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AirAsia Promotes Logan Velaitham as Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer

Promotion reflects the growing importance of Singapore operations and fantastic growth potential

SINGAPORE, 15 August 2012 – AirAsia, the world’s best low cost airline announced the promotion of Logan Velaitham as AirAsia Singapore’s Chief Executive Officer. Logan was last posted to Singapore in May 2012 as Country Head of the Singapore operations, where he was responsible in expanding AirAsia’s presence in the island republic and Johor.

AirAsia Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Sri Dr Tony Fernandes said, “Our Singapore operations, which service 45 flights per day has become a very important part of our operations as we continue to grow in Singapore, which is a critical regional and international hub. The Singapore operations currently services AirAsia Malaysia (AK), AirAsia Indonesia (QZ) and Thai AirAsia (FD) flights, and will soon service many other AirAsia affiliates’ flights as we expand and grow across the region. Singapore itself has its own growth plans which we are pursuing aggressively, and we hope to be able to make significant growth in Singapore in the near future”.

“Logan’s leadership has allowed us to grow the way we did and I am happy to be able to promote him to reflect the growing importance of the Singapore operations, its fantastic growth potential, as well as recognize Logan for his loyalty, dedication and contributions to the Group. I am especially proud to see the progress he has made in his career with the company, as he has come a long way from the days when he was a flight steward with Singapore Airlines, which kicked off his aviation career. At AirAsia, we believe that our people are raw diamonds that we can mould and sculpt into shining gems, and Logan is a shining example of how AirAsia grows people’s careers and make their dreams come true,” he added.

Logan will continue his responsibilities to manage the current operations at the airport, as well as the administration of AirAsia Singapore’s office and employees. A critical role for him is also to prepare AirAsia for further growth by working closely with the market and regulators and government agencies in Singapore.

Prior to his appointments as CEO and Country Head, Logan was AirAsia Regional Head of Customer Experience. With over 20 years in the aviation service, he brings with him a wealth of experience in operations, service formulation, planning, implementation and execution of process for both inflight and ground services.

Logan was also involved in formulating customer service strategies and automating processes in promoting self-service, to enhance the travel experience with AirAsia. He played an instrumental role in setting up services for AirAsia Philippines, AirAsia Japan and the company’s long haul affiliate, AirAsia X.

As a globally recognised ASEAN brand, AirAsia is strengthening its structure to support the focus to open operational hubs throughout all of its member countries and connect ASEAN people with our vast network. AirAsia recently launched AirAsia asean, the regional base of the world’s best low-cost airline in Jakarta. The group currently has local affiliates in Malaysia (AirAsia Malaysia), Indonesia (AirAsia Indonesia), Thailand (AirAsia Thailand), Philippines (Philippines AirAsia) and Japan (AirAsia Japan).


Report by Anil Panwar

A massive convention was held in Gurgaon with participation of thousands of workers chaired by Com. Suresh Gaur, President of District Committee AITUC. Com. Anil Panwar District Secretary AITUC conducted the convention whereas Com. Gurudas Das Gupta Member of Parliament and General Secretary, AITUC was the main speaker. The other leaders who addressed the convention included Com. D.L. Sachdev and Com. Amarjeet Kaur National Secretaries AITUC, Com. N.P. Munjal, General Secretary, Haryana State Bank Employees Federation apart from the leaders of various AITUC affiliated unions of different industries in Gurgaon and Manesar area.

This convention was held in the aftermath of the tragic death of a manager in Maruti Suzuki plant in Manesar after violence erupted in the administrative block of the plan when the day long negotiations between the union & management failed on 18th July evening.

The convention condemned the violent incident unequivocally and demanded for release of the innocent workers who have been arrested at random by the policy during heir action to arrest the guilty. No workers or their families be harassed unnecessarily of Maruti Suzuki plants. The convention demanded CBI probe into the incident for the whole truth to come out behind the incident. The convention also demanded CBI probe into the erstwhile incident at RICO factory in which a worker was killed and another worker was booked for the crime wrongly, we know the truth is being sacrificed.

