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“Women x Women” Theatre Series

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Teatro “Varadas”

“Women x Women” Theatre Series
Auditorio, Instituto Cervantes a las 7:00 p.m. Performance in English.Queridos amigos,
Continuando con nuestro ciclo de representaciones teatrales “Mujer X Mujer“, en el que jóvenes directoras indias ponen en escena obras escritas por dramaturgas españolas o latinoamericanas, tenemos el placer de presentaros la obra deItziar Pascual, “Varadas”, a cargo de Juhi Jha. Varadas propone un mosaico de imágenes protagonizadas por las mujeres que han padecido el exilio. El espectáculo hace un recorrido en diez escenas a través de diversas situaciones propias de esta cruel experiencia, desde el comienzo de la marcha hasta el olvido histórico, mucho tiempo después: la obtención de un pasaporte para huir, la liquidación del patrimonio material y emocional, el miedo, la inseguridad, la angustia del viaje, el vacío tras la marcha, o la difícil inserción en el país de llegada. Ante nosotros está el retrato de demasiadas generaciones de mujeres del s. XX. (+)
Dear friends,
Following the “Women X Women” theatre series, in which young Indian women directors put on stage plays written by Spanish or Latin American women playwright, we have the pleasure to bring you Itziar Pascual‘s“Castaways”, directed by Juhi Jha. Itziar Pascual dedicates her play Castaways to “all those women in the twentieth century who sailed on the ships of the forgotten”. Through a series of ten short scenes between pairs of women of contrasting age and class, Pascual explores the theme of political exile and the struggle of living as social and cultural outcasts. Serious, engaging and provocative, Castaways attempts to give voice to the historically silenced. (+)
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Auditorio, Instituto Cervantes a las 4:30 p.m.Cine: “Cría cuervos” de Carlos Saura
Las víctimas de ataques con ácido no sólo están desfiguradas de forma permanente, sino que además se ven obligadas a hacer frente a la carga emocional de ser parias en sus comunidades, viviendo a menudo una vida de soledad y abandono. Las niñas y mujeres que sufren estos ataques rara vez reciben protección y justicia; muy pocas reciben una compensación y la mayoría son incapaces de pagar las múltiples cirugías necesarias para recomponer sus rostros desfigurados. (+)Trailer 
Cine: “Breeding Crows” by Carlos Saura
Synopsis: Ana Torrent portrays the disturbed eight-year-old Ana, living in Madrid with her two sisters and mourning the death of her mother, whom she conjures as a ghost (an ethereal Geraldine Chaplin). Seamlessly shifting between fantasy and reality, the film subtly evokes both the complex feelings of childhood and the struggles of a nation emerging from the shadows.
With English subtitles. (+)
foto agenda08/03/2016
Entrada principal y Auditorio, Instituto Cervantes, a las 6:30 p.m.Exposición y documental: “Supervivientes al ácido”
Las víctimas de ataques con ácido no sólo están desfiguradas de forma permanente, sino que además se ven obligadas a hacer frente a la carga emocional de ser parias en sus comunidades, viviendo a menudo una vida de soledad y abandono. Las niñas y mujeres que sufren estos ataques rara vez reciben protección y justicia; muy pocas reciben una compensación y la mayoría son incapaces de pagar las múltiples cirugías necesarias para recomponer sus rostros desfigurados. (+)Exhibition and Documentary: “Acid Survivors” 
Victims of acid attacks are not only permanently disfigured, they are forced to deal with the emotional burden of being social outcasts in their communities, often living a life of solitude and neglect. The girls and women who suffer these attacks are seldom granted protection and justice under the law; very few receive compensation and most are unable to pay for the multiple surgeries needed to mend their disfigured faces. (+)
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Trade and Investment Facilitator

