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 Kejriwal government now enjoys the support of 35 MLAs, one less than majority number. Last week, expelled AAP MLA Vinod Kumar Binny decided to withdraw support to the Delhi government, terming Kejriwal as being “more dangerous” than a corrupt person.

   AAP government loses majority in the Delhi Legislative Assembly as Independent MLA Rambeer Shokeen withdraws support. AAP has now been reduced to a minority government.
Shookeen who is an MLA from the Mundka constituency met Lt Governor Nejeeb Jung today apprising him of his decision to withdraw support to the government. He is likely to hold a press conference later today. Shokeen said he quit after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal reneged on his promises to solve the power and water problems in Delhi.

In new development the  Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung has backed Arvind Kejriwal’s demand for a Special Investigation Team (SIT) into the 1984 anti-Sikh riots that followed the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards. The SIT will investigate whether evidence was ignored by the police and why over a third of the cases registered after the 1984 riots were closed.

Sushil Koirala becomes new Prime Minister of Nepal
Sushil Koirala becomes new Prime Minister of Nepal Updated on : 10-02-2014 03:28 PM
Veteran Nepali Congress leader Sushil Koirala was on Monday elected Prime Minister of Nepal with the support of the CPN-UML, ending months of political instability following last year’s elections.
Koirala, the sole contestant in the premier race, was elected with 405 votes in the 601-member Constituent Assembly.
As many as 148 lawmakers from UCPN-Maoist, Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal and some small parties in the Maoist-led alliance voted against 75-year-old Koirala.
After the voting, Parliament Speaker Surya Bahadur Thapa declared that Koirala had secured the majority.
The announcement was followed by applause inside the hall.
Koirala is scheduled to be sworn in by the president later today.
He is also expected to announce a small cabinet and continue negotiations with other political parties to join his coalition government.
The standing committee of the CPN-UML – the second largest party which has 173 lawmakers – backed Koirala for the top post after the party reached a six-point deal with the NC, which as 194 lawmakers.
The two largest parties in the Constituent Assembly inked the deal yesterday after several rounds of negotiations on the issue of power sharing.
Under the six-point agreement, they agreed to promulgate the new constitution within a year and to hold elections for the posts of president, vice president and chairman of the Constituent Assembly after it approves the new constitution.
The agreement also mentioned about taking ownership of the past agreements of the dissolved Constituent Assembly regarding the drafting of the constitution.
The CPN-UML had earlier pressed for new elections for president and vice president.
However, after reaching a power sharing deal, the party agreed to support Koirala as prime minister.



Thangaraja claims runner-up spot, Mukesh is highest-placed Indian in third

Colombo, Sri Lanka, February 9, 2014: Mithun Perera of Sri Lanka defended his title at the Standard Chartered Open after signing off with a final round of five-under-66 at the Royal Colombo Golf Club. Perera ended the week with a total score of 22-under-262 at his home course. N Thangaraja, another local lad, produced a six-under-65 in round four to claim the runner-up spot at 19-under-265.

Mithun Perera (63-68-65-66), the overnight leader by two shots, made a good start with a birdie on the second hole. The 28-year-old went on to collect two more birdies on the eighth and ninth to consolidate on his lead even as all his challengers fell by the wayside. Perera sank birdies on the 14th and 18th en route to clinching his fourth title on the PGTI. The Colombo-based professional has now climbed to third place on the 2014 Rolex Rankings.
Mithun said, “I was delighted to end the week with a bogey-free round. I started well and just kept up the intensity till the end. The birdie on the 14th lifted my game as I felt I almost had it in the bag by then. It was great to win in front of my home crowd. This win is an important one since its come at the start of a new season and has thus given me loads of confidence for the tournaments to come.”
N Thangaraja (66-66-68-65) gained a position from his overnight third place after posting a 65 in round three and finally finished as the runner-up. Thangaraja’s seven birdies and one bogey helped him make it one and two for Sri Lanka on the leaderboard. He now occupies fourth place on the 2014 Rolex Rankings.
Mukesh Kumar’s (70-67-68-63) nine-under-63 was the other highlight of the day. Mukesh had a stunning run of nine birdies as he registered the day’s best score to secure third place at 16-under-268. Mukesh thus ended the tournament as the highest-placed Indian.
Indian golfers Rashid Khan (15-under-269) and Chiragh Kumar (13-under-271) secured fourth and fifth place respectively.
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हिन्दुओं सावधान!

