Sunday, January 8, 2017

Over 1,600 persons evacuated in S. Philippines

1,600 people have been displaced as a tropical depression, locally named Auring, made a landfall in southern Philippine province of Surigao del Norte on Sunday afternoon.
Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, in a statement, said residents in the path of Auring should follow the precautionary measures being implemented by the local authorities.
She said in Caraga Region alone, 402 families or 1,699 individuals have been displaced and have been served in 12 evacuation centers.
Auring has made landfall over Siargao Island in southern province of Surigao del Norte, the state weather forecasting agency said.
Packing maximum winds of up to 55 km per hour near the center and gusts of 70 kph, the tropical depression is expected to continue to stay in the country for four more days before it exits by Thursday afternoon.
Authorities have suspended some of the domestic flights, bus operation and sailing of vessels in the areas affected by Auring.

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