India’s exports have been passing through the tough times due to various domestic as well as external challenges in terms of price uncompetitiveness, rejection of export consignments, slow recovery in advanced nations and restrictions imposed by few coutries on imports of commodities viz. meat, pharmaceuticals ,vegetables etc. While, there are few developments which have occurred in favour of boosting India ’s exports, going ahead.
India’s exports for the month of January 2016 stands at USD 21.1 billion as compared to USD 24.4 billion in January 2015 registering a growth of around (-) 14%. During January 2016, the imports are registered at USD 28.7 billion as compared to USD 32.3 billion in January 2015, registering a growth of (-)11%. The balance of trade stands at around USD (-)7.6 billion during January 2016 as compared to USD(-)7.8 billion for January 2015.
Commodity-wise, oil meals exports fell by (-) 15%, iron ore exports registered a fall of (-) 69% petroleum products exports decline by (-) 51% and cashew exports recorded a fall of (-) 15% during April-January, 2015-16.
In area of investments the net FII investments in the month of January 2016 stands at about (-) USD 8814 million as compared to about (-) USD 1243 million in December 2015. Based on the recommendations of Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) the government has approved 10 FDI proposals involving an amount of Rs 607 crore.
At international front, during the visit of President of France, Mr. François Hollande, India and France signed 14 agreements /Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) including cooperation in the fields of defence, cooperation in aerospace, cooperation in the field of solar alliance, joint venture in railways and cooperation in development of smart cities have been concluded.
The Union Cabinet chaired by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved the Proposal for Notification of Commitments under the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of World Trade Organization (WTO), ratification and acceptance of the Instrument of Acceptance of Protocol of TFA to the WTO Secretariat and constitution of the National Committee on Trade Facilitation (NCTF).
Pertaining to policy developments, Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) notified that only two documents from the date of notification i.e 29th January,2016 are required to be uploaded /submitted along with the digital photograph while applying for IEC.
Jwaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), the largest container terminal in India , started a new system Christened Direct Port Delivery (DPD), for cargo clearance that will make it easier and faster for importers to import goods through this port.
Minister of Commerce for State for Commerce and Industry recently held an interactive meeting with Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) to deliberate on export related issues and the commerce ministry has prepared a strategy to boost shipments to Africa and has identified engineering as a major sector for export to several nations of that continent.

Rajasthan State Gas Limited (RSGL) flying high to fuel industrialization

Rajasthan State Gas Limited (RSGL) flying high to fuel industrialization – GAIL Voice

Link to GAIL Blog

Rajasthan State Gas Limited (RSGL) flying high to fuel industrializationPosted: 02 Mar 2016 06:34 AM PST
Jaipur, March 2, 2016: In a significant step towards Collaborative approach between government & industry for attracting investment from India & Abroad, Today M/s Global Ceramics Private Limited and Rajasthan State Gas Limited (RSGL) signed Gas Sales Agreement (GSA) by Mr. Ravi Agarwal, Managing Director, Rajasthan State Gas Limited and Mr. Niraj Kumar Gupta, Director, Global Ceramics Private Limited in the gracious presence of Mr. Deepak Upreti, Principal Secretary, Mines & Petroleum, GoR who is also the Chairman of RSGL.
After taking the charge of Mines & Petroleum Department by Mr. Upreti, he has assigned priority to the gas sector for fuelling industrialization and has taken detailed review from Mr. Ravi Agarwal for seeking plan for providing clean energy solution to the smart Cities i.e. Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota , Udaipur and setting up of CNG highways between the key cities like Kota-Jaipur, Kota-Baran-Indore-Mumbai, Jaipur-Ajmer, Jaipur-Sikar and Bhilwara-Chittorgarh-Udaipur. The Mega CNG station at Neemrana is completing as per the budget mandate of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Rajasthan and with the commissioning of CNG facility at Kukas, Jaipur within this month, NH-08 shall become operational for CNG vehicles plying between Delhi-Jaipur.
It is just a two months back when Rajasthan Govt. has announced its agenda during Resurgent Rajasthan for setting up Natural Gas Infrastructure & development of Industrial clusters under the banner of “Make In Rajasthan” to drive “Make In India” mission.
The availability of the Natural Gas was a bottleneck for attracting prospective industries to setup Ceramic zone at Ghilot inspite of Govt. proactive enabling factor to create ease of business.
RSGL has taken proactive steps & is in the process of completing compression facility at Neemrana to make Natural Gas available for the industrial clusters along the NH-8 highway. With this, the long wait for natural gas for the industrial zone at Behror, Sotanala, Keshawana and Kukas is over. The collaborative efforts with all stakeholders are the key driver for RSGL and RSGL won the confidence from prospective customers to become their preferred choice for natural gas through transparent and customer friendly initiatives resulting win-win scenario.
The business and project execution plan is in place to construct additional compression facility at Neemrana via Jaipur-Delhi for meeting the increased demand from Ghilot. A dedicated pipeline from Neemrana to Ghilot is also planned to distribute gas through the facility being setup at Ghilot.
By the last quarter of 2017, RSGL will be in position to open up CNG highway for smart city including Kota-Jaipur, Kota-Baran-Indore-Mumbai highway.
During recent Resurgent Rajasthan program, the Business Transfer Agreement for Kota City Gas Distribution Assets between GAIL Gas Limited and RSGL was signed by Mr. Deepak Upreti, Principal Secretary Mines & Petroleum, Govt. of Rajasthan and Mr. P K Pal, CEO, GAIL Gas Limited in the presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Rajasthan.
Rajasthan is now to become a model state for adopting unique clean energy solution for each propose smart city- Kota, Ajmer, Udaipur and Jaipur. For Kota the distribution of the gas is planned through speedy execution of pipeline connecting demand centers for rapid industrialization, for Ajmer being a smart and heritage city, its approach is a combination of project based on converting municipal waste into biogas & availability of gas being planned through the proposed pipeline from Neemrana-Jaipur-Ajmer. The pipeline from Neemrana to Jaipur is to become integral part of a clean energy solution for Jaipur and for Udaipur LNG hub in combination of gas availability from the proposed pipeline from Bhilwara to Udaipur is planned.

