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Pak, UK target £2.5 bn bilateral trade by 2015

London:Pakistan and UK on Thursday launched a Trade and Investment Roadmap aimed at increasing bilateral trade to £2.5 billion by 2015.With stagflation growing in developed countries and fiscal crisis in Europe British PM David Cameron called First Annual Summit of the UK-Pakistan Enhanced Strategic Dialogue.
Pakistan  Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani and British counterpart David Cameron in joint statement said this on the occasion of the First Annual Summit of the UK-Pakistan Enhanced Strategic Dialogue held in London."Pakistan and UK launched a Trade and Investment Roadmap, setting out the steps both governments will take to promote investment, support business and achieve the target of increasing bilateral trade to £2.5 billion by 2015," it said.

Pakistan Prime Minister Gilani pledged his government’s full support in ensuring an enabling business environment to attract and sustain UK trade with, and investment in, Pakistan.He expressed appreciation for the UK’s consistent support to Pakistan for enhanced market access to the European Union.
He hoped that the UK would continue to support Pakistan’s request for GSP+ and early finalization of Autonomous Trade Preferences package.

British PM David Cameron assured his country's continued support in this regard, and also encouraged Pakistani businesses to look at the opportunities the UK offers and its role as a gateway to Europe.
Both leaders also reviewed the significant progress made under the Enhanced Strategic Dialogue between Pakistan and the UK that underscores the enduring partnership between the two countries.

Two Prime Ministers noted that since its launch in 2011 the dialogue between the UK and Pakistan has become deeper and broader.They reviewed the practical co-operation on shared interests which has intensified across the five areas covered by the Enhanced Strategic Dialogue, including trade, economic growth and development, cultural co-operation, security and education.


Huawei Outlines Growth Strategy for Enterprise Business in India
Targets to achieve 10 per cent market share in India by 2015
Unfurls Server Bundles for Enterprise Customers in India  
  • Huawei is outlining its growth strategy, defining the growth engines that are set to drive its next level of growth for enterprise business in India
  • Technologies and solutions on Cloud Computing, Unified Communications, Smart City implementations etc are set to drive this growth for Huawei Enterprise
New Delhi, 09, May, 2012: With an aim to garner better market share and increase profitability for the company’s ecosystem in India, Huawei Enterprise, a global ICT products and solutions provider is outlining its growth strategy for the year 2012.
As part of this strategy, the company in association with its partners is set to target verticals like Government, BFSI, energy, power, transportation etc in a focused manner and provide its globally proven ICT products and solutions for the enterprise segment.
Speaking about the growth prospects for Huawei Enterprise India business, Mr Eric Yu, President, Huawei Enterprise said, “India is a strategic market for us and we see huge potential here. We are here for the long term and are completely committed to realize the full potential of this market. We are looking at garnering 10 per cent of market share in India by 2015. We are also expecting to have $1 billion order book from India by 2015. As an organization which is focusing towards providing ICT products & solutions, we have seen a lot of traction in segments like Government, Power, Transportation, Finance etc, we are looking at sizable growth coming from the Indian market in the coming months. And in order to achieve this growth, we would be enabling the enterprise community with specific solutions on cloud computing, unified communications, smart city implementation and data center solutions,” he explained. 
Huawei Unfurls Server Bundles for Enterprise
Server bundles christened “A Better Start”, “A Better Value for Money” and “Better Next Step”, are Huawei’s answer to the growing needs of Indian enterprise customer
With a view on the enterprise segment of the country, Huawei Enterprise, a global ICT products and solutions provider is announcing rack server bundles for different enterprise segments addressing the Enterprise community of India. As part of this offering, the company is presenting three different categories of servers which are specifically designed to deliver value for the enterprise segment. Focused around 2U form factor, these bundles are power genies configured to deliver high performance, enhanced flexibility and ensuring that you remain a step ahead of competition.
Better Start
Targeted towards the entry level application segment, this category of server bundle delivers enhanced reliability and ability to host mission critical applications. No longer is high reliable architecture only the realm of expensive top end server models.
Single power supply based servers are unusable in any Tier II Data Center application, Huawei recognizes this and incorporates dual redundant power supply, in this entry level servers that are known for delivering strong resilient performance in server rooms as well as Data centers.
While the next generation Huawei server components are more efficient than competition, yet the rugged Better Start bundle, is configured with high capacity PSU, to ensure, power sink will never be the limiting factor for an enterprise, and can grow to take more load with the growing needs of the organization.  Enterprise have an option to opt for standard Windows platform or choose a reliable Linux platform.
A Better Value for Money
A step ahead of the competition in terms of currently available server configuration at the current price points, Better value delivers High performance - to match current enterprise needs and provides the next generation capabilities to the enterprise customers.
The innovative A Better Value for Money bundle, builds on Huawei’s established path of providing higher resiliency, not only by providing redundant power supply but also the ability to provide RAID (0, 1 and 1E) thus giving you’re the option to potentially provide more performance than a traditional RAID 1 array.  This bundle carries the unique Huawei 24x7, three year on-site support bundled in.
Better Next Step
When the basics no longer meet your requirement, you need to take the next step. This is designed for enterprise applications that need more raw power. Equipped with, intrinsically more advanced version of CPU, this category of server promises better performance for processing and IO functions. 5.86 GT/s QPI, better Point-to-Point interconnect speed between the CPU and the integrated memory controller and higher clock speed for faster performance in carrying out desired functions. The characteristic Huawei 24x7 bundle continues to provide, enterprise with 24x7 supports that gives you a peace of mind for the next 3 years.
Announcing the availability of these enterprise focused servers from Huawei, Alok Sinha, AVP, General Business Sales and IT Solution, Huawei Enterprise, said,  ”At the heart of the design philosophy of these bundles, is our insatiable desire to bring most innovative solutions to our customers. The idea is to bring within the reach of organizations, specifications and services usually reserved for high end servers. With the growing value competition that our customers face from their business, this is indeed the better way to move up the value chain.” he explained. 
Showing its commitment towards delivering hands-on experience to its set of ICT solutions for the IT decision maker community, Huawei Enterprise has showcased its ICT products and solutions at the occasion. This Enterprise Meet was organized as part of Huawei’s ongoing “Huawei Enterprise Roadshow 2012”. This unique roadshow, which got started from Mumbai, has now reached New Delhi, in the form of a 50 feet demo truck - is taking Huawei’s next generation ICT business solutions to six major cities of India including, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.
‘Innovation Unplugged’: Demo Truck
In order to bring its globally proven ICT products and solutions closer to its core set of customers, Huawei Enterprise is showcasing its next generation offerings inside a Demo truck that is an integral part of this “Huawei Enterprise Roadshow 2012”.  
And as part of this live demonstration, Huawei Enterprise is featuring its horizontal solutions of Cloud Computing, Telepresence, Enterprise Network solutions and vertical solutions comprising of Intelligent Video Surveillance, eEducation and Smart Governance.
About Huawei
Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Through its dedication to customer-centric innovation and strong partnerships, the company has established end-to-end advantages in telecom networks, devices and cloud computing. Huawei is committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers by providing competitive solutions and services. Huawei’s products and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world’s population.  
Huawei's vision is to enrich life through communication. By leveraging on the experience and expertise in the ICT sector, the company is helping towards bridging the digital divide by providing opportunities to enjoy broadband services, regardless of geographic location. Today, India is Huawei’s second largest market outside of China with an employee base of over 6,500 employees across the length and breadth of the country.
**The bundles depicted here are derivatives of Huawei Next Generation Cloud Computing Strategy. Products are also available without the mentioned bundles.

