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FSSAI – Doesn’t Control Raw Foods Supply to Factory-Retail  

November02, 2017 (C) Ravinder Singh
FSSAI acknowledges on its website that 33% of food is lost between Farms and Consumption. Nutrition loss could be even 50% when food is delivered after many days of delay and store and transported in Unhygienic Conditions. We see on YouTube how Potato or other Fresh Crops are cleaned and Packaged for Long Distance transport or to nearby factory within hour of harvest.
FSSAI didn’t acknowledge it has no control over Supply of Raw Foods to Factories, Mandis, Stores and Retail. I wondered why there is no SAMPLING at Markets like Azadpur, or Cold Stores, or Street Vendors or FCI Stores etc. FSSA 2006 didn’t empower FSSAI to inspect the Unhygienic RAW FOODS Supply Chain.

Harbhajan Singh was fined and put in quarantine for carrying UNCLEAN SHOES – Food Mandis in India are Source of SUPER BUGS – stinking. If at all foods are CLEANED – it is in even more Contaminated water.
My first job was ‘Inspector Quality Control’ in 1974 and within a month took over Senior Inspector Quality – I was responsible for very thing IMPORTED in to the factory and had the authority to determine whether it meets Standards or Specifications prescribed by the ISI [BIS] or Supply Order.
As given in the Food Safety and Standards act 2006 –
Ø FSSAI Doesn’t Control Raw Foods Supply & Retail –merely regulate Factory and Food Products, their Packaging, Labeling and Sale as Foods processing levels are under 6%.
Ø CONTROL is important – Milk Sample rejected by AMUL for example is not dumped in the Gutter sold cheaply to small shop. At Mandis, Degraded foods are SORTED – for bad quality or better than bad quality.
16. Duties and functions of Food Authority. (1) It shall be the duty of the Food Authority to regulate and monitor the manufacture, processing, distribution, sale and import of food so as to ensure safe and wholesome food.
(2) Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-section (1), the Food Authority may by regulations specify–
[All Compromises – directed to set Limits of Contaminants]
26. Responsibilities of the Food business operator. (1) Every food business operator shall ensure that the articles of food satisfy the requirements of this Act and the rules and regulations made thereunder at all stages of production, processing, foreign import, distribution and sale within the businesses under his control.
(2) No food business operator shall himself or by any person on his behalf
manufacture, store, sell or distribute any article of food –
(i) which is unsafe; or
(ii) which is misbranded or sub-standard or contains extraneous matter; or
At World Food India global food seminar and exhibition we should learn from Global Experiences, Practices, and Regulations, Develop Hygienic Supply Chain from Farm to Fork, Minimize Waste & Nutrition Loss and still Maximize Income to all Stake Holders.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
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16. Duties and functions of Food Authority.–

