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Madhu Bhaduri heckled at a AAP meeting thus quits

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Founding member
AAP way of conduct in its forum  has been under scanner
and blames are being made by their MLA and now senior diplomats make a complain about their rowdy behaviour thus she quits the AAP .
Former diplomat and AAP’s founding member Madhu Bhaduri on Sunday “distanced” herself from the party alleging that she was heckled at a meeting for introducing a resolution condemning Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti’s role in a midnight raid, even as the outfit rubbished the charges.
“I have distance myself from the party. I am not with the party anymore,” Bhaduri said in a response to a question whether she has quit AAP. “There is no question of quitting because I don’t hold any post in the party. I am neither a national executive member nor a political affairs committee member,” she added.
Bhaduri, a member of the party panel to chalk its foreign policy, had alleged she was heckled at Friday’s National Council meeting here when she tried to pass a resolution condemning Bharti’s midnight raid in the Khirki extension.
“I had given a formal request to the party on January 23 for a resolution. Navy Chief Admiral (retd) Ramdas was also aware of it. On the day of the meeting, when the session was going on, I again went to Ramdas, who was speaking at that time and told him that I also wanted to speak. I had hardly started speaking and introduced a resolution when I was heckled,” Bhaduri claimed.
“I’m not angry, but disappointed and disillusioned with the party. I am not concerned with whether Bharti would be removed or not, my only concern is humanity and that women are also human being… This party does not considered them as human beings,” she said.
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has, however, rubbished the allegations that she was heckled.
Elaborating on the day’s event, AAP spokesperson Dilip Pandey said, “Members were asked to ventilate their grievances, give suggestions for improvement of the party and Madhuiji also tried to put forth a point. She was even asked to come to podium and talk.”
“But she was saying something which the party did not agree to and it was also not a part of the agenda of the National Council meeting. Therefore, she was asked to stop as others were waiting for their turn to speak,” he said.
Claiming that Bhaduri was present even after the incident, Pandey asked, “Had she been heckled, do you think she should have waited all through the meeting?”
Asked about the issue, senior party leader Ashutosh said, “She was the only member of the National Council who was called on the stage to put forth her views. She tried to put her views also. It is not always necessary that an individual’s views are in the line with the party.”
“She was a founder member of the party. Our sympathies are with her. Moreover, AAP respects women the most and they are an important part of the organisation. I feel she should not have acted in haste,” he added.

Kejriwal Bombards on Corrupts

Arvind Kejriwal knows the trick to Bombard on Corrupts by his corruptible practices and sweetly coated pungent diction to lure millions of people who is definitely affected by chronic rampant corruptions in the country.But before Arvind level charges he has to answer to the people of the country that when he does not trust his colleagues except some poster boys with low intensity charms, or some activist of poor understanding of the problems  how will he make a team to compete with his list of corrupt of galaxy of political stars of national or International fame.One man party AAP of Arvind with his jokers punch everyday does not seem to carry his stature as  thinker who understand the subject with core and knows it by hearsay wants to be national icon by trampling all his iconic person like Anna,Santosh,VK etc.His AAP, Arrogant attitude persona is adding the complete chaos to the AAP which came into existence due to  some good work of Shanti, Prashant, Shivani,Yogendra by their good conduct.Most of people who were die hard associate of this party is moving away from the classical vagabonds breed of emerging politicians who know the problems but are men from Nukkad debating national problems not entering ground realities or participating in think tanks debates.Man who donot trust the second man of his file is unfit to govern at larger scale and is likely to afflict self injury by his deeds actions and pungent tongue,this has expressed by many astro experts about Arvind.
Those who love this country make humble request to the politician in Q either to be serious politician and wok in coherence with other political parties to build better India with some scientific reasoning. We have list of International reputed economist to run this country backed with battery of lawyers the two set of professional prove to be less value for the nation and developed countries do have leaders from science and professional category to understand the national subject to its core and mend ways accordingly.US, Canada Germany,Scandinavian countries are lead examples.Back to home lets go through the NEWS   as….

