Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ikumi Yoshimatsu
Feb 21 at 8:34 AM

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe can help end stalking and violence against women in Japan. Ask him to set up a taskforce to investigate.

Dear Naresh -
I won the Miss International beauty pageant in December 2012. Ever since then, I have been stalked, intimidated, and blackmailed. 
My stalker even tried to abduct me from a TV studio, made threatening calls to my family and told my parents that I could wind-up dead
He even hired private investigators to stalk me. I fear for my life and now have 24-hour security. 
I went to the Japanese police with 30 pieces of evidence. They did nothing
I went to the Japanese courts to ask for a restraining order. They, too, did nothing
What’s worse is that I’m not alone. Many women suffer because for centuries Japan has been plagued by a “culture of silence” toward crimes against women. 
However, there is hope. The current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is a strong and vocal supporter of women’s rights
Mr. Abe’s leadership on this issue would be a game-changer -- and that’s why I’m asking him to establish a taskforce to investigate stalking and violence against women in Japan. 
My petition already has more than 1 lakh signatures and the endorsement of Mr. Abe’s wife, Akie. Sign my petition.
Japan is very sensitive to its reputation overseas -- if we raise our voices together in a global outcry, I know Mr. Abe won’t be able to ignore it. 
Please help me change my country so that women can start enjoying the economic and moral benefits of a truly equal society. 
Sign my petition and forward my mail to your friends. 
Thank you for taking action,
Ikumi Yoshimatsu via
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