(1) It shall be the duty of the Food Authority to regulate and monitor the manufacture, processing, distribution, sale and import of food so as to ensure safe and wholesome food.
(2) Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-section (1), the Food Authority may by regulations specify–
(a) the standards and guidelines in relation to articles of food and specifying an appropriate system for enforcing various standards notified under this Act;
(b) the limits for use of food additives, crop contaminants, pesticide residues, residues of veterinary drugs, heavy metals, processing aids, myco-toxins, antibiotics and pharmacological active substances and irradiation of food;
(c) the mechanisms and guidelines for accreditation of certification bodies engaged in certification of food safety management systems for food businesses;
(d) the procedure and the enforcement of quality control in relation to any article of food imported into India;
(e) the procedure and guidelines for accreditation of laboratories and notification of the accredited laboratories;
(f) the method of sampling, analysis and exchange of information among enforcement authorities;
(g) conduct survey of enforcement and administration of this Act in the country;
(h) food labelling standards including claims on health, nutrition, special dietary uses and food category systems for foods; and
(i) the manner in which and the procedure subject to which risk analysis, risk assessment, risk communication and risk management shall be undertaken.
(3) The Food Authority shall also–
(a) provide scientific advice and technical support to the Central Government and the State Governments in matters of framing the policy and rules in areas which have a direct or indirect bearing on food safety and nutrition;
(b) search, collect, collate, analyse and summarise relevant scientific and technical data particularly relating to–
(i) food consumption and the exposure of individuals to risks related to the consumption of food;
(ii) incidence and prevalence of biological risk;
(iii) contaminants in food; (iv) residues of various contaminants;
(v) identification of emerging risks; and
(vi) introduction of rapid alert system;
(c) promote, co-ordinate and issue guidelines for the development of risk assessment methodologies and monitor and conduct and forward messages on the health and nutritional risks of food to the Central Government, State Governments and Commissioners of Food Safety;
(d) provide scientific and technical advice and assistance to the Central Government and the State Governments in implementation of crisis management procedures with regard to food safety and to draw up a general plan for crisis management and work in close co-operation with the crisis unit set up by the Central Government in this regard;
(e) establish a system of network of organisations with the aim to facilitate a scientific cooperation framework by the co-ordination of activities, the exchange of information, the development and implementation of joint projects, the exchange of expertise and best practices in the fields within the Food Authority’s responsibility;
(f) provide scientific and technical assistance to the Central Government and the State Governments for improving co-operation with international organisations;
(g) take all such steps to ensure that the public, consumers, interested parties and all levels of panchayats receive rapid, reliable, objective and comprehensive information through appropriate methods and means;
(h) provide, whether within or outside their area, training programmes in food safety and standards for persons who are or intend to become involved in food businesses, whether as food business operators or employees or otherwise;
(i) undertake any other task assigned to it by the Central Government to carry out the objects of this Act;
(j) contribute to the development of international technical standards for food, sanitary and phytosanitary standards;
(k) contribute, where relevant and appropriate to the development of agreement on recognition of the equivalence of specific food related measures;
(l) promote co-ordination of work on food standards undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organisations;
(m) promote consistency between international technical standards and domestic food standards while ensuring that the level of protection adopted in the country is not reduced; and (n) promote general awareness as to food safety and food standards.
(4) The Food Authority shall make it public without undue delay–
(a) the opinions of the Scientific Committee and the Scientific Panel immediately after adoption;
(b) the annual declarations of interest made by members of the Food Authority, the Chief Executive Officer, members of the Advisory Committee and members of the Scientific Committee and Scientific Panel, as well as the declarations of interest if any, made in relation to items on the agendas of meetings;
(c) the results of its scientific studies; and
(d) the annual report of its activities.
(5) The Food Authority may, from time to time give such directions, on matters relating to food safety and standards, to the Commissioner of Food Safety, who shall be bound by such directions while exercising his powers under this Act.
(6) The Food Authority shall not disclose or cause to be disclosed to third parties confidential information that it receives for which confidential treatment has been requested and has been acceded, except for information which must be made public if circumstances so require, in order to protect public health.

