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AIDS – Guj Ranks 5th, 10th in Population & 8.6 Lakh Infected

December01, 2013
While Gujarat rank high at 5th Place in Number of AIDS cases though
rank 10th in Population. So Gujarat Ranks on Top in AIDS definitely.
Gujarat has over 6.3 crore population presently and over 1.32% AIDS
infection rate points to 8.6 lakh people already carry AIDS virus.
0.33% or 2 lakh plus population is AIDS Inflicted against national
average of 0.27%.
Gujarat is among top ranks in Malnutrition, Cancer, AIDS, Under Weight
Children, TB, etc but Low in Education just over 1% are selected for
Civil Services.
Serial Rapes ASARAM or Patan PTC are exclusive to Gujarat contributing
to higher than average AIDS cases.
Ravinder Singh
Inventor & Consultant
State ranks 5th in number of cases in India
Shayar Rawal TNN
Ahmedabad: Gujarat has a higher HIV/AIDS adult prevalence rate than
the country average and ranks fifth in the country in number of cases.
Gujarat has an adult prevalence rate of 0.33% against the all-India
    According to statistics made available by Gujarat State AIDs
Control Society (GSACS), there are 20.9 lakh people living with
HIV/AIDS of which 1.27 lakh are in Gujarat.
    GSACS statistics reveal that the adult prevalence rate was 0.27%
in the country, while it was 0.33% in Gujarat.
    Gujarat has the fifth largest number of HIV/ AIDS cases. States
with more cases are Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Karnataka and Tamil
    According to GSACS, a total of 5.2 lakh people were tested in the
general category between April 1 and October 13 this year. Of these
5.2 lakh, 6,855 people tested positive which is 1.32% of those tested.
    Interestingly, Ahmedabad tops the number of people testing
positive in all categories — general, pregnant women and sex workers.
In the same period in 2013, a total of 4.37 lakh pregnant women were
tested, and 463 were found positive.
    According to GSACS officials, the high prevalence rate is because
of rapid urbanization followed by the large numbers of migrant
labourers from within the state as well as from other states.
    The state also has the longest coastline with lots of ports and
the largest ship breaking yard, both of which attract migrant
labourers and truck drivers.
    GSACS has planned a series of event to work on decreasing the
prevalence rate.
    A training for 120 people was conducted by the society this month,
for distribution of a multi-drug regimen, a new treatment for
distribution of a multi-drug regimen, a new treatment for HIV/AIDS
patients. This will be gin from March next year.
Patan gang rape Guj HC upholds conviction of six
Lifers For Five, Sentence Of One Reduced
Ahmedabad: The Gujarat high court on Saturday upheld the trial court
judgment convicting six teachers in the Patan gangrape case in which a
19-year-old Dalit student was repeatedly raped over a period of time.
The trial court had sentenced all six to life imprisonment. The high
court upheld the life sentence of five teachers but reduced the
punishment of one, Atul Patel, to 10 years.
    The high court bench of Justices Akil Kureshi and Z K Saiyed
observed that the gang rape of the student of PTC-DIET was a clear act
of misuse of power as the student was in the teachers’ custody and her
career depended on them.
    The bench concurred with the punishment of life imprisonment given
to Ashwin Parmar, Manish Parmar, Mahendra Prajapati, Kiran Patel and
Suresh Patel as the accused had been found guilty of gang rape under
IPC Section 376(2)(G).
    However, in the case of Atul Patel, the court found his offence
“solitary” in nature as he had been exonerated from the charges of
criminal conspiracy and gang rape by the lower court. The high court
jailed Atul Patel for 10 years for the offence of rape.
    Special public prosecutor Manisha Lavkumar Shah said she was
satisfied with the verdict.
    “The court has accepted all our contentions and upheld that there
was enough corroborative evidence. The court even upheld conviction
for criminal conspiracy and for unnatural sex,” the public prosecutor
    Arguing as party-in-person before the high court did not help
Ashwin Parmar who was the prime accused in the case. The judge had
earlier warned the convict that not having legal assistance could
prove risky in a criminal appeal. The court had even offered him legal
aid by appointing an amicus curiae.
    On February 4, 2008, the Dalit girl — with other female students
of Patan PTC College — had gone to complain to the police about the
crime committed by the six accused teachers.
    The teachers were arrested and tried in a fast track court.
Sessions judge S C Srivastava found them guilty and sentenced them to
life imprisonment on March 6, 2009.
Gujarat high court on Saturday confirmed life imprisonment to five
teachers of DIET-PTC, Patan for gang-raping a Dalit student. The court
reduced the quantum of punishment for one to 10 years.
In February 2008, a 19-year-old PTC-DIET student in Patan accused six
of her teachers of repeatedly gang-raping her for six months. On
February 2, the survivor fainted at prayer time as a result of the
continuous physical abuse, leading to public outrage. A case was filed
two days later and the trial court convicted all six on March 6, 2009.
A month later, the convicts challenged the verdict in Gujarat high
TAUGHT Psychology CONVICTED FOR LIFE For conspiracy (120 B) & gang
rape (376 2 (G))
For conspiracy (120 B) & gang rape (376 2 (G))
For conspiracy (120 B) & gang rape (376 2 (G))
For conspiracy (120 B) & gang rape (376 2 (G))
10 years for rape (376)
For conspiracy (120 B), gang rape (376 2 (G)) & unnatural sex (377)

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