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Japan launched a satellite today to help build a high-precision geolocation system that will complement the US-operated Global Positioning System (GPS).
Footage by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency showed, a H-IIA rocket blasting off at 9:17am local time from the Tanegashima space centre in southern Japan carrying
the “Michibiki” No.2 satellite.
Satellite geolocation systems, initially designed for the US military, now power countless civilian applications, from car navigation to Internet browsing on mobile phones.
Japan aims to build its version with four satellites focusing on the country and wider region. The first satellite was put into orbit in 2010 and the third and fourth are to be launched by March 2018 to start the service.


Historian Ramachandra Guha who was appointed by the Supreme Court as one of the four administrators of BCCI, today informed the court that he had resigned from the post due to personal reasons.
A vacation bench of Justices M M Shantanagoudar and Deepak Gupta was informed by Guha’s counsel that he had tendered his resignation on May 28 to Chairman of the Committee of Administrators of the BCCI Vinod Rai.
The court said a special bench was seized of the matter and the petition should therefore be filed in the registry.
The apex court had on January 30 appointed a four-member committee of administrators headed by former Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai to run the affairs of BCCI.
Managing Director of Infrastructure Development Finance Company Vikram Limaye and former Indian women cricket captain Diana Edulji were the other administrators appointed by the Supreme Court.


_DSC3561 shruti Hassan
As everyone is aware of controversy leaded for the upcoming comedy flick Behen Hogi Teri, therefore, the leading lady of the movie Shruti Haasan promoted her film in nation’s capital Delhi. Yes, along with her present in the event was the producer of the film Amul Vikas Mohan.
Behen Hogi Teri, messed up in a legal trouble for its poster portraying the male lead Rajkummar Rao as Lord Shiva. While asking them about the movie’s legal issue they shared their own point of view. When asked Shruti about her character in the movie, she stated, “My character of Binny is basically from Lucknow, I am sure many girls will relate her with themselves, she is a lovely small town girl, sweet, sensitive and independent.” Regarding the legal trouble Shruti in a positive way said, “As I was not the part of the scene so I don’t know much about it, yes but I am sure the intention was not so to hurt anyone’s sentiments.”
On the other hand the producer of the same Amul Vikas Mohan, about the controversial chopped scene stated, “We haven’t chopped the scene, and we just shortened the length and duration of it. Yes, our intentions were not so to hurt any religion clan at all. And as per censor, we didn’t felt any difficulty, censor is there to help us. We received the certificate soon before all the mess.”
Well, this upcoming romantic comedy flick revolves around the story of a middle class boy, who is in love with a neighborhood girl. He eagerly wants to send a friend request to his crush but somehow entirely fears of friendzoned. Where Rajkummar Rao will be seen as “Lucknowi Guy”, Shruti will portray a character of an independent girl.
Behen Hogi Teri also stars Gautam Gulati, Gulshan Grover, Ranjit, Kamlesh Gill, Darshan Jariwala and many more. Directed by Ajay K Pannalal, Produced by Tony D’souza, Nitin Upadhyaya, Amul Vikas Mohan and featured under the production venture of OddBall Motion Pictures, it is slated to release on 9th of June.


Draw for FIBA Asia Cup 2017 announced;
  • The draw for the FIBA Asia Cup 2017 was conducted yesterday at Le Royal Hotel Dbayeh, Lebanon. The ceremony also included the unveiling of a newly designed trophy, the official logo, and the official mascot.
  • The tournament will feature sixteen teams and be played in Lebanon from 8thto 20th August 2017.
  • The group stages of the tournament comprise four groups of four teams each. Each team will play the other teams in its group once, and the top three teams from each group will advance to the second phase.
  • India has been drawn in Group A along with Iran, Jordan, and Syria. Iran and Jordan are ranked 25thand 28th respectively in the FIBA rankings, and both teams put in strong performances at the FIBA Asia Challenge 2016.
  • India (WR 53) stands a good chance of progressing to the second phase if the team beats Syria, which is 72ndin the FIBA rankings, nineteen spots below India.
  • In the second phase, the twelve teams that advance will be divided into two groups of six each. After playing each of the other teams in its group once, the top four teams from each group will advance to the quarterfinals.
  • For the first time, the tournament also includes Oceanian powerhouses Australia and New Zealand.
FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Draws. Graphic credit-

Bengaluru, 31st May 2017:  The draw for the FIBA Asia Cup 2017 was conducted yesterday at Le Royal Hotel Dbayeh, Lebanon. The tournament will feature sixteen teams and be played in Lebanon from 8th to 20th August 2017. The last edition of this tournament was conducted two years ago in Changsha – Hunan, China, and was called the FIBA Asia Championship. This year’s tournament has been rechristened the FIBA Asia Cup, and features Oceanian powerhouses New Zealand and Australia for the first time, battling for top honours in Asia.