Kejriwal said, “I have prepared a list of dishonest (politicians) of the country. If you come across any honest politician in the list then please tell me.“I am asking for the country’s approval on whether to defeat (these politicians) or send them to Parliament.”Kejriwal said the party will field candidates against Gandhi, Union ministers Shinde, Chidambaram, Sibal, Vasan, Khurshid, Moily, Jaiswal, Kamal Nath, Bansal, as well as MPs Naveen Jindal, Bhadana, Tandon, Kalmadi and Assam CM Tarun Gogoi. Kejriwal addressed the listed corrupt politician by the Aam Aadmi Party -: Kapil Sibal,
A Raja, Mayawati,
Mulayam Singh,
P Chidambaram,
Suresh Kalmadi,
Jagan M Reddy,
Kamal Nath,
Sharad Pawar,
Nitin Gadkari,
Sushilkumar Shinde,
Veerappa Moily,
Pawan Bansal,
Naveen Jindal,
Shriprakash Jaiwal,
B Yeddyurappa,
Anurag Thakur,
Tarun Gogoi,
Anu Tandon,
Salman Khurshid,
Avtar Singh Bhadana,
GK Vassan,
HD Kumaraswamy,
MK Alagiri,
Praful Patel
Ananth Kumar.
Kejriwal was addressing AAP workers on a day his cabinet is to discuss the Jan Lokpal Bill that seeks to punish corruption with a maximum sentence of life in jail.
“People like Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, who have spent Rs 500 crore to build their brands, will take that money back from us only. How can they deliver good governance?” Kejriwal asked.
“Our aim should be to not allow a single corrupt politician or even a family member to enter the House,” he said, urging the people to submit similar ‘corruption’ lists of their own.

Mumbai, February 1st ‘2014:The temperature was soaring high, the stage was set and celebrity couples ready to come forward and take home the Trophy of Nach Baliye-6. After three months of nonstop dancing and entertaining the viewers, RITHVIK-ASHA took the golden trophy home. The couple that was pitted against three other strong contenders, Gurmeet-Debina, Vinod-Raksha and - Ripu-Shivangi won the finale with majority votes. The duo had tirelessly worked on their chemistry, performances & grooming through the Nach journey to impress the judges’ trio of Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Sajid Khan, Terence Lewis and the viewers week on week. The Grand Finale saw some outstanding performances from the celebrity couples and never seen before acts by judges - Terrence Lewis put on a saucy act on Lahu Mu Lag Gaya while Shilpa Shetty Kundra for the first time performed an aerial act and grooved to Ram Leela. The stage also marked the first ever television performance of the successful director - Sajid Khan on an amalgam of songs from his movies. Cheering the finalists onstage was none other than the judge of the first season on NachBaliye –Farhan Akhtar with his co-star Vidya Balan! Taking a cue from their soon-to-be released movie and of course sharing personal experiences, the two talked to the couples about shaadi ke side effects creating a laugh-riot! The finale proved to be an extremely entertaining evening with romance, dance & comedy all in one Grand episode!
The winners, RITHVIK-ASHA took home a cash price of Rs Thirty Fifty lakhs along with a new Renault Duster and a trip to Australia. An elated Rithvik said, “We had put in our best in every performance and had a clear goal of winning right from day one. However the competition was very tough and it only pushed us to try harder with every episode. Needless to say, this would have not been possible without my Baliye. The sweat and tears shed was all worth it!”
The winning Choreographers Vibhav and Bhavana too were awarded Rs five lakhs.
In its 6 season, NachBaliye kick-started its three month journey with 11 sizzling couples Raju-Shikha Shrivastava, Raqesh Vashisht-Ridhi Dogra, Kanicka Maheshwari Ghai –Ankur Ghai, Gurmeet Choudhary-Debina Bonnerjee, Ripu Daman Handa-Shivangi Verma, Yash Sinha-Amrapali Gupta, Kiku-Priyanka Sharda, Bruna Abdalah- Omar Farooque, Sanjeev-Lataa Seth, Rithvik Dhanjani-Asha Negi and Vinod-Raksha Thakur.
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