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Berlin court fines tattoo parlor for painfully piercing child’s ear

1 09 2013


­The Civil District court of Berlin-Lichtenberg has ordered a tattoo parlor to pay 70 euro as compensation for causing pain to a child while piercing her ears. The parents, who took their three-year old daughter to the salon to get her ears pierced for her birthday, filed the suit, saying their daughter endured an extreme amount of pain during the procedure, and that the piercing had caused her trauma. The court is now considering submitting the case for a criminal investigation on whether the parents and the parlor were responsible for bodily harm to the girl.

Mexico extradites alleged drug cartel boss to US

1 09 2013


­Mexico has extradited alleged drug cartel head Eduardo Arellano-Felix to the United States, San Diego US Attorney Laura E. Duffy said on Friday. American courts charge Arellano-Felix with racketeering, money laundering and narcotics trafficking. “Today’s extradition is a milestone in our fight against the Mexican drug cartels,” Assistant Attorney General Breuer said in a statement. The Arellano-Felix Organization was long one of the most notorious multi-national drug trafficking organizations that controlled the flow of cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs through the Mexican border cities of Tijuana and Mexicali into the US. The extradition marks the end of a 20-year DEA investigation into this “vicious drug cartel,” said Drug Enforcement Agency special agent William R. Sherman. Mexican authorities arrested Arellano-Felix in Tijuana on October 25, 2008, after a gunfight with police. In 2010, an extradition order was issued on him and he spent the next two years trying to appeal the ruling.

Sudan withdraws candidacy for UN rights council

1 09 2013


­Sudan has withdrawn its candidacy for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council following strong criticism from human rights and pro-democracy groups. Sudan is “no longer interested in taking up one of the vacancies available in the Human Rights Council,” Sudan’s UN Mission said in a letter obtained by the Associated Press. Sudan, along with Ethiopia, Gabon, Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone, was selected by the African Union to run for five African seats available on the 47-member council in November. The country’s nomination sparked sharp criticism from human rights groups because in 2010 the ICC charged the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, with genocide in Darfur. Al-Bashir is accused of trying to exterminate three non-Arab ethnic groups in the region, where more than 200,000 people have died since 2003.

Egypt bulldozes homes for Gaza Strip ‘buffer zone

1 09 2013
 Egyptian military has demolished thirteen homes along the border with the Gaza Strip to create a “buffer zone” intended to reduce weapons smuggling and illegal crossings, security officials and residents told AP. The anonymous North Sinai government officials said the military were planning to create a no-man’s land measuring 500 meters by 10 kilometers, free of trees and homes, and have been testing the idea by bulldozing homes in the regions with tunnels underneath them. While most of the tunnels that comprised the once-busy system have been closed, some remain along the border.

Jerusalem shopping mall bomb plot foiled – Israel

1 09 2013


  Israeli domestic security agency, Shin Bet, said Sunday that it foiled a bomb plot targeted at destroying a Jerusalem shopping center. Islamist militant group Hamas  suspected over being behind the plot, which was planned to take place last month. Three Palestinians were arrested after an operation by military and police forces resulted in the detention of two of cleaners in the upmarket Mamilla mall, just outside Jerusalem’s Old City. “They were supposed to bring an explosive charge into Israeli territory,” a Shin Bet spokesperson told AFP. “They were to bring it into the mall and hide it in their lockers at their place of work.” Shin Bet also detained a suspected Hamas operative from the West Bank city of Ramallah after his home was found to contain a laboratory for making explosives. He was suspected of recruiting the mall cleaners, Shin Bet said.

Iraq death toll for August reaches 800 – UN

1 09 2013


About 800 people were killed in Iraq in terrorist and sectarian violence in August, the United Nations said Sunday, as a wave of violence sweeps the country reaching levels not seen since 2008. The majority of those killed were civilians, who were reportedly targeted in shootings and bombings by the Iraqi wing of Al-Qaeda. UN figures also showed that more than 2,000 people were wounded. Almost 5,000 civilians have been killed and 12,000 wounded since the start of this year, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq said in a statement.

