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Bhutan Newsletter June 2014
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Summer has finally arrived as the yak herders migrating back to the high lands with welcoming of the warm weather, the valley floors flourishes with lush greenery from the rice cultivation. This time of the year will be perfect to see the markets bursting with organic fresh fruits and vegetables in their most vibrant colors.

This month we will focus on the exciting upcoming events on the calendar, feature articles on Bhutan from all around the world and collections of pictures take around this time of the year.
Moving Mountains
A visit to Bhutan proves a breathtaking experience, but the forces of change are starting to be seen in the isolated kingdom. continue reading

Bhutan   A breath of fresh air
Andrew Eames makes the steep ascent to Bhutan's Taktsang monastery.
continue reading
  Bhutan takes light approach to tourism to protect the mountain kingdom's environment and culture. continue reading

Nimalung Tshechu (June)   Kurjey Tshechu(June)
The local Tshechu is held once
a yea in the 5th month of the Bhutanese calendar. Duringthe Tshechu an awe-inspiring Thongdrol (gigantic scroll painting) of Guru Rimpoche isputon display for attendees. continue reading
  The history of the temples at
Kurjey is associated with Sindhu Raja and Guru Rimpoche. Sindhu Raja invited Guru Rimpoche from Nepal to Bhutan tosubdue some evilspirits that had been plaguing the land.
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Haa Summer Festival (July)
It provides unparalleled insight into the lives and traditions of Bhutan's nomadic herders. Immerse yourself in this one of a kind experience by playing the local sports, sampling the delicious home-cooked cuisine and enjoying traditional songs and dances all while imbibing the heady local liquor (Ara). continue reading


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Santos re-elected Colombia president
Santos re-elected Colombia president in peace vote Updated on : 16-06-2014 09:16 AM
Juan Manuel Santos has convincingly won re-election after Colombia's tightest presidential contest in years, an endorsement of his 18-month-old peace talks to end the Western Hemisphere's longest-running conflict.

Santos on Sunday defeated right-wing challenger Oscar Ivan Zuluaga with 53 per cent-to-47 per cent of valid votes with 99.9 per cent of precincts reporting.

Zuluaga was backed by former two-term President Alvaro Uribe, who many considered the true challenger.

They accused Santos of selling Colombia out in slow-slogging Cuba-based negotiations, and insisted Zuluaga would halt the talks unless the rebel Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as the FARC, ceased all hostilities and some of its leaders accepted jail time.

The outcome affirmed Santos' claim to be steering Colombia to a historic crossroads after a half-century of conflict that claimed more than 200,000 lives, mostly civilians.

"Now we're going to build this peace for which we've so long yearned," said Ivan Cepeda, a leading leftist lawmaker.

A FARC spokeswoman in Havana said the rebels had no comment on the election's results.

The campaign was Andean nation's dirtiest in years, and Uribe alleged widespread vote-buying by the Santos camp right up to the closing of polls.

Zuluaga nevertheless graciously conceded defeat less than an hour after the result became known.

Uribe didn't put in an appearance at his campaign headquarters.

Santos' win was a comeback of sorts Zuluaga beat him in the first round of five candidates May 25.

His 900,000-vote victory hinged in large part on winning Bogota and making major gains on the Caribbean coast, where his party machinery was strong.

In the first round, Santos finished third in the capital, stronghold of defeated leftist candidate Clara Lopez, who endorsed him in the runoff.

Voter turnout rose somewhat, too, from 40 per cent in the first round to 48 per cent on Sunday, and was seen as favoring Santos.

The University of Kansas-educated incumbent got the backing last week of 80 top business leaders and announced exploratory talks with the National Liberation Army, Colombia's other, far smaller rebel band.

Uribe had accused Santos, grandnephew of a president from a blue-blood Bogota newspaper clan, of offering impunity to the rebels.
AAP Maharashtra Updates
From: AAPMaharashtra News  Sun, 15 Jun '14 3:40p
To: Preeti Sharma Menon
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Dear Friends from the Media 

Aam Aadmi Party Maharashtra conducted 10 Chintin Shivirs across the state post the Loksabha ‎elections. The purpose was to reflect on our performance and to plan the way forward. 

The biggest win of contesting the Loksabha Elections has been that AAP Is now entrenched throughout the state with a 40000 strong volunteer base. The party is now poised as an important political entity in the state and we look forward to changing Maharashtra politics for the better. 

AAP is a party that prides itself on being a volunteer based party. We strongly believe in basing our plans on volunteer opinion ‎and the overwhelming response from our volunteers is that we should contest the state  assembly elections. We have presented this feedback to our National Executive and we look forward to their advise on the next steps. 

The other strong suggestion mooted by the volunteers has been the reconstitution of all committees. We presented this in the recently conducted NE meet ad the result is that Misson Vistar is now being planned - it's goal will be to assess the strength of the various committees and rebuild them through volunteer engagement. 
AAP Maharashtra leadership and all volunteers are ‎ united in implementing the plans for the Assembly Elections and Mission Vistar. We look forward to your support.

Baba Gurardas Education Society


Najafgarh of New Delhi has provided No. 1 players to Country, now going to centre of Computer Training and all category of Art based education.Baba Gurardas Education Society has pronounced in Press Club of India in a Press Varta. In this context, Roterian Dr. Engineer Rajendarr Jaina said that after successful achievement in Polio eradication, it is the dream of roterian for specific employment based education. For the Computer education and training Mr. Jaina ensuring to provide two computers for the centre in Roshan Vihar, Part-2 at Najafgarh. It has announced in the programm that this program will improve the capability of the childern through this pilot project. In the continuation of this series of Drama and Art play, social activist and commander of youth Swami Vivekanand based social programmes starting from Najafgarh.

