Sunday, April 15, 2018

US & allies precision Syrian strike reactions

UN SC reports the action of attack is against UN Charter Syrian Ambassador to UN called the attack very irresponsible and terms attackers liars.
US Trump said , Assad uses again chemical weapon then US to repeat the sttack.
Turkey’s President Erdogan says action by US and allies sends Syria’s government message that its massacres will not be left unanswered.
Germany to meet with France, Britain and the United States in London on Sunday to discuss their next steps after airstrikes were launched against Syria early on Saturday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said. The talks will be held in the British capital to coordinate further actions, the minister told reporters in Berlin. 
The German with better coordinating terms are banking for finding solution to Syrian on going war from 7 years.
Putin, Erodogan, Assad find the momentum of air strike for better big bang.
US General said attack is successful  and are to remind for no chemical attack.
US allied attack on Syria  has following reaction across global leaders.
Barbaric attack, won’t affect fight against terrorism – Syria Strikes without UNSC mandate a violation of intl law – Putin
‘Mission accomplished’ – Trump
Respect other countries’ sovereignty – China
Those who attacked Syria are ‘criminals’ – Iran

Saina beat Sindhu win Gold at CWG-18

Saina Nehwal beat Pusarla Sindhu 21-18, 23-21 to win the women’s singles badminton gold at the Commonwealth Games on Sunday.
In an keenly contested  final between two champions, Saina  was in her elements and experience best made her emerge triumphant. This is her second gold medal of the ongoing games, having won the mixed team event earlier.

Urvashi Salaria Chawla represents UK in the forthcoming Mrs. India UK pageant

Delhi’s Urvashi left no bars to represent Indian Married Women for Mrs. India UK 2018 Pageant
Celebrity Make-Up Artist and Entrepreneur, Urvashi Salaria Chawla represents Indian married women in the UK in the forthcoming Mrs. India UK pageant

    Urvashi Salaria Chawla from Delhi, India is a finalist for “Colors TV UK presents Mrs. India UK 2018 organized by BrandWok”. As she left no bars to represent the Married Indian Women on such a big platform. Academically Urvashi is a journalism graduate, worked in the aviation industry, a beauty blogger and now a successful entrepreneur in the makeup industry who owns a beauty studio in India and is an esteemed Asian Bridal Makeup Artist in London. She’s now representing married Asian women residing in the UK in such a massive platform.
   Urvashi is a renowned celebrity makeup artist who has been married and residing in London for four years. After moving to London, she started working with NHS and was decently settled there, but then she decided to follow her passion for make-up. She then opted for setting up a business in India which called for strenuous frequent travels. With her hard work and determination, Urvashi settled a beauty business in Delhi, and this is where her success story took off. She became a very successful and leading entrepreneur in the beauty and makeup industry within a very short span of time. She is also an environmentalist by nature who believes in spreading awareness about climate change. She has been doing a lot of plantation drives and also has been closely associated with volunteering in environmental activities like WWF Earth Hour campaign. Urvashi believes in expressing the notion of “beauty with a purpose”. She will be competing with 30 other multi-talented finalists.
   Mrs. India UK is a unique pioneer pageant in the United Kingdom for British Indians and Asian married women residing in the United Kingdom. Mrs. India UK aims to encourage, empower women and provide opportunities to married women. It ensures learning, development, building confidence and strengthening the bond between a diversified culture of Indians abroad. Urvashi and all the other contestants of Mrs. India UK have been going through intensive training with various mentors. They’ve had sessions for fitness, catwalk, acting, photoshoot and much more during this journey. Urvashi tells, “Our mentors have been super helpful and supportive throughout our journey focusing on individual attention. Not just that – they’ve been mentoring us through online sessions too.”
    Urvashi recently won the subtitle of Mrs. Glamorous at Mrs. India UK 2018. The finale of this beauty pageant is on 15th April at Hilton Tower Bridge, London.