New Delhi Samachar
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Naresh Kumar Sagar
03 March 2016
World Art & Entertainment Stories #benghazi #libya
Today’s headline
BREAKING: 1 Hillary Email SHOWED Terrorists How to Kill Amb. Chris Stevens
thumbnailconservativetribune­.com– An email released Monday pertaining to the Benghazi investigation from Hillary Clinton’s private email server revealed that a message detailing the location of murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens pas…
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Asean newsline
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03 March 2016
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Levante vs Real Madrid en directo y en vivo online | Liga BBVA |
thumbnailfutbol­.as­.com – Zidane introduce cambios:ón Diario AS ¡Esta es la alineación del Real Madrid!…
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2016年03月02日のつぶやき – 受験 ホテル
thumbnailjukenhoteru2­.seesaa­.net– ★受験に便利な宿・ホテル★ 2016年03月03日 2016年03月02日のつぶやき begirama8 / ベギラマ@8期 New post: マンション売却 奈良県 五條市マンション売却-奈良県/住宅売却-奈良県-五條市.html at 03/02 22:18 begirama8 / ベギラマ@8期 New post: 不動産売却 奈良県 …
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Sagar Media in
thumbnailenkaysagar­.wordpress­.com– ·         Six Nominations in seven Laureus categories announced today ·         US tennis legend Serena Williams nominated for record tenth time ·         Mick Fanning and Jordan Spiethshortlisted …
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“The political dynamics in Palestine”


The CPA is pleased to invite you for a panel discussion entitled “The  political dynamics in Palestine”
Chair:  Ms.Seema Mustafa
Mr.Mourid Barghouti, a negotiator for PLO
Ms.Susan Abulhawa, Political Commentator
Ms. Suad Amiry,   Discussant, Oslo Accord

Date:  12th  March, Saturday, 2016
Time: 3 PM

Venue:  the CPA Office Conference Hall, C-17, Second floor,  Green Park Extension, New Delhi–110016
How to reach the venue: The CPA office is located adjacent to the hotel Southgate. Take the road next to the Sikh Gurudwara on Aurobindo Marg  towards  Safdarjung  Enclave.,go past the traffic signal a few yards, on the left side,   the CPA office is next to the Hotel Southgate). The nearest Metro is the Green Park Metro station.

A line in confirmation is highly appreciated.
Looking forward to see you


Weekly What’s New in Orlando

Awards and Accolades

Several Orlando properties were recently honored with the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star rating. Winning in the hotel category is the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort, The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes and the Villas of Grand Cypress. In addition, two Orlando restaurants were honored with the four-star ranking: Nine18 and Victoria and Albert’s. Lastly, Orlando’s Four-Star ranking spas include Relâche Spa & Salon; The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Orlando, Grande Lakes and The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort. This recognition is based on more than 500 criteria, reviewed by professional inspectors.; 212-620-1887 (media); 1-866-436-7237 (public)


4 Rivers Smokehouse announced a relaunch of The Sweet Shop, the celebrated in-house bakery offering a line of original desserts. The update introduces an assortment of more than 30 new and upgraded treats, launched in 4R smokehouses statewide on February 22. The Sweet Shop caught national attention for its line of desserts that takes a sophisticated, yet playful spin on America’s favorite junk foods packed into cupcakes like the Mountain Dew and Doritos Cupcake and the Coca-Cola and Potato Chip Cupcake.; 844-474-8377 (public and media)

The Florida Mall welcomes Sushigami, a conveyer belt sushi concept, in which fresh sushi items are placed on different colored plates representing their prices as they move along the conveyor belt throughout the dining area. Guests can simply pick up what they’d like from the conveyer belt and enjoy a unique dining experience.; 713-224-9115 (media); 407-851-6255 (public)
SugarCanes Rum Bar & Lounge, a Caribbean & South American inspired lounge, will open in March at I-Drive 360. The new venue will offer a chef driven menu of small plates featuring Caribbean & South American fusion cuisine, exceptional rum experiences and an eclectic lineup of live musicians performing weekly.; 407-879-1302 (media); 321- 245-7200

Events & Festivals

The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens will host the eighth Annual Winter Park Paint Out during the last full week of April, 2016. Twenty-five professionally acclaimed “plein air” artists will roam across Winter Park, capturing landscapes and landmarks with oils, water colors and pastels. The museum, sculpture gardens and gallery will be open free to the public through this week-long event.; 407- 647-6294 (public and media)

