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Abhinav Bindra, Chain Singh Win Double Gold Medals as Top Indian Rifle Shooters Bag Rich Haul in Hannover Shooting Competition

New Delhi, 04 May 2015: India’s top Rifle shooters including Olympic Gold Medalist Abhinav Bindra, warmed up in style for the upcoming Shooting World Cup in Fort Benning, USA, when they returned a rich haul of three Gold and two Bronze medals in the just concluded International Shooting Competition of Hannover (ISCH). The tournament, held from April 24 to May 3, 2015 at the National Shooting Center, Hannover, Germany, featured more than 1000 shooters from around the world.

Olympic Champion Abhinav Bindra, won both the Individual and Team Golds in his pet 10m Air Rifle event, while upcoming talent Chain Singh added the 50m Men’s Rifle Prone Gold to his 10m Air Rifle Team Gold, which he won alongside Abhinav Bindra and London Olympics Bronze medalist Gagan Narang. Gagan also won the Bronze medal in the Men’s 50m Rifle 3 positions event. Rising woman Rifle shooter, Apurvi Chandela, who recently helped India bag an Olympic quota place in Korea, also won a Bronze medal Women’s Air Rifle event.

All the medal winners will be in action next week in Fort Benning, USA for the ISSF Rifle/Pistol World Cup and aiming to bag as many Rio Olympic quota places as possible for their country, before the quadrennial sporting showpiece gets underway next year.
Delhi to get own education board soon: Manish Sisodia
May 4
Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has said that the government is working towards setting up a state education board. He said, plans are also on to frame syllabi and pedagogy for the Delhi government schools.
During an interaction of around 1,000 government school principals and education department officials, Mr Sisodia said, Delhi’s education system is running on an Act that was made in 1973 and the law has now become obsolete as the world has moved forward. He said, there is a need to upgrade the system and modernise it. He also asked for suggestions in this regard.
Speaking on the occasion, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked the principals to prepare a blueprint for their respective schools to turn it into a model school and submit it to the Directorate of Education in 15 days. He said, the top 10 principals and teachers will be rewarded with training programmes in foreign schools and they will also be given performance allowance equal to two increments every month for a year
Routes all files to Najeeb Jung the Delhi LG asks ministers, officials —

Routes all files to Najeeb Jung the Delhi LG asks ministers, officials

May 4,
Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung has directed ministers and officials of the Delhi Government to refer to him all files on various issues as is stipulated under the Constitution. The direction came yesterday following news reports of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal instructing all departments not to route files through the office of Lieutenant Governor.
Referring to the Constitution, the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Act and Transaction of Business Rules, Mr. Jung said the role of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers is to aid and advise him. He also asked that the directions issued to the officers not to send files to his office be withdrawn.
Negotiations with Rafale deal to start this month —

Negotiations with Rafale deal to start this month

May 4,
Government today said that negotiations with France for procurement of Rafale fighter jets for IAF will begin this month and the multi-billion dollar deal will be finalised as early as possible. Talking to PTI in Goa, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said, the government to government committee will be set up to begin negotiations on the deal. He said, the negotiations will start anytime in May. He, however refused to set any deadline to seal the much hyped deal claiming since it is government to government procedure, the deal would be quick.
The French Defence Minister is expected to be in New Delhi on May 6 to finalise the modalities for the negotiations. Mr. Parrikar said the government appointed committee will complete the negotiations in a time bound fashion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to France last month had signed an agreement to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets for over 6 billion dollars.
Foreign rescue workers asked to leave the Nepal —

Foreign rescue workers asked to leave the Nepal

May 4
Nepal government today asked hundreds of foreign rescue workers to leave the quake-hit country as immediate relief has already been provided and the remaining tasks will be carried out by its army and police.This was stated by the Nepal’s Information Minister Minendra Rijal in Kathmandu. He however said that there was work remaining in the villages and remote mountainous areas that could be carried out by foreign aid volunteers along with local police and army.
The Central Natural Disaster Relief Committee – headed by Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister – had asked the government to bid adieu to the foreign rescue teams yesterday, eight days after the deadly earthquake hit the Himalayan nation. Around 4,500 people from around 34 nations, including National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams from India, came to Nepal after the April 25 earthquake to carry out the rescue work and pull people out of the debris. Most of the rescue teams are carrying out operations in the worst affected districts of the Kathmandu Valley, Sindhu palchowk and Gorkha districts.
Maha AAP workers resign, back Yadav and Bhushan —

