Monday, April 18, 2011

Finland Parliamentary elections 2011

Finland has been divided into 15 electoral districts. A number of representatives proportional to the number of Finnish citizens residing in the electoral district six months prior to the elections is elected from each electoral district. However, from the electoral district of Ă…land is always elected one representative.

Every Finnish citizen, who has reached the age of 18 not later than on the day of the elections, is entitled to vote. Those entitled to vote receive a polling card (a notice of right to vote) by post from the Population Register Centre. The address of the polling station where the voter is entitled to vote on election day is stated in the notice. Enclosed is also a list of the advance polling stations in the voter's own electoral district.True Finns the winner of Finland's general election late on Sunday,igniting speculation whether the party to keep its promise to veto an EU bailout package for Portugal.The anti-immigration nationalistic party won about 19 per cent of the vote and 39 seats in Parliament, over performing poll ratings and becoming the third-largest party in the land."We went for the big one and the big one is what we got," said Timo Soini, a Euro-MP and leader of the True Finns.
The liberal conservative National Coalition party won some 20.4 per cent of the vote and 44 seats, and will probably lead difficult talks to form a government.
The Social Democrats won about 19.1 per cent of the vote and 42 seats in the 200-seat legislature.The election saw the Centre party and the Greens relegated to the opposition.Election in Finland's seen of the dramatic rise of the True Finns but also because the National Coalition party became the top party for the first time in its history this is for the fact that Finns voted out eighty five MPs. Mari Kiviniemi,the Centre party leader and prime minister, was clearly disappointed and said the party's place during the next legislative period was in opposition."The people have spoken and that is the end of the matter," she said.Media agencies

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