Friday, October 2, 2015

Global Sneak

NATO is launching its biggest military exercise since 2002 on Saturday, putting 36,000 alliance soldiers through their paces in Italy, Spain and Portugal, AFP reported. “Trident Juncture 2015” runs from Saturday to November 6 and involves personnel from more than 30 countries, according to the NATO Allied Joint Force Command center based in the Dutch city of Brunssum. The maneuvers will also involve Canada, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, together with operations in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. NATO will demonstrate “new increased level of ambition in joint modern warfare… and capacity to meet present and future security challenges,” the command center said.
Iraq’s most powerful Shiite cleric on Friday called for a global war against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Reuters said. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani was speaking through an aide after nationally televised Friday prayers.“Battle with Daesh is destined for all Iraqis,” said Sistani, using an Arabic acronym for IS. “It’s not their battle alone but the whole world, because terrorists target with their dark ideology all humanity, its culture and morals,” he was quoted as saying. “It’s essential to join together all efforts and expand the parameters of countering this movement.”Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday the Iraqi government would welcome Russian airstrikes against IS in Iraq, and was receiving information from both Syria and Russia on the group. Abadi told France 24 television he had not yet discussed airstrikes with Russia, adding that “it is a possibility.”
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AAP on central govt’s black money disclosure scheme :

Narendra Modi government has announced that its black money disclosure amnesty scheme has yielded a disclosure of merely Rs 3770 crore. The Government will get sixty per cent of this money as penalty and tax. This means more than Rs 1100 crore will remain with the tax evaders as legitimate tax paid money.
This is a joke on the people of the country. Mr Narendra Modi had come to power on the promise of bringing black money within 100 days and had also promised rupees 15 lakh in the account of every Indian. Now with disclosure and estimated tax realization announced by the government, it can only deposit only 18 rupees in the account of every Indian.
The then UF government had launched a similar scheme called Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme in 1997. This scheme had yielded more that Rs 33000 crore. The Indian economy has seen an eight fold growth in these 18 years. Disclosure of mere Rs 3770 crore only underlines monumental failure of Modi Government on the black money front.  

Some facts
  • Estimates suggest India';s black economy accounts for nearly 50% of its GDP. (India’s GDP is Rs.130Lacs croreapprox, then it means black money is about Rs.65Lac croreapprox). PM has previously quoted it to be Rs.80 Lac crore.
  • Only 10% is stashed abroad; 90% remains in India.
  • There are about 90 significant tax havens across the world.
AAP would like to ask the following eight questions to the BJP-led NDA’s central government :
Question 1) Prime Minister Modi had previously said that Rs 80 lakh crore is the estimated black money. In his tenure of 16 months so far only 0.05% of what was promised in 100 days has been achieved. Will the PM confess that he misled the people of India while seeking votes on false pretext?
Question 2) With Rs 3,770 crore declared black money, recovery/tax estimated to be collected on this Rs 2,262crores, and with 2011 census figures of 121 crore population, a disgraceful figure of Rs.18.68 per citizen is arrived, while Rs 15 lakh was promised? Will PM Modi publicly accept his government’s failure?
Question 3) PM Modi in his Independence day speech claimed that Rs. 6500 Cr has been declared under the compliance window of the new law. He said "so far, Rs. 6,500 crore of undisclosed income have been declared."
Now the figures shared by the Government is Rs.3,770 crore. Will the BJP Government come clean on this? Was the PM Modi, again, quoting wrong figures?

Question 4) 
Provisions of BLACK MONEY (UNDISCLOSED FOREIGN INCOME AND ASSETS) AND IMPOSITION OF TAX ACT, 2015 are well covered under the existing laws of the land. This act was never designed to tackle the menace of illicit money. It was a PR exercise.We would like to ask PM Modi’s government come clean on this and explain how is this legislation effectively different from the existing set of laws?
Question 5) Statements have been issued by senior bureaucrats of the Government of India that anyone who has not disclosed illicit money and assets kept abroad by the stated deadline, they will face severe consequences. Since most of the money goes out via ';layering';, the true identity of the person controlling an illegitimate account abroad is hidden. If people are not caught then these provisions will be mere paper tigers. We urge the Union Government to speak on the fact whether they have designed a mechanism to catch the offenders?

