Friday, December 7, 2018

Foreign Affairs of Iceland, Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson, arrived in India

Home Minister chairs High Level Committee meeting for Central assistance to Kerala, Nagaland and Andhra Pradesh
The Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh chaired a meeting of the High Level Committee (HLC) at New Delhi to consider the additional Central Assistance to the States of Kerala, Nagaland, and Andhra Pradesh, which were affected by floods, landslides and cyclone Titli respectively during the recent months.

The HLC approved the additional assistance from National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF) of Rs 3048.39 crore to Kerala, Rs. 131.16 crore to Nagaland and Rs 539.52 crore to Andhra Pradesh.

IIT Bungling, Smart Inventions, Projects & Corruption Free

December07, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh
Gross Incompetence of IITs Professor was exposed when he asked aBad Question. ‘I gave a Drawing of A Bearing to a Junior and asked to him to buy it from Chawri Bazaar Market and after three hours he returned empty,’ at an event on Industry 4.0.
Ø Bearings are MASS PRODUCED to fixed standards.
Ø Products are to be Designed to FIT IN the best SELECTED from Bearing Catalogue.
Ø Each bearing has Product Model or Type Number,  

Ø Standards are must to ensure MASS PRODUCTION,
And that BEARINGS are Rotating Load Bearing Parts therefore WEARING PRODUCTS in a Machine – Need Replacements and user has to QUOTE BEARING NUMBER to get it from Hardware Store anywhere in the world, i.e. replace Electricity Lamps, Car Tire, SIM Cards.
Blue Line in particular has frequent SINGNAL TROUBLE – services were severely affected has background experience – I worked in BST 1974 – Most of its AUTOMATATION & SAFETY FEATURES were disabled – When IIT bungled in proposing ‘AXLE COUNTER’ in 1980 I immediately proposed BETTER TECHNOLOGY but DMRC has not been able to keep its SIGNALS in 100% Working Condition in end2018 like BST in 1974.
VR display was about ‘DRILLING RIG WORKING’ – in 2005-06 I noticed RIL engaged MOST POWERFUL RIGS for developing Shallow Wells 3-4 Years after announcing DISCOVERY – was Writing about KG Basin $TRILLION Bungling since then.
Energy Monitoring was another PRESENTATION – in 2005 helped StarNews in producing STORY ON FAST ELECTRICITY METERS – Which was Highest TRP event Consumers were taught how to TEST CHECK their meters.
3D Printing Company was Making PARTS of AUDI & Other German companies than procuring from abroad – OE Parts can be Shipped and delivered at a fraction of cost.
Patents acquired by Resident Indians were 2,541 in 2008, 1,712 in 2017 when respective figures for China are 46,590 in 2008 and3,26,970 in 2017. WIPO Awarded inventor had created Hundreds of GLOBAL Technologies with $Trillion potential, An Audio Technologyin 1996 could have Global DISTRIBUTION.
Innovative PROJECTS is another Specialization – Projects and Services anywhere in the World. BRT Bungling was exposed a month in advance – Expose BUNGLING in projects– Propose INNOVATIVE PROJECTS for GLOBAL Market.
Whistle BLOWING 1980 – Garland Canal, IITs, CSIR filing Bogus Patents, KG Basin etc.
PAK shall offer 20% Incentives to Whistle Blowers – All $Trillion Opportunities/GAINS.
Innovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & Technologies 

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