Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Government’s Borrowing Plan for First Half of Financial Year 2018-19

The Government of India, in consultation with Reserve Bank of India, deliberated over its borrowing programme for 2018-19 and finalized its borrowing calendar for the first half of 2018-19. Government had budgeted for 2018-19 Gross G-Sec borrowing of Rs. 6,05,539 crore. The Government intends to use larger inflows from Small Savings Schemes to fund its Fiscal Deficit during the year. The Government will borrow Rs. 1,00,000 crore from National Small Savings Fund (NSSF) as against budgeted amount of Rs. 75,000 crore.
After making careful assessment of its financial needs for the first half, the Government’s gross G-Sec borrowing will be only Rs. 2,88,000 crore in H1 of 2018-19. This makes up only 47.5 per centas against 60-65 percent share in this period in previous years. The Government also plans to issue more Floating Rate Bonds (FRBs) and introduce CPI linked bonds, both put together, to the extent of 10% of issuances during the year.It may be noted that the Government and RBI are in the final stage of discussions for increasing FPI limits from April 1, 2018.
The Government will introduce two benchmarks during this half year – 2-year and 5-year – to meet the market demand. More issuance will be planned in short and long-term maturity bucket, reducing the issuance in medium term segments of 10-14 years to around 29%, as against more than 50% issuances in previous years. Share of issuances under different maturities bucket will be 1-4 years: 8.3 %; 5-9 years: 25.0 %; 10-14 years: 29.2%; 15-19 years: 14.6 %; and more than 20 years: 22.9%.
Government’s T Bill programme for the first quarter is to raise Rs. 1,95,000 crore. During this period, T Bills of Rs. 1,53,000 crore will expire. The gross borrowing per week under T-Bills will be Rs. 15,000 crores. The Government will also be coming out with a separate switching calendar to allow investors to sell back their illiquid securities to the Government, and also a calendar for Sovereign Gold Bonds issuance.

DSPORT channel to broadcast Monster Jam World Finals XX

DSPORT channel to broadcast Monster Jam World Finals XX 
New Delhi, 27th March, 2018: DSPORT, a premium sports TV channel by Discovery Communications, is all set to broadcast the World Finals of Monster Jam, an annual monster truck championship series, consisting of racing and freestyle competitions. The finals which were held at Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States will be broadcast on DSPORT. The channel is bringing this adrenaline filled high-profile event to the homes of Indian viewers and giving them a chance to be part of the mega event.
Touted as Unexpected, Unscripted and Unforgettable, Monster Jam is one of the most action-packed live event on four wheels. It is the edge of the seat motorsport that gives the viewers enough excitement and fun to watch. It is one of the only sports where male and female world-class drivers, who are competing for the same championship, are seen as equals on the same track. World class drivers compete with each other in Monster Jam using the most recognizable tailor-made trucks, performing high adrenaline manoeuvres in front of the crowd and judges. It is divided into three types of competition – Racing (Timed), Two-wheel Skills challenge, Racing (Head to Head) Donuts and Freestyle. In every contest the drivers have to perform different tricks.
In two wheel skills competition the driver performs the tricks on only two tires that are wheelie, stoppie and bicycle. Donut competition is all about spinning the truck in circles in one spot. In side by side racing the first truck is supposed to cross the finish line moves onto the next round until it is eliminated or wins the racing trophy by winning the Championship race. Freestyle is a judged competition where drivers perform stunts throughout the floor area in a designated time.
Adventure game lovers can have the taste of this spine-chilling sport on DSPORT with full family as monster Jam is loaded with excitement and thrill.

Diva Khushali Kumar overcomes her bike fear

Diva Khushali Kumar overcomes her bike fear fantastically while shooting for a music video with Guru Randhawa!
Well-known international Fashion designer turned actress Khushali Kumar has just finished shooting for a music video of composer-singer Guru Randhawa and Tulsi Kumar. As the first looks of Khushali Kumar’s new music video are out and in one of the images we can see Khushali up close and personal with singer-composer Guru Randhawa in a stunning biker’s look, riding on a cruiser bike. Therefore, the diva shared her experiences and revealed how she overcomes her fear of bikes while shooting with Guru.
   With a smile that how scared she has always been to ride a bike and how it still runs shivers down her spine when she even remembers what happened behind the scenes of such a romantic scene. Guru somehow sensed her fear of riding the bikes and played a prank on her and told her that he has just learnt how to ride the bike just a few days before the shoot and is not confident at all to drive on winding mountain roads and scared her to an extent that she was not even ready to sit on the bike, then at very last moment Guru Randhawa just like Bollywood hero showed off his solo biking skills in front of her and said he has always been fond of riding the bikes since his early village days and the whole shooting unit burst laughing, then he made her comfortable. The scene went as planned and everybody loved the romantic feelings she gave overcoming her fear. Her confidence changed the entire scene of the shoot.
   About her past experiences, Khushali achieved never before success in the field of fashion when she dressed international megastar Shakira, two times Grammy award winner singer Leann Rimes, Carman Electra, spice girl Melanie B and styled for Justin Bieber’s music video ‘Wait for a minute’. Her work has recently been recognized and rewarded by an award affiliated with Govt. of India’s Child and woman welfare ministry.

Mail Today:BUILD INDIA CONCLAVE 3rd Edition

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Sagar Media Inc : Dr Bimal Jalan the Upper house member brief, He said with majority govt after 1989.the Growth is impressive but poverty still needs to be decimated, Centre and state relation are too important. Electrol reforms separation of powers for admn & accountablity. Labor policy of Government , Parliamentary fuctions need to be deliberate the naional issue but the continue of its proceedings discontinue bring jolt to the vibrant democracy and fastest economy to India.