Mandela released from hospital

1 09 2013

Nelson Mandela released from hospital, condition still ‘critical’

Anti-apartheid leader and former South African President Nelson Mandela, 95, was discharged from hospital and returned home Sunday after receiving treatment for a recurring lung infection, the South African government said in a statement. “Madiba’s condition remains critical and is at times unstable,” the government said, referring to the former ANC leader by his traditional clan name. “His team of doctors are convinced that he will receive the same level of intensive care at his Houghton home that he received in Pretoria.”

Israel surges air defense on possible Syria strike

1 09 2013


Israel has deployed Iron Dome missile defense batteries in the Tel Aviv area amid fears that Syria might retaliate against its neighbour if the US attacks, Israeli military announced. It’s also deploying missile defences in the northern part of the country closest to Syria and calling up reservists. Gas-mask have also been distributed to the population.

Yemen PM escapes assassins in Sanaa

1 09 2013

The Yemeni Prime Minister Mohamed Basindawa escaped an assassination bid in the capital Sanaa yesterday. Yemense Security agencies said that four unknown gunmen opened fire on his convoy in central Sanaa as he was heading home. However he was unharmed and no one was hurt in the attack. Basindawa has been heading a national unity government since December 2011 after the ouster of Ali Abdullah Saleh. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Yemen has been the home base of the dreaded terror outfit, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which has carried out many such attempts in the past.

Jodhpur court sends Asaram Bapu to one-day police custody

1 09 2013
Godman Asaram Bapu was remanded to one day police custody by the Court of district judge (rural) in Jodhpur on Sunday evening. Earlier senior police officials interrogated 72-year Asaram in RAC campus for more than four hours after being brought to Jodhpur from Indore this afternoon. He was arrested by Rajasthan police from his Indore Ashram on Saturday night.
Asaram who is facing the charge of sexually assaulting the minor girl in Jodhpur Asaram was grilled by Jodhpur police for more than four hours on Sunday afternoon. Police commissioner Biju Gerge Joseph DCP Ajay Pal Singh and investigation officer Chanchal Mishra interrogated in officers mess of RAC Jodhpur. Later addressing a press conference Jodhpur police commissar said that Asaram is medically fit and is in a position to face interrogation. Based on the interrogation probe available with the police Asaram will be booked under relevant section of Indian penal court. Meanwhile, talking to newsmen Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that no one is above Law and stern action will be taken if Asaram is found guilty. A good number of Asaram Supporters are present in front of RAC campus in view of which adequate security arrangement have been made in the city.

July Fiscal Deficit at 62.8% of Actuals to FY14BEs

1 09 2013

The gross fiscal deficit of the Central government stands at 62.8% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2013 as compared to 51.5% of the actuals to budget estimates in the corresponding period of the previous year. The primary deficit significantly increased to 148% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July2013 as compared to 94.8% of the actuals to budget estimates during corresponding period of the previous year.

 Differentials in use of fiscal deficit space by July 2013 vis-୶is July 2012                                   (in %)
Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from Government of India accounts, Government of India
Note: The Fiscal deficit data pertains to the end of the respective month
 The data for February 2013 and February 2012 pertains to actuals to revised estimates
* indicates data at the end of respective financial year and are % of actuals to revised estimates

The revenue receipts at the end of July 2013 of the central government stands at 16.7% of the actuals to budget estimates as compared with 18% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2012.

Fiscal position for July  FY2014 vis-୶is July  FY2013
% of Actuals to Budget Estimates FY2014*
% of Actuals to Budgeted Estimates FY2013*
% of Actuals to Budgeted Estimates FY2012*
Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from Union Government Accounts, Government of India
Note: * Data pertains to the end of the respective month
** Data for February 2013 and February 2012 pertains to actuals to revised estimates
^ indicates data at the end of respective financial year and are % of actuals to revised estimates

The government’s market borrowing stands at 50% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2013 as compared with 49% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2012. The domestic financing stands at 64% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2013, higher as compared to 53% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2012. The external financing of the government stands at 10% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2013 as against (-) 14 % of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2012. The total financing of the central government stands at 63% of the actuals to budget estimates at the end of July 2013 as against 51% of the actuals to budget estimates during the corresponding period of previous year.

