Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arvind: My request to B.J.P and Congress,let us work together

 Rhetorically Arvind Kejriwal Delhi CM, said in his address “Today is historical day as  this oath is not of C.M. and ministers but of Aam Admi. Delhi Citizens have done excellent job when the country seems to be going in gutter and people depressed. People of Delhi rose and showed the way that the elections can be won by sheer voters will. Corrupt government is thrown out due to some mystic powers. This is the beginning of the actual fight which cannot be fought by C.M. and its ministers alone and need 1.7 Cr. people support to fight corruption and I am sure we can do it. We are not the only intelligent people neither has the magic wand but if  1.7 Cr. people can get together, we can win over chaos and crisis.This is not my government but of 1.7 Cr. people government and they have to run this government. Two and a half years ago we were here at Ramlila Maidan with Aana but our fast, protest and agitation  all went in vain and thereby told reluctant Anna that we have to get into this political cesspool to remove the sludge. Health, Education, road, water and electricity bills all institutions have turned worse because of political unwillingness for speedy action.
We lost Santosh, our dedicated colleague. She died but her spirit must be watching our effort.
People asked me to be beware of the Babudom   but met many Babus,they have a good impression concern about their actions.
CM said, I appeal and pray to the workers, people  of AAP, let there be no arrogance  and we must shun it so that no other party is born to vanish us. That is why work with humility and love for all.
We have challenged the most powerful authorities. So beware and let us be cautious and face all challenges. Acknowledge, Delhi people have given great responsibility and work along with people at large, assure that we will work for the welfare of the masses. With the grace of God, the result of our action is not in our hand so let our efforts results be  in the hands of almighty.
Harshwardhan is a good person. My request to both B.J.P. and Congress,let us work together for the welfare of the people of Delhi in case their conscious support our efforts.
My vote of confidence is of less significance and will face it without its result or consequences but assure that there will be no trade or earn money while serving as we left our best career to serve the people.
My hunch is that at last the nation is on its way to mysticism  with the grace of Almighty and the people gather together at given time. Within 5 years, India will be Sone Ki Chidiya (a prosperous nation) as it used to be.
          Let no people ask money or give money in case it happens with you, just call the toll free number which will be allotted within 2 days. We will see that the corrupt is punished. Let us take pledge that neither we shall give money or take money for any action or any work so that corrupt free government is established.”

The C.M. of Delhi Arvind finally ends his speech by singing a song “Insan ka Insan se ho Bhaichara” in his opening speech at Ramlila Maidan after the Oath taking ceremony.

By Naresh Kumar Sagar
Updated 1.40 P.M. 28.12.13
New Delhi. 

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