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AAP fooling public with electricity tariff !!

Launch of WEC India Energy Portal: 31st January 2014
Shri Anil Kr. Jain, Adviser (Energy), Planning Commission with his team presented ‘India Energy Scenarios 2047’, an Excel based open source Scenario model developed by the Planning Commission, to be launched shortly in the public domain. This model is an interactive tool giving option of four energy pathways to 2047.
WEC India Energy Portal, a comprehensive one stop resource center developed by WEC india was launched on the occasion by Shri Anil Razdan, Former Secretary (Power).  Shri Prabhat Kumar, Joint Secretary, MEA was also present on this occasion.
  1. Tata Power to sell stake in PT Arutmin
    Tata Power will sell its 30% stake in PT Arutmin to Bakrie Group for $500 million
  2. Tata Power sells mine in Indonesia for $500 mn
    Revised data show GDP rose just 4.5% last fiscal, as FY12 rise was higher than estimated
  3. Peaking power policy may provide for up to 5-year contracts
    The policy may also provide a pass-through of fuel price increases to help fuel-starved power projects become economically viable
  4. Adani Enterprises Q3 net loss falls 84% on power tariff, coal issues
    Firm says the port and coal trading businesses continue to grow on a steady basis, but the power sector is beset by problems
  5. Tata Power exits Indonesian coal firm Arutmin for $500 million
    Tata Power said it had agreed to sell its 30 percent stake in coal mining firm PT Arutmin Indonesia to Indonesia's Bakrie Group for $500 million.
  6. 40% projects stuck due to environmental issues
    Bengal to have own project monitoring group
  7. British nuclear plant detects elevated levels of radiation
    All non-essential staff asked to stay at home
  8. Arvind Kejriwal's power promises tripped? NTPC rejects Delhi govt plea not to stop supply to BSES Yamuna
    The company had said banks are "alarmed" by Delhi Government's "subsidy-led" approach to tariffs, regardless of actual cost of power.
  9. Delhi to face 10-hour blackouts from Saturday as BSES Yamuna says no money to buy power
    Large parts of Delhi face blackouts for up to 10 hours a day from Saturday as BSES’ distribution arm says it has no money to buy power as tariffs are too low.
  10. After row with Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi discom warns of 8-10 hours of power cuts next week onwards
    13 lakh electricity consumers in east, central Delhi could face up to 8-10 hours of load shedding.
  11. NTPC officials blame fuel, freight costs and royalty for higher power prices
    Executives at NTPC are blaming higher expenses on fuel including for its transportation and royalty payments for driving up electricity prices, as the state-run power utility’s fixed costs have hardly changed in the past several years.
  12. Brace yourself for 10-hour power cuts, says BSES Yamuna
    Reliance Infra arm chief says fund crunch crippling operations
  13. Former MD of Birla Power Solutions arrested for alleged cheating
    Police had registered a case against the firm for allegedly duping a Worli-based businessman of Rs 1 crore by not repaying his fixed deposit investment on maturity.
  14. Odisha extends MoUs of five power producers
    Does away with contentious 'free power' clause
  15. CCEA fails to take up issue of coal blocks alloted to private companies
    The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today did not take up the issue of 61 coal blocks alloted to private companies such as Tata Steel, JSPL and Hindalco, which have been unable to develop the mines within the stipulated timeframe. "It ...
  16. India overtakes Japan as world's No 3 crude importer
    India has overtaken Japan as the world's third-biggest crude oil importer in 2013, data showed on Thursday.
  17. Lanco Infra to sell Budhil Hydro Power to Greenko: Report
    Lanco Infratech is close to selling it’s Budhil Hydro Power Project to Greenko, sources with direct knowledge said.
  18. Natural gas prices may rise over $9 as US winter push up rates to 4-year high
    US prices which were below $4 last year, have shot up to a four-year high of $5.44 this week, while the European benchmark and LNG rates have also climbed.
  19. Power utilities bat for regulatory certainty, rise in return on equity
    Want return on equity to be increased to 18% from 15.5% currently
  20. NTPC evaluates 7 coal-based power projects for possible acquisition
    Chairman Arup Roy Choudhury says the projects are as large as 2,000 MW
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Press briefings notes on Egypt and Ukraine

Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights:  Rupert Colville
Location:      Geneva
Date: 31 January 2014
Subjects:      1) Egypt and 2) Ukraine
1)   Egypt
We are extremely concerned about the increasingly severe clampdown and physical attacks on media in Egypt, which is hampering their ability to operate freely.

