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LavKush Ramlila Committee cordially invites


LavKush Ramlila Committee cordially invites
You to attend the cover of Press conference and to share
with you the uniqueness of the 

(to announce the big news of Bollywood actors turning on the Ramlila stage in different characters)

To be addressed by:
Raza Murad
Shankar Sahni (Singer)
Gurleen Chopra (Punjabi Actress)
Harish (Coolie no.1 & Aunty no.1 fame)
Ritu Shivpuri (Aankhen & Lajja  fame)

Time   :  12:00 noon
Date    : 19th June (Sunday)
Venue :
 Constitution Club of India, Rafi Marg

You are requested to send correspondents/photographers/camera crew for the Press Conference.

EndViolence :UNICEF collaborates with radio

#EndViolence :UNICEF collaborates with radio

Mumbai, 16 June 2016 – 83% of 18-year-olds in India believe young people are in danger of being sexually abused or taken advantage of online and more than 66% think their friends participate in risky behaviours while using the internet, a new UNICEF study shows.

Perils and Possibilities: Growing up online is based on an international opinion poll of more than 10,000 18-year-olds from 25 countries, revealing young people’s perspectives on the risks they face growing up in an increasingly connected world. Globally, one in three internet users is a child. In India more than 28% youth have online presence. The report provides important insights from young people themselves on issues concerning online safety. The report further finds that adolescents appear confident with their own ability to stay safe, with nearly 81 per cent of interviewees in India believing that  online abuse or bullying would never happen to them.

In this backdrop, 40 radio journalists from All India Radio, Maharashtra and Gujarat as well as several private FM channels  were sensitised to issues of digital safety and child rights during a two-day workshop in Mumbai.

Inaugurating the workshop, Professor Shambhu Nath Singh, Head of Journalism and New Media Studies, IGNOU, said, “Technology is ever evolving. With incredible speed, frequency and effect, the medium of internet is influencing our lives. It therefore becomes pertinent for us to identify safe spaces for our children in the digital world.”

UNICEF is engaging the media, particularly Radio, for creating a holistic environment around the End Violence Against Children initiative, through interactive workshops culminating in the Radio4Child awards. Also present in the sessions were dignitaries from the field of media, business CSR heads and academia contributed to the proceedings.

“Childline 1098 is the largest children’s helpline programme in the world. Operating in over 402 districts across the country, we receive over 9 millions calls for help each year. It’s interventions like ours that you must direct audiences to, as we can provide the adequate support and recourse from there”, said Mr. Nishit Kumar, Communication & Strategic Initiatives Childline India Foundation, at the brainstorming session of Radio participants at Radio for ‪#‎ENDViolence Workshop.

Basis their learnings the trained programming heads will incorporate the issue of #End violence through their radio programs, blogs and social media platforms in addition to regular programming. UNICEF officials from Delhi and Mumbai facilitated the workshop for two days.

Tommy Mair,shouted “Britain first”

British MP who was shot and stabbed repeatedly by a man who allegedly shouted “Britain first” had received a stream of threats over three months but had not been given extra security.Joe Cox, 41, was left bleeding on the pavement outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire, where the attack took place on Thursday. The alleged attacker, Tommy Mair, 52, who has been described as a loner who suffered from mental health issues, lived on a nearby council estate and was arrested soon afterwards.
The Times reports police were poised to put extra security in place for Cox at her surgery, as well as her houseboat in London, after she had received a string of threats.There is no known link between the messages and yesterday’s attack.Cox, who is the first British MP to be murdered in more than 25 years, was shot twice before falling to the ground where she was kicked and stabbed repeatedly.
Witnesses say she was shot a third time in the face and the suspect was trying to reload his antique-style weapon when another man, 77, tackled him.The older man suffered minor injuries and the suspect, who is said to have lunged at others who attempted to intervene, walked away from the scene. He is now in police custody.
Witnesses say the suspect yelled “Britain first,” raising the prospect that the attack was linked to the European Union referendum. Cox was a prominent local campaigner for ‘Remain.’Detectives are investigating whether the alleged shout was a reference to the far-right group of the same name. That group has denied any involvement and that Mair was a member.The Remain and Leave sides have suspended their campaigns for next week’s EU referendum following the attack.

Burma in their struggle for human rights,

Anna Roberts
Executive Director
The people of Burma have lost a good friend.
We first started working with Jo on Burma when she worked at the European Parliament with Glenys Kinnock. Jo played a key role in ensuring that the European Parliament passed regular resolutions on Burma which supported the calls for international action being made by Burma’s democracy movement.
After Jo started working at Oxfam, she joined our board, where for several years she provided guidance and expertise in the running of our organisation and the implementation of our campaigns.
After becoming an MP, Jo continued to support the people of Burma in their struggle for human rights, including supporting the rights of the Rohingya.
Over the many years that we worked with Jo in these different capacities, we came to know Jo as someone with relentless energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. She was kind, caring, supportive and encouraging at the same time as having steely determination. She never doubted that with hard work and determination, any goal could be achieved, no matter how difficult or daunting.
Jo was someone you could trust and rely on. What drove her was not personal ambition and career, it was about helping people who needed help. She wanted to change the world, and she made it seem possible. She was the kind of person who would stop people being cynical about politicians.
Everyone at Burma Campaign UK is shocked and saddened by her death. Our thoughts are with Brendan and their children.

Putin calls for EU to join Eurasia partnership

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday called on the European Union (EU) to forget about political differences with Moscow and join the broader Eurasia partnership.
“We bear no grudge, and we are ready to meet our European partners halfway,” Putin said at a plenary session during the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
“This undoubtedly cannot be a one-way street,” he said in a call for efforts from both sides for rapprochement.
Relations between Russia and the EU soured after the latter joined the United States in imposing several rounds of sanctions on Russia over its takeover of Crimea and involvement in the Ukraine crisis since 2014.
While reiterating Russia’s long-held position that Moscow is not the initiator of the strained ties, Putin voiced his hope for the EU, one of Russia’s key trade and economic partner, to join the project of the big Eurasian partnership, which he said would involve China, India, Pakistan, Iran and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent states of the former Soviet Union, as well as other interested states and organizations.
Putin said one of the first steps for implementing this project would be the official start of negotiations on creating a comprehensive trade and economic partnership in Eurasia between the Eurasian Economic Union and China.
“This project is undoubtedly open to Europe. And I believe such interaction can be mutually beneficial,” he said.
With regard to Moscow’s ties with the West, which has been at its lowest point ever since the end of the Cold War, Putin said global confrontation should not be the basis for the development of international relations.
“Neither Moscow or anybody else want a new Cold War,” he said.
The Russian leader urged Washington not to exert pressure on the EU in its cooperation with Russia, while vowing that the Kremlin is ready to work with any U.S. president to be elected.
Facing a NATO that has been keeping up pressure on Russia and stepping up military build-up near its borders, Putin regretted that Moscow’s stances that it is not threatening anyone around were “completely slighted.”

Mitochondrial Bioenergetics/Replication

The Sagar Daily

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Mobile continues its takeover

The Asian news Daily

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