Next President of India to be from tribal community.ICITP


Indian Confederation of Indigenous and Tribal People’s (ICITP) Representatives of 310 tribal organizations from across the country, including the NDFB (Progressive), North East Zonal  President Jebra Ram Muchahary, today held a press conference in New Delhi at Press Club of India briefing  on subject of their demand  that the next President of India ought to be from tribal community.He said that the Scheduled Tribes comprises of nearly 8% of the population which comes to about 85-90 million people,so far no one from them has become the president of India or the prime Minister.Others minorities for example  SC/Muslim/Sikh have  become President,Prime Minister,Chief Justice and Generals but no Scheduled Tribe has held these positions.natural justice demands that the next President of India be a scheduled Tribe.
Natural Justice demands in consonance with the Constitution of our country which give equal rights to all communities demands that the next President of India be from a Scheduled Tribe.He further addressed,On Tribal becoming the President,  the tribal community will feel aligned with mainstream find their demands will be well taken care of and the national problem of civil disorder emanating  the ongoing problems of Maoist in many tribal districts  would be diluted.
NDFB (P) general secretary Gobinda Basumatary said in the last sixty-five years, the country has got a president from the Scheduled Caste, Muslim community and the Sikh community, besides the dominant class.
“But, we are yet to get one from the Adivasi community. We have impressed upon Rahul Gandhi on the need to have a President from the community,” Basumatary said to media at Press club of India New Delhi. He said the eight-member delegation comprised representatives from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, besides Assam,on Tuesday met Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi, reiterating their demand to elect an ‘indigenous tribal’ as the country’s next president
Indian Confederation of Indigenous and Tribal People’s (ICITP) North East zonal president Mr Jebra Ram Muchahary said Gandhi told the delegation that the “idea was excellent”. “Though we did not want to name anyone, Gandhi asked us our choice. We referred the name of Meghalaya Governor Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary as we think he is the most eligible person from the community in the Northeast. But we also added that the choice was with the Congress, if they considered anyone else better,” Muchahary said.
 He said the tribal organisations have met and submitted memorandums to BJP leaders LK Advani, Sushma Swaraj, BSP supremo Mayawati and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, besides other senior political leaders seeking their endorsement to their demand. The ICITP had adopted a resolution in February 21 resolution putting forth the demand for a tribal President. Sources say some influential tribal MPs are also backing the demand. The ICITP had earlier sent a representation to Congress president Sonia Gandhi underling the need for a tribal President.
“We, as the weakest sections of the society, have been simply neglected, suppressed, oppressed, marginalised, exploited and deprived for so long though we have been contributing in the nation building,” the ICITP had said in a letter to Gandhi.
Mr Jebra Ram informed the media that about 53 MP’s presently are the total strength of the tribal  community in both house.When Media asked for their consensus on the name of Mr P A Sangma, Jebra said,” we would be delighted” but tribal bodies impressed upon and said that if Mooshahary is elected as the country’s 14th President, “the Adivasis of India will feel that justices are beginning to be delivered by the privileged society.”
Appeal to all Political Leaders of India for sponsoring a Tribal candidate for the 13th President of India