In recent months, there have been numerous reports of harassment, detention and prosecution of national and international journalists as well as violent attacks, including several that led to injuries to reporters trying to cover last weekend’s third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. Unconfirmed reports suggest that several journalists were wounded by live fire as well as rubber bullets last Saturday, some of which may have been fired by opponents of the government as well as by police and other government forces. This accentuates the difficult and increasingly dangerous environment for journalists trying to carry out their work in the country.

A significant number of other journalists covering events related to the anniversary were detained by the authorities, although most are reported to have now been released.

Wednesday’s announcement that the Egyptian Prosecutor-General intends to bring to trial 16 local and 4 foreign journalists alleged to have worked for the international broadcaster Al Jazeera, on vague charges including “aiding a terrorist group” and “harming the national interest”, is also of great concern.

It has not only placed a sharp focus on the systematic targeting of Al Jazeera staff – five of whom are actually in custody -- since the fall of the previous government last July, but also led to increased fears among the media in general, both national and international, which is clearly deeply detrimental to freedom of expression and opinion.

Journalists working for other media organizations have reported being attacked by government supporters after being accused of working for Al Jazeera. A video has also emerged which appears to show a police officer threatening a camera crew working for another TV station that, if they did not stop filming, he would tell bystanders they worked for Al Jazeera so that they would be attacked. If confirmed, this lends credence to allegations that the anti-Al Jazeera campaign in Egypt is, on occasion, amounting to incitement to violence.

We have also received numerous reports of intimidation of journalists, who have had their equipment seized, and in some cases of local journalists who have been sacked for reporting on sensitive issues. There are also reports of journalists in detention being subjected to ill-treatment or being held in conditions that are not in line with international human rights standards.

We urge the Egyptian authorities to promptly release all journalists imprisoned for carrying out legitimate news reporting activities in exercise of their fundamental human rights. It is the State’s obligation to ensure that the right to freedom of expression is respected, and that journalists are able to report on diverse views and issues surrounding the current situation in Egypt.

All reports of violence against journalists, including the attacks on 25 January, must be independently and transparently investigated.
2)   Ukraine
We welcome the beginning of dialogue between the President and the opposition. We call for this dialogue to be sustainable, inclusive and grounded on the full respect of international human rights treaties ratified by Ukraine and political commitments made through the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review, last March. 
We also welcome the abolition by the Ukrainian parliament earlier this week of the laws passed on January 16, which unnecessarily restricted the exercise of the rights to freedom of assembly, association and speech, as well as the operation of NGOs. We call upon the President of Ukraine to sign the new law abolishing the legislative package of January 16. 

However we are appalled by the deaths reported in recent days in Kiev, which should be promptly, thoroughly and independently investigated. We are also calling for an investigation into reports of kidnappings and torture.  

We reiterate our call to the Government and protesters to exercise restraint and create conditions for dialogue and reconciliation. International human rights norms and Ukraine's compliance with these standards and its obligations pertaining to human rights must be at the centre of any future solutions and reconciliation processes.

For more information or media requests, please contact Rupert Colville (+41 22 917 9767 / or Ravina Shamdasani (+41 22 917 9169 / ) or Cécile Pouilly (+41 22 917 9310 / )
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Arvind Kejriwal on The Delhi Janlokpal bill