Dear Sagar Media Inc,Hemalatha S says,“I lost my father

Dear Sagar Media Inc,
Hemalatha S says, “I lost my father in Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station while boarding the Rajdhani Express, due to lack of medical facility.”
He adds, “It’s highly disappointing that negligence of medical aid in major railway station & train in the capital city for the passengers has not been provided.”
Sign his petition to ensure there is an emergency medical care centre in railway stations, trains & Bus Stands in India.
Petitioning Suresh Prabhu, Suresh Prabhu
Mr. Suresh Prabhu: Emergency Medical Care Centers in Railway stations, Trains and Bus stands.
Petition by Hemalatha S
Sign the petition
This is to bring to your attention & necessary action about those people who lost their precious life in railway stations and trains because of no medical help.
I lost my father on 20th January 2017 in Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station while boarding train to Chennai in Rajdhani Express (one of the most prestigious and fastest train in India), due to lack of medical facility. My father & his friends has already boarded the train and was waiting for departure, when he felt chest congestion, his friends approached the T.T but they informed that only in Agra medical help can be provided (after 2 hours). They got down and approached the Superintendent for wheelchair (given) who also informed that an ambulance will be waiting but was not available. It is highly disappointing that negligence of medical aid in major railway station & train in the capital city for the passengers has not been provided.
It is my kind request to our Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu to provide an emergency medical care centre in railway stations, trains & Bus stands in India for the well being of our fellow citizens/human beings.
It is a small step from my family to avoid the situation we’re going through for our fellow citizens.
Thanks for your Support,
Hemalatha S
Sign the petition

  US Senators ask Trump to sell F-35 to Taiwan

Two top American senators have urged President Donald Trump to sell F-35 fighter jet to Taiwan so that the small island nation can defend itself from China.
Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen is believed to have requested the purchase of the F-35B vertical take-off and landing aircraft to bolster Taiwan’s air defence.
“Taiwan has a legitimate requirement to field a modern fighter fleet to address a myriad of defence contingencies. Therefore, Taiwan is requesting US support in their procurement of the F-35B,” Senators James M Inhofe and John Cornyn wrote in a letter to Trump.

Diagnostic Ease

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University Professor of Applied Physics Stephen Arnold and his team at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering have made a discovery that could lead to Star Trek-like biosensor devices capable of flagging the barest presence in blood of a specific virus or antibody, or protein marker for a specific cancer; or sniffing out airborne chemical warfare agents while they are still far below toxic levels.
The discovery follows years of ground-breaking work by Arnold, who in 1995 discovered that an optical fiber could excite what he termed Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) in silicon micro-beads less than one-third the diameter of a human hair.

Insilico Medicine in AI RD base 2018 in Taiwan


Insilico Medicine, which was selected by the well-known American venture capital research organization CB Insights as one of the 100 companies in the world in the AI field in 2018, and was named by NVIDIA as one of the top 5 most influential AI companies worldwide.
The company announced that its subsidiaries “Insilico Medicine” and “Asia’s First AI R&D Base” are to officially be established in Taiwan.
The companies will form an alliance with the Center for Biotechnology, the Institute for Information Industry, and TUL Corporation to implement the “AI Digital Health Talent Development Project” in order to accelerate the integration of cross-domain talent.
The primary aim of the AI Digital Health Talent Development Project is to address the industry’s strong demand for AI talent.
Insilico Medicine, the Center for Biotechnology, the Institute for Information Industry, and TUL Corporation will jointly develop a series of courses related to AI biomedicine, in order to develop ICT and biomedical talent, and accelerate the acquisition knowledge on how AI technology can accelerate the development of drugs. These measures will effectively reduce the risks associated with high R&D costs, and build a strong foundation for AI technology in Taiwan.
Insilico Medicine’s AI drug R&D Base establishes itself in Nankang Software Park; they will be able to work closely with organizations in the biomedical industry to contribute to the well-being of all people.
Additionally, Insilico Medicine will be able to provide digital R&D technology services for Taiwan’s pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, thus introducing greater innovation to the biomedical industry and driving Taiwan to become the center of combining AI and the biomedical industry in Asia.

US Expel 60 Russian diplomats

 United States on Monday expelled 60 Russian diplomats, describing them as “intelligence officers” and ordered closure of the country’s consulate in Seattle over the use of nerve agent allegedly by Moscow against a former Russian spy in the UK.
A dozen of these expelled diplomats are based at Russia’s Permanent Mission to the UN.
“Today President Donald J Trump ordered the expulsion of dozens of Russian intelligence officers from the United States and the closure of the Russian consulate in Seattle due to its proximity to one of our submarine bases and Boeing,” the White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, said.
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Preliminary Earthquake Report
  • 26 Mar 2018 09:51:01 UTC
  • 26 Mar 2018 19:51:01 near epicenter
  • 26 Mar 2018 13:51:01 standard time in your timezone
Location5.462S 151.396E
Depth39 km
  • 164 km (102 miles) SSW (212 degrees) of Rabaul, New Britain, PNG
  • 223 km (139 miles) ENE (68 degrees) of Kandrian, New Britain, PNG
  • 329 km (204 miles) SSE (168 degrees) of Kavieng, New Ireland, PNG
  • 507 km (315 miles) ENE (74 degrees) of Lae, New Guinea, PNG
  • 642 km (399 miles) NE (46 degrees) of PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea

Italian Upper House Chair,Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati is First Lady to be Speaker

Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati, a Forza Italia MP, has been appointed speaker of Italian Senate, local media report. She has become the first woman in the country’s history to chair the parliament’s upper house.
Casellati is a staunch ally of Forza Italia’s leader Silvio Berlusconi. She graduated from the Pontifical Lateran University and practiced as a matrimonial lawyer for several years, having joined Forza Italia in 1994.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...