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Sagar31news _Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill, 2011

PRESS INVITE:Results of Annual Survey of Industries 2009-10 and address the media.

Event:The Chief Statistician of India
Secretary, Ministry of Statistics Programme Implementation,

Prof. T.C.A. will release the

Results of Annual Survey of Industries 2009-10 and address the media.

30.12.2011 (Friday)
3.00 P.M. 
Committee Room, Ground floor, 
Sardar Patel Bhavan
New Delhi-1

Lokpal bill placed in Upper House

Lokpal bill placed in Upper House
  1. Dec29 2011:Nksagar-Sagar Media Inc: Lokpal which is looked upon as the watchdog of the Constitution.Ombudsman is neo-institution and how effective with autonomous investigating agency and sovereign in its own right. Narayanasamy tables Lokpal Bill in Rajya Sabha and debate initiated in the upper house of the parliament after the minister presented the bill.Arun Jaitley,the LoP stressed the federal structure of the nation needs to be strengthened with power of states with respect to executive of government under section 252/253.Lokpal draft is cocktail of the the constitution.Sense of the house must prevail which envisaged that citizen charter and employes of C&D will be under Lokpal with appropriate mechanism. Lokpal bill placed in Upper House The Secretary General has announced the upper house that Lokpal bill and whistle blower bill placed in Upper House.This has been reported on Rajya Sabha TV.Debate to begin today and UPA government is keen to get the bill passed to gain mileage for ensuing election in five states and if the opposition oppose the bill and delays its clear path the government is still a winner to go to the polls with an issue. Indian anti-corruption activist ends his fast to take on head collision with political outfit which are weakening the proposed Lokpal ombudsman for anti graft bill to be enacted keping in view of rampant corruption in India. Tweeter:Anna to end fast today in Mumbai as he is indisposed,plus lukewarm response from the metropolitan.Anna will protest in Ramlila ground New Delhi from 30 December 2011. Anna Hazare: There are two years left for union elections will campaign for these two years against those traitors. Anna: No 'jail bharo' campaign for now. Anna said in Mumbai Jail bharo agitation is not now and will tour five states where assembly polls are due.Further adds, Anna Hazare, Cast out fear, like Gandhiji wanted us to. Our fight is a long one and it has just started, there is need to be fearless in struggle for democracy. Congress stuck in process, Mamata as her party TMC to move amendment to Lokpal.Thus if this or any other amendment accepted bill goes back to LS. Is the Anna currency is being diluted day by day shot media person. Anna left the press conference halfway, saying health does not permit. janlokpal Janlokpal The anshan will end today and I will tour the five states where elections are coming up to spread awareness - Ann Hazare

"Arc of Freedom and Prosperity"

India and Japan are forging ahead with collaboration on political,security and economic issues besides regional cooperation.

As Noda headed to New Delhi, a Chinese official cautiously welcomed the development.Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei told the media while responding to questions on reports that Japan is looking to develop close ties with India."We are ready to actively develop our relations with Japan and India. We welcome the mutual visits between Japan and India as well as their efforts to promote regional peace and development," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei said.The India-Japan summit is a continuance of Japan's "Arc of Freedom and Prosperity" strategy, which has been widely interpreted as an effort to contain China, Lu Yaodong, director of the department of Japanese diplomacy at the Institute of Japanese Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the daily.
Citing reports that Noda and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are expected to sign a currency swap accord worth up to USD 10 billion besides discussing nuclear cooperation, the daily referred to Noda's comments that he would discuss political, security, economic and human exchange and Japan's readiness to help infrastructure projects in India with Singh.
"Japan and India have comprehensively boosted regional cooperation in recent years, not only in security but also in economic ties. And the cooperation has been moving from bilateral to multilateral, trying to include the United States, Australia and India in its 'Arc of Freedom and Prosperity'," Lu said.
The "Arc of Freedom and Prosperity" is a pillar of Japan's diplomacy initiated in 2007 by former Foreign Affairs Minister Taro Aso. It has been interpreted as an effort to make allies to contain the rise of China in Asia-Pacific region, he said.
The report also noted that Noda's visit to India comes after the first round of trilateral talks in Washington last week among the US, India and Japan, and an India-Japan Defence Ministers' meeting in Tokyo in November.
There has been a renaissance in Japan-India relations since the 1990s, following their non-alignment during the Cold War, Takenori Horimoto, a professor of contemporary South Asian politics at Shobi University said.Media agencies

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