The group stages will be played in a round robin format, comprising four groups of four teams each. India has been drawn in Group A, with Iran, Jordan, and Syria. The draw for the remaining groups is as follows: Iraq, China, Philippines, and Qatar in Group B; Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Korea, and New Zealand in Group C; and Japan, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, and Australia in Group D.

Each team will play the other teams in their group once, and the top three teams from each group will advance to the second phase. In the second phase, the teams will be divided into two groups of six teams each (Groups E and F). The top four teams from each of these groups will advance to the quarter finals.


India’s draw in Group A promises to be anything but a walk in the park. Last year, Iran won the FIBA Asia Challenge 2016 in comprehensive fashion, while Jordan finished third. India faced both teams over the course of that Championship – Jordan in the group stages and Iran in the quarterfinals – and lost both games despite battling hard. Iran also finished third at the FIBA Asia Championship 2015, beating India in the group stages.

The FIBA rankings place Iran and Jordan at 25th and 28th respectively. Nevertheless, since the top three from each group qualify for the second phase, India (rank 53) only has to put in a strong performance against Syria (rank 72) to secure progression.

A surprise upset over either Jordan or Iran cannot be discounted, as the Indian team has gone from strength to strength in the last few years. The team put in a strong performance at the FIBA Asia Challenge 2016, advancing to the knockout stages and defeating Chinese Taipei to finish seventh in the tournament. India had also beaten China, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan in the group stages.

Advancing from the second phase to the knockout stages is likely to pose a tougher challenge. China enters the tournament as defending champions, having won the FIBA Asia Championship 2015 on home soil; while the inclusion of Australia and New Zealand in the Asia Cup will only enhance the quality of opposition and level of competition.


About 266kg heroin, 455kg cannabis were seized from a dhow in Indian Ocean on Thursday morning. Photo: UK’s Ministry of Defence 
Royal Navy frigate HMS Monmouth, known as the ‘Black Duke’, seized 266 kilogrammes heroin and 455kg cannabis resin, with a total street value in the UK of around £65m from a vessel in Indian Ocean.
The contrabands, which were hidden in the freezer of a fishing ship, were later destroyed by the British soldiers.
The suspicious dhow was intercepted by two teams of the British war ship in the Indian Ocean in an area not normally known for fishing.
The teams, comprising Royal Marines from 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group and the other of Royal Navy search specialists , spent 60 hours painstakingly scouring the vessel for narcotics, before eventually finding them hidden in a freezer beneath three tonnes of ice.
“Such a substantial seizure of drugs will deal a significant blow to the international narcotics trade which is known to provide funding for terrorist organisations,” said HMS Monmouth’s Commanding Officer Ian Feasey.
Lieutenant Alison Ross, one of HMS Monmouth’s boarding officers, said: “After such a long search I had doubts we would find anything, but the reactions of the crew to our activity in certain areas was enough to convince us that there was illegal cargo.
HMS Monmouth will now continue her patrols of the Indian Ocean as part of Combined Task Force 150 (CTF150), a coalition of warships with a mission to promote maritime security in order to counter terrorist acts and related illegal activities, which terrorists use to fund or conceal their movements.


Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping  Shri Nitin Gadkari  preside over the Inauguration of Skill Development of Workmen under Infrastructure Equipment Sector at NHIDCL and Launch INAMpro+
MoS for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping Shri Pon. Radhakrishanan and Shri Mansukh L. Mandaviya was also be present


