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850m Farmers-Rural Economy Need BIG BIG THINGS
March23, 2015 Ravinder Singh

850m Indian Farmers-Rural population is more than USA and EU put together but against $30,000b GDP of USA & EU 850m People contributes just around$200b- Actual must be much less or half considering Farmers get just 25% to 60% of retail value for their produce. [12% of $1869b] Even up to 75% of subsidies for their support are‘Swindled’ by dubious people and buy everything at 2-4 times than cost of production.
Money-lender has authority to sell the man himself, his land, and everything he posses, even to the honor of his wife and daughter. It was the saying of a native,The English law makes sale of land as easy as the sale of a bullock or a turbon. The change of the ownership of the land in this way is going on all over India, and so far the Government has not been able to check it. It is by thisconcentration of the ownership in the hands of men whose only purpose is to rob the natives and whom the English law, unfortunately, protects, that the rural population, which means almost the entire people, are placed in a position which exposes them to many of the horrors of slavery, and reduces to such poverty that upon any light change in the success of the crops famino sweeps them away in vast numbers. The trouble with India is that the native does not count for a man, and has no rights which he can maintain without the risk of his life. FN in 1878. Modi is no Different.
GoI Prime Minister is only interested in Small Small Things for 850m Farmers/Rural Economy after Promising BIG BIG things at the time of elections, “We can have the right to rule only when we address such small, small things” but think BIG BIG for Ambani & Adani.
All the Spectrum is being Sold for $10 per capita in value to select few Corporate. All the Coal in our mines may be auction for $1.5 per tone base price, similar other natural resources.
80% of the Bank Credit is Hoarded by few 1000 Corporate essentially meant for Personal, Farm and MSMEs. GoI doesn’t UNDERSTAND that Corporates are to raise Capital at Stock Markets not take Bank Loans on NEVER TO PAYBACK Basis at nominal interest rate. 75% Population entirely depends on moneylenders.
For The Benefit of IGNORANT PRIME MINISTER Article of 1978 in NY Times is Annexed
Causes of Famine in India – Miss Florence Nightingale

1.]  FN said ‘Six Million Parish in Drought’ – Life Expectancy in MP is 58 years and Kerala 74 years – on average Indians die 10 years early in a population of 1250m.

2.]  FN said ‘People were Poverty Stricken’ – MNREGA/BPL-APL Ration Card beneficiaries exceed population of then India.

3.]  FN said ‘cultivators of the soil are industrious’ – Farmers of today are industrious.

4.]  FN said ‘British Don’t Care For People of India (Care For Maharajas) – India cares for New Maharajas – Ambani-Adani.

5.]  FN said ‘Exorbitant BRITISH Taxes Were Back Breaking’ – Poor pay heavy taxes on everything they buy and it includes 200% Moneylender’s Margins.

6.]  FN said ‘Famine Districts Have Water Shortage’ – Poorest states have low Irrigation & Water Use.

7.] FN said ‘British Paid £0.8m for Drought Relief which is Rs.5000 crores in 1878 for 10 crore people’ – PM announced no relief to Farmers Affected by Brought Floods and Rain Hailstorm damage.

8.]  FN ‘Money-Lender Charge 50% to 100% interest rates’ which is equally worse today.

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Land Rights Day. Join us at Shaheed Park, ITO, Delhi 11 am

From: napm india  Mon, 23 Mar ’15 8:54a
To: napmmedia  and others
Dear Friends and Comrades,
The sacrifices made by Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru on this day is celebrated across the country as Shaheed Diwas. People';s Movements have celebrated this day as a reclaiming of community rights, remembering those sacrificed their lives protecting mother earth';s rights and pledging to stop the corporate loot of the land, water, forests and minerals.
Many of us have been engaged in challenging a series of ordinances brought by the NDA government since last year. Some of them have been passed as laws, some are yet to passed and now pending as Bills in the Parliament and facing stiff opposition inside as well as outside the Parliament.
Yesterday, Honourable PM, in his Mann kee Baat, spoke about the Land Acquisition Bill 2015, but it was nothing but propaganda and inaccurate on many counts. The Bill is completely anti farmers – workers and people and is meant only for easy transfer and forcible acquisition of land for corporations by the government, without any consent of the land owners and those dependent on it for their livelihood or conducting any social impact assessment.
On 24th March nearly 20 thousand people converged at the Parliament Street and since then many more have come together to protest these draconian changes made to the 2013 land act and educate people about them. It was also decided to organise programmes across the country on March 23rd, observing it as land rights day.

We invite you to join us TODAY at 11 am at Shaheed Park, near Feroz Shah Kotla, ITO to participate in the land rights day programme, pledge to not let this anti bill be passed and fight for the land rights.
Land Acquisition Bill 2015 copies will be burnt and signature campaign against the land ordinance undertaken. The programme would be attended by Medha Patkar, Dr. Sunilam, Rakesh Rafik, Roma, Arvind Gaur, Kavita Krishnan and several others.
Do join !
Pratap Chaudhary, Yuva Kranti 9911955109
Madhuresh Kumar, NAPM 9818905316

First PM of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew dies 


The first Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew has died at the General Hospital (SGH) at 03:18 local time on Monday, aged 91, the Prime Minister’s Office said. Known as the founding father of modern Singapore, Yew governed the country for three decades and is credited with transforming a small port city into a thriving Asian economic powerhouse. While being an architect of prosperity and economic liberalism, Lee Kuan Yew’s governing model of Singapore was occasionally criticized as too centralized and displaying a lack of patience for dissent and opposition.

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