Bikers celebrating brotherhood

​20,​000 bikers from all over the country will be celebrating brotherhood on 24th and 25th of November. The speakers for this year’s edition include the following:
  • Freddie Spencer: Fast Freddie, as he is popularly known among motor enthusiasts is a big attraction of this year. One of the greatest and youngest world champions of the 80’s, a consecutive championship winner across two classes (250cc and 500cc), Freddie is the only man to achieve all this. His passion, natural talent and joy of riding continues to inspire riders globally.
  • Leslie Porterfield: Riding since the age of 16, Leslie is today the Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle according to the Guinness Book of World Records’ title after setting the speed record in 2008 at Bonneville Speedway. With three land-speed records and a favourite of the Bonneville 200 mph club, she’s a businesswoman, mother of twins and a designer of motorcycles built for speed.
  • Vinod Rawat :Founding the world’s first biker club for the specially-abled in 2010 came from Vinod’s rejection from the biker’s club – Convoy Control Club – in Mumbai. Since receiving his prosthetic limb in 1997, Rawat has been selected for MTV Roadies in 2004, raised INR 18 lakhs for rehabilitating and building homes for cloud burst victims in Leh by riding through the world’s highest motorable road and he has pedalled from Manali to Leh in 2017. He has also scaled peaks in Maharashtra and the Himalayas, as well as participated in various cycling events and marathons.
  • Dhruv Dholakia:Faced with his worst nightmare of a job lost, a bitter divorce and a crippling slip-disc, Dhruv chose to cruise away from it. He bought a motorcycle, left his career and family to discover the ever eternal India. He catalogued his journey of 29 states across 16 months on a blog titled “On a Bullet Yatra”. The Indian Army awarded him a medal for his bravery to ride alone through some of the country’s most dangerous roads. The journey included rave parties in Goa, meditation in yogic ashrams, feasts on road side dhabas & solo camping in the mighty Himalayas; but it is also about motorcycle breakdowns, police interrogations, accidents & poverty – basically a narrative of self-discovery.
  • Kumar Shah:When Vadodara-based Kumar Shah, 53, decided to go on an ambitious bike expedition, it was not an easy task to convince his family and friends. But his passion for motorsports made them relent. He rode off from Vadodara across Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium and finally London. The Silk Odyssey, the name of the expedition, suggests the historic Silk Route through which medieval trade took place.
  • Melissa Pierson:A travel writer and essayist of non-fiction, Pierson has been a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and this is reflected in many of her books. Her works are often explorations of personal experience, extended into general social commentary and history. She is the writer of the critically acclaimed book – “The Perfect Vehicle: What Is It About Motorcycles”.
  • Ravi Verma :Inspired by a documentary on the routine life of Indian Army soldiers serving the sensitive LOC area, Verma undertook a solo ride across India to collect thank-you messages for the Indian Army; 29 states and 5 union territories covering a distance of 23,000+ kms in 100+ days. He also met members of various biking clubs from different cities and collected messages for the Indian Army.
  • Dilip Muralidaran: Dilip was born with a case of Cerebral Palsy. In his mid 20’s he also discovered that he had dislocated his right hip, which is a noted condition in people with bad gait. Dilip used to ride a 2 stroke scooter and eventually a 4 stroke scooter and has put 2,50,000+ km between both these machines. His acquaintance and friendship with Shankar would lead him to drive a Honda city and eventually, a KTM. Dilip works in IT as an instructor, and regularly travels the globe for work. If he is not spending his hard earned money on duty-free shopping and camera gear, he would be caught spending it on motorcycling gear.  He will be present there with his group Trichakra Riders- Shankar Jaikishan and Veeramallu M.
  • Neel Jagtap :Neel is a Nasik based biker and the first biker to take Rajdoot GTS to Ladakh way to the top. He has covered 6000 kms in 23 days. Neel along with his fellow mates were to first one to complete 800 kms on a Yezdi in 16 hours last year. Also he has a group of Two –stroker bikes in which there are 500 members across India of all age group. They are on a mission to build a community with International bikers as well!
  • Pooja Dabhi:She has been rapidly adding locations to her list of conquests – 3 countries i.e. Thailand, Malaysia, and Nepal; 23 States and Union Territories of India i.e. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam and Jharkhand. Dabhi is truly an inspiration for lady bikers with her grit and achievements
Also attached is the press release for your perusal along with their images. Please let us know if you would want to interview any of them. 
For more information : 

Best Regards,
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The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi cordially invites you to attend the Press Conference & to share with you the uniqueness of the 

(The first ever ABU DHABI TOURISM WEEK 2017 by the department of Culture & Tourism of Abu Dhabi. A multi-city exhibition, a week long program will promote the emirate’s tourism & cultural heritage proposition and much more.)
To be addressed by:
  • Dignitaries from Tourism & Ferrari World
Time: 3:00 pm
Date: 3rd November 2017 (Friday)
Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Pragati Vihar, Delhi
You are requested to send correspondents/ photographers/ camera crew for the Press Conference.


Media Invite – SAKSHAM PEDAL DELHI cordially invites you for the Meet & Greet session With India’s Elite Athletes Deborah Herold, India’s Cycling Superstar Sonali Chanu, Silver Medal, Track Asia Cup 2017 and many more on Friday, November 3rd – 3;30@JLNS

      cordially invites you for the
   Meet & Greet session
   With India’s Elite Athletes
Deborah Herold, India’s Cycling Superstar
Sonali Chanu, Silver Medal, Track Asia Cup 2017
Manorama Devi, Bronze Medal Winner, Track Asia Cup 2017
Sahil Kumar, Bronze Medal Winner, Track Asia Cup 2017
           Date: Friday, November 3rd, 2017
        Time: 3:30pm onwards
            Venue: Weightlifting Stadium, JLNS, Delhi­­­­
For more information, please contact:
Chirag Bhanushali | Creation | 9769521055|
Sonali Priyambada| Creation | 9953568336|