A book on “Uttrakhand - Kedarnath Medical Rescue Operations”

 A book on “Uttrakhand -  Kedarnath Medical Rescue Operations”
New Delhi, 15 June 2014
A book on “Uttrakhand -  Kedarnath Medical Rescue Operations” by Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj & Six Sigma Team was released on the first anniversary of the gigantic natural calamity in Uttarkhand in June 2013. 
The book highlights the spirit of mankind which voluntary reaches out to those affected by natural disaster. It brings out the role of Six Sigma Team in Uttrakhand flood  landslides  (June 2013) in organizing “Medical Rescue Operations” at Kedarnath & Badrinath and which saved lives of 511 people. This effort was a milestone in the history of the nation as the team members put their lives at risk for providing medical relief services to pilgrims in inaccessible pockets of Himalayan terrain, where crucial roads had suffered extensive damages, landslides had cut off the upper reaches and line of communication were down.

Shri Sanjay Kumar Srivastava (IAS) Chief Secretary of Delhi was the chief guest of the event and Dr. D.S Rana – Chairman Sir Gangaram Hospital, Dr. D. R. Rai -Former President IMA, HQ Delhi, Dr. Rajat Mohan Senior Consultant- Sir Gangaram Hospital, Brigadier KB Chand- Army HQ Delhi, Mr. Rahul Sharma Senior  Editor were the Guest-of-Honour at the event. Shri Sanjay Kumar Srivastava (IAS) Chief Secretary of Delhi launched the book and appreciated the efforts of Six Sigma Medial Camp Volunteers, who worked with the Indian Army for rehabilitation and relief of the survivors of this natural disaster during the initial crucial phase. He also addressed the audience consisting of students, representatives of welfare organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  He applauded the voluntary medical support and assistance rendered to the survivors, and expressed the hope that their effort would be an example for others to follow. “This example of volunteerism is touching and inspiring, and as an Indian, I am proud that Dr. Bhardwaj & Six Sigma Team have made a lasting impression in the hearts of so many” he said.

The last year’s natural calamity of June 16 through 19 that devastated the whole of Uttarakhand and large areas of Himachal Pradesh and western Uttar Pradesh — an area of almost 20,000 — was one of extreme rare severities among all the hydro-meteorological disasters to have struck India. Intense point rainfall exceeding 200 mm occurred within a 24-hour spell and continued with lesser intensity for a few more days over several locations in the Alakananda and Bhagirathi basins. Such short-duration intense rainfall in June has a statistical recurrence interval exceeding 500 years.
Dr. Bhardwaj is a dynamic, confident and courageous star performer of Indian Healthcare Industry and is author of two famous books on healthcare management “Opportunities in Healthcare Administration”  and “Latest in Hospital & Healthcare Management”.  Dr. Bhardwaj is renowned hospital administrator, recipient of many prestigious awards like - Limca Records holder for being the Youngest Medical Superintendent at the age of 26 years, Rajiv Gandhi Award and Rashtriya Ratan Award-2009 (first recipient in healthcare management). He is listed in 20 most influential people in healthcare.

The book while highlighting the magnitude of the unprecedented tragedy has exposed many shortcomings things like the government lacks the organizational skills, equipment and trained manpower to respond swiftly when faced with a war-like situation during disaster and save lives in a quick and organized manner. Also our armed forces, although ever ready to help, were heavily handicapped in the absence of superior aircraft and all-terrain vehicles, high-tech communication posts, heavy machinery lifting equipment, and quick action teams capable of delivering relief and constructing makeshift bridges, shelters and airports.
The contents of the book are enriched by including experiences contributed by volunteers, partners and beneficiaries about their first-hand involvement in the rescue, as well as the team’s focus and plan on rehabilitation through counseling, treatment, the relief & recovery in the initial phase. Sh. Pravesh Verma, MP West Delhi and Dr. Rajat Mohan, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, also sent their congratulatory message and appreciated Dr. Bhardwaj's efforts and service to the country.

“I would like to thank all the volunteers who were involved in the execution of relief project. Without them, even efforts of government would not have materialized,” said a guest. “It took an emotional and physical toll on the lives of survivors and volunteers alike. But, by the same token, it also brought out the best in volunteers, uniting many willing hands and generous hearts in the relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts that followed. He expressed that this evening and book would bring everyone who was involved in the mission closer. During the occasion the chief guest also honored the members of Six Sigma Medical Rescue Teams
Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj, Maj. Gen S.B. Akali, Dr. Brajkishore Rajoriya, Mr. Maninder Singh, Mr. Ashish Sharma, Mr. Bharat Sharma , Mr. Hitesh Kaushik  for their valiant efforts in  Kedarnath & Badrinath Rescue Operation.

Dr Pradeep Bhardwaj stated that “as their commitment towards serving nation, this year Six Sigma Team is organizing medical camp for devotees undertaking the arduous annual Amarnath yatra”.  “The situation has changed considerably over the last few years as the weather remains unpredictable most of the time there and those caught in between the way should have the physical strength to counter all odds and adversities”. Former MLA Bhai Bharat Singh was the guest for Sh. Amarnath Ji Yatra Medical Camp Training program and had motivated the volunteers & appreciated the efforts of Dr. Bhardwaj and team Six Sigma. The groups of volunteers were given brief sessions by six sigma experts and training about preparedness for high altitude medical camp services & how they can keep themselves safe and healthy for tough physical activities. Initially training explained the mean & measures so that before departure every volunteer becomes fit to walk at a stretch without any stopovers and help other yatris in medical emergency.
Issued by:
Mr. Maninder Singh
Six Sigma Star Healthcare, New Delhi
Mob: - 09891288457

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