Ambani-in-Law Saurabh Patel to Rule Gujarat After Modi – Exclusive

When I blogged ‘Who Own Gujarat’ I didn’t expect Saurabh Patel was ruling Gujarat.

People in Gujarat are Being Directly Ruled by Ambani-in-Law Saurabh Patel for some years has performed DUBIOUSLY in Projects of Interest to Ambani or Adani, but very poorly in ‘Irrigation, Agriculture, SMEs, Healthcare, Education, Information Technology etc.’ and there was deliberate NEGLECT.

After Modi, Saurabh Patel shall rule ‘Gujarat’, may be sooner.  

    ‘An MBA from US, Saurabh is related through marriage to the Ambanis but is considered closer to the Adanis. He is critical to corporate houses as he holds the important portfolios of energy, finance, industries, petrochemicals, minerals and civil aviation. Saurabh Patel is by far the richest minister to have filed nominations with assets worth Rs 56.60 crore.’

Dubious Distinctions

1.  Gujarat shall have 38357 MW very soon against 10,000MW average demand that means 100% pollution – 25% electricity but BJP has opposed 60,000 MW Clean Nuclear All Over India by 2030. Gujarat shall be Pollution Hub of The World with so many Chemical projects already installed many being installed.

2.  Oil & Gas production in Gujarat has declined 30% since 2000, even as Refineries, Pipelines and Gas Distribution network was installed at huge cost.

3. CAG reported thanks to Saurabh Patel was his Brother-in-Law is drilling in GSPC Deen Dyal blocks – he let RIL install production platform in Deen Dyal Discovery area and RIL hired most power Rigs that can Suck Out Oil & Gas in 12 km radius.

4. By chance I told him at a Power Round Table that Gujarat shall lose the most if RIL is allowed $4.2+ per mmbtu price of KG Basin Gas against $0.89 per mmbtu cost – obviously he didn’t want to cause any loss to his Brother in Law.

5. Tehelka reported Rs.20,000 crores Windfall to Jean Paul Roy ‘GeoGlobal, a one-man firm controlled by Jean Paul Roy, was formed just six days before the JV with GSPC, and was incorporated with a capital of just $64

6. Gujarat has unique distinction of having Private Sector refineries but have no retail network – therefore margins are limited.

7. Gujarat did increase Cotton production from 23 lakh bales to 123 lakh bales due to Bt Cotton and almost 30 lakh hectare area under Bt Cotton – this almost twice than Khariff area dedicated to food crops.

8.  Gujarat export Raw Cotton and has not installed ‘Textile Factories’ – zero growth in 12 years, Tamil Nadu State that has very little Cotton production has many times more Textile Industries.

9. Narmada Canal failed to reach 94% of its command area due to missing links, poor maintenance of canal and diversion of water to industry.

10. Gujarat Rank 10th or lower in most Human Development indicators.

Ravinder Singh
December02, 2012

1.      Jyoti Gram Yojana
A scheme of the Government of Gujarat that ensures 24 hours three phase quality power to 18065 villages and 9702 petaparas of Gujarat.
2.      Restructing of GEB
Erstwhile GEB successfully restructured into seven companies resulting in earning surplus of Rs. 202 crores in the year 2005-06, against the loss of Rs. 2543 crores in the year 2000-01.
3.      Gujarat - Energy Hub of India
Gujarat will emerge as the Energy Hub of the nation on completion of power projects, which are on the implementation stage. Installed capacity will be 38357 MW.
4.      Gujarat - Petro-Capital of India
Gujarat has now become a petro-capital of India having highest growth and utmost development in this sector.
5.      Success of GSPC
GSPC is the only state government company in the country which is engaged in exploration and production activities in the Hydro Carbon sector. It has successfully bid for blocks in Australia, Egypt and Yemen.
6.      GSPC has discovered the largest reserves of natural gas at K.G. Basin.
7.      Gujarat is a pioneer in promoting CNG Act.
8.      Gas distribution Projects on a Massive Scale
Gujarat is the first state to undertake the city gas distribution projects on a massive scale covering big cities as well as small cities.
9.      Establishment of Petro University
To meet the increasing need of human resource in oil and gas sector, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University of international standards has been established near Gandhinagar.
1.      Successful implementation of VAT act.
2.      State’s gross domestic product is increasing gradually. In the year 2000-01 gross domestic product was Rs. 127191 crores which increased to Rs, 2,16,651 crores in 2005-06.
3.      State’s non-development oriented expenditure is restricted and compare to past year reduction is noticed. Such expenditure during 2002-03 was Rs. 26479.88 crores, which will decrease to Rs. 17144.65 crores in 2007-08.
4.      State government has already enacted the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which lays down various fiscal targets to be achieved in the next four years. The state government is committed to achieve these targets.
5.      State’s development expenditure is constantly increasing. During 2002-03 development expenditure wasRs. 15688.49 crores, which will increase to Rs. 25508.75 crores in 2007-08.
1.      State’s Annual Plan for the year 2003-04 was Rs. 6740 Crores, which increased upto Rs. 12503 in the year 2006-07 and Rs. 16000 in the year 2007-08.
2.      Looking to the year wise plan outlay and expenditure for the previous years Gujarat has achieved more than 100% of Tenth Five Year Plan outlay target.
3.      Gujarat has planned our outlay of Rs. 1,00,000 Crores for the Eleventh Plan.
4.      Gujarat stood first in 20 point programme in the last five years.