हिन्दुओं सावधान! मुलायम ने मुसलमानों के लिए मरवाया हिन्दू कारसेवकों को
मुलायम का हो सार्वजनिक बहिष्कार : विहिप
नई दिल्ली। जनवरी 26, 2014। अयोध्या में निहत्थे निर्दोष कार-सेवकों को सरे आम गोली से भूनने पर अपने आप को गौरवान्वित महसूस करने वाले हिन्दू द्रोही सपा प्रमुख मुलायम सिंह का सार्वजनिक बहिष्कार किया जाना चाहिए। विश्व हिन्दू परिषद दिल्ली के महा मंत्री श्री राम कृष्ण श्रीवास्तव ने वोट बैंक के लालची मुलायम को हिन्दू द्रोही राजनेता बताते हुए आज कहा कि मुसलमानों का भरोसा जीतने की दुष्ट मानसिकता से राम नाम जपते कार सेवकों का कत्लेआम करने वाले तथा बडी संख्या में हिन्दू संतों व हिन्दू नेताओं को अयोध्या जी की परिक्रमा से रोक जेलों में डालने वाले नेता को हिन्दू समाज अब और बर्दाश्त नहीं करेगा। हिन्दुओं को सावधान करते हुए उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि सपा सहित समस्त राजनेता, जो हिन्दुओं के उत्पीडन और हिन्दू समाज को बदनाम करने में लगे हैं, उन सब के विरुद्ध विहिप एक व्यापक जन जागरण अभियान चलाकर उन्हें बेनकाब करेगी।
झण्डेवालान स्थित कार्यालय में आज प्रात: हुई एक बैठक की विस्तृत जानकारी देते हुए विहिप दिल्ली के मीडिया प्रमुख श्री विनोद बंसल ने बताया कि समाजवादी पार्टी प्रमुख मुलायम सिंह द्वारा सन् 1990 में अयोध्या में कार सेवकों पर चलाई गई गोलियों पर गर्व महसूस करने, यूपीए सरकार द्वारा षड्यंत्र पूर्वक राष्ट्रीय स्वयं सेवक संघ पर समझौता ब्लास्ट का कीचड उछालने तथा मुस्लिम तुष्टीकरण की सभी हदें पार करते हुए सरकारों द्वारा देश को सांप्रदायिक आधार पर बांटने की स्थिति से निपटने हेतु चर्चा हुई। बैठक में पारित एक प्रस्ताव में न सिर्फ़ राजनेताओं के इन कुकृत्यों से हिन्दू समाज को सावधान रहने की अपील की गई बल्कि सर्वोच्च न्यायालय से भी अपेक्षा की गई कि मुस्लिम वोट की भूख में हिन्दुओं का नर संहार करने वाले व्यक्ति द्वारा खुलेआम स्वीकारोक्ति करने पर वह स्वत: संज्ञान ले कर कार्यवाही करे।
ज्ञातव्य रहे कि गत छ: फ़रवरी को उत्तर प्रदेश के मैनपुरी में एक सभा को संबोधित करते हुए सपा प्रमुख मुलायम सिंह यादव ने कहा था कि हां! कारसेवकों पर मैंने चलवाई थी गोली। मैनपुरी में उन्होंने यह भी कहा था कि गोली न चलवाता तो सपा से मुसलमानों का विश्वास ही उठ जाता। इस गोली काण्ड में निहत्थे व निर्दोष सैंकडों राम भक्तों की जानें गई थीं। विहिप ने कहा है कि धर्मनिरपेक्षता का पाखण्ड कर देश को गुमराह करने वाले दल और उनके प्रमुख किस प्रकार लाशों की राजनीति करते हुए आगे बढते हैं यह मुलायम सिंह जैसे लोगों से समझना चाहिए। मुस्लिमों को खुश करने के लिए गोली काण्ड को सीना ठोक कर स्वीकार करने वाले मुलायम सिंह के असली चेहरे को देश की जनता अब जान चुकी है और आगामी चुनावों में ऐसे सभी राजनेताओं को हिन्दू समाज करारा सबक सिखाएगा।