   Sources of financing the deficit                                                                              (%)
 Source: PHD Research Bureau, compiled from Union Government Accounts, Government of India
Note: Data pertains to the end of the July 2012 and July 2013


Dr. S P Sharma
Chief Economist

Kapil Sibbal launched Music of the film “Dilli gang”

1 09 2013
Everyone has some hidden talent or creativity and so our Law Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal has. Very less people or Probably No one knows that our minister has the talent of writing and Singing. Yes, Mr. Kapil Sibal is a very good singer and lyricist.
On the occasion of Music Launch of an upcoming Hindi film ㄩlli Gang, our Law minister Mr. Kapil Sibal launched the music of the film. He has written two songs in the film and even sung it. The title track of ㄩlli Gang伯b> is sung by him only.
On the occasion of promotion and music Launch, Director of the film Ashish Tyagi & producer Radha Tyagi with their star cast Darshan Jariwala, Neena Kulkarni, Yashpal Sharma, Asif Bhasra & Amir Dalvi were present and witnessed the event.
Mr. Sibal looked excited about his debut as singer and lyricist in the bollywood and congratulated the director Ashish Tyagi and said, I appreciate the work that Director Ashish Tyagi has done in the film. He tried to fill the huge gap between the two important generations, youth and old aged people.
ㄩlli Gang䠩s an inspired film based on our segregated and lonely senior citizens, who get neglected by their own children settled in abroad. The film depicts the story of those rich old aged people who faces lots of intricacies in their final days of life, who sometimes get robbed or even murdered for their wealth. The film is inspired from many real incidents happened in our nation.

Chittesh Mandody, Krishnaraj Mahadik & Paul Francis Claim Pole Positions

1 09 2013

~Championship leaders look to strengthen their positions in Round 4~

Hyderabad, August 31 2013: Chittesh S Mandody of MohiteⳠRacing, Krishnaraj Mahadik of MohiteⳠRacing and Paul Francis of Meco Racing claimed pole positions in Senior Max, Junior Max and Micro Max categories respectively in the ongoing Round 4 of the JK Tyre-FMSCI National Rotax Max Karting Championship 2013 at Kart Centre in Hyderabad on Saturday.
In the Round 4, 34 karters in three categories – Micro Max (7 to 12 years), Junior Max (13 to 16 years) and Senior Max (15 and above) are showing their top performances at the 650-metre long track in Lahari Resorts, where the racers are battling to win the most prestigious grassroots level motorsport championship in the country.
In the Senior Max category, Chittesh dominated both the Heats (Heat 1 & 2) and was way ahead of other racers, will start at pole position on SundayⳠPre-Finals. Most of the time, he was chased by Vishnu Prasad of Meco Racing, who will start from the 3rd position after finishing 3rd at Heat 1 and 2nd at Heat 2. Nayan Chaterjee of Rayo Racing will start at 2nd position after a hard battle with Vishnu and his fellow teammate Ameya Bafna in the Qualifying session.
Junior Max category was totally dominated by Kush Maini of Dark Don Racing, winning both Heat 1 and 2 today, will start at 3rd position as clocked third fastest in Qualifying. The Bengaluru-racer was followed by Krishnaraj Mahadik of MohiteⳠRacing in both the Heats, who will start at 1st position on SundayⳠPre-Finals as he clocked the best timing the Qualifying. Arya Chirag Gandhi of Rayo Racing raced brilliantly today and claimed 2nd pole position after finishing 3rd in both the Heats.
In Micro Max category, defending champion Pradyumna V Danigund received fierce competition from Paul Francis of Meco Racing, who snatched his pole position after defeating him in Qualifying session. Paul also finished 2nd in Heat 1 and won the Heat 2 after racing spectacularly. Pradyumna of MohiteⳠRacing will start from 2nd position tomorrow after winning Heat 1 and finishing 2nd in Heat 2. Shahishnu Bagamane of Meco Racing will start at 3rd position after clocking third fastest timing.
There are three new faces in the Round 4 of the JK Tyre-FMSCI National Rotax Max Karting Championship 2013 – Ashish Narrandas of South Africa (Senior Max), Eshan David Pieris of Sri Lanka (Junior Max) and 2007 national karting champion Nikhil P Kashyap (Senior Max).
Experienced racer from South Africa Ashish Narrandas, who is currently racing in the JK Tyre Racing Championship 2013, is enjoying his break from the current season by karting first time in his life. Meco RacingⳠNarrandas fared well in the Qualifying session but couldnⴠcontinue his performance due to some problem in his kart.
15-year-old Eshan David Pieris may open doors to many Sri Lankan karters, who can participate in professional karting championship in India at cheaper price than any other South-East Asian country or Europe. Dark Don RacingⳠEshan, whose father David Pieris raced in India in 70Ⳡand 80ⳬ is racing in India first time and finds the competition level very high in Junior Max category.
Nikhil Kashyap, who is 2007 national karting champion (Junior Max) and 2010 runner-up (Senior Max), is racing after two years after taking a break for his studies. Kashyap also raced in Formula Rolon after karting and was 2nd runner-up in 2010. The Meco Racing racer has joined the aggressive pack of championship leaders in Senior Max – Vishnu Prasad, Nayan Chatterjee, Ameya Bafna and Chittesh Mandody.
The countryⳠmost revered karting championship – currently in its 10th successful year – is the only karting event in the country that has produced drivers who have participated and won in top races abroad. JK Tyre is credited with introducing the concept of karting in India and has patronized karting circuits across the country. JK Tyre together with Meco Motorsports introduced professional karting in 2004 with the introduction of the Rotax 2-stroke kart engines. It was then that the current championship came into being and is today the most revered karting contest in India.

