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Innovation is the key to enhance Online Travel & Tourism Industry

New Delhi, June 10, 2012: The online Travel & Tourism industry is set for unprecedented growth provided payment and logistic issues are resolved. Speaking at the 4th IAMAI Travel & Tourism Summit, Himanshu Singh, Managing Director, Travelocity India & Chairman, Digital Commerce Committee, IAMAI, said, “The total travel market is around $800 billion, the online share is growing rapidly. Payment and Logistics still pose a challenge and success parameter of business is about cracking these problems. These problems that we are facing today have to be countered by all players of the industry together, and this will help the market grow exponentially.”

As per IAMAI ‘Internet Economy Watch’ data, E-ticketing continues to grow with recording 5.56 million bookings in April, 2012 as compared to 2.26 million bookings in April 2011. Airlines recorded 1.92 million bookings in April 2012, as compared to 1.01 million bookings in April 2011. The data for online travel is based on absolute numbers captured from nine websites.

Speakers at the Summit were unison in their view that while, at present, group travel is the key to growth, the future will be more individual traveler dominated. Sharing her thoughts, Swati Moha, Vice Pesident – Programming & Operations, Fox International, said, “While group travel is in vogue, there is a huge spurt in customized individual travel interests. People are looking for less explored destinations than before and with internet penetration on the rise, the industry is set for robust growth.”
Globally travel & tourism market is pegged at about US$ 800 billion, the online market share has not reached its optimal point. With internet users in India at around 121 million, focus is now to create a solution for travellers to plan travel online. “Innovative marketing strategy coupled with value additions will sway travellers to book hotels and tickets online”, said Devdutta Banerjee, Regional Director – Revenue Management, India, Bangladesh and Nepal, Starwood Hotels & Resorts. He further added, “Online is the platform for growth. Integration of logistics and services is necessary to fuel further growth.”


The Internet and Mobile Association of India [IAMAI] is a young and vibrant association with ambitions of representing the entire gamut of digital businesses in India. It was established in 2004 by the leading online publishers, but in the last eight years has come to effectively address the challenges facing the digital and online industry including mobile content and services, online publishing, mobile advertising, online advertising, ecommerce and mobile & digital payments among others.

Eight years after its establishment, the association is still the only professional industry body representing the online and mobile VAS industry in India.

The association is registered under the Societies Act and is a recognised charity in Maharashtra. With a membership of 120 odd Indian and MNC companies, offices in Delhi and Mumbai, the association is well placed to work towards charting a growth path for the digital industry in India.

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PM ideas of thrusting expenditure in infra with short term or long term ramifications where corruption is rampant and scale of money reaching the ground level is 15% plans needs its reinventions for things to happens in its wholesome.
Our government advisers talks are as if though we run flawless economy and our economy dwindles with the world economy  but when globe is in fiscal crisis we are not steel cased economy that will be not adversely impact us .Our domestic big market allows us to sustain the  economical cycle but to achieve its apex growth is definitely linked with globe.We are seeing  every month fall in production and inflation on rise to give way for stagflation in coming months.Rosy pictures are here drawn on every week but less work at ground levels thus blaming  and clinging to global stock market condition where speculators play their money irrespective of results and their ploy on rumors is well known across the globe.
Economy keys parameters are to provide basic needs at low cost and high tech has its price,the the goal of creating employment not on temporary  basis but on regular and with continuity is the art of pushing economy to its prosperous levels. The art of developing the skill of peoples needs greater attention in the coming years and enterprising skill needs a killing  with people longing for business adds to the employ ability in natural course of development.
Chief economic advisor Kaushik Basu has warned that if the Eurozone breaks up finally, it will be more disastrous than the 2008 global financial crisis triggered by the fall of the Wall Street banks, from which the global economy is yet to recover.

"If Europe does slip into a crisis, it is going to be a very difficult time. There is no escaping from that. Though we (government and the Reserve Bank) have a team that is working on different scenarios, to see how we will react, it will be a lie to say that we have the strength to weather that. It will hit us in the face," Basu told an Exim Bank organised here over the weekend.