विनोद बंसल,
मीडिया प्रमुख,
इंद्रप्रस्थ विश्व हिंदू परिषद, दिल्ली
मो : 9810949109
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More than 200 leading Museum Professionals from 9 countries and over 20 cities of India are participating in an International Conference on Strategic Transformations in Museums in New Delhi & Kolkata from February 10-14 2014.
AnInternational Conference and Intensive Seminar on ‘Strategic Transformations: Museums in 21st Century’was inaugurated by Smt. ChandreshKumariKatoch, Hon’ble Union Minister of Culture today at the National Science Centre, Delhi in presence of Prof. Dr.Hans-Martin Hinz, President, The International Council of Museums (ICOM), Dr.KapilaVatsyayan, Former Secretary (Culture) and Founder Director & Chairperson of Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Dr.SarojGhose, Former President ICOM and Adviser to the President’s Secretariat, Delhi, ShriPramod Kumar Jain, Joint Secretary of Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India & other eminent museum professionals and cultural personalities.
The conference has been organised by National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India in collaboration with Indian Museum, Kolkata, National Museum, Delhi and National Committee of ICOM and supported by Ministry of Culture, Anthropological Survey of India, British Council and Indian Overseas Bank. The delegates will deliberate on four important themes; ‘Museums and Transformations’, ‘Museums and Digital Domain’ ‘Museums and Human Resource Development’ and ‘Museums and Relevance’. The Kolkata leg of the conference shall coincide with the yearlong activities of the bicentenary celebrations of the Indian Museum, Kolkata, the oldest museum in the sub-continent.
Museums all over the world are witnessing a sea change in recent times in concept, approach, management and communication. Attractive architecture, inviting displays, visitor friendly communication tools and visitors centric planning are replacing traditional approach. Due to advent of Digital technology and other resources has transformed museums making them places of learning& cultural experience. They are no more storehouses of tangible cultural objects but places of experience &learning.  They play an important role in community development. Deliberating & sharing of best practices by leading museum professionals from across the world will help in drawing aroad-map for transformation of Museums in India,to match the global trends.

About NCSM:

Note:NCSM, an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India is the largest network of science centres/museums/planetariums in the world. Having its Headquarter in Kolkata, it manages 25 science museums/centres spread across the country. In addition it has developed 22 Science Centres which have been handed over to different States and Union Territories of India.  NCSM has also developed several centres and galleries for different Govt. organsiations such as ONGC, BEL, ICAR and also collaborated internationally for development of Museum/Science Centres or for galleries such as Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, Mauritius, ”India gallery on Buddhism’ at ‘International Buddhist Museum’, Sri Lanka etc. NCSM strives to communicate Scienceand educate masses by its Mobile Science Exhibitions, Lectures and Demonstrations, Training and Workshops, Publications etc. NCSM has also sent exhibition to countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Russia, USA, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Bulgaria and France. In short, NCSM is taking science to people and making people for Science. Science City Kolkata, developed by NCSM, is one of the best places to visit. For more details please visit our website or feel free to contact at the numbers given below.
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Date: 13 February 2014
Time: 3:00pm to 3:30pm
Followed by Tea and Coffee
Venue: CPR Conference Room

About The SARCist:
The SARCist is an initiative of the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, India. It is funded by The Asia Foundation. In response to the renewed interest in the development of South Asia as a regional economic entity; The SARCist is an initiative towards building a virtual knowledge platform for purposes of policy advocacy on issues of regional cooperation with particular emphasis on trade and investment flows. South Asia has a rich heritage of internationally renowned Think Tanks working on various policy issues pertaining to regional cooperation. The SARCist endeavours to bring together the excellent work being done by many of these think tanks in South Asia as well as think tanks outside South Asia which are working on South Asian cooperation. It also intends to bring together lesser known, yet immensely strategic institutions in border states working on cross-border trade issues.
The SARCist helps to create a virtual space which acts as a one-stop-shop for all policy reports, data analysis, news and events, and other knowledge products developed by the various think tanks in the region. The SARCist endeavours to take it a step further and provide a space for experts and young scholars to debate and discuss key issues of relevance on trade and investment in South Asia. This will in turn help to generate new knowledge products and promote greater regional cooperation among South Asian countries.
I look forward to your participation.
A line of confirmation will be highly appreciated.
With regards,
Navroz Dubash
Senior Fellow
Officiating as Chief Executive
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Feb 9 at 2:59 PM
Dear Sir/Madam,
National Council of Science Museums(NCSM), an autonomous organisation under Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India is going to organise an International Conference & Intensive Seminar on‘Strategic Transformations: Museums in teh 21st century’ in collaboration with Indian Museum, Kolkata, National Museum, Delhi and INC-ICOM. The conference shall be held from 10-14th February 2014 at Delhi and Kolkata. The Kolkata session shall coincide with Bicentenary Celebrations of Indian Museums, Kolkata.
Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch, Hon’ble Union Minsiter of Culture would inaugurate the conference at 9.30 AM on 10th February 2014 at National Science Centre, Delhi.
You are cordially invited. Please find attached copy of the Press Releasse for your reference. At the same time, I hope you will find it good enough to be published/telecast.
Hope to meet you at the conference.
Satyajit N Singh
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          All India Traders Convention on 27-28 Feburary at New Delhi

In the wake of forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), apex body of the trading community of the Country in a well planned strategy has chosen the right time to project their issues strongly before the political spectrum at a time when political parties are under much pressure due to Lok Sabha polls. The CAIT is holding an All India Traders Convention on forthcoming 27th and 28th Feburary at New Delhi which is likely to be attended by thousands of trade leaders from all over the Country. The CAIT has sent invitations to senior leaders of all prominent national and regional political parties to attend the Convention.