RESULTS – HEAT 1 (15 laps)
Senior Max
  1. Chittesh S Mandody (MohiteⳠRacing)
  2. Ameya Bafna (Rayo Racing)
  3. Vishnu Prasad (Meco Racing)
Junior Max
  1. Kush Maini (Dark Don Racing)
  2. Krishnaraj Mahadik (MohiteⳠRaicng)
  3. Arya Chirag Gandhi (Rayo Racing)
Micro Max
  1. Pradyumna Vipul Danigond (MohiteⳠRacing)
  2. Paul Francis (Meco Racing)
  3. Yash Aradhya (Meco Racing)
RESULTS – HEAT 2 (15 laps)
Senior Max
  1. Chittesh S Mandody (MohiteⳠRacing)
  2. Vishnu Prasad (Meco Racing)
  3. Ameya Bafna (Rayo Racing)
Junior Max
  1. Kush Maini (Dark Don Racing)
  2. Krishnaraj Mahadik (MohiteⳠRaicng)
  3. Arya Chirag Gandhi (Rayo Racing)
Micro Max
  1. Paul Francis (Meco Racing)
  2. Pradyumna Vipul Danigond (MohiteⳠRacing)
  3. Yash Aradhya (Meco Racing)
Senior Max
  1. Chittesh S Mandody (MohiteⳠRacing)
  2. Nayan Chatterjee (Rayo Racing)
  3. Vishnu Prasad (Meco Racing)
Junior Max
  1. Krishnaraj Mahadik (MohiteⳠRaicng)
  2. Arya Chirag Gandhi (Rayo Racing)
  3. Kush Maini (Dark Don Racing)
Micro Max
  1. Paul Francis (Meco Racing)
  2. Pradyumna Vipul Danigond (MohiteⳠRacing)
  3. Shahishnu Bagamane (Meco Racing)

Mahesh Bhatt launches Farrukh Baig’s debut ghazal album Dastak

1 09 2013

Mahesh Bhatt launches Farrukh Baig’s debut ghazal album Dastak

- A musical evening of Ghazals with Farrukh Baig enthralled music lovers

New Delhi, 31 August, 2013: Prominent Indian film director, producer and screenwriter Mahesh Bhatt today launched ghazal singer Farrukh baig’s debut ghazal album DASTAK at India Islamic Cultural Center.
The fact that Farrukh never let go his passion for music has paid off as here he is with his first solo album, ‘Dastak’ which is being marketed by Venus Worldwide Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
Mahesh Bhatt appreciated Baig’s singing as well as the lyrics and the music of the album. He expressed happiness to see a youngster who has taken ghazal as his passion and urged everyone to contribute for the revival of the music genre.
Launching Dastak, Mahesh Bhatt said, “Farrukh’s voice echoes in your hearts even after the song has ended.”
 The album ‘Dastak’ has six ghazals which have been written by Dr. M.S.Rahi and the music has been arranged by Navneet Kedar. Dastak will be available in the market both on the online platform as well as offline from the date of its launch. This album will surely delight the ghazal listeners the world over with its richness and class. With this Album, Venus is promoting a new talent and particularly in the genre of ghazals which badly needs a revival, in the post Jagjit Singh era.
Farrukh Baig fell in love with music at a very tender age of eight. However, he started his formal musical training at the age of fifteen. His first Guru was Ustad Qamar Mohd. Khan, a renowned All India Radio artist and a proud recipient of President of India Award.
Farrukh did not restrict himself to any one particular genre of music initially but developed a special liking for ghazals later on. During his college days, besides studies, it was just cricket and music. Soon he realized that to excel in either cricket or music, he had to give up one – and what he gave up is anybody’s guess.
The music journey of Farrukh Baig has been an interesting one. Despite being a management graduate, and being in the corporate world, it was music which remained an integral part of his life. His music exploits included doing shows all over, composing and singing a couple of title songs for serials, and some music shows on television. Still, he could never pursue it as a career. But music always remained paramount…
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West Bengal Tourism Heralding the onset of Durga Puja