Question 6) Most of the illicit money which is taken out of India, is brought back and legalised by opaque instruments like P notes and investment by companies registered in Tax havens like Mauritius etc. which allow the holders of this money to remain anonymous. We would like ask the Government as to when will they disallow such opaque instruments like P-notes, which is a mere administrative decision?
Question 7) If 50% of the economic activity in the country has an element of illegality (as suggested by estimates), then it is not an anecdotal or ad-hoc phenomenon. What has this government done to deal with domestic black money, since as estimates suggest 90% of black money is domestic?
Question 8) Funding of political parties is the major avenue where such illicit money finds home. The majority funding of BJP and Congress is opaque. Delhi HC indicted both these parties in March2014 for foreign funding and violations of FEMA. With the obscene display of wealth during elections by these parties, is it BJP’s deliberate strategy to not tackle the menace of illicit money?
#1: Basketball hotbed Ludhiana plays host to 66th Junior National Basketball Championship
Last year’s Junior National Championship was held in Kochi, Kerala. Home team Punjab boys were the winners of the 65thversion of the tournament; while Delhi came runners up and Tamil Nadu were the third placed team in the boys’ category. For the girls, Chhattisgarh are the defending champions, who defeated the Kerala girls in the final last year. Uttar Pradesh girls achieved third place.
This year’s tournament will witness the participation of 24 states, each with a boys’ and girls’ team. The last time a national level basketball championship was held in Ludhiana was the Senior National Basketball Championship in 2012-13.
On the morning of Day 1 of the championship, last year’s boys’ third placed team Tamil Nadu started the tournament strong with a victory against Kerala 80-59. The MVP of the recently concluded Youth National Championship P. Baladhaneshwar is also a member of Tamil Nadu’s Junior team and put up 14 points today. His teammates Hari Ram and Surya contributed 23 points each. Madhya Pradesh boys also started out with a victory in a close game against Karnataka that ended 58-50.
In the level 2 games of the morning, Goa and Chandigarh girls picked up victories in one-sided contests against Jammu and Kashmir and Puducherry respectively. The girls’ contingent of the Tripura team, the only team from the North-East in this year’s tournament, lost their first game against the Andhra Pradesh girls.
In the boys’ level 2 games, the Goa boys matched their girls’ team performance with a win against Telengana, while the Puducherry boys pulled off a win against Odisha. The match between the Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal boys was a tightly fought contest with Uttar Pradesh edging past their opponent 67-65.  
The opening ceremony is scheduled to take place today evening at 4:30 p.m. at the venue. The chief guest for the occasion will be Mr. Ramesh Wadhera, CEO of Feather Line Impex Pvt. Ltd. Home team Punjab boys and girls will play their opening games today evening after the ceremony.
Level 2:
Group D:
Goa (Gaylemaria Gomes 8, Rachel Raposa 8, Rose Rhea Rebeilo 5) bt Jammu and Kashmir 36-16 (5-4, 14-4, 10-4, 9-4)
Group E:
Chandigarh (Amrit 30, Tanu 8) bt Puducherry (Uma 9, Radika 4) 48-17 (18-7, 12-5, 16-3, 2-2)
Group F:
Andhra Pradesh (S.K. Hafijunnisha 18, Nikitha 10, Manisha 6) bt Tripura (Mehrien 8, Jyoti 4, Sonali 4) 40-19 (16-2, 12-8, 4-3, 8-6)
Level 1:
Group A:
Madhya Pradesh (Mithun 18, Ashish 13, Rishabh 10) bt Karnataka (Karthikh 19, Mapees 11) 58-50 (8-11, 16-11, 14-15, 20-13)
Group B:
Tamil Nadu (R. Hari Ram 23, A. Surya 23, P. Baladhaneshwar 14) bt Kerala (Antony Johnson 11, Aditya Amady 10, Sugeeth Nath 9) 80-59 (25-16, 18-16, 22-11, 15-16)
Level 2:
Group D:
Puducherry (Baravi 29, Atchuthan 16) bt Odisha (Sumay K. 18, Amit K.R. Sharma 12) 61-53 (12-16, 13-9, 11-19, 25-9)
Group E:
Uttar Pradesh (Atal Rai 19, Shivan 12, Abhishek S. 9) bt West Bengal (Arka Saha 15, Dhramendra R. 14) 67-65 (16-9, 14-16, 15-16, 22-24)
Goa (Roy Pereira 16, Georre Lobo 10) bt Telangana (S. Sai Kumar 18, M. Uday Kiran 5) 41-35 (10-9, 7-13, 11-7, 13-6)

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