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Italy's prime minister Enrico Letta and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed to cooperate to resolve the European debt crisis. Merkel has pressed Letta to continue fiscal austerity in Italy.Letta visited Berlin on Tuesday on his first overseas trip since assuming office amid political chaos after a parliamentary election in February.

Letta and Merkel held a joint news conference before their meeting. Letta stressed his focus on coordination with Germany, saying Europe is good whenever the country and Italy work together.Letta reiterated his intention to overhaul .

Italy's belt-tightening approach and push measures aimed at spurring economic growth.He said Europe must pursue growth policies as strongly as fiscal rehabilitation

Merkel congratulated Letta on his inauguration, adding that budget consolidation and growth are not in opposition and must develop together

Bajrang Dal demonstration against China Intrusions

Get back our land son, say Prakash Sharma of VHP
New Delhi April 30, 2013. Bajrang Dal today held demonstration against China’s intrusions into the pious land of Bharat. Addressing workers, the national spokesperson of Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) advocate Prakasha Sharma said in New Delhi that instead of taking back our illegally occupied land from China & Pakistan, this UPA Govt has surrendered before China and keep silent even after further occupying 19 KM more land of Bharat. Country men will not tolerate this shameful act & every part of our pious land must be returned to us, he added.

The protestors lead by the state convener Bajrang Dal shri Shiv Kumar were holding banners, saffron flags and play cards and burn the national flag of China. The state Vice President VHP shri Brij Mohan Sethi, Deepak Kumar, & Sardar Ujagar Singh, organising  secretary shri Karuna Prakash, secretary shri Ram Pal Singh, Bajarang Dal's National Training head shri Manoj Verma, Neeraj Dineria, Deepak Kumar, Shyam, Ashok Kapoor, working President of Akhand Hindusthan Morcha Sandeep Ahuja and Hindu Sena chief Vishnu Gupta were amongst those who took part in the large gathering.


“Celebrating Women,” 18 th EU Film Festival in New Delhi May 08-May 19 2013

Europe will inaugurate its Film festival in New Delhi on the eve of Europe Day,8 th May 2013. Based on theme of ” Celebrating Women”,this 11 city festival was launched in Coimbatore on 8 th March 2013, coinciding with the International Women’s Day.The film festival narrates many engaging stories,showcasing different shades,nuances of women and offering an insight into their remarkable lives.
The stories of women often are untold,overshadowed by other happenings and matters.But today women are raising their voices with increasing persistence,demanding to be seen and heard.  The EU Film Festival would like to join the chorus of voices and through the perspective of the main female leads,share the very different lives of women.The films showcase different aspects,nuances and sometimes even the hardships of being a woman.
Some of the movies are comedies,some are dramas,some are unclassified just as life itself is but in the end they narrate engaging stories that reach out to men and women alike,to young adults as well as  to elders.Viewers will have the opportunity to watch a selection of 24 films that have not been screened in India yet.
Venues of this EU film festival are Alliance Francaise de Delhi,72,Lodhi Estate, Lodhi Road, New Delhi,
Institution cervantes, 48 hanuman Road New Delhi,
Hungarian Cultural Centre,1A Janpath,New Delhi
Italian Cultural Centre,E 50 Chandragupta marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi
and British Council CP New Delhi

Chief Minister’s message to people on 53rd Gujarat Gaurav Divas
“Let’s pay our obeisance to martyrs of Mahagujarat Andolan”
“I have a dream to make Gujarat the best State, with a view to building ‘One India, Best India’”
-- Narendra Modi