India’s GDP grows at 7.1% in the year 2016-17
The growth in GDP during 2016-17 is estimated at 7.1% as compared to the growth rate of 8% in 2015-16
Real GDP or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at constant (2011-12) prices for the year 2016-17 is estimated at Rs. 121.90 lakh crore showing a growth rate of 7.1% over the year 2015-16 of Rs. 113.81 lakh crore. While GDP at current prices in the year 201617 is estimated at Rs. 151.84 lakh crore, showing a growth rate of 11.0 % over the estimates of GDP for the year 2015-16 of Rs. 136.82 lakh crore. Real GVA, i.e, GVA at basic constant (2011-12) prices for the year 2016-17 is estimated at Rs. 111.85 lakh crore showing a growth rate of 6.6 % over the GVA for the year 2015-16 of Rs.104.91 lakh crore.
The sectors which registered growth rate of over 7.0% at constant prices are ‘public administration, defence and other services’ (11.3%), ), manufacturing (7.9%),‘ trade, hotels, transport, communication and services related to broadcasting’ (7.8%),‘electricity, gas, water supply other utility services (7.2%) ’.The growth in the ‘agriculture, forestry and fishing’, ‘mining and quarrying’, ‘construction’ and ‘financial, real estate and professional services’ is estimated to be 4.9%, 1.8%, 1.7 % and 5.7% respectively.
Provisional Estimates of GVA at Basic Price by Economic Activity (At 2011-12 prices)
Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from MOSPI
Note: PE pertains to Provisional Estimates
The salient features of the estimates for sectors are detailed below:
Agriculture – The ‘agriculture, forestry and fishing’ sector has shown a growth rate of 4.9 at constant prices and 9.0 % at current prices. The GVA estimates of this sector have been compiled using the Third Advance Estimates of production of food grains for 2016-17. The third advance estimates of food grain production was 273.38 million tonnes in 2016-17 which is higher than the second advance estimates of food grain production during 2016-17 of 271.98 million tonnes and final estimates of 251.57 million tonnes during the agricultural year 2015-16.
Mining and quarrying— The ‘mining and quarrying’ sector has shown a growth rate of 1.8% at constant prices and 1.9% at current prices. As per the available information, private corporate sector growth in the mining sector as estimated from major listed companies at current prices was 1.8 % . The Index of Industrial Production of mining registered growth of 5.3% during 2016-17. Production of coal and crude oil registered growth rates of 3.6 % and (-) 2.5% during 2016-17.
Manufacturing– The growth in the ‘manufacturing’ sector is estimated at 7.9% at constant prices and 9.3 % at current prices. The private corporate sector growth (which has a share of around 70 % in the manufacturing sector) as estimated from available data of listed companies with BSE and NSE was 12.4 % at current prices during 2016-17. The quasi corporate and unorganized segment (which includes individual proprietorship and partnerships and khadi & village Industries having a share of around 23 % in the manufacturing sector) has been estimated using IIP of manufacturing. The IIP of manufacturing registered a growth rate of 4.9 % during 2016-17.
Electricity, Gas, water supply and other utility services– GVA at basic prices for 2016-17 from ‘Electricity, gas, water supply and other utility services’ sector is estimated to grow by 7.2% at constant prices and 6.5 % at current prices. The key indicator of this sector, namely, IIP of Electricity registered a growth rate of 5.8 per cent during April-March, 2016-17.
Construction– GVA at basic prices for 2016-17 from ‘Construction’ sector is estimated to grow by 1.7% at constant prices and 3.5 % at current prices. Key indicators of construction sector, namely, production of cement and consumption of finished steel registered growth rates of (-) 1.3 per cent and 3.0 %, respectively, during 2016-17.
Trade, hotels, transport, communication and services related to broadcasting — GVA at basic prices for 2016-17 from this sector is estimated to grow by 7.8% at constant prices and 9.8 % at current prices. Key indicator used for estimating GVA from Trade sector is the sales tax growth. As per the available monthly data on State accounts, sales tax collection grew by 11.4 % during 2016-17. Indicator used for measuring GVA from hotels and restaurant sector is the private corporate growth in this sector.
GDP at constant (2011-12) prices in Q4 of2016-17 is estimated at Rs. 32.28 lakh crore, as against Rs. 30.42 lakh crore in Q4 of 2015-16, showing a growth rate of 6.1 %. GVA at basic prices at constant (2011-12) prices in Q4 of 2016-17 is estimated at Rs. 28.69 lakh crore, as against Rs. 27.18 lakh crore in Q4 of 2015-16, showing a growth rate of 5.6 %.
Growth rates in various sectors are as follows: ‘agriculture, forestry and fishing’ (5.2 %), ‘mining and quarrying’ (6.4%), ‘manufacturing’ (5.3 %), ‘electricity, gas, water supply and other utility services’ (6.1%) ‘construction’ (-3.7 %), ‘trade, hotels, transport and communication’ (6.5%), ‘financial, real estate and professional services’ (2.2%), and ‘Public administration, defence and other Services’ (17.0 %).
Quarterly Estimates of GVA at Basic Prices for 2016-17 (at 2011-12 prices)
Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from MOSPI
Our view Point
Real GDP growth at 7.1% at 2011-12 prices is in line with expectations vis-à-vis impact of demonetization on various sectors of the economy such as mining, manufacturing, construction and trade sectors. We look forward to a good GDP growth with three major positive developments taking place in the current year i.e positive effect of demonetization, implementation of GST and low inflationary expectations vis-à-vis IMD forecasts a good monsoon.
Growth is expected to be at around 8% in 2017-18. The growth rate of agriculture and allied sector at 4.9% in 2016-17 is inspiring and we expect more reforms to come in the sector to strengthen the growth further in a sustainable trajectory. Focus on food processing sector would help in creation of employment opportunities, increase in rural incomes and will boost the manufacturing growth. Reforms in the construction sector for ease of doing business would go a long way to improve India ’s business environment, attract investments and to absorb unskilled, semiskilled and skilled workforce.
Please contact for any query related to this mail to Ms. Areesha, Research Associate at with a cc to Dr. S P Sharma, Chief Economist at and Ms. Megha Kaul, Associate Economist at , PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
Warm regards,
Dr. S P Sharma
Chief Economist