While addressing the convention Com. Gurudas Das Gupta alleged that the labour departments are acting on the behest of the managements for rejecting, delaying or accepting the registration of unions. He urged the labour officials not to buckle under the pressure of the capitalists and work with honesty. He said that the violence has no role in the trade union activity and it damages the image as well the movement of trade unions. Maruti Suzuki management was always opposed to unionization of workers & their interaction with any central trade unions, they allowed only pro-management unions and ignored them as well as on workers demands, he said. The situation has been long developing in Maruti which erupted in this violent episode. Maruti management had retrenched 500 workers in the year 2000 destroyed the union. Gurudas Das Gupta said that the matter for reinstatement of employees was taken up with respective Prime Ministers and Haryana Govts, but to no avail. He alleged that the management appoint bouncers to threaten unions & the workers. This is illegal & against the factory Act 1948. The police needs to act so that such anti social elements are not deployed with intent to threaten and harm workers & union leaders, he said.

He warned the labour department & the central & state govts. that if they fail to check continuous harassment of workers to pursue their legitimate rights of unionization and collective bargaining, then AITUC would resort to large mobilization & agitation in Gurgaon & Manesar. He urged the Govt. to get the Manesar Plant opened, remove the environment of fear, proceed for steadfast ending of contract system.

Besides Com. Gurudas Das Gupta, Coms. Murli Kumar, Kuldip Singh Pradhan-Sona Steering, Rajbir Chahal, Harjit Singh-General Secretary, Honda Union, Dilsingar-Secretary, M.K. Auto Union, Ranjit Singh- General Secretary-Q.H. Talagbrush, Suresh Yadav, H.R.E.C. Pradhan, Navraj Dahal- General Secretary Napino Auto, Subhash Diwan, Bhupan Das Napino Auto Udyog Vihar, Dushyant Lyumax Dharuhera, Ram Niwas – Hema Union, Vimal Kumar Microtech etc. addressed the Convention.

Those unions who participated in the convention are: Honda Union, Sona Steering Union, Sona Somic Union, Q.H.Talgbrush Union, Senior India Union, Napino Auto IMT & Udyog Vihar, Munjal Sowa, Hema Union, STI Union, Del Fee Union, Lyumax Dharuhera, Worldwide Union, M.K. Auto Union etc.

THE GRAND COUNCIL OF CHIEFS OF MEGHALAYA(Ka Dorbar Ki Khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynniewtrep)


Date: August 17, 2012


Kum shibynta ban kynmaw ia ka sngi August 17, 1948, kaba dei ka sngi ba la mynjur pdiang bad soi ka Sorkar India ia ka dulir ka Jingiateh bad ki jingkular (Instrument of Accession and Annexed Agreement kaba la soi ha shillong ha ryngkat u Lat (Governor Assam) ha ka 15 Dec 1947 bad la soi pynskhem pat da u Governor General of India u C Rajagopalachari ha ka 17 August 1948) ka la don ka jingialang ba la pynbeit da Ka Dorbar Ki khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynniewtrep, ka Federation of Khasi States, ki Sirdarships, Ki Dolloiship, ka Council of Nokma, ha kaba la ia kynduh lang bad ki riewkhmat, ki longkmie, ki seng samla bapher bapher, kynthup ia ki nongialam bad ki dkhot jong ka kynhun Maitshaphrang, Khasi Students Union(KSU), Synjuk Seng Samla Shnong(SSSS), Federation of Khasi Jaintia and Garo People, (FKJGP), Jaintia Students Union (JSU), Jaintia Youth Federation (JYF), Khasi Jaintia Welfare Association(KJWA), Ka Lympung ki Seng Kynthei, Khasi Women Welfare & Development Association (KWWADA), Civil Society Womens Organisation (CSWO), Ka Federation of Riwar Mihngi Local Dorbar(FORMLD), bad kiwei kiwei ha ka por 11 baje mynstep, 17 tarik August 2012 ha Youth Hostel, Shillong.

Ha kane ka jingialang na ka liang u Bah John F Kharshing Chairman ka Dorbar Khlieh Nongsysnhar u la pynkynmaw ba ka sngi 17 Aug 2012, ka dei ka sngi ha kaba 64 snem mynshwa kata ha ka 17 tarik August 1948, ki la don ki dulir jingiateh bad ki jingkular ba la pdiang mynjur bad soi hapdeng ka Sorkar India bad ki Khlieh Nongsynshar ki 25 Hima Khasi States. Ki la don 16 ki Hima Syiem, 3 ki Hima Lyngdoh, 5 ki Hima Sirdarship kiba dei ki 25 Hima Khasi States, ki don ruh kumba 29 tylli ki Sirdarship, bad sha Jaintia Hills ki don mynta 18 dolloi bad kawei ka Sirdarship kiba ngi juh tip kum ki (British Areas). Sha Garo Hills pat ki don kumba 1500 ngut ki Nokma.