Maha AAP workers resign, back Yadav and Bhushan

May 4,
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) volunteers 350 Unit Maharashtra and leaders from Maharashtra today quit the party in protest against the manner in which Arvind Kejriwal is running the party. Maruti Bhapkar, former state executive committee member of AAP unit in Maharashtra said by resigning, the workers are showing their support for the expelled leaders Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav.
Bhapkar who led the workers in the mass resignation programme which was held in Pune, said they are now with Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan to strengthen their hands to afloat the concept of Swaraj throughout the country in true sense. He added that one can think about the insensitivity of so-called leader Arvind Kejriwal that a farmer died before his eyes and he kept on his political speech.
He informed that besides Pune, volunteers from Mumbai, Nashik, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Aurangabad, Navi Mumbai etc. too came to Pune to quit AAP. Manav Kamble, another former senior leader from AAP, has also joined hands with Bhapkar. Downplaying the resignations, Ravi Srivastava, member of AAP State Executive Committee said a handful of party workers are leaving the party and that comprises no senior leaders or workers. So there won’t be any impact on the party.

WEC India members ISGF SMART GRID Bulletin

WEC India members ISGF SMART GRID Bulletin Vol 02 Issue 4 (April 2015)
WEC India Energy News
WEC India Energy News – NTPC Group WEC India Energy News – India GroupWEC India staff WEC India Energy News – BEL Group WEC India Energy News- BHEL Group and 4 more…
Today at 1:26 PM
CA Minister CORRUPTED Indian Railways, Airlines Cheaper
May04, 2015 (C) Ravinder Singh
Modi government is Flying on The Wings of Corporate, Chartered
Accountants and Touts. Not a single department is working for 1250m
BIGGEST JOKE of any Railways is Premium Train 02053 averages 54kmph
    average Speed is just 54 KMPH cover 1708 kilometers in 31hours and 5
minutes – actually say 33 hours and
    Premium Train Departs at 0.55AM – Past Midnight.
    passengers are charged Rs.6393 against MIXED Fare of around Rs.1400.
    IR will not adopt Honorable Practices – IMPROVE CAPACITY, SERVICE &
SPEED. For Example –
It is most STUPID that Rajdhani Trains have 4 non passenger Coaches (2
Pantry Cars and and 2 Barake Vans) out of 20. Obviously 25% additional
capacity can be added by removing them – IR could introduce 24 Double
Deck Coaches to Double Capacity of Each Rajdhani Expess – Double The
Revenue for little extra cost.
Double Improved Rajdhani and Shatabdi Tains and Quadruple INCOME.
Indian Railways Charge More For AC-3Tier Than Air Fare
It is most shocking Railways Passengers are Charged More Than Airline
fares For Stinking Cramped, AC 3 Tier service. Delhi Mumbai Rajdhani
normal fare is Rs.2060, Rs.1215 for S.Citizen (W) and Children and
Rs.1385 for S.Citizen (M).
It was horrendous when Indian Rail Coach Factories can produce say
10,000 Coaches a year – over 500 Train-sets Railway Minister didn’t
announce a single new train. I visited Railway Exhibition and all Rail
Coach Factories & Workshops displayed DOUBLE DECK Coach models – told
me they are not getting orders.
Way back in 1996 I filed PIL in National Forum that trains that arrive
or depart at midnight hours should have discounted fare and Day Time
Intercity should charge more – to ensure Better Utilization of
Passenger Capacity of Trains.
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Project
Rajdhani Delhi- Mumbai Fare Regular/Adult (12 and above)
AC 3-tier    AC 2-tier    AC First
Base Fare    1624    2367    4089
Catering Charges    284    284    329
Reservation Charges    40    50    60
Superfast Charges    45    45    75
Service Tax    63    91    157
Net Fare Normal         2060    2840    4710
Sr Citizen Female     1215    1610    2590
Sr Citizen Male     1385    1860    3015
Children     1215    1610    2590
मातृशक्ति सम्मेलनों में जुटी महिलाओं ने ली देश-धर्म रक्षा शपथ —

