Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Theosophy Meeting

New Delhi World book Fair 2012

New Delhi World book Fair is entering the 40th year of its foundation. The show is well organized by the National Book Trust (NBT), an autonomous organisation founded in 1957 by the first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru under the Ministry of HRD, Govt of India as the national body for book publishing and book promotion. Taking forward their trend of offering theme-based international rights exhibition, the fair, this time, will have a right exhibition on Indian cinema. “This time, there would an international right exhibition of books on Indian cinema which is poised to complete 100 years in 2013,” added Kumar Vikram, editor, NBT and project in-charge of the Theme. “The exhibition seeks to find a connect with the points-of-view that the world of books and that of cinema present to the reader as well as the audience who may be, many a time, one and the same. It is our sustained effort to find a connect between the popular culture and the book culture” he added. Books published in English and all Indian languages in their original language edition on Indian cinema, actors, actresses, directors, producers, music composers, lyricists and the vast array of unknown personalities who have enriched this powerful medium would form a part of this show. “A rights catalogue would also be produced for the books displayed during the show and these catalogues would also be available as priced editions,” added Vikram.

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