DEEP FREEZERS. Weekly FOOD
SUPPLIES CAN BE Delivered FARM FRESH once a week at Half the Present
Retail Price. A 300 Liter DEEP FREEZER may consume just 365 Units
worth Rs.2000 per year only, Effectively Store Over 1000 Kg of Foods
at Rs.2 Per Kg.
Simple Cake which cost Rs.320 Per Kg can be delivered Freshly Baked
for Rs.100 only, Semi Cooked PIZZA @ Rs.25 against Cooked Pizza Cost
of Rs.100.
Semi Cooked French Fries or Tikki Cost Rs.200 Per Kg made of Potato –
can be home delivered for Rs.25 to Rs.50 Per kg.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

 Invitation: Conference on Future of Automotive Design – 9 Oct 2015 @ Chennai :
From: “Subhajit Saha”  Sun, 20 Sep ’15 3:01a
To: You
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Dear Sir / Madam,
As you are aware, the Tamil Nadu Technology Development & Promotion Center of CII is organizing a one-dayConference on Future of Automotive Design on 9 October 2015 at Hotel Le Royal Meridien, Chennai. This would be an initiative to discuss the current and future trends in automotive design that will greatly influence the automotive market. This will offer an opportunity for stakeholders to establish synergy in the special area of interest.
The key objectives of the conference are to: Serve as a knowledge platform to discuss on the key design trends in automotive sector; Discuss modern technologies and tools that supports in design and innovation; Understand innovative models and systems that catalyze growth in the automotive sector; Gain the attention of the key stakeholders for a design rich environment that ensures sustainability and profitability; Aid government agencies in development of effective policy and provisions for scope of design resources / infrastructure; Facilitate knowledge flow by working with international organizations through bi-lateral / multilateral cooperation mechanism.
The proposed sessions for the conference is as follows:
Session I: Automotive Product Design – Concept to Launch
Product Development Process; Design Strategies; Virtual & Integrated Product Development; Design of efficient components, products, sub-systems / systems; Cost Reduction strategies; Changing Markets & Rate of design obsolescence; Innovative designs;
Session II: Critical aspects of design
Design for Manufacturability, Assembly, Reliability; Sustainability, Reparability, Safety etc.; Interface between aesthetics and engineering; Advanced Materials Design; Product Life Cycle Challenges; System engineering interaction etc
Session III: Systems & Solutions for Effective Design
Design Challenges Vs Advanced Software Tools & Systems; Prototyping – Tools / Strategies; Innovative design solutions; Advanced Automotive Electronics;
Session IV: Product Optimization – Problem Solving Methodologies & Approaches
Design problem solving approaches; Design optimization methods (Six Sigma / Red X Shainin); Root Cause analysis; Cost of Design Failures; Design Enhancement for performance;
This conference is one of the major Automotive convention in South India and an ideal platform projecting the key design trends in the Automotive sector.
Key eminent speakers invited to address in the conference include Mr. Rajinder S Sachdeva, Executive Vice President & Head – Technology, VE Commercial Vehicles; Dr. Timothy Leverton, President and Head, Advanced and Product Engineering, Tata Motors Limited; Mr. Balasundaram Radhakrishnan, Executive Director – Manufacturing; Ford India (P) Limited; Mr. Dilip Chhabria, CEO, DC Design Pvt Ltd; Mr. Arvind Balaji, Joint Managing Director, Lucas-TVS Limited; Mr C N Prasad, Group President & CEO, Sundaram-Clayton Ltd.; Mr. Mahesh Babu, COO, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Sriram. G, R&D Director, Valeo India Private Limited; Dr. Shankar M V, Director – Technology Planning, Cummins India amongst others.
The conference delegate fee is Rs. 3000 per participant for CII Member; Rs. 4000 per participant for Non-member & Rs. 2000 per participant for Educational Institution.
I take great pleasure in inviting you as participate in this important conference on 9th October 2015 at Hotel Le Royal Meridien, Chennai. In case of prior commitment, you may kindly consider to nominate a senior colleague from your organization to take part in this initiative.
Please confirm your participation / nominations by completing the enclosed conference registration form and sending it to us by fax/email at the earliest (or) through online registration
For more details please contact Mr. K Samuel Johnson @ 9840948053 /
I look forward to your kind participation for the conference.
With regards
Subhajit Saha
Head-Tamil Nadu Technology Development and Promotion Centre
Confederation of Indian Industry
98/1, Velacherry Main Road
Guindy, Chennai – 600 032
Ph : 044 42 444 555 / 530 (D)
Fax : 044 42 444 510

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