मातृशक्ति सम्मेलनों में जुटी महिलाओं ने ली देश-धर्म रक्षा शपथ

अधिकारों के साथ दायित्वों को भी समझें महिलाएँ: मालती शर्मा
मातृशक्ति सम्मेलनों में जुटी महिलाओं ने ली देश-धर्म रक्षा शपथ   
      नई दिल्ली, 03 मई 2015। विश्व हिंदू परिषद की स्वर्ण जयंती वर्ष के उपलक्ष्य में राजधानी दिल्ली में जगह-जगह मातृशक्ति सम्मेलनों का आयोजन कर विहिप की महिला शाखा मातृशक्ति व दुर्गावाहिनी इन दिनों महिला सशक्तिकरण तथा राष्ट्र उत्थान के कार्य में जुटी है। पूर्वी दिल्ली मे हुए एक सम्मेलन को संबोधित करते हुए मातृशक्ति की क्षेत्रीय (उत्तर भारत) संयोजिका श्रीमती मालती शर्मा ने समाज, संगठन व परिवार में महिलाओं की भूमिका विषय पर प्रकाश डालते हुए कहा कि आज महिला अधिकारों व उसकी स्वच्छंदता की बात तो चारों ओर हो रही है किंतु त्याग की प्रतिमूर्ति और परिवार की धुरी माने जाने वाली मातृशक्ति को हम भुलाते जा रहे हैं। बहन, पत्नी, माँ, दादी, नानी, मासी और बुआ जैसे सम्मान व गौरव आज विलुप्त प्रायः होते जा रहे हैं। इन्हें संरक्षित करने की आवश्यकता है। उपस्थित मातृशक्ति ने देश व धर्म की रक्षार्थ अपना सर्वस्व न्योछावर करने की शपथ भी ली।

      विस्तृत जानकारी देते हुए विहिप के प्रवक्ता श्री विनोद बंसल ने बताया कि पूर्वी दिल्ली के न्यू अशोक नगर स्थित महाराजा अग्रसेन धर्मशाला व दक्षिणी दिल्ली के जीके-2 स्थित श्री सनातन धर्म मंदिर में आयोजित इन मातृशक्ति सम्मेलनों में महिलाओं का अपार जनसमूह उमड़ा। इस अवसर पर जहाँ दुर्गा-वाहिनी की बहनों ने योग, नृत्य तथा शारीरिक कौशल के साथ गीत व भजन गाये वहीं समाज के विविध क्षेत्रों में न्यूनतम स्तर पर कार्य कर रहीं अनेक बालिकाओं व बुजुर्ग महिलाओं का सम्मान भी किया गया।

       मातृशक्ति की दिल्ली प्रांत संयोजिका श्रीमती संध्या शर्मा व श्रीमती सोमती देवी की अध्यक्षता में संपन्न कार्यक्रमों को राष्ट्रीय सेविका समिति की पूर्वी दिल्ली विभाग कार्यवाहिका अंजु शर्मा तथा गुगांव से पधारी दुर्गा-वाहिनी नगर संयोजिका प्रो डॉ इंदू ने वक्ता के रूप में सहभागिता की। मातृशक्ति की प्रांत सह संयोजिका श्रीमती नूतन जैन व दुर्गा-वाहिनी की प्रांत संयोजिका श्रीमती संजना चौधरी तथा सह संयोजिका कुमारी कुसुम ने भी उपस्थित बालिकाओं, मातृशक्ति व वरिष्ठ महिलाओं का सम्मान, स्वागत व संबोधन किया। इस अवसर पर विहिप के प्रांत महामंत्री श्री राम कृष्ण श्रीवास्तव, मंत्री श्री विजय प्रकाश गुप्त, श्री जगदीश अग्रवाल, विभाग उपाध्यक्ष श्री महेश शर्मा, मंत्री श्री पीयुष चंद्र, जिला मंत्री श्री केदारनाथ, दीपक खन्ना, राकेश भारद्वाज, रेखा व सुनीता, ममता व अंजु सहित अनेक गणमान्य लोग उपस्थित थे।   