Stating that a deeper European crisis was not impossible, he said there would be a jolt and it could spin Europe into a big crisis. "It is going to be a difficult one or two years for the world for sure."

However, he said on the positive side, "Thankfully, Europe is no longer our biggest export destination, to the Middle East we probably export more today."

But he warned that the impact on us will be indirect. "Europe being a major driver of growth and if it slows down, even if we don't get a direct hit, the US is going to get hit immediately; China is going to get hit immediately. So the impact on us will come to us through our trading partners."

Citing how the Lehman fall engulfed the whole world in 2008, Basu said, the 2008 crisis made it clear it is not just from the goods directly being sold, but the crisis in the financing sector that the world got engulfed.

Explaining the rationale for his fear on the global front, he said the problem will arise in 2014, when the LTRO (long term refinancing operations of the European Central Bank or ECB) payback comes in December 2014 and February 2015, when as much $1.3 trillion need to be paid by 800 banks to the ECB. This will sap the entire banking system, he warned.

However, Basu expressed hope that by 2015, the world economy, especially the emerging economies, will be better off by that time, saying "the emerging economies are in a position to build strength (during this interval) so when we come out of this tunnel, we will be at the top of it. We will come out on top of growth drivers by 2015."

The over two-year old Eurozone crisis, triggered by the sovereign debt crisis of Greece, is yet to be resolved and more and more countries are looking for bailout. The latest to join the bailout club is Spain.

On the impact of a possible Greek exit from the Euro, which looks more likely now (which will be clear after the crucial June 17 reelections) on the domestic economy, Basu said, "We are not out of the woods. There is indeed some risk that this is going to last a while. It will affect us."

