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Rahul Gandhi address Aligarh Kissan Maha-Panchayat

 Rahul Gandhi reach Aligarh Airport for Kissan Maha-Panchayat  reports DD news  is on his way to Exhibition Ground Aligarh.Congress National General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has arrived in Aligarh this afternoon to participate in the Kisan Maha Panchayat at Numaish Maidan of the town.
Union Ministers, Sachin Pilot, Salman Khurshid, Jitin Prasad, Congress leaders Parmod Tiwari,Ritu Bahuguna Joshi UPCC,Sriprakash Jaiswal,Parvez Hashmi too made their presence at Maha Panchayat.Rahul Gandhi said with this interaction he has been able to know more about the Kissan community grievances and may not be able to experience the same at stay in New Delhi. Terming his foot march as an unforgettable experience, Rahul Gandhi has said he gained a world of knowledge on land acquisition issues,an unforgotten knowledge in lifetime.Agrarian society from surrounding states are present in this Maha-Panhayat begins today at 11.AM. He is to deliver half an hour lecture after four days of his walks across the villages of UP starting from NOIDA ends at Mathura. Congress National General Secretary Rahul Gandhi’s foot march conclude Saturday at Aligarh, where he is slated to participate in a Kisan Maha Panchayat at the Exhibition Ground.Ritu Bahuguna Joshi President UPCC made inaugural and welcome speech and asked Parmod Tiwari to address the Kissan Maha-Panchayat who compared the Rahul four days UP walk with Gandhi Quit India movement of 1942.
Rahul addressed the rally taking on Mayawati,for next year Assembly elections, Gandhi said Land acquisition  in Uttar Pradesh a farmer comes to know about his land only when the builder comes and tells him that the land belongs to him,further to remarks about his padyatra nautanki.or drama he added  “A politician needs to go to people and talk to them and that is what I believe".Winding up his four-day 'padyatra' in the battle against Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today accused her government of acquiring farmers' lands for golf courses,colonies  and racing tracks and beating,firing upon poor farmers as they protest.
“We will try to bring such a law that will benefit the farmer. But only changing the law won’t help because the same law exists in Haryana and UP but Haryana government takes people into confidence and talks to them.
“UP government doesn't talk to the people. When a farmer demands his rights government orders firing on him,” Rahul Gandhi said "Farmers are not against development."
Describing the new land acquisition policy announced by BSP government as misleading the farmers, he said it is not helping the farmers who have already lost their land. He reassured the farmers that proposed Land Acquisition Bill prepared by the centre will be in favour of them. He also alleged that welfare schemes including right to education and Mid-day meal initiated by the centre are not being implemented by state government properly.His foot march flagged off from twin villages Bhatta Parsaul in Gautam Buddha Nagar district on Tuesday. Congress leader visited more than one dozen villages affected with the Yamuna Expressway project in three districts of Aligarh, Mathura and Gautam Buddha Nagar.
BSP spokesman briefed media in Lucknow said, almost 80 per cent of the crowd of mahapanchayat was due to lure of  ticket-seekers and farmers' presence was nearly twenty per cent. BSP spokesman too questioned Gandhi's view of separate land acquisition policy for housing and development added BSP government in the state already enacted a "progressive and farmer-friendly policy covering both these areas and it would have been better had he praised the UP government for it".

Regime will not fall, NATO must pull back: Kadhafi

 Regime will not fall, NATO must pull back: Kadhafi

  Saturday, July 09, 2011
Regime will not fall, NATO must pull back: Kadhafi TRIPOLI: Embattled Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi said in an audio message relayed to supporters that his regime will not fall and told NATO to stop attacking his troops.

"The regime in Libya will not fall -- it is based on the people, not on Kadhafi. NATO is wrong if it thinks it can topple the regime of this country," he said in the message to thousands of supporters in Sabha, some 750 kilometres (450 miles) south of Tripoli.

"This gathering of more than a million people is a new message to Europe, to the crusaders and colonialists: the regime does not belong to Kadhafi, it is the people's regime and the people will not give up an inch of its land or bow down to invaders," he said.

"Our only choice is resistance: we are on home ground and are not afraid of your war machine," a defiant Kadhafi told his supporters in Sabha, the desert stronghold of his clan, addressing NATO directly.

He added that the NATO-led air strikes on his forces must cease, and Libyans should be left "all alone" to solve their own problems.GeoTv

Suggestions on electoral reforms

Dr. Sanjay Singh,
Joint Secretary and Legislative Counsel,
Room. No. 423 A-Wing, 4th Floor.
Ministry of Law and Justice,
Legislative Department,
Shastri Bhawan,
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,
New Delhi-110001 .
2. The following suggestions are offered:
2.1. Minor/short term:
2.1.1. Every candidate for elections should have been a regular resident of the constituency, from where s/he is contesting, continuously for  period of 5 years before the date of elections. Absence of less than 15 days at a stretch need not be considered though cumulative absence of more than 3 months in a year. even at less than 15 days at a stretch, would be a disqualification.
2.1.2. A candidate should be allowed to contest from one and only one constituency. (This would automatically get implemented if teh suggestion at para 1 is implemented.
2.1.3. A candidate contesting  to the state assembly should have been a member of the gram panchayat/muncipality/corporation for not less than 5 years.
2.1.4. A candidate contesting to the parliament should have been a member of the state assembly for not less than 5 years.
2.1.5. A minister should be one who has been a member of the appropriate legislative body for not less than two terms of 5 years each in that body.
2.1.6. The maximum term permitted for anyone to be a member of any body at a particular level should be only three.
2.1.7. The cost to the exchequer for an elected representative should be decided by the electorate through a parallel ballot.
2.1.8. The ballot should have an option to reject all candidates and if such an option gets the majority of votes, the constituency should be put under Governor's rule for one year, extendable to two years.
2.2. Major/Long term:

It is a fact that party-based democracy itself has failed in this country. So, will the Presidential system, as in the US of A, work in our context? No guarantee, there. But can’t we think afresh, keeping in mind the lessons we have learnt from our own experiences in the past sixty years? Shouldn’t we tailor our solutions to suit our problems? Here is one suggestion: Our government should function at three levels. Villages should form the units of administration. Villages should be linked through computer networks to the next level of governance, that is the State. States should be linked to the government at the Center. Polls should be conducted to elect representatives to an Electoral College (EC). These representatives, Members of Electoral College (MEC) can be one per 500 or 1000 of the population, but should necessarily be one amoung them. MECs from the village will function as the Village Panchayat (VP). The VP will send a representative from amoung them to the State Legislature (SL) on need basis. This need will be decided by the agenda before the Legislature and the competence of the MEC to address the issues in the agenda. The agenda, of course, will be circulated by the State Secretariat well in advance so that the issues are discussed thoroughly at the VP and every VP can send its best spokesperson for the occasion to the SL. A similar exercise can follow for issues at the national level taken up for consideration in the Parliament. Of necessity, the discussions should start at the VP, ensuring the best democratic process at work always. And there shall never be defections and toppling of governments for the five years for which each Electoral College shall function!
Yours truly
Veteran Major P M Ravindran
Save RTI Campaign
Save Judiciary, Save  Nation Campaign
Tele; 0491-2576042
 Veteran Major P M Ravindran

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