Kum shibynta ban kynmaw ia kane ka sngi, u la sam sha ki riew Rangbah, ki Nongialam bad ki dkhot Seng Bhalang samla bad longkmie, bapher bapher ia ki kot ki sla kiba iadei bad ki jingjia kumno ki 25 Khasi States soi ia ki dulir bad ha kaba ki jingsynshar ba mynta ki tynjuh ia ka jaidbynriew da ki Ain kiba khyllah bad kiba bun rukom, u la buh ia ka jingkyrpad ia ki samla ka Ri ban ia pyrkhat sani bha halor kitei ki dulir ba kyntang bad ba kordor jong u trai ri trai muluk. U la sam bad pyni ia ki Manifesto jong ki political party bapher bapher ha ka jylla Meghalaya kiba la kdew bad kular ban leh ei ei halor kitei ki dulir khnang ba kin rung ha ka Constitution of India, hynrei baroh ki jingiakren ki shu kut tang ha ki Manifesto. Katba ha ka IOA & AA la thoh shai ba ki Hima Khasi kin ioh nongmihkhmat ha Assembly bad ha Parliament bad ba ki ain jong ka Ri India kin nym treikam lymda mynjur ki Hima/Elaka Khasi States.

Kum ka nuksa u la pynpaw haduh katno ka jingma ka ap namar mynta la iohi kumno ba ka ain bapher bapher kum ka Indian Registration Act 1908 kam ithuh ia ki jingsynshar tynrai ha kane ka jylla ha kaba iadei bad ka die ka thied iing lane ka jingiadie ia thied khyndew, bad haduh kane ka por ki District Council bad Sorkar kim pat wanrah ia ki Ain ban pynkup bor ia ki bor Shnong, Raid bad Hima, bad namar bym don ka jingshai ha ka ain ki juh mih ki jingdkoh ki jingkynnoh pyrshah ia ki Nognsynshar. Ki la kdew ruh kumno ba ka ain Sorkar India kam ithuh ia ki dulir Hima, bad kane ka buh ia kiba duk ba shitom ha ka jingeh namar ki Bank ki ai ram lane ki ithuh tang ia ki dulir ba la register bad ka office jong ka Jylla, kine baroh ki long ki dak ki shin jong ka jingma kaba ap ia ka Ri bad ka Jaidbynriew. U la ong ruh ba haduh kine ki sngi ka KHADC lane ka Sorkar Jylla kim pat dep thaw ki ain kiba shai ban ithuh bad ban pynlong ain ia ki rai Dorbar Shnong, Dorbar Raid bad Dorbar Hima bad namar ka jingbym don ain kiba shai bun sien kine ki rai dorbar ki madan lut hakhmat ki ain Sorkar lane Ain KHADC bad hakhmat jong ka Sorkar Jylla.

Ha kane ka sngi la sei ki nia ki jutang tang kumno ban ia tei ia pynbha bad ban pynjanai ha kaba ka la don ka jingiapyni ia ka lait ka let ka tam ka duna, bad ia ka jingbha ka jingdon ki jingsynshar tynrai. La mih ruh ka jingkylli shaphang ka jingai NOC ka jingai khyndew da ki spah acre sha ki Company nongwei khlem tip ki khun ki hajar ha ki Dorbar Hima. Ki la mih ruh ki jingkylli shaphang ka jingbynshai ka iktiar (role, function, duty and responsibility) jong ki nongsynshar Shnong, Raid, Hima, kynthup ka jingbymshai shuh ka ka iktiar treikam jong ki MDC, MLA bad MP.

Ka la mih ruh ka jingkren halor ka jingma na ka jingpoi kha ha ka rta kaba tang 15 snem jong ki samla kynthei, bad ka jingdonkam ia ka ain ha kaba iadei bad ka kam shong kha shong man. La mih ruh ka jingkyrpad sha ki Khlieh Nongsynshar ban ai lad ia ki President bad Secretary jong ki Seng Longkmie Shnong, ban ia don bynta lang ha ka Executive Dorbar Shnong, kum shibynta ban nang pynkhlai ia ka synshar khadar ha ki shnong.

