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Organizing for Action
Naresh –
It’s a fact: There’s a group of House Republicans actually willing to sabotage our economy to make a political point.
Right now, they’re refusing to pass a budget by the September 30th deadline — letting the government shut down — unless Congress decides to defund all of Obamacare, too.
The most cynical part is that they’re willing to risk delaying new Social Security benefits and student loans, military pay, and other government services — all in the name of re-fighting a political battle they lost three years ago.
Only House leaders have the power to stand up to these bullies and work on a smart budget.
When it comes to describing this kind of behavior, words fail me. Under other circumstances, I might call this a tantrum — but that doesn’t begin to approach how high these stakes are.
Shutting down our government is not a rhetorical bargaining chip or a valid policy position. It’s a refusal to govern. It’s willful ignorance of the government’s role in our day-to-day life. It’s dangerous, and it threatens our entire economy.
So with 17 days left to pass a budget, it’s time to say enough already.
Add your name and tell House leaders to stand up to the extreme members of their party — pass a budget now:
Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action


Odisha Invest Rs.53,000 Cr No.1, Gujarat Rs.10,600 Cr No.5

Odisha Invest Rs.53,000 Cr No.1, Gujarat Rs.10,600 Cr No.5 – Modi Panic
September14, 2013
It is amazing Modi signed about 27,000 MoU for $1500b at six VB
Summits since VG2003 but as can be seen here just $2b got invested in
Gujarat 2012-13 FY when Odisha attracted over $10b out of around $50b
for India without any VG kind of stunt.
Even Punjab attracted twice more at $4b.
Obviously Gujarat economy was Crumbling and Modi panicked – poster boy
of BJP was getting exposed fast and wanted to move out of Gujarat to
Center Stage therefore his anointment was advanced.
In another story of 7850 UHNI in India including 1250 Women or 16%,
Gujarat accounts for only 225 or just 3% of India. Only a handful own
Out of 111,000 UHNI in the world, India today accounts for 7850 or
over 7% of UHNIs for just 2.5% of World GDP less than 2% at current
exchange rate.
Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Consultant
During the last summit in January 2009, MoUs worth $240 billion were
signed. The last summit had witnessed participation from nearly 45
countries. As against the achievements of the 2009 summit, this Summit
had participation from 101 Countries, with over 1400 foreign
delegates. About 7,936 memorandums of understanding (MoUs) were signed
for Rs. 20,83,000 ($ 450 billion) crore at Vibrant Gujarat Summit
2011. Around 100 tie-ups with leading institutions from across the
globe for exchange of knowledge were forged. Another distinct feature
of this edition of the summit was the participation of large number of
national and international speakers for various seminars and
discussions. Over 350 speakers had participated in more than 30
seminars. The event also provided excellent networking opportunities
through b2b meeting arrangements, network dinners, buyer seller meets,
export pavilions and catalogue shows. This year a state of the art
permanent structure “Mahatma Mandir “, was constructed for organizing
the summit.
Odisha top investment destination in India
Sidhartha TNN
New Delhi: Odisha emerged as the hottest investment destination for
new projects as investor interest in “prosperous” states such as
Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu declined during
2012-13, latest data released by the Reserve Bank of India showed.
Through a dozen projects funded by bank loans, Odisha managed to
get investors to commit to around Rs. 53,000 crore investment, a 27%
share of all-India investments. In contrast, Maharashtra is expected
to get investment of around Rs 21,400 crore in 70 projects, or 10.9%
of the pie. Punjab was the other surprise, moving to the third spot
with a dozen projects expected to generate investments of more than Rs
20,600 crore.
The numbers aren’t good news for the BJP and Gujarat CM Narendra
Modi, who are using high growth and investment in the state as a key
theme ahead of the 2014 general elections. Investment chart: Gujarat
slips to 5th slot G ujarat has slipped to being India’s fifth most
preferred investment destination while Karnataka, where the BJP was
also in power until recently, has lost sheen amid corruption-related
charges. But Andhra Pradesh (Rs 11,000 crore) retained the fourth slot
despite the state being hit by Telangana-related protests for the past
several months, while Gujarat (Rs 10,600 crore) ranked fifth.
“Share of Odisha has increased over the years due to its mineral
resources. While Gujarat attracted investment proposals mainly in
industries like infrastructure, petroleum products, metal and metal
products and textiles, project investments in Maharashtra have been
across almost all industries with larger share coming from
infrastructure (mainly power and telecom), transport services, textile
and construction,” RBI said in its analysis.
A senior government in the Odisha government told TOI that the
bulk of the investments are proposed in coal mining, steel and a few
port projects. Analysts warned that not all planned investments
At the all-India level, however, the numbers confirmed the go-slow
on investments with the number of new investment intentions by 969
companies adding up to Rs. 2.6 lakh crore in 2012-13, compared to Rs.
2.5 crore by 1,127 companies in the previous year. This means that in
terms of the amount involved the increase is barely 5%. TNN
India home to 1,250 uber-rich women
Has Highest Female Super-Rich Proportion
Kounteya Sinha TNN
London: There is finally some good news for Indians reeling under the
gloom of the falling rupee. India is now home to over 1,250 ultra high
net worth (UHNW) women with a combined fortune of $95 billion.
UHNW individuals are those with total net assets of $30 million
and above. At 16%, India has the highest UHNW female proportion of
total UHNW population in the world, according to a recent report.
Bangalore has recorded the highest percentage increase in the
number of UHNWs, increasing from 720 in 2012 to 750 in 2013: a 4.2%
increase in super rich people. It is followed by Chennai which has
seen a 4.1% increase in this category – 385 UNHWs in 2013 compared to
370 the previous year. However, in absolute numbers, it is Mumbai and
Delhi that record the highest number of super-rich Indians. Mumbai’s
super rich increased by 1.4% — from 2105 people worth $30 million and
above to 2135 in 2013. Delhi on the other hand recorded 1980 UNHWs
compared to 1945 in 2012. Mumbai and Delhi dominate with more than 50%
of the country’s UHNW population based in one of these two cities.
More than 90% of India’s UHNW population live in 10 cities which
include Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Gurgaon and
Jaipur. But among these cities, only Gurgaon and Jaipur has seen the
largest fall in the number of UNHW population over the past year – a
fall by 4.8% and 5.7% respectively.
Narendra Modi’s Gujarat has seen no change in its UNHW population
between 2012 and 2013. The number of people worth over $30 million in
the states has remained stagnant at 225.
Wealth X, a reliable source of intelligence on the ultra wealthy
has found that billionaires were the weakest performing wealth tier in
India in the last 12 months.


