Monday, March 10, 2014

Mahesh Bhatt Presented the live theatrical version of his classic film “ARTH”

Mahesh Bhatt, who has had a successful run with his past theatrical productions like, The Last Salute and Trial of Errors with Sandiip Kapur (promodome films) decided to adapt his bold film ARTH ,which was way ahead of its time, into a theatrical production. Theatrical Play, “ARTH-The Play” held at Sriram Center, Mandi House. Renowned Director Mahesh Bhatthimself was present and encouraged the artists.
The play was directed by Priyanka Pathak, a graduate in ‘Theater Design and Direction’ from National School of Drama (NSD). She has worked with eminent theater personalities from India and abroad. 
On the occasion Mahesh Bhatt said, “We all borrow from life” But not everybody achieves results quite as cauterizing”. And adding to which Producer Sandiip Kapur said, “When I began producing plays with Bhatt sahaab I did not know that this association could be so enriching”
Delhi-based actor Imran Zahid , who earlier essayed the role of Muntadar Al Zaidiin ‘The Last Salute’ and of journalist Rehan in ‘Trial of Errors’ played the lead role. Starring alongside him was Padmashree C.R., an NSD pass out who is currently working at Kingdom of Dreams as an Actress in its production Zangoora and Moon Moon Singh, who graduated from the National NSD in 2011 with a specialization in acting.

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