Monday, March 7, 2011

SP reiterates unconditional support to Congress led UPA govt

The stand off between the Congress and DMK continuing on seat sharing in Tamil Nadu, Samajwadi Party today reiterated its unconditional support to the Congress led UPA government.It says that the party is not in favour of a mid term election. Meanwhile, the Congress Party is holding internal discussions on the political situation in Tamil Nadu after DMK decided to pullout Ministers from the Union Cabinet, SP Chief Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav expressed hoped that the Congress party will be able to sort out its differences with the Dravidian party.

AIR correspondent, quoting party sources reports that Congress is hopeful of resolving the issue with the DMK. The Party maintains that it has not received any communication from the DMK about the decision to pullout Ministers from the centre. The DMK on the otherhand says that its Ministers in the UPA will submit there resignations tomorrow.

The DMK has 18 members in the Lok Sabha with six ministers in the Union Cabinet. The UPA enjoys the outside support of SP, BSP and RJD. They have an effective strength of 47 members in the Lok Sabha.

In Chennai, former Union Minister and the DMK Parlaimentary Party leader T.R.Baalu has said that the six ministers from the party would tender resignations to the Prime Minister directly.Kongunadu Munnetra Peravai (KMP) which is a new ally of the DMK has re affirmed support to the front today.

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