CAIT National President Mr. B. C. Bhartia aand Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal informed that the Convention assumes much significance keeping an eye over the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls because of the reason that trade leaders across the Country will finalise their role in the Lok Sabha Polls. They regretted that during last 65 years utter discrimination has been done with traders of the Country by all political parties and Union and State Governments which has irked the traders. Therefore, the traders are in a mood to have one to one dialogue with political leaders on their issues and will consider t o support only those parties who will be eager to resolve their issues.

More than 6 crore business enterprises are conducting their business activities in unorganised sector providing employment to more than 25 crore people and generating an annual turn over of more than 25 crores of rupees but still the polity has grossly neglected the trading community. ” Either listen to us-or forget our votes” shall be the fundamental slogan of the Convention.

The trade leaders expressed great regrets that other sectors of the economy have been given preferential treatment since all other sectors have a policy and a seperate ministry but even being such an important contributor to national economy and the big size of the traders in the Country, they neither have a policy nor any ministry. All such issues will be raised in the Convention and the traders will decide their role in forthcoming elections which will be declared in the Convention itself.
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Jean-Philippe Bottin
To Jean-Philippe BottinMe
Feb 9 at 5:48 PM
Dear friends,
You might remember the Christophe Chassol event at Alliance Française, last year, during Bonjour India.
If you have missed it, if you have enjoyed it, don’t miss the new version of Indiamore on 11 February (details in the attached e-invite).
At Ashoka Hotel Amphi Theater 7 PM
Please print this invite, if you want to come.
Warmest regards,

Jean-Philippe Bottin
Directeur, Alliance Française Delhi
Délégué Général Inde Népal, Fondation Alliance Française
72 Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110 003, India
Mob: (91) 9560004641, Twitter: @JPBottin
33% Now  
Pass the Women Reservation Bill Now

Performances: Song- Ashish Dha, Faiz poetry by Shefali, movement songs- Himmat Mahila Samuh and BGVS Cultural Group, 
songs, poetry, short speeches by students of  Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, Sri Venkateshwara School, Dwarka, Sam International School, Dwarka., Maxfort School, Dwarka, Blue Bells School, Kailash Colony. 
Women comprise nearly 50 per cent of India’s population yet continue to be under-represented in all aspects of politics including as elected representatives in the Parliament and Legislative Councils. The marginalisation of women from politics is clear as today, only 10.9 per cent of the parliamentary seats are held by women and women make up less than 1 percent of ministers and 4 percent of the negotiators in major development processes.
The 33% Now is an alliance of leading Institutions working in the field of women’s rights and social action. The goal of 33% Now is to advance women’s equality and empowerment by getting Women’s Reservation Bill passed by the Lok Sabha in the present session.
The demand for women’s reservation bill being passed in the current session of the Lok Sabha, is also being rallied through a strong online and mobile push to connected the youth, particularly women.
A number of partners have been brought together for online advocacy engagement. There is a petition underway on; a toll-free hotline has been set-up by Gramvani for people to express solidarity for the demand
The online aspect of the campaign which is very focused on generating a debate on the bill as an instrument of women representation and voice at the national level is called #ready2lead and builds on the existing recall of#33percentNow.
The idea is to support the digital presence among the youth to make the 33% Now network’s offline work of campaigning visible.
33% Now members include:
All India Democratic Women’s Association(AIDWA), All India Democratic Writers Association, All India Mahila Congress, All India Progressive Women’s Association(AIPWA), All India Students’ Federation (JNU), All India Women’s Conference, ANHAD , Ashrey Welfare and Charitable Society, BAHAI office of Public Affairs , BGVS, Center for Social Research (CSR), ChetnaVikas- Jharkhand , EKTA- Tamil Nadu, Guild of Service, Himmat Mahila Smooh- Haryana , HNYKS- Haryana, Hope For The Suffering, Institute for Social Development- Odisha, Integrated Development Foundation (IDF)- Bihar, Jagori, Mahila Rajsatta Andolan (MRA)- Maharashtra, Ms. MalathiSubramanium- Independent Researcher , Ms. UshaMehra- Author, Ms.Sunila Singh- Independent Consultant, National Federation of Indian Women, Oxfam India , PRIA, Rajasthan University Women’s Association (RUWA) , SAMLA, Sanlaap India, Stree Shakti , The Hunger Project , The Young Citizen of India- Gujarat, Vasavya Maliya Mandali (VMM) -Andhra Pradesh, WomenPowerConnect(WPC), Young Women’s Christian Association(YWCA)

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...