बिजली कंपनियां बताएं पैसा कहां गया:
Arvind Kejriwal the politician in the making thinks that by making announcements for drawing people attention and making public facing is under firm media scanner. He needs first to attend to the sovereignty of the common man and his ill fated public darbar shows his strength at the grass root level ,he in unable to navigate with common people and act like a manger to listen to subjects of his interest to utter from his lucrative business of politics which he designed by cheating his mentor Anna Hazare and investing it with foreign PR keeping aside all norms of RBI.Arvind level by his colleagues the cheat further prepares list of most corrupt politicians in the country but fails to deliver on his promises to take action against whom he waged war during election time. In another election he further draws a list of corrupt person so as to be savior of people of India but the media knows his sweet words may give cheap publicity to person with mammoth plans but his habit of not doing his work or  business in righteous way. Most arrogant politicians as is being described by his friends and colleagues work for his glory and fooling the people.His lame excuses and his spoil sport is being  watched   with interest by the media.
Media thus finds his press conference bunch of lies and declares his promises as his incomplete assignments and is laudable for its rebuffs from Congress. Congress in its  press conference remarked on Friday, in a rebuff to Arvind Kejriwal for drawing a list of “corrupt” politicians that also included Rahul Gandhi.
“The list requires only two things. Pen and paper and a subjective mind. This Chief Minister had earlier showed that he had scant regard for rules.
“We are not a justice, jury and prosecutor rolled into one. We do not have to confess that we are anarchist as this Chief Minister seems to have done,” party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi told reporters at the AICC briefing.
Singhvi said Congress’ support to AAP government in Delhi continues because it did not want the government to fall for want of support from its eight MLAs though there are “differences on 99 percent issues” between the two parties.
He said that the process to fight corruption is like bringing the RTI, Lokpal bill and and other similar measures, which the UPA government has done. “Merely naming somebody hanging from the tree is not the legal process,” he said.
Asked about the proposed bill of Kejriwal’s party on Delhi Lokayukta, Singhvi said, “After thorough discussion, we have passed a Lokpal bill. A full stop now needs to be put somewhere. We should now concentrate on how to implement that.
As far as Lokayukta in Delhi is concerned, the Chief Minister is free to do what he deems fit.”
A Congress leader speaking on the condition of anonymity said that Lokpal bill passed by the central government is the touchstone as it has also been approved by Anna Hazare and sounded dismissive about “any super Anna bill”, a veiled reference to Kejriwal’s plans to bring further amendments.
Targeting Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal on Friday accused him of being corrupt and said the party will field candidates against him, UPA ministers and leaders of other parties.
He also drew up a list of ‘corrupt’ politicians in which Gandhi and several UPA ministers figured.
Dear Madhu,
I think you and most of us are barking the wrong tree as none of these so called savior of our motherland has any idea what is development,. Law and Order or governing. Let us take this AAP party and look at all the leaders. Are they honest , maybe from their own standard or comparing with other thieves.
Can Kejerwal explain of his loan taken from Govt when he was a GOI employee and never paid himself . Yes some one else paid for him and what is in for this friend? My next observation of his tactics to mislead the poor snake oil of free water and power. He does know that our nation will take any dole by anyone as long as they don’t have to work. He himself take the same route to reach where he is.
Mr. BHushan being an attorney gave his absence from Dharna because he was busy at the court but he never condemn the methods used to create anarchy and even threat to celebration of Republic Day. Does the freedom of India has no meaning for this group or in name of democracy they want to make a the nation a laughing stock.One has to ask why has he not given proper advise or guided the party in right course.
Mr. Bharati takes the cake and explanation with attachment with letter from Mr. Nilesh Patel as defence is not laughable but an insult to Minister of Law and Order Mr. BhARTI. It talks of some reports to police by neighbors but it doesnot state that you walkin with your goons ar midnight to other people house and even force a women to urinate in public for you. He has created the atmosphere of hate against the Africans who are living there. Should he not go to GOI and ask for their legality in India?? Is he elected to taker Law in his land.  Did he forget how we felt about Devyani arrest in New York. How will Mr. Bharati feel if some African country decided to walk into some Indian house at midnight and behave like him. Instead of apologizing and showing some back bone , he has defied the Law.
Where is the self dignity and does India need such people to be in power???
I presume the old saying that what we deserve we gewt and we elect them over and over again. One wonder that nation might be called a free India but in reality anarchy is all round whether it is the corruption, Lack of Law and Order , rapes etc. conditions are not getting better and than we continue to elect al the people with lack of any ethics. The country is going downhill and with passing year more dark clouds of communal hate, unchecked population growth ,lack of infrastructure, bundhs, burning of buses and rail cars keeps it speed.
One has to ask oneself what is wrong with our nation and with all the brain power and resources why are we the worst lot. We cannot see the elephant amongst us .
Before I close I must ask the readers to kindly tell me where the money for free water and power is going to come???GOI under congress/UPA threw millions of subsidy for diesel, keroesean,petrol.
Shadi katyal
The Delhi Janlokpal bill was presented before the cabinet today. Some suggestion have been made which will be taken up for discussion on Monday. On February 16, in a special session of the assembly at the Indra Gandhi Stadium, this bill be passed in public. The chief Minister of Delhi will be under the purview of the Delhi Janlokpal. We request your support for this critical bill.
दिल्ली जनलोकपाल बिल आज कैबिनेट के सामने प्रस्तुत किया गया. कुछ मंत्रालयों ने कुछ सुझाव दिए हैं और इनपर सोमवार को चर्चा होगी। 16 फरवरी को, इंद्रा गांधी स्टेडियम में एक विशेष सत्र में, जनता के सामने इसे पास किया जायेगा।
इस बिल के दायरे में दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री भी होंगे। आप सभी से हमें इस महत्त्वपूर्ण बिल के लिए समर्थन की आशा है.
Today ‪#‎AAP‬‘s National Council meeting is being held today. In this meeting, more than 500 #AAP National Council members and invitees from across India are participating in this meeting.
Today the overall strategy and modus operandi for LokSabha 2014 will be discussed and announced.

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