Uttrakhand CM Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat Press Conference

Sagar Media Inc Uttrakhand CM Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat Press Conference Tourism will revolutionize to mitigate problem of tourist NIFT professional institute find
“Sagar Media Inc Uttrakhand CM Press Conference Tourism will revolutionize to mitigate problem of tourist NIFT professional institute find”
Rail journey to Dehradun in 3 1/2 hrs Badrinath in 6hrs are being planned
“Rail journey to Dehradun in 3 1/2 hrs Badrinath in 6hrs are being planned”

Uttrakhand Badri Cow breeding quality is being given attention to enhance its milking
“Uttrakhand Badri Cow breeding quality is being given attention to enhance its milking”

CM Uttrakhand Hold Press Conference Kissan Mela to waive loan on 14 Nov
“CM Uttrakhand Hold Press Conference Kissan Mela to waive loan on 14 Nov”
CM Uttrakhand Hold Press Conference
“CM Uttrakhand Hold Press Conference”

Coalition in N Ireland fail

Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein said on Wednesday that its talks with the pro-British Democratic Unionist Party aimed at re-establishing a power-sharing government in Northern Ireland had failed, Media  reported.
 “Sinn Fein is disappointed that after the last few weeks of negotiations that it has ended in failure,” Sinn Fein’s leader in Northern Ireland, Michelle O’Neill, said. She called on the British and Irish governments “to act urgently to deliver equality” in Northern Ireland, citing the terms of the 1998 Good Friday peace deal.

100 armed helicopters for its Navy

India will purchase more than 100 armed helicopters for its Navy to replace its outdated French-designed fleet in a deal worth $3.2 billion, an official said Wednesday.
The defense acquisition council approved funding for the purchase of 111 multi-utility helicopters for attack missions, search and rescue, surveillance operations and medical evacuation, AFP reports.
India, the world’s largest defense importer, wants to build more of its hardware in country, and the government is inviting global military manufacturers to set up shop as minority partners.

Iraq plans to hold parliamentary elections on May 15

Iraq plans to hold parliamentary elections on May 15, a statement from the prime minister’s office said on Tuesday. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has not yet clarified whether he plans to seek a new term, media reports.
PM, who holds most executive power, is also commander of the country’s armed forces. The May 15 date was agreed at a government meeting on Tuesday, but it has yet to be approved by parliament. Abadi took over the premiership in 2014.RT News

France ends state of emergency,

Two years after militants killed 130 people in attacks across Paris, France has officially ended its state of emergency. This was replaced with the introduction of a new anti-terrorism law that critics say undermines civil liberties,Media  reports.
The security law, effective from Wednesday, gives police extended powers to search properties, conduct electronic eavesdropping, and shut mosques or other locations suspected of preaching hatred. “Some dread that now that we are out the state of emergency there could be a drop in vigilance, it is the opposite,” French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said. The new legislation transposes some of the measures contained in the state of emergency rule into law with some modifications.

UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon resigns

UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has resigned. The resignation comes a day after a spokesman for Sir Michael confirmed that he was once rebuked by a journalist for putting his hand on her knee during a dinner in 2002.

The journalist said, if Sir Michael has gone because of an incident 15 years ago, that is genuinely the most absurd reason for anyone to have lost their job.
In a letter sent to Prime Minister Theresa May, Mr Fallon said his previous conduct has fallen below the high standards required of the country’s armed forces.
Ms May accepted the resignation and praised Mr Fallon for his role in the fight against the Islamic State terror group in Iraq and Syria.

King of Bhutan meets PM Modi

Visiting King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his residence in New Delhi last evening.
Mr Modi hosted a dinner in the honour of the visiting dignitary, his wife and son.
The Bhutanese King and the Prime Minister reaffirmed their commitment to advance the relations across diverse sectors of cooperation.
The King conveyed appreciation for the support that India provides to Bhutan’s socio-economic development.
Mr Modi also presented the Prince of Bhutan, an official football of the recently concluded FIFA U-17 World Cup and a chess set.
Earlier in the day, the Bhutanese King met President Ram Nath Kovind at Rashtrapati Bhawan.
Mr Kovind conveyed deep appreciation for the King’s personal involvement and guidance and the support provided by Bhutan in addressing the recent situation in the Doklam area.
External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also called on the King. The leaders exchanged views on bilateral cooperation as well as other issues of mutual interest.
Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu, senior Ministers and officials will call on the King during his stay in Delhi.