Modi BJP’s PM candidate

Modi named BJP
People glued to the TV to hear the Narendra Modi, strong and popular Gujarat Chief Minister, on Friday named BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls despite opposition from party patriarch L K Advani. Modi style of working which eases the people at large with clutches of lawlessness and redtapism is hope of millions of masses  of equality , justice and freedom for all.Can he deliver or be able to be chief excutive rather than be the only eloquent and no ground realties is bigger question but on anointment when he starts his speech with his space of belonging reflects the intention is clear.Many of poltical parties and leader or the ministers are Brilliant but when it comes to IMPLEMENTATION they always Let India Down.Thus India needs a leader who is capable to lead and execute and do not flutter with lame excuses.
Preacher of Hindu nationalist, four days short of his turning 63 years, was anointed at a meeting in New Delhi of the 12-member BJP Parliamentary Board which a sulking Advani skipped. 
The mega announcement was made by BJP chief Rajnath Singh after the meeting which was attended by Murli Manohar Joshi and Sushma Swaraj, who too were said to be opposed to Modi’s projection at this juncture but finally toed the majority line. 
Accepting the party decision, Modi gave a slogan “nayi soch, nayi ummeed” (new thinking, new hope) and said the BJP will go the 2014 polls with the plank of good governance and development while fighting against corruption and price rise. 
He said the country is going through a crisis and BJP would require blessings of people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Attock to Cuttack so that this situation ends. 
Thanking party leaders and NDA allies for their support, the three-time Gujarat Chief Minister said will work tirelessly to ensure that BJP wins the 2014 elections. 
Advani touched a sour note by releasing an angry letter written by him to the party chief almost at the same time when announcement about Modi was made. 
“This afternoon when you had come to my residence to inform me about the Parliamentary Board meeting, I had said something about my anguish as also my disappointment over your style of functioning,” he said in the two-para letter. 
“I had told you that I will think whether I should share my thoughts with other Board members or not. Now I have decided that it is better that I do not attend today’s meeting,” he wrote. 
Soon after the announcement, Modi met Advani to seek his blessings. During the 30-minute meeting, Advani obliged him but also asked him about the letter written by suspended IPS officer D G Vanzara who quit service while attacking Modi. 
Advani initially appeared willing to attend the Board meeting but changed his mind at the last minute. 
Rajnath Singh, who made the announcement after hectic back-to-back meetings, said the decision was unanimous and taken keeping in view the popular mood and aspirations. 
He said it was done as per the party’s tradition where the Parliamentary Board, the highest decision-making body of the party, takes the decision. 
Modi thanked party leadership and workers for reposing faith in him. He also expressed gratitude to NDA allies for supporting him through telephone calls. 
Wishing to rise to the people’s expectations, Modi expressed confidence that the people of the country will also repose faith in his leadership and the “new hope” it has provided. 
Rajnath Singh said the decision was taken keeping in view the mood and aspirations of the people. He said the decision was taken “unanimously”. 
On Advani’s protest, he said he is a respected leader and will continue to be respected. “We will keep seeking his guidance,” he said. 
Before the Parliamentary Board meeting, Gadkari met Advani to persuade him on Modi’s name. Swaraj and Ananth Kumar also joined the meeting. 
Advani had conveyed his reservations about announcing Modi’s name at this juncture. 
He had suggested that the BJP chief ministers should be consulted on the issue and the party should wait till the forthcoming Assembly elections to Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi are over. 
Advani was of the view that making Modi the Prime Ministerial candidate will put issues like price rise and corruption- on which the BJP has attacked the Congress- on the backburner and make the controversial leader the issue. 
Joshi and Swaraj, who too were said to be having reservations to Modi’s projection at this juncture, changed their stand to join the majority. 

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