1 09 2013
Intensive Tourism promotion and Publicity Campaign of West Bengal Tourism

New Delhi, August 31, 2013: Heralding the onset of Durga Puja, associated in West Bengal with goddess’ autumnal homecoming to the earth, euphoric abandon, family reunions and lavish Bengali fare, the Department of Tourism Government of West Bengal organized Tourism Promotion Road Show in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
The roadshow held at the Ashok Hotel, New Delhi was graced by Shri Krishnendu Narayan Choudhary, Hon’able Minister-in-charge of Tourism, West Bengal, accompanied by Shri Vikram Sen, Principal Secretary, West Bengal Tourism, Shri Bhaskar Khulbe, Principal Resident Commissioner, Govt of West Bengal. The Tourism Conclave was also attended by Mohammad Habibur Rahman Khan, Minister Commerce, Bangladesh High Commission, P P Khanna, Vice President and Convention Chairman Domestic Tourism and Sujit Banerjee, Secretary General, World Travel and Tourism Council. The roadshow focused on inviting investments to West Bengal.
Hon’able Shri Krishnendu Narayan Choudhary, in his speech, opened the doors to West Bengal, projecting the State as a unique travel destination lending sharp focus on the upcoming Durga Puja and highlighted the conducive opportunities for investment in unparalleled diversified, bankable mega tourism projects in the State. He also stated the recent policy announcement of the State for reducing the Sales Tax on Aviation Turbine Fuel to enhanced connectivity to the 3 air ports in West Bengal catalyses tourism”.
Apart from focusing on tourist attraction and general events, the road show was also marketing the forthcoming Durga Puja carnival which is one of the biggest socio cultural events in West Bengal. On its part, the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation has come up with different puja packages in the road show. 
In addition, tourism officials were also looking at investment opportunities in places of interest through the road show. Some tourism projects that offer investment opportunities include the Gajoldoba tourism hub, Jharkhali Eco Tourism Park, Big hotel project at Digha, Darjeeling, and training institutes which offer degrees and diplomas in the hospitality sector.
The roadshow concluded with Shri Vikran Sen, inviting everyone to come to West Bengal for the upcoming Durga Puja Carnival that epitomises the festive flavour and ethos of the State. He said, “I can promise that once you come to West Bengal, you will not like to leave but explore the opportunities available for investment and development.”
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The long reign of the UPA

1 09 2013 IMAG0011
The specter of the country’s descent into fascism stares at us. The long reign of the UPA has not halted or arrested the march of the communal fascist forces; indeed there seems today to be a greater acceptance of ideas that we would call fascist. The strident demands for death penalty – whether for alleged rapists or terrorists – the impatience with rule of law; the acceptability among the young urban people of a man as a potential Prime Minister, who is totally autocratic, this desire for a strong authoritarian leader, all again point to the circulation and reception of fascist ideas.

Communal Governments in various states Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh are preparing themselves for a long innings. In Karnataka, the internal squabbling and fracturing of the communal forces in the state have led to their ouster from the government, however the intimidation of minorities has become routine – pointing to the deep roots of communalization of society, which may not necessarily change with a change of regime.

There have been several low intensity riots at least since last year across the country: Gopalgarh (Rajasthan); Faizabad and Kosi (UP), Dhule (Maharashtra), which really points to the potential return of communalism to the centre-stage of Indian politics. It also indicates the fragility of communal peace and the continuing communalisation of the police force at the local thana level, which openly target the minority community in times of violence, as the video of the Dhule violence graphically illustrated. On the one hand, one sees local-level riots engineering machinery gearing up, and on the other the cleansing and anointing of Modi as the development man.