Three killed in shooting at Colorado Walmart store

 A lone shopping cart sits in the parking lot as police investigate the scene of a shooting at a Wal Mart store in the Thorton Town Center shopping plaza. Photo: AFP
Three were shot dead at a Walmart store in Colorado on Wednesday evening, police said, in the latest case of US gun violence.
Thornton is city of about 120,000 people roughly 10 miles (16 km) northeast of Denver.
Avila said that police were called to the store and that the gunshots had ceased by the time the first officers arrived at the scene.
An hour after the incident, the situation, the nature of the incident or status of the threat remained unclear, he said.
US Local news reported that a woman whose son was in Walmart had told her that he had heard about 30 gunshots and was still inside.
There were two “confirmed deceased adult males”. One woman was taken to the hospital where she succumbed to the wounds.
Police in Thornton, Colorado, did not release any information on the assailant, it was not clear if an assailant had been taken into custody, taken his own life or been slain by officers.
“We’ve got multiple parties down, we’re still trying to ascertain what their conditions are,” Officer Victor Avila of the Thornton Police Department told Reuters.
About an hour after the initial alert the Thornton Police Department said on Twitter that the gunfire had ended at the store, which was surrounded by police and fire crews.
“At this time this is NOT an active shooter. Active crime scene. We will update as info becomes available,” the police department said in a tweet.

Suu Kyi visit to crisis-hit northern Rakhine

Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi arrived on her first visit to conflict-battered northern Rakhine State on Thursday, an official said, an unannounced trip to an area that has seen most of its Rohingya Muslim population forced out by an army campaign.
Suu Kyi, a nobel laureate who leads Myanmar’s pro-democracy party, has been hammered by the international community for failing to use her moral power to speak up in defence of the Rohinyga.
Around 600,000 of the stateless minority have fled to Bangladesh since late August carrying accounts of murder, rape and arson at the hands of the Myanmar’s army, after militant raids sparked a ferocious military crackdown.
The UN says that crackdown is tantamount to ethnic cleansing, while pressure has mounted on Myanmar to provide security for the Rohingya and allow people to return home.
“The state counsellor (Suu Kyi´s official title) is now in Sittwe and will go to Maungdaw and Buthiduang too. It will be a day trip,” government spokesperson Zaw Htay told AFP, mentioning two of the epicentres of the violence but without elaborating on her schedule.
It is her first trip in office to northern Rakhine, which has hosted the worst of the communal violence that has cut through the western state since 2012, severely damaging Myanmar’s global reputation.
It was not clear if Suu Kyi would visit the hundreds of Rohinyga villages torched by the army — allegedly aided by ethnic Rakhine Buddhist locals — or if she would be taken to see remaining clusters of the Muslim group, who are living in fear and hunger surrounded by hostile neighbours.
Thousands of others are believed to still be camped on a beach near Maungdaw awaiting boats to Bangladesh in increasingly parlous conditions.
The Rohingya are hated in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, where they are denied citizenship and widely dismissed as illegal “Bengali” immigrants.
Observers say Suu Kyi has chosen not to criticise the army in fear of a backlash from a powerful institution that controls all security matters.
The plight of the Rohingya also garners little sympathy inside Myanmar, making any defence of the minority a politically unpopular cause amid surging Buddhist nationalist sentiment.
Suu Kyi heads a committee charged with rebuilding Rakhine and repatriating Rohingya from Bangladesh who meet strict criteria for re-entry to Myanmar.
On Wednesday, the government spokesperson accused Bangladesh of delaying the start of repatriation.
Dhaka has yet to send an official list of the Rohingya who have fled since August 25, he told AFP.
The Rohingya have packed into makeshift camps on a poor, already overcrowded slip of border land inside Bangladesh.
Aid groups say the risk of major outbreaks of disease is high while they struggle to deliver food and basic supplies to the unprecedented number of refugees.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...