Saurabh emerges as likely Modi successor
Harit Mehta TNN 

Ahmedabad: A normally inflexible Narendra Modi has gone out of his way to secure his past and future, if one analyses the reason behind shifting two of his two closest aides, both Patels, to safer seats. 

    Modi’s oldest aide and state revenue minister Anandiben Patel has been moved from Patan to Ghatlodia, while his current favourite and minister of state, Saurabh Patel, moves from Botad to Akota. But for the changes,
both ministers would have lost elections. 

    But so is the case with at least a dozen other ministers, whose pleas for similar bailouts fell flat on Modi. So, why were exceptions made for only the two Patels? Anandiben (71) has health problems and wanted an Ahmedabad seat for her to nurse it well without much travel. In Saurabh’s case, Modi perhaps sees him as his successor, in the event of his move to Delhi in 2014 — just in case Anandiben’s health was to deteriorate further. 

    Saurabh (54) has inched closer to Modi while former MoS Amit Shah was away because of his legal problems. Modi told parliamentary board members clearly that Saurabh needs to be shifted to a safe seat because he needed him in the next assembly. 

    An MBA from US, Saurabh is related through marriage to the Ambanis but is considered closer to the Adanis. He is critical to corporate houses as he holds the important portfolios of energy, finance, industries, petrochemicals, minerals and civil aviation. 

    Saurabh Patel is by far the richest minister to have filed nominations with assets worth Rs 56.60 crore. 

Congress nixes NCP gameplan 

Vadodara:The switch to a safe seat from Botad in Bhavnagar seemed to be all well-laid out for minister of state Saurabh Patel till the rejection of the candidature form of NCP candidate Nilesh Patel on Saturday. Congress gave away the Akota seat to NCP under a seat-adjustment agreement which led to a revolt in Vadodara unit. If the plan had worked out, Saurabh would have laughed his way to the assembly. NCP gave its candidate’s form without the crucial signature of Jayant Patel ‘Bosky’, the party’s state president and a close aide of Union minister Praful Patel. Unfortunately for Saurabh, the Congress smelled a rat and broke its promise to NCP by giving a ticket to Lalit Patel at the last moment on Friday. Saurabh, who was expecting a walk-over, now has a fight on his hands. TNN 

Modi fit for PM’s job: Sushma 

Vadodara: Chief minister Narendra Modi’s prime ministerial ambitions got a boost when senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj said he definitely had the capabilities for the top post. “There is no queue in BJP for the prime minister’s post,” he said after landing in Vadodara to attend an election rally on Saturday. “But Narendra Modi is definitely fit for the job and there is no doubt about it.”

Swaraj’s comments are significant considering that she herself is one of the frontrunners for the top job. Even former Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackarey had backed her saying that she was the only deserving person in the BJP for the top post. TNN

Saurabh Patel Biography Profile and Wiki Gujarat Minister

Saurabh Patel has been leading the light for Narendra Modi's next successor for Gujarat CM. Read to know about Saurabh Patel Biography Profile and Wiki of his personal career life and his achievements. Saurabh Patel is the upcoming leader for Gujarat if Narendra Modi leaves due to Prime Ministerial post. Get to know Sarabh Patel Gujarat Minister official contact address and much more right here.

Saurabh Patel, the man who is currently contesting the Gujarat elections 2012 from the Akota constituency has a high repute of knowledge of state running affairs and has an old bond with Gujarat's CM Narendra Modi. Though being casual, Narendra Modi has hinted that Gujarat's future lies in the hands of Mr. Saurabh Patel who is a well known character among the gujarati people.

Patel has done his MBA degree from US and has a closer link with both Ambanis and Adanis. After Anandiben Patel, he holds a prime position within the hearts and belief of CM. It is said that if Narendra Modi passes towards national growth as India's Prime Minister in coming years, then the able person to take controlof the proceedings of Gujarat will be Saurabh Patel.

In Gujarat, Saurabh Patel holds the tag of being the richest Minister by far ever who has filled in the nominations of Gujarat elections 2012. It is said that his assets have worth of Rs.56.6 crores.

Naturally this talented person has stepped in better with a comeback in Narendra Modi's minds. Moreover what lie in store is how well he is going to perform from his Akota seat.