Wednesday, May 7, 2014

‘Narendra Modi, the man of toady Martin Luther of yesterday would have surely loved’

It was a hot day in the still hotter climate of politics in the hotbed of politics ‘Uttar Pradesh’. A leader or rather a born leader with a definite vision with a strong mindset of his very own ideology and an agenda right from the depths of his heart spoke rather than a born politician, which always had been the norm in this state of politics, which has fated many prime ministers to its credit. Yes the leader in question here is none other than Shri Narendra Modi addressing "Bharat Vijay" rally in, Uttar Pradesh. Thousands fell silent as his softly spoken words slowly clamored down from the dais into the hearts and minds of millions of Indians who stood still listening to him totally spell bounded just as they were watching the latest potboiler from Bollywood. Nevertheless, some political parties listened to him just as the sheep stands still facing and listening to the growling Tiger before it pounces on it and finishing its life once and for all.
Has Uttar Pradesh finally found its first National Dalit leader belonging to a National party?
As many of his speeches, this speech was a little different as for the first time Modi acclaimed himself a Dalit leader belonging to a caste, which until now was the personal domain of a few local corrupt Dalit leaders and political parties without class and elegance. Thousands of dalits stood dumbstruck as the words sunk in and took meaning in their minds that this man Mr. Modi was in fact a Dalit. They still could not fathom that Mr. Modi the supremo of the biggest and the best political party in India was in fact a part and parcel of their own community, a true brother in arms. This declaration sent shockwaves not only in the political circles but also in India’s hugely dominated caste politics. For many who considered him to be an upper caste with humble background was a shock out of the blue but still it has not diluted his image in any way because of the man’s strong personality coupled with his honest national vision. Yes it’s a deadly distress signal to many Dalit leaders posing as yesterdays bastions or stalwarts of the Dalit politics looked as mere masquerades of sheer epitome. Yes, Modism in short is here to stay and it has added another feather to the Hindutva card of Dalitism. Truly his words mingled with sounds of patriotism and the thunder of the masses shook many in the white garb of politicians in the Indian political scenario. Even BJP was looking for such a leader who could move the masses under its umbrella and convert the Dalit support into votes.
‘Modism’ as many have now started calling his vision for a greater India of tomorrow is in fact an original thought process right from the heart of the great man. This is what makes him so desirable to the Indian public. In fact, many of his speeches contain tidbits in extempore of his heartfelt thoughts forming populist words for the masses who just enjoy listening to them. Magic of Modism is here to stay. Today in the darkest days of Indian politics people are striving struggling to look for a face, which can steer our nation on the right track of development, military steadfastness and a corruption free ethical political framework. People are looking for an end to corruption of every type and degree to save the nation and are willing to take any risk by electing who so ever promises ‘Ram Rajya’ even if the person is a Maoist masquerading as a gentleman. Mr. Modi somehow has managed to become that face people so blindly and desperately were looking for and BJP in fact has saved itself from certain doom by choosing him as their prime ministerial candidate. Today is of Dalits and tomorrow no doubt  would still be there’s and definitely they would decide India’s political future. Their development and rise certainly would be our nations rise and whichever political party promises their development is here to stay. Mr. Modi has in all actuality played politics of tomorrow today by declaring himself a Dalit Leader. He has made sure that his and his political parties golden future was here forever under his leadership.
Today as he has played his caste card he has somehow managed to win the support of all the Dalits in the country though a little late but still having the potential to change the Dynamics of elections in the remaining areas awaiting polling. One can certainly not refrain from comparing him with the steely Martin Luther King bastion of the black movement who strode the difficult path of a racist America in its yesteryears to get justice and equality for the millions of the exploited, apartheid, racist and weak black Americans. Mr. Modi’s attack on the high and mighty in cities and his strong belief in the nation’s youth as above caste, creed and religion based politics evokes a strong sense of leadership qualities as seen in the great Black leader of yesteryears.

Mr. Modi’s Charisma as a leader and a strong political opponent can be gauged from the relentless and vehement attacks on this tea vendor from a humble abode with still humbler antecedents by mostly all the major political party leaders. No matter what a new Dalit national leader can be seen rising on the Indian political horizon that will change the way Indian politics is played and will give more than a run for money to many local Dalit parties.

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