— Previous Two NBA Champions Meet for Historic Third Consecutive Time in The Finals after Epic Seven-Game Series Last Year —
— Four-Time Kia MVP LeBron James Leads Defending Champion Cleveland against Two-Time Kia MVP Stephen Curry and 2015 NBA Champion Golden State —
NEW YORK, May 30, 2017 – The Cleveland Cavaliers will meet the Golden State Warriors in a historic NBA Finals 2017, which tips off on Thursday, June 1 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. For the first time in NBA history, the same two teams will face each other in The Finals for the third consecutive year.
Cleveland and Golden State have split Finals series the previous two seasons. Last year, the Cavaliers earned their first NBA championship in franchise history, becoming the first team to rally from a 3-1 deficit to win The Finals. Two years ago, the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in six games to win their first NBA title in 40 years.
Here is a look at The Finals 2017, which will reach fans live in 215 countries and territories in 49 countries on their television, computers, mobile devices and tablets.
  • 3 – This year’s Finals will mark the first time that two teams will meet for the NBA title for a third consecutive season in the league’s 71-year history.
  • 61 – The series between the Cavaliers and Warriors will be the first time in 61 years that teams in any major North American professional sport league will meet for the third straight time with a championship on the line.
  • 4 – Across the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL, Cavaliers-Warriors marks the fourth time that two teams will play for a championship for the third year in a row (NFL – Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions, 1952-54; MLB – New York Yankees vs. New York Giants, 1921-23; NHL – Detroit Red Wings vs. Montreal Canadians, 1954-56).
Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors
  • 11 – The two teams feature a combined 11 players who have been named All-Stars, the most in a Finals series since the 1983 matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers.
  • 12 – The Warriors are the first team in NBA history to win their first 12 games in a single postseason.
  • 7 – Four-time Kia NBA MVP LeBron James of Cleveland is set to become the seventh player in NBA history to play in The Finals in seven consecutive seasons.
    • The other players to accomplish the feat played for the Boston Celtics in the 1950s and 1960s: Bill Russell (10 straight Finals appearances), Tom Heinsohn (nine), K.C. Jones (eight), Sam Jones (nine), Frank Ramsey (eight) and Bob Cousy (seven).
  • 30 – Two-time Kia NBA MVP Stephen Curry’s No. 30 again leads the list of most popular NBA jerseys. This marks the second straight regular season that the Warriors’ guard has earned top honors.
  • 1,000 – Golden State and Cleveland are two of the three franchises (along with the Houston Rockets) to make 1,000 three-pointers in an NBA regular season.
    • The Warriors converted 1,077 three-pointers last season, which is the second-highest single-season total in NBA history. The Cavaliers hit 1,067 threes this season, which is the third-highest mark ever. (Houston holds the record after connecting on 1,181 threes this season.)
  • – Cleveland’s Tyronn Lue is looking to become the second head coach in NBA history to win championships in each of his first two seasons. The only coach to do it is John Kundla (Minneapolis Lakers, 1949 and 1950).
The Finals on ABC
  • 9 – Mark Jackson will serve as a Finals analyst for the ninth time, the most by any African-American analyst in history for a nationally televised Finals.
  • 8 – This year will mark the eighth time that the team of Mike Breen, Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Doris Burke has called a Finals together.
NBA Digital
  • 21 – NBA TV’s studio analysts on site have appeared in 21 Finals (Shaquille O’Neal: 6; Kevin McHale: 5; Isiah Thomas: 3; Kenny Smith: 2; Brent Barry: 2; Charles Barkley: 1; Steve Smith: 1; Dennis Scott: 1).
  • 90 – Live At The Finals, NBA TV’s 90-minute pregame show, will air each game day during The Finals.
NBA Social Media
  • 1.3B – The NBA has created one of the largest social media communities in the world with more than 1.3 billion likes and followers globally across all league, team and player platforms.
  • 90M – LeBron James is the most-followed NBA player on social media with 90 million followers combined across Facebook (23.1 million), Twitter (36.4 million) and Instagram (30.5 million).
NBA Finals Around the World
  • 265 – More than 265 international media members from more than 35 countries and territories will be onsite to cover The Finals.
  • 16 – Sixteen international television and radio networks from Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Middle East, Philippines, Poland, Spain and Taiwan will provide live onsite commentary.
  • 14 – Fourteen television networks will broadcast The Finals remotely for the first time: GreatSports Channel (China), DAZN (Germany), LeSports (Hong Kong), DAZN (Japan), Kwesé Sports (Pan-Africa), NBA TV – MEO (Portugal), (Russia), Eleven Sports Network (Singapore), (Sweden), (Taiwan), AIS Play (Thailand), NBA TV – Turkcell TV (Turkey), S Spor (Turkey) and VTVcab (Vietnam).
NBA Cares
  • 1,089 and 1,090 – Westlake Middle School and Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland at East Tech High School will be the 1,089th and 1,090st places created through NBA Cares where kids and families can live, learn or play in 36 countries and territories.


