Saturday, October 24, 2015

Prime Minister of Peru has a bill on his desk

The Prime Minister of Peru has a bill on his desk that would turn one of the most precious corners of the Amazon into a National Park — he just needs to sign it. Every hour he doesn’t sign it, this treasured piece of land is being destroyed. Join the urgent call to save the Sierra del Divisor:
Dear friends,
A beautiful, far-flung piece of the Amazonian rainforest is under threat — vast swathes of untouched land home to jaguars, cougars and a vast range of flora and fauna are at risk of being destroyed by illegal coca growers and loggers. But with a stroke of his pen, the Peruvian Prime Minister could turn it into a National Park and save it.
The bill to protect the forest is on his desk and PM Cateriano is considering signing it right now — but every hour he doesn’t, this treasure is being destroyed. If he takes a stand against this illegal destruction, his leadership could inspire others to protect the planet and his example will echo down generations. But it’s up to us to make sure he knows that.
Activists in Peru say if Cateriano knows the whole world is supporting him, it will tip him to take action. Environmentalists and indigenous groups have been lobbying for twenty years to get this area protected. Let’s give it a final Avaaz push. Click to sign the petition, and Avaaz will deliver it directly to the Prime Minister’s office:
Sierra del Divisor is a unique part of the Amazon. It’s home to many indigenous Peruvian communities, and one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. But time is running out. Illegal loggers, gold miners and coca growers are destroying it, and now there are rumours of road building and oil and gas operations that could threaten the area.
Some might say that making Sierra del Divisor a National Park will not be enough to stop illegal extraction. But National Park designation is like turning on a tap, and once you turn the handle, it gushes out manpower, financial resources, stricter regulations and inspections.
We’re almost there: since 2006, there has been a joint effort of conservationists, indigenous communities, government officials and the private sector all pushing to make Sierra del Divisor a protected area. Now it is finally ready to go — all it needs is one signature. Click to sign the petition — let’s show Cateriano the whole world cares, and wants him to be a hero:
The Avaaz community has stood up time and again to protect our forests – last year tens of thousands of us donated to buy and protect an area where many of the world’s remaining orangutans live. Now let’s persuade Peru’s Prime Minister to be the leader the world is crying out for and save this majestic land.
With hope and determination,
Riccardo, Maria Paz, Oscar, Alice, Luis, Caro and the whole Avaaz team.
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Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane  Patricia weakens after battering Mexico hours after landfall; Authorities evacuate thousands along the country’s Pacific coast.
Patricia, a Category 5 storm, has made a landfall on Mexico’s Pacific Coast with sustained wind speeds reaching 380 km per hour. Thousands of people have been evacuated as life-threatening flooding and mud-slides are feared along the hurricane’s path..Mexico’s National Meteorological Service has downgraded Hurricane Patricia to a Category The storm is currently centered about 80 km south-southwest of the state of Zacatecas. Hurricane Patricia as it whirled its way through the coastal town of Barra de Navidad.
Patricia having moved inland, the coastal threat is decreasing, according to the Miami-based center. A forecast for strong and damaging winds as well as very heavy rainfall remains, which could lead to “Life-threatening flash floods and mudslides in the Mexican states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima, Michoacan and Guerrero through Saturday,” the center said.


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A Home Run for a Better World!
Grand Slam Baseball to mark 70th Anniversary of the United Nations in New Delhi
This year, United Nations Day (24 October) will be observed in New Delhi in a rather unusual way; with an exhibition international youth baseball match; and, in the true spirit of the UN, with student players representing several nations of the world being hosted in the baseball field at the Embassy of the United States in Chanakyapuri.
Showcasing unity and diversity, this exhibition match will be viewed by members of the UN family, diplomats, NGOs and school and college staffers.
The New Delhi Little League, a decades-old tradition held annually in the US Embassy, perfectly captures the spirit of diversity and collaboration and the United Nations Day celebrations will highlights the UN theme of Sports for Peace and Development.
In addition to players representing the American Embassy School, British School, Pathways, Modern School, Delhi Public School and others, the event will feature appearances by top United Nations and US Embassy representatives. Principals and board members from other local and international schools will also be on hand to witness how youth baseball offers unparalleled opportunities to learn and nurture valuable life-skills and celebrate diversity.
Grand Slam Baseball develops youth and adult baseball across India while creating life-changing opportunities for players and coaches both in India and abroad.  Whether it’s enabling government school students to play alongside athletes from the country’s best institutions, or of using the game of baseball as a means to enable India’s brightest candidates to attend universities in the United States (and elsewhere), Grand Slam baseball is bringing a sporting revolution to India. 
Learn more about how baseball is changing lives at or

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United Nations Information Centre
for India and Bhutan
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Tel: 91 11 2462 3439

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