Most Respected Sir/Madam,

         We send you cordial greetings from Tribal Peoples of India!

        Sir/Madam we, for and on behalf of the Indian Confederation of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples (ICITP) only apex national umbrella organization of more than 310 Tribal organizations of India representing the 700 Tribal Communities (Adivasis) of India would like to draw your humble attention to the following facts for your kind consideration and necessary action.

       As you are aware of the fact that we the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) are the sons of the soil in this country and the custodians of life sustaining resources, values, rich culture and traditions.

        We are aware of the fact that Indian political leaders including you are busy looking for a suitable candidate for the forthcoming 13th Presidential Election for the nation.  Within the period of sixty five years of independent India, apart from the dominant society, three terms went to the Muslim minority, one term to the Sikh minority and one term to the Scheduled Caste (S.C.) but unfortunately the people in India could never found President, Vice President or Prime Minister from the weakest section of the society particularly the Adivasis (Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) of this country. We as the weakest section of the society in India have been simply neglected, suppressed, oppressed, marginalized, exploited and deprived for so long though they have been contributing equally in the Nation building processes. Under these circumstances, the following questions arise:

• Are we, the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) of India are regarded as equal citizen or as the 2nd class citizen in this country? 
• Does the privileged society still think that the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) in India are not capable of serving the nation in such capacities as mentioned above? or
• Is it because the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) do not have any national political affiliation to facilitate or lobby for these processes?

            We strongly feel that the national political parties and the politicians in India must rethink to give a chance to the capable personalities belonging to the Adivasis, the weakest section of the Indian Society, who are otherwise equally competent with the privileged society for these top posts to serve the nation.  Unfortunately, the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) in India have been mere colonized, dominated, exploited, suppressed, oppressed and politically marginalized by the privileged society in every respect. We also strongly feel that our national political leaders have been talking about the reservation for minorities and underprivileged to win the hearts of the grassroots to buy votes to remain in power but utterly failed to understand the sentiments, the voices and ordeals of millions of the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) of India.

            The Indian Confederation of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples (ICITP) the only apex body of the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of India, therefore would like to appeal to all the political parties and political leaders to seriously consider nominating the 13th President of the nation from the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) to prove your commitments to the Constitution of India that we all are equal citizen in practice on the ground reality.

            In this connection, ICITP on behalf of the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) of India would like to appeal your honour to sponsor nominating an appropriate Senior Adivasi Ratna Shri Ranjit Shekar Mooshahary, the Governor of Meghalaya, Shillong, who is an honest, most competent and popular Adivasi son of this country as a consensus candidate to the post of the President of India for the 13th President's election from your UPA-II. If this is fulfilled, the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) of India will feel that justices are beginning to be delivered by the privileged society, which will surely assuage the feeling of long neglect and discrimination.

            Further, considering the UN 2nd decades of the World Indigenous Peoples, this will raise credential of Indian Nation in the eyes of the International Community.

            That Sir/Madam, we are aware of the fact that for this, India needs strong political will and courage and this is only possible if you are taking up the matter.

            Looking forward to seeing your just, exemplarily and historic decision in the history of Indian politics and a strong political will and fulfilment of your shared responsibilities towards the constitutional safeguard and upliftment of weakest section of the people, particularly the Adivasis (The Indigenous and Tribal Peoples) of this country.

                                                                  With highest regards,

(Jebra Ram Muchahary)                                                                            (Dr. Cecil Khakha)
    Chief Advisor, ICITP                                                                             Secretary General, ICITP
          New Delhi                                                                                               New Delhi.                                                                

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