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is hosting several free events in March, including the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival Open House, Live Music featuring Joshua Englert, Curator Tours of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Laurelton Hall and Easter Weekend Open House. Now through April, the museum’s hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday as well as on Saturday. The hours are 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday.; 407-645-5311 (public); 407-645-5311 ext. 109 (media)

New ESCAP report shows disparity in Internet access and costs in ASEAN

Today at 5:35 PM

International Women’s Day   8 March 2016

Message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

As a boy growing up in post-war Korea, I remember asking about a tradition I observed: women going into labour would leave their shoes at the threshold and then look back in fear.  “They are wondering if they will ever step into those shoes again,” my mother explained.
More than a half-century later, the memory continues to haunt me.  In poor parts of the world today, women still risk death in the process of giving life.  Maternal mortality is one of many preventable perils.  All too often, female babies are subjected to genital mutilation.  Girls are attacked on their way to school.  Women’s bodies are used as battlefields in wars.  Widows are shunned and impoverished.
We can only address these problems by empowering women as agents of change. For more than nine years, I have put this philosophy into practice at the United Nations. We have shattered so many glass ceilings we created a carpet of shards. Now we are sweeping away the assumptions and bias of the past so women can advance across new frontiers.
I appointed the first-ever female Force Commander of United Nations troops and pushed women’s representation at the upper levels of our Organization to historic highs. Women are now leaders at the heart of peace and security — a realm that was once the exclusive province of men. When I arrived at the United Nations, there were no women leading our peace missions in the field. Now, nearly a quarter of all United Nations missions are headed by women — far from enough, but still a vast improvement.
I have signed nearly 150 letters of appointment to women in positions as Assistant Secretary-General or Under-Secretary-General. Some came from top Government offices with international renown, others have moved on to leadership positions in their home countries. All helped me prove how often a woman is the best person for a job.
To ensure that this very real progress is lasting, we have built a new framework that holds the entire United Nations system accountable. Where once gender equality was seen as a laudable idea, now it is a firm policy. Before, gender sensitivity training was optional; now it is mandatory for ever-greater numbers of United Nations staff. In the past, only a handful of United Nations budgets tracked resources for gender equality and women’s empowerment; now this is standard for nearly one in three, and counting.
Confucius taught that to put the world in order, we must begin in our own circles. Armed with proof of the value of women leaders at the United Nations, I have spoken out for women’s empowerment everywhere. In speeches at parliaments, universities and street rallies, in private talks with world leaders, in meetings with corporate executives and in tough conversations with powerful men ruling rigidly patriarchal societies, I have insisted on women’s equality and urged measures to achieve it.
When I took office, there were nine parliaments in the world with no women. We helped to drive that number down to four. I launched theUNiTE to End Violence against Womencampaign in 2008; today, scores of leaders and ministers, hundreds of parliamentarians and millions of individuals have added their names to the action call.  I was the first man to sign our HeForShe campaign, and more than a million others have joined since.  I stood with activists calling for the abandonment of female genital mutilation and celebrated when the General Assembly adopted its first-ever resolution supporting that goal.  I am echoing the calls of many who know women can drive success in achieving our bold 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and advancing the Paris Agreement on climate change.
On this International Women’s Day, I remain outraged by the denial of rights to women and girls — but I take heart from the people everywhere who act on the secure knowledge that women’s empowerment leads to society’s advancement. Let us devote solid funding, courageous advocacy and unbending political will to achieving gender equality around the world. There is no greater investment in our common future.


In a country like India, people blindly follow the babas. With as many news of such self styled Godman being exposed by the media, people didn’t stop following them. These holyman continue to con people in the name of religion.
In a press conference held in Delhi, Abhimanyu Singh, Sandeepa Dhar, Producer Vijay Bansal and Priya Bansal promoted their upcoming film ‘Global Baba’.
The upcoming Hindi film ‘Global Baba’ will be dealing with a similar story of a Godman whose real face will be unveiled. Where Ramleela fame ‘Abhimanyu Singh’ will be playing the role of a Godman, ‘Sandeepa Dhar’ will be playing a role of a journalist who will expose the baba in the film.
Abhimanyu Singh who was last seen in the film ‘Ramleela’ as Ranveer’s elder brother when asked if he was mistaken as a real baba while shooting he said “Yes, my get up was such that most of the time people actually thought that I am a real baba. While we were shooting in Banaras, most of the people critized me while most of them came with joining hands and asked for my ashirwad”
Sandeepa Dhar too added “it’s pretty shocking that people follow these babas without any research or just because their parents or forefathers do”
“The goal of the film is basically to stop these fraudulent babas and gurus from conning people” she added
Vijay Bansal when asked If the film or any role will affect any other baba, he said ” We have not targeted any baba or religion. With the film we just want to open the eyes of audience”
The film is scheduled for a release on 11th March.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...