Monday, November 7, 2016

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13 Interesting Facts about Hyderabad.

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NASSCOMGDC - A city which always made its mark by being different, being a dominant Muslim empire in the midst of Hindu & Buddhist dominated Ancient India or being the IT Hub of south India, accommodating vario...

‘Maroon’: Film Review | Mumbai 2016

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Bill Kelso - A creative writing teacher’s unfaithful wife is missing and he’s acting mighty strange in Indian writer-director Pulkit’s psycho drama Maroon, which tips its hat at Dostoyevsky and Edgar Allan Poe....

Tarun Sagar’s response shows why Indians can’t choose or accept religious control of state

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Wheeler Dorothy - The followers of Tarun Sagar, the Jain leader are angry at Vishal Dadlani, offended by his tweets they say “insulted” Sagar and the Jains. The police are continuing to investigate the complaints lo...

How Routing Works

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Vivek Singh - By, Nived Give us a chance to consider an Example where Sagar communicates something specific from his PC in India makes an impression on Namrata's machine in Hong Kong. TCP and alternate conventio...

You will be missed, Sagar Tenali, say Hyderabadi fashion frats - The Times of India

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Hyderabad News - Friday morning began on a rather devastating note for many Hyderabadis, as news of the sudden demise of the designer Sagar Tenali broke. Sagar succumbed to a heart attack in the early hours of Frid...

Top Things To Do in Udaipur in 48 hours

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Voyager - Udaipur, the city of lakes is one of the throbbing tourist hubs in India. It has lots to offer in terms of culture, history, nature, spirituality and food. Beautifully surrounded by the Aravalli mo...
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Design News - Blog - Design Engineers Get Schooled on Manufacturing

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PTC - Design engineers, especially new engineering graduates, are always ready to come up with innovative and cool new products and ingenious systems. Yet, design for manufacturability (DFM) comes to dom...
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Social media affecting mental well-being of youth: Experts

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Missy - Excessive exposure to social media is affecting psychological well-being of youths with many of them exhibiting “unusual” behavioural and lifestyle changes that have “wrecked” their education and i...
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The Crypto Pro’s Live with Bobby Sagar - Bobby Sagar is a living industry legend and it is a great honour for me to have connected with him and now conduct this training with such a knowledgeable guy. This was one of the best training’s w...
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Dr Ramani Goa Marathon in Ponda ends in sprint - Times of India

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Goa - Ponda: It doesn’t take much time to separate the wheat from the chaff at a marathon. About five kilometres into the race and the serious competitors break free. They are on their own, and then star...
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Respected Minister,
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Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...