 Chief Minister Narendra Modi today extended his hearty greetings to all the six-crore citizens of the state and to the people of Gujarat settled all over the globe on the eve of the 53rd Gujarat Gaurav Divas. 
“I have a dream to make Gujarat the best State with a view to building ‘One India, Best India’. Gujarat has today reached the height of development, made possible due to the people’s cooperation, marching shoulder-to-shoulder,” he said.
 Addressing the people of Gujarat spread over the globe as my brothers and sisters, Mr. Modi said that Gujarat contribution to the freedom struggle of India would remain etched in the history in bold letters.
 When the people of Gujarat, including students and youth, led by Indulal Yagnik, fought for a separate state of Gujarat, he recalled, others posed questions as to what would Gujarat do having only vast stretches of Rann and barren seacoast, without any water, without any minerals, without any factories. However, he pointed out the people of the newly carved out state worked relentlessly, worked very hard, taking everybody along, to create a niche for themselves and showed to the world, what they could really do in different fields, in very little time.   
 Paying his tribute to the martyrs of Mahagujarat Andolan and others led by Induchacha, Mr. Modi said the state’s 1,600-km long coastline has today become the ‘gateway’ to not only Gujarat but Hindustan, adding to the beauty of India, invitingtouristfrom all over the world in a bid for a pie in the 3-trillion business. The state’s call to the tourists to ‘Spend at least a few days in Gujarat’ for the last 5-7 years has started paying its dividend. Its growth rate in tourism is double that of India’s average, providing jobs to the last man in the last mile.
 While the nation celebrated 150th birth anniversary of Swami VivekanandMr. Modi said, Gujarat took lead in setting up SkillDevelopment Centres at places far and wide, for which it was deservedly rewarded, too. Sixty percent of the beneficiaries are females.
 Although Nature has been kind to Gujarat in the form of monsoon during the last decade, which filled up numerous check dams and farm pons, but for scarcity condition this year, he said, the state had also witnessed cyclone, earthquakebankscams and other calamites over these years. It has been decided to deepen the dams and ponds till June.
 While politicians are trying to make an issue blaming the government for drought, he said, even deities smiled on the parched land in the form of untimely rains in the month of Aprilapparently to rebut the canards being spread by theopposition parties.
 He regretted that hardly a handful of people seem to have taken contract to malign Gujarat come what may. “I have faith in God and the people have faith on me and we will overcome all obstacles and can no way stop the march to development. Theforthcoming annual statewide month-long Krishi Mela would be an occasion to reach out to the farmers and cattle owners, guiding them in the best agricultural practices, healthcare of the livestock,” he said
 Even as the limited land resources is being divided due to expansion of family, he said, the state would have to adopttechnology to increase farm yield. Farmers deserve to earn more. The state government has taken upon the responsibility of arranging a first-ever world-class agricultural fair of its kind in India in Gujarat in 2014 with convergence of science, technology, farming and agricultural extension.
 Mr. Modi said the state government has also time taken up social welfare projects like Chief Minister’s Amritam Yojna and Ma-Yojna to provide medical care to the poor at their doorstep, to ensure no one dies due to lack of medicine.
 With the emergence of neo Middle Class, he said, the government ensured they could live with dignity. Referring to women feeling insecure, be it in any part of India, he said, all should pledge to protect the dignity of women, irrespective of theirreligious, cultural and caste background, without entering into debate of how far a government is responsible for the same.
 Quoting CAG reportMr. Modi said that Gujarat has improved its position in fight against malnutrition by 33 per cent as compared to 12 to 17 per cent elsewhere. One should not be under the false impression that Gujarat belonged to the Government. Even as every commodity belonged to the people, he said, it is the responsibility of six-crore Gujaratis to develop and grow as well as protect its pride.   
 He said that Gujarat has given the ‘development mantra’ to India. The people of the state have been working for the development since Day One, taking every one along, to realize ‘Sauno SaathSauno Vikas’. It is the result of people’s hard work. Gujarat does not differentiate between people on the basis of their state of origin, their place of birth, dress or language. He asked who doesn’t dream of a better and prosperous India, a better and prosperous Gujarat, which youth doesn’t seek a job.
 Mr. Modi round up his message to the people by extending again his greetings to the people on the auspicious occasion of Gujarat’s Foundation Day, paying tributes to the fighters of Mahagujarat Andolan, and by exhorting all the karma yogis in the government to do something for the state, he himself expecting only love and blessings in return. He concluded his message with: Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat! Bharat Mata ki Jay!

The week one of the India’s Dancing Superstar dance trials saw a lot of innovative dancing and some very different yet refreshing moves. This week end India’s Dancing Superstar will have Bhabhi Ma and Gayatri from STAR Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata hain who will be seen cheering the women contestants in the Ladies special episode.
Both Bhabhi Ma and Gayatri who had come for the shoot were very thrilled to see women coming forward with various dance forms that they had not seen before. This is not all they were totally amazed to watch the women of their age and above performing on the stage. Gayatri who was very motivated to see the women perform said, “I am amazed how they are actually taking out time from their personal life and perusing dancing as their hobby and actually coming forward to showcase their talent on this platform. We all should for sure take some inspiration from them and do things that we all really like.”
This is not all Ritesh and Ashley also came on stage and shook-a-leg with the Bhabhi Ma and Gayatri.

Catch Bhabhi Ma and Gayatri on India’s Dancing superstar as they come to cheer for the women’s special on Sunday 5th May 2013, at 9 pm only on STAR Plus!

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