Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baba Ramadev massive Satyagraha on June 4th.

Baba Ramadev massive Satyagraha on June 4th.

Please spread far and wide and save this country. Every nook and corner of the country, old and young, man and woman, boy and girl, poor and rich, have to feel in their hearts and participate in this great movement. When Gandhi ji did Dandi Satyagraha, 120 million out of India's 350 million population participated in it. Let every citizen of India stand behind Baba Ramadev ji and make this historic one.

Let us not underestimate what the country is up against. There are people who will pose as sympathizers and sabotage the movement, they will try to defame the Baba Ramadev ji, they will gag the freedom of speech, they will invent stories and doctor CDs, they will devise methods to confuse people, they will try every possible way. If there is one enemy, it is not them but our own will lack of unity, our own smallness to gain some name, to gain some fame. They know very well on how to tempt you and then at opportune time throw you down. Do not become a pawn. Never forget Jayachand, never forget Charan Singh, India has many such leaders who fell prey to short lived fame and sacrificed the nation.

There is an American expression, 'Give me freedom or give me death'. We got to conquer fear and summon courage to deal with the selfish people sucking up the national wealth, dividing the country for themselves and their dynasties, worse than British did and making our country into another Africa (while China next door is becoming a super power).


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