 The rise in the power of the middle class via a corporate media, which aggressively pushes the agenda of ‘corruption-free efficiency’ at the cost of issues of social justice, secularism and democracy movements, is further pushing the Indian polity towards the Right. A symptom of this can be seen from the rising clout of Godmen is a sign of the alienated middle class seeking short cuts for maintaining status quo.

In fact, the possibility of Modi’s candidature has pushed our politics much farther to the Right, as various political formations compete with each to seduce the same social base and the same corporate media. The jingoism around terrorism is an example of this alarming trend. Gujarat model of Development is being sold as ‘THE’ model of development to the gullible middle class.

Like all fascists Modi presents a model of efficiency and effective rule to a beleaguered nation and like most fascists this model of efficiency and growth is based on lies, half-truths and a million dollar PR industry.
But such a moment when a fascist alternative is being sold to civil society, is also the moment which can produce a creative challenge. Today’s seminar will offer such a challenge by putting every creation of the Modi PR machinery under the scanner. A vast range of data on the Gujarat model of development will be presented today and expose his lies. These lie along several dimensions – his destruction of democratic institutions in Gujarat, scams of enormous proportions.

·   In 10 years 60,000 small scale industries have been closed down.
(source: Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Gujarat.2011-12   )
·  Gujarat ranks 5TH  in F.D.I.
(source: Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Gujarat. & Report by reserve bank of India.2011-12   )
· The state’s total debt was less than Rs 10,000 crore when the BJP first came to power in Gujarat in 1995. Gujarat’s actual debt has mounted from Rs 45,301 crore in 2001-02 when Modi took over  to Rs 1,38,978 crore on December 30, 2012.  The debt would mount to Rs 2,07,695 crore as per the state government’s budget estimates by 2015-16.
 (source: Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Gujarat.    & Gujarat assembly question hours2011-12 )
·  Gujarat is at 8th position in agricultural growth. Gujarat is never achieved 10% growth in Agriculture sector. As per Government of Gujarat’s own statistics from year 2005-2006 to 2010-2011, growth in GSDP in Agriculture and Allied sector is 3.44% only-not double digit or 10%.
(source:Gujarat economics and statastics department, govt. of Gujarat And Times Of India @ArchiveDigger)
·  In Gujarat VAT on fertilizer is 5% it is highest in India
(Source:Ministry of agriculture, Gujarat,2010-11)
·  In Gujarat 26 districts have 225 blocks in which 57 are dark zone blocks. (Source:Ministry of agriculture, Gujarat And annual report Narmada nigam, 2011-12)
·  455885 Applications are pending for agricultural power connection as on March, 2011
(Source:Ministry of agriculture, Gujarat,2011-12 )
 ·  Close to half of the states children under the age of 5 (44.6 %) are known to be suffering from malnutrition. 70 per cent are said to be anemic while 40 per cent are underweight. (Source:planning commission report-2012-13)
     In  8 districts and 3 Talukas of Gujarat, 2494 teachers posts are vacant. 
     In 4 dist of Gujarat, approximately 978 schools are running with only 1 or 2 teachers.
(Source: RTI filed by Vinod Pandya GOG reply to RTI, 2011-12)
(Source: A report by NGO Ahmedabad Womens Assosiation Gujarat-AWAG-(TIMES NEWS NETWORK, 25 th Jan 2013 )
·  The Deputy Speaker’s post is left vacant by the Gujarat Government for a decade. (As per article 178 of Indian constitution, it is compulsory)
· Assembly runs on an average for 30-32 days a year.
·  No Lokayukta appointed since last 10 years.
·  Gujarat has organized 3716 Employment festival” as per Government of Gujarat own record 10 lacks educated youth are unemployed and a total of 30 lakh people are unemployed. (Source: NASSO report,GOI,2011-12)
·   NSSO data show that in Gujarat , growth in employment has dropped to almost zero in the past 12 years
 A recent CAG review on accounts of the States is an eye-opener when it comes to Gujarat, the latter’s high claims notwithstanding. Allegedly there are Rs 16,706.99 crore worth of financial and land allotment irregularities with resultant negative impact on delivery on economic and development fronts  (Source: CAG report 2011-12)

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