Meet Nugget, The Award Winning Mobile phone


A teenager’s mobile that doesn’t have Nugget on it has no right to be called a ‘mobile’ at all!” Says Priyanka Chopra
Intrigued? Well, meet Nugget, the award-winning mobile phone game for teenage girls and boys that is taking India by storm. Nugget’s motto is “Jhel mat. Khel.” The aim of the game is for the player to identify those interfering adults who kill their vibe and escape their influence to notch up a fat score. It seeks to create, among its players, a recognition of gender stereotyping and the need to escape the force-field it represents.
Admiration for Nugget does not stop with Priyanka Chopra. With over 1.6 lakh downloads to date and topping the Google Play store charts for a whole week, Nugget is making waves with teenagers across India. The judges at GoaFest 2018 – India’s premier advertising awards show – were no exception, awarding Nugget a bronze in the Mobile Game/App category. The only other winner in this category was Jio KBC, also awarded a bronze.
BBC Media Action, with funding from UNICEF, has developed a multi-platform communication initiative in India to address gender equality among adolescents. The initiative uses a diffusion of innovations approach to reach adolescent boys and girls aged 10-19 years and their parents, in primarily peri-urban geographies. The communication initiative spans multiple outputs, including television drama, radio, IVR content, graphic novels, activity books and a mobile phone game.
245 million adolescents in India represent a huge potential demographic dividend that has a critical role to play in achieving national priorities. Reaching that goal, however, will be impossible without building the confidence and competence of adolescents to focus on their dreams and aspirations. Most adolescents struggle as they make the complex transition from childhood to adulthood, characterised by significant biological, emotional and psychological changes. They lead lives limited by the ‘force-field’ (or lakshmanrekha) of social expectations, where they fail to recognise gender stereotyping, and how that limits their growth and development.
The one thing Enid Blyton would tell you, is that every protagonist needs an antagonist. In the case of our mobile game, our androgynous protagonist, Nugget, has six antagonists who represent the forcefield that circumscribe the lives of adolescents. Users helped us identify and crystallize these antagonists through a human centred design process. Those antagonists who represent various pressure points in an Indian adolescent’s life, have been gamified as Ungly Aunty or Aunty Needle, Tank-jhank Padosi or Nosy Neighbour, Fenku Uncle or Uncle Hyperbole, Show Off Dost or Show Off Pal, Kalesh Bua or Aunt Give-some-grief andChugalkhor Chacha or Unca Snitch. Each character is presented as a stylized arm – one that could crush Nugget – unless the player can help Nugget escape the pressure.
It’s a simple and familiar arcade game that we’ve all played at some stage in our lives. What makes it unique is Nugget’s story about the pressures and the forcefield created by these real and recognisable characters that surround every adolescent.
Nugget is androgynous so that players, irrespective of gender, can identify with the protagonist. The content in the game – both text and audio – is in a conversational blend of Hindi and English that has become lingua franca for urban teens.
Nugget has been developed using a human centred design process. The cast of characters, gameplay, content, have all been designed based on input from users, and everything has been tested with users’ multiple times to ensure the best chance of success.
Nugget can be downloaded from Google Play Store or you can download by clicking here

Poker Sports League.

A plethora of sport leagues have sprung up in India seeking to popularize a sport by repackaging and presenting it in an exciting format. What started off with Cricket and saw major success, has now spread to Kabaddi, hockey, football and wrestling among others.
The latest to join this list is Poker.
Poker Sports League is the brainchild of Mr. Amit Burman, Mr. Anuj Gupta and Mr. Pranav Bagai which was established last year, with a mission to establish poker as a sport in the country. It is India’s first professional poker league, which gives the opportunity to state level teams & all poker lovers to become a part of the league. Poker Sports League at its very core attempts to popularize poker as a sport by putting on display in abundance, a combination of skill, mathematics, decision making and grit which are required in the right mix to emerge as a champion.
With the emergence of massive online poker tournaments and fantasy leagues, the time is ripe for the Poker Sports League to formalize the poker story in India. With over 20,000qualifier participations pan India in the very first year, one can safely infer the potential of poker in the country. PSL in some sense is laying the foundation for an International tournament and has the right ingredients to become a global brand.
In order to draw parallels between chess & poker & set the foundation for poker to be considered a mind game, PSL has also appointed Viswanathan Anand, the chess maestro, as their Brand Ambassador, in November last year. DSPORT, a premium sports TV channel by Discovery Communications India, has acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast Season 2 of the Poker Sports League (PSL), the world’s first franchise based poker league. This will be the first ever broadcast of Texas hold’em poker in India.
Delhi Panthers, owned by Rishi Kajaria of Kajaria Ceramics took home INR 1.5 crore as prize money. The league in the inaugural year became an instant hit. Not just with the players on the table or the passionate franchisees following their teams but also with millions of other poker sports followers. Season One live streaming registered 4.5 million views on FB & PSL Final Table recorded 1.28 million views.
Poker Sports League, undoubtedly is one of the most sought after leagues in the poker industry & is currently in its 2nd season. Brand Ambassador of PSL, Mr. Viswanathan Anand will make his first media appearance along with the co-founders to announce the 12 teams for this season & unveil the winning trophy. Attached herewith, is the media invite for an exclusive Press Conference. Would be great if you could confirm your availability for the event & your interest to catch up for a quick interaction with the team owners, co founders of PSL & the Chess Maestro on April 15th, PlayBoy Club, Hotel Samrat, New Delhi, at 2pm.

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