Inaugural session told the tale of Commonwealth countries in state of inert and in deep slumber has awakened found its utility to its wholesome attire, in era of both globalization and rapid pace of technology transition. The participating countries are with holistic secretariat are in fervent mood to galvanize the fora of 52 countries where English is the binding force with technology too match their mental strength. The International commonwealth which was active in games is now appears active in business promotions across its member nations.
Many suggestion were made for providing SME the eco systems, free movement of people across the nations for speedy business and the same were dwelt with grace by authorities persons on the rostrum.
The  India-Commonwealth Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Trade Summit is the first of its kind for Commonwealth countries. Business leaders and high-level policymakers from 120 countries can participate in this fora. Leaders from corporate world and Many government officials  came together to strengthen trade and investment partnerships within the Commonwealth. The event is being organised in Hotel Lalit New Delhi for two days. Business to Business meets are being organised with prestigious companies across Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia, 300 Indian firms and more than 100 businesses from across Commonwealth countries in one room.
During second day the technology and innovation  pre lunch session was held along with parallel  Business to business meet upto the Mid day in two different halls, across member nations the utility innovations  were explained and the delegates and media took immense interest in the  interactive session for the subjects were threadbare discussed and debated. Sponsors and partners  from ICSA,FICCI,CII  and others participated with fervent vigour.
Concluding session in evening with Sectary MSMS Mr KK Jalan and Additional secretary,  Govt of India were Chief Guest and Guest of honours. The efforts of The Commonwealth and its Secretariat and respective Ministries from Government of India exhibited keen interest to bring the members of   developed and developing economy with those in lower strata to get together to gain the strength with collective experience of technology and expertise  to march ahead in their economic growth. edited om 1.6.2017
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UK’s MI5 intelligence agency has launched urgent inquiries into how it missed the danger posed by the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, amid claims his interest in being a potential terrorist killer was repeatedly reported to the authorities.
Meanwhile,British police carried out fresh raids and today arrested a Libya-born ‘trainee pilot’ in connection with the suicide attack that claimed 22 lives. According to the police, the 23-year-old was arrested at a property in Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, more than 400-km from the Manchester Arena, where Salman Abedi detonated a suicide bomb.
Greater Manchester Police said the total number of people in custody in connection with the bombing was 14 while two others were earlier released without charge.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...