Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Appeal to Anna Hazare

The Prime Minister's Office has noted with deep disappointment that Shri Anna Hazare, the noted social worker, is still planning to go ahead with his planned hunger strike.

Shri Hazare and his colleagues had met the Prime Minister, the Law Minister and other senior officials on March 7, 2011. During the discussion that last more than one hour, the Prime Minister had told the group that “I appreciate and share your concern on corruption.”

Shri Hazare and his group had presented the Prime Minister a draft of their proposal on a Lokpal. The Prime Minister offered and the group accepted a suggestion that a sub-committee of the Group of Ministers could interact and discuss the draft with the civil society activists.

The Sub-Committee, headed by Shri A.K.Antony, met Shri Hazare’s colleagues but the interaction proved fruitless as the activists were insisting on the Government accepting their draft in full.

The Prime Minister has enormous respect for Shri Hazare and his mission.

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