Ka sur kaba mih na kane ka jingiakynduh ka long ba dang donkam ban ia thir ia tai shuh shuh, ban ia kynduh biang bad ki kynhun seng bhalang, bad khamtam bad ki nongmihkhmat MDC, MLA, bad MP ban pynsngewthuh ban ia kren ia kine kiei kiei hapoh ki District Council, Assembly bad Parliament, ha kaba iadei bad kitei ki dulir bad la don ruh ki jingkylli bad ki jingpynshai kumno kitei ki dulir kin iada ia ka Ri bad ka jaidbynriew. Kumno ki ktah ia ngi hadien 64 snem. Ka la don ruh ka jingpynshai kumno ba ka dulir ki jaidbynriew Jammu & Kashmir ka paw dur hapoh ka Constitution ha ka Article 370, katba ka dulir jong ki Khasi States kam paw dur. La pule ruh ia ki kyndon kiba don ha ka IOA, kiba ktah ia u pud u sam. Ka la don ruh ka jingkylli kumno ngin pdiang ia kane ka dulir lada ka dei kaba la shah pynbor, namar ka dulir kaba shai ka dei ka Standstill Agreement.

Ha kane ka sngi La ioh jingkren na u Paiem Niandro Syiemiong, Syiem Hima Maharam, President, Federation of Khasi States(FKS), Paiem Phrester Manik Syiemlieh, Syiem Hima Nongkhlaw, Vice President FKS, Paiem R H Wahlang, Syiem Hima Jirang, Bah Michael Syiem, Convenor, Maitshaphrang, Bah Samuel Jyrwa, President barim KSU bad Information & Publicity Secretary, North East Students Organisation, (NESO), Bah Daniel Khyriem, President, KSU, Bah Rikut Parien, General Secretary, JSU, Bah Wellbirth Rani, General Secretary, FKJGP, Kong Rikynti Nongpuir, General Secretary, Ka Lympung Ki Seng Kynthei, Bah P Majaw, President JYF, bad Bah Andreas Sun, Rangbah Shnong Marbisu,

Kiba bun ki nongkren ki la pynpaw ba ki khun ki hajar ki don tang ka Dorbar ha kaba kin ioh ban ia kren ban sei ia ki jingeh bad kumta ki la kyntu ia ki Khlieh Nongsynshar ba kin lum tikna ia ki Dorbar Synshar Shnong, Dorbar Synshar Raid bad bad ki Dorbar Hima kum shi bynta ban iada ia ka Ri bad khamtam ia ka khyndew ka shiap bad ban pynneh ia kine ki jingsynshar tynrai.

Ha kane ka sngi ha ka sien kaba nyngkong la pyllait bad buh ha juh ia ki lama bad ki muhor kiba kyrpang jong ki Hima Khasi State , ki Sirdarship, bad ka lama jong ka Dorbar Ki Dolloi.

La pynshai halor ka rai bishar dang shen jong ka National Commission for Schedule Tribes (NCST) kaba 26 tarik April 2012, bad la pynshai ruh halor ka jingbuddien ki khlieh nongsynshar halor katei ka rai bishar bad ki tnad Union Ministry for Tribal Affairs bad ka Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs. La pynshai ruh ba mynta kaba donkam ka long ban ia trei lang baroh ban ioh ia ki jingpynkylla (amendment) lyngba ka Parliament hapoh ka Constitution jong ka Ri India

Hadien ba la ioh ia ka jingkren ai khublei na u Syiem Jirang, haba pynkut, u Chairman ka Dorbar u la pynbna ban pynlong ki jingia kynduh biang hashen bad ki Seng Bhalang jong ka Ri Khasi Jaintia baroh ban ba kane ka jingia kynduh man ka snem ha kane ka sngi kan iai bteng haduh ban da ioh pynpaw dur ia kitei ki jingiateh hapoh ka Riti Synshar (Constitution) jong ka Ri India


Bah John F Kharshiing

Chairman, Grand Council of Chiefs of Meghalaya

Chairman, Ka Dorbar Ki Khlieh Nongsynshar Ka Ri Hynniewtrep,

Spokesperson, Federation of Khasi States

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