विनोद बंसल
विश्व हिंदू परिषद – दिल्ली
मो : 9810949109
Confirmation for Sustainability Summit participation
Dear Naresh ,
Thanks for sending in a confirmation to participate in the ‘Sustainability Summit: Creating Social Impact through Corporate Efforts’ on May 7, 2015 at The Leela, Gurgaon. The session will start over networking breakfast at 7:30 AM followed by intriguing panel discussions on CSR, sustainability and related initiatives. The detailed agenda is appended below:
Look forward to having you with us on May 7, 2015.
Neera Vohra
Program Coordinator
Institute for Competitiveness
India Council on Competitiveness
U – 24 / 8, DLF Phase – 3, Gurgaon – 122 002, Haryana, India.
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  AAC logo without Formaly
A Conversation with
Amb. Richard VermaUS Ambassador to India
“The Foundation of the U.S.-India ‘Strategic Plus’ Partnership”
Black line
DATEWednesday, May 6, 2015
TIME11:00 AM  – 12:00 PM (Registration at 10:30am onwards)
LOCATIONWWF India Auditorium, 172 -B, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi – 110003
SPEAKERAmb. Richard Verma, US Ambassador to India
CHAIRMr. T N Ninan, Chairman, Ananta Aspen Centre and Chairman, Business Standard Ltd.
Black line 
ABOUT THE EVENTThe United States and India have enjoyed a resurgence in their bilateral relationship in the past year, with ties between the two countries arguably stronger than ever.  But what binds this relationship in ways that push it to succeed, even through difficult times? Join Ambassador Verma as he discusses the foundation of the India-U.S. relationship: the inextricable links between the U.S. and Indian people and the ways sub- and non-governmental entities influence and encourage our political, economic, business, defense, cultural, and educational ties.
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Richard Verma 27-04-15Amb. Richard Verma, US Ambassador to India
Ambassador Verma is a former Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs.  From 2009-2011, he served as a principal advisor to Secretary Clinton.  He led the State Department’s budget and policy efforts on Capitol Hill, handled more than 200 Senate confirmations, and managed several major congressional investigations. He was also the Administration’s lead negotiator with Congress on Iran sanctions and the ratification of the new START Treaty.  He most recently served as a senior counselor at both Steptoe & Johnson and the Albright Stonebridge Group, where his practice focused on international law and global regulatory compliance.
Earlier in his career, Mr. Verma served in the Senate as the senior national security advisor to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  He also worked in the House of Representatives for Defense Appropriations Committee Chairman Jack Murtha.  Formerly a country director for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs in Eastern Europe, Mr. Verma was a senior National Security Fellow at the Center for American Progress, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and served on the boards of the Clinton Foundation, Human Rights First, and the National Democratic Institute. Mr. Verma served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force from 1994 to 1998. He received his LL.M. with distinction from Georgetown University Law Center, and his J.D. cum laude from American University’s Washington College of Law.  He holds a B.S. from Lehigh University.
 T N Ninan 27-04-15Mr. T N NinanChairman, Ananta Aspen Centre and Chairman, Business Standard Ltd.
T. N. Ninan is currently Chairman of Business Standard Ltd. and the Chairman of the Ananta Aspen Centre. In an illustrious career spanning a quarter-century in the media, Mr. Ninan has been at the helm of several news organisations.  He was the editor of Business Standard (also its publisher from 1996), the Economic Times and Business World, bringing about radical change and achieving rapid growth in all of them during his stewardship.
He was also the Executive Editor at India Today in the 1980s, and a television commentator on economic and business issues. Mr. Ninan has been President of the Editors Guild of India, and Chairman of the Media Committee at the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). He is currently a Board member of the World Editors Forum. He is also a recipient of numerous awards, including the B.D. Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism.
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Meeting of all the volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party, Gurgaon —

Meeting of all the volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party, Gurgaon

Meeting of all the volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party, Gurgaon was held on 03-05-2015 Sunday at Shivaji Nagar, Gurgaon on Swaraj Abhiyan. All the participants unanimously passed following resolutions.
-It was resolved that all workers of Aam Aadmi Party , Gurgaon will participate in all programmes of Swaraj Abhiyan and in case the party remove us from membership as our leaders were ousted , we shall be ready for such sacrifice for the sake of Sawraj.
-Resolved that in all vidhan sabha segments under Gurgaon, local communities of volunteers in each vidhan sabha be constituted underSawraj Abhiyan and these committees shall take independent decisions on all local issues.
It was resolved that participation of women in Swaraj Abhiyan be encouraged.
All volunteers shall organise sabhas in their respective ward/mohallas under Swaraj Abhiyan for which Gurgaon office will render all help in organising such sabhas.
Participants were asked to add members for Swaraj Abhiyan in their respective areas.
It was resolved that all volunteers shall follow Swaraj Abhiyan and took pledge for an Alternative politics through Swaraj.
Meeting presided by Sh. R C Rao (Retd.IAS) and attended by Sh. Satinder Pal Singh Dua, Sh.Harpal Singh, Sh.Rupesh Sharma , Sh.Parmod Yadav, Subedar Bhim Singh,Sh.Ranbir Singh (Advocate) , Sh.J.C.Yadav, Sh. R.K.Yadav (Advocate), Sh. Sumit Narang, sh.Lalit Babbar,Smt. Seema Sharma, Sh. Tanvir Ahmad, Prof.Ravi Dutt, Sh.Ravinder Yadav, Sh.Bhagat Singh, Sh.Shashi Yadav, Subedar Kanwarpal Singh Yadav, Smt.Karuna Sharma , Sh.Sanjay, Sh.Suresh, Sh.Lokesh, Sh.Umesh, Sh. Mohan Khatana, sh.Mohit Raghav, Sh. Sh.Ashish Dagar, Sh. Satish, Sh.R.C.Bhatnagar alongwith many of the volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party, Gurgaon participated.
(Satinder Pal Singh Dua)
Swaraj Abhiyan
Office: Gurdwara Road, Gurgaon
M: 9971519407, 9811882388,9818251531, 9466141139, 8683953811,8685812320, 9810019053, 9811920052,9910286998
Swaraj Abhiyan

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