$2 Trillion Gas Discoveries SABOTAGE


$2 Trillion Gas Discoveries SABOTAGE by Modi, Mukesh-Anil Ambani
India had already discovered Natural Gas – a clean and very efficient very cheap fuel worth $2 Trillion but Modi, Mukesh and Anil sabotaged it. Modi and Mukesh has over 80 Blocks and 80% of Gas Discoveries are Politically Conspiring and Hoarding Gas and deliberately SABOTAGING wells to stall economic progress.
Can you believe Sand and Water Ingress in Gas fields that hold $Trillions worth of mainly Gas – biggest discovery in the world in 2001? Click following and Page 3.
Page 3.
By now India ought to be producing 200Million Cubic Meter of Gas Per Day from both KG Basin discoveries. This is 180,000 Tones per day of Petroleum Equivalent – 66 million tones of Petroleum but efficiency of Gas based power stations is 55% to around 35% for Diesel Power – so in my earlier calculations also I have taken a figure of 100 million tones of petroleum or $100b annually.
Our own cheap gas.
Anil Ambani with huge power projects ought to have commercialized 15,000MW thermal power.
Detailed calculations are in the end.
India could have been fully Electrified, Running CNG vehicles, Pakistan already have 70% vehicles running on natural gas.
Ravinder Singh
June10, 2012
1. Narendra Modi owned GSPC discovered huge gas reserves Deen Dyal Field next to KG Basin in 2005. But has not yet commercialized it.
2. Mukesh Ambani – discovered several Gas Fields from 2001 onwards but production from KG Basin has declined
RIL seeks huge rise in KG-D6 gas price
Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has sought a two-three fold increase in the price of gas being produced from its Krishna-Godavari(KG)-D6 fields, also India’s largest gas producing field, off the eastern coast. In a recent letter addressed to the empowered group of ministers (EGoM), which will decide
on whether or not to raise the price of KG-D6 gas before 2014, RIL has said the price of gas from KG-D6 should be linked to the price of imported LNG secured under long-term contracts.
Against the KG-D6 gas price of $4.2 per unit, the landed price of imported LNG secured through long term contracts is around $10-12 per unit. “While the price of $4.2 per unit certainly needs revision, its linkage to imported LNG is not
correct,” said a former petroleum secretary on the condition of anonymity.
“At present, the gas that you are planning to import from Turkmenistan exclusive of transportation and other charges is $7-7.5 a unit at their border. So if a third country can sell you gas at that price, why should our own domestic gas be
priced any higher, he added.
RIL has been seeking revision in the price of gas from the KG-D6 field citing contractual requirements. “Given the provisions of the PSC, the contractor is obliged to conduct sales of gas at the best available arms length prices for similar sales in the region where gas is freely sold,” RIL said in its letter.
Stating that a large number of KG-D6 customers are also buying LNG sourced at the PLL terminal at Dahej under term contracts, where the price of LNG is linked to international crude prices, RIL said that over 35% of India’s gas demand is met by imported LNG.
RIL’s letter on gas price revision has gone to finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, who is also the chairman of the EGoM.
3. Anil Ambani:  acquired BSES in 2001, since then in 12 years against promise of 33,480MW it has installed just this May commissioned Rosa 1200MW Thermal Power Station though it is not in the list – this alone will substantially boost power situation in UP. But Sasan project was first UMPP awarded to Anil Ambani – Tata Power has already commissioned 800MW Mundra unit a year ahead of Sasan even as Sasan was awarded three mining blocks also.
Anil Ambani placed a single order for $8.3 billion with Shanghai Electric Co Ltd (SEC) for buying 36 coal-fired thermal power generation units, spare parts and related services over a 10-year period. This took the total deal size between Reliance Power and the Chinese power equipment maker over the past couple of years to $10 billion making it the largest contract between a private Indian company and a government-owned Chinese firm. While Reliance Power has also given a $2.2 billion deal to US-based General Electric, the agreement signed with SEC is on a different plane. The Chinese company will supply boiler, turbine and generator packages for up to 30,000 MW capacity of coal-based power at six plants, including the ultra mega power project at Krishnapatnam, the 5,940-MW project in Chitrangi, and the 3,960-MW project in Tilaiya.
In above Rosa 1200MW generated 677MU and 800MW Tata Mundra Generated 508MU and Adani generated 1742MU in May2012. Thus Adani is two years and one year ahead of Anil Ambani and Tata.
This is amazing pvt sector power installed almost 12,000 MW, Tata and Ambani contributed just 2000MW in spite of BSES and Tata Power having 80 years in power sector and developing over 60,000MW Power projects.
This is amazing BSES Mumbai distribution business of Anil Ambani is stagnant for five years. In 2007 it distributed 8743MU of electricity that was 9186 in 2011 or 5% but number of consumers increased by 12% and peak demand increased by 14.7%.
Gas Discoveries Worth $2 Trillion Already Discovered
64 Trillion Cubic Feet of Natural Gas From Just Four Discoveries
It was in 1983 that Gas was first struck in Rajole Well No.1 when ONGC had a small office in Rajahmundry and Narsapur that was headed by Iqbal Farooqi. Since that discovery there had been no looking back. Reliance and others are late players in that area.
14 trillion cubic feet of gas by Reliance Industries in KG-DWN-98/l (KG-D6) in 2002. 6000 feet below the sea floor. 
20 trillion cubic feet (5.7×1011 m3) cubic feet of gas by Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation in June 2005.
20 trillion cubic feet (5.7×1011 m3) of gas at D-3 and D-9 blocks by Reliance Industries in May 2009. 
10 trillion cubic feet (2.8×1011 m3) of gas by ONGC in June 2009. 
Thus India has discovered over 70 Trillion Cubic Feet of Gas including other Onshore and Offshore discoveries.
This is equal to 2 Trillion Meter Cube of Natural Gas.
This is equal to 1.8 Billion Tones of Petroleum. (1 M3 Gas = 0.9 kg.)
This 10.8 Billion Barrels of Petroleum. (1 Tone = 6 Barrels)
Value of Gas at $150 per barrel refined petroleum – this is $1.120 Trillion.
Factoring Clean and Higher Efficiency Use In Combined Cycle Power Generation = Almost $2 Trillion

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...