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Congress allies said President to be chosen with consensus

The former president APJ Abdul Kalam and two other names cause stir along with two names of Congress make the choice expand to five.With PM opting for President candidate, in-fight to intensify in Congress for three post  as FM moves to PM and other ministerial  fill the gap.All three probables are politically   suave.
TMC and SP, shot a political googly  by suggesting  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former president APJ Abdul Kalam and former Lok Sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee are the three people favoured by the  Mulayam Singh's of Samajwadi Party (SP) and Mamata Banerjee of the Trinamool Congress to be India's next president. On Sonia Gandhi's suggestions, the allies said that they wanted the president to be chosen with consensus.Mamata Banerjee today met Congress President Sonia Gandhi earlier in the day and annouced that Sonia Gandhi suggested the names of Hamid Ansari and Pranab Mukherjee as possible candidates for the post of President.Congress president Sonia Gandhi today made it clear that finance minister Pranab Mukherjee was her first choice for presidency and Vice-President Hamid Ansari was also in the reckoning.
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Syrian in civil war as govt troops continue heavy shelling continues and nearly 170 people killed across nation. Concerns for more civilian casualties to rise as government troops intensify attacks on areas controlled by opposition forces.Fighting continues between government troops and the opposition Free Syrian Army, which resumed its offensives after a series of civilian massacres allegedly carried out by pro-government militias. UN observers in Syria have admitted that the crisis can now be called a civil war.

Opposition forces are expanding their areas of control with the cooperation of local residents, while government troops are intensifying airstrikes from helicopters and long-range shelling from suburban areas.

A resident in the  town of Haffa told media on Wednesday that government forces are bombarding the town from the east and the west, destroying many buildings.Another resident in the city of Homs said fighting has intensified and that a UN monitor he spoke to by phone told him there's nothing they can do.

A human rights group in Syria says nearly 170 people were killed across the country on Monday and Tuesday.

ONGC is set to invest Rs 440 crore in drilling of 40 oil and gas wells in the Krishna-Godavari basin next fiscal, a senior official of the company said on Wednesday.

The drilling will be taken up in the next financial year as this year the oil and gas major has already taken up around 14 wells for drilling, the official said.
"The proposal for development drilling of 40 wells is with the Ministry of Environment and Forests for clearances. This year we have already taken up enough work (drilling of 14 wells). If the Environment Ministry asks us to go for public hearing we will go," the official said.
The onshore wells are located at East Godavari, West Godavari and Krishna Districts of Andhra Pradesh.
According to ONGC, there are two blocks with estimated reserves of 1,000 million metric tons of oil or oil equivalent gas in these three districts.
However, the quantity may up as the drilling is intensified. Last year, ONGC held public hearing for exploring 24 new wells in the same Districts.
ONGC, which has 24 blocks in KG basin, produces approximately 840 tons of oil per day and 3.8 million metric standard cubic meters per day (mmscd) of gas from its onshore blocks.
"These wells are from the nominated block prior to New Exploration Licensing Policy come into being. Most of the Petroleum Exploratory Licence (PEL) in the nomination blocks will expire in 2013 and therefore we need to hasten the process," the official explained.
ONGC had already applied for converting some of the PEL areas to mining leases, he added.

Cong seeks to project picture of unity in UPA

Congress said that consultations are on for the Presidential candidate and party Chief will take the final decision.
"Whenenver there has been a political challenge during the last eight years, UPA has shown that it is not only united but cohesive too", party spokesman Manish Tewari told reporters.
Tewari's remarks are significant as they come ahead of the Trinamool Congress chief's meeting with Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday.
Noting that party Chief Sonia Gandhi has been authorised by the Congress Working Committee to decide the next Presidential candidate, Tewari said the process of consultations was on and when a decision is arrived at it will be formally announced.
He steered clear of questions whether Congress could consider giving the post of the Vice President to any of its allies or supporting parties.
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Vibrant Gujarat delegation holds successful road show in Shanghai

Chinese Industry captains look towards Gujarat as the next Investment destination
Major Chinese companies keen to invest in infrastructure, heavy engineering, renewable energy and technical textiles sectors
Chinese companies looking for local partners in Gujarat

13 June 2012, Shanghai – A fifteen-member high-level delegation comprising government officials and business leaders from Gujarat, successfully concluded a two-day visit to Shanghai. The delegation which showcased huge investment opportunities in Gujarat witnessed a very strong participation in its road show held at Shanghai from Chinese investors and companies looking towards India, underlining the growing ties between two of the world's fastest growing economies. As one of India's most investor friendly state with huge thrust on Infrastructure, Gujarat talked of upcoming large projects and big-ticket investment opportunities including Dholera Special Investment Region (D-SIR) along the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor as well as India's first multi services Special Economic Zone focussing on financial services - Gujarat International Finance Tech (GIFT) City.

The delegation led by Mr. Bharat Lal, Principal Resident Commissioner, Government of Gujarat also held business interactions with Shanghai-based large corporate groups with interest in infrastructure, technology, construction, renewable energy, heavy engineering, waste management, financial services, technical textiles, heavy engineering and machinery, among others. The delegation along with Confederation of Indian Industry representatives (CII) also met members of China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the Government agency responsible for promotion of investment and business, to promote partnership between China and Gujarat.    

In the changing economic scenario, Gujarat with its excellent infrastructure and connectivity provides a great alternative to Chinese companies looking at reducing cost with an easy access to Gulf and European markets.

This visit ahead of the much awaited Vibrant Gujarat Summit in January 2013 comes in the wake of rapidly growing business and cultural ties between China and Gujarat which got a major spur when Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Narendra Modi led a high-level delegation to People’s Republic of China in November, 2011 on the invitation of CPC leaders. Mr. Modi's visits to Beijing, Shanghai and Sichuan and meetings with China's political leaders had sparked off a huge interest among business and industry leaders to invest and collaborate with Gujarat in several fields.  

The State of Gujarat has recently seen huge investments from large Chinese based companies. While TBEA, China's major power equipment maker has signed an MoU for a $400 million Green energy park in Gujarat, BTW has collaborated with Anand based Atlanta electrical for manufacturing of transformers. The state which is one of India's most favoured destination for domestic & foreign investors has been taking rapid strides in planning its industrial infrastructure and policies, creating a very conducive business and regulatory environment for industrial growth. The State is pioneer in implementing the Special Investment Regions Act and has delineated 12 SIR’s spread over 3,360 sq km, with Dholera SIR, Petrochemicals focussed SIR at Dahej being on the fast track. Its 55 SEZs, contribute 47% to India's SEZ exports. The State now aspires to capitalize on its inherent financial and business acumen to emerge as the next financial service capital of India through its GIFT city. Incidentally, GIFT is also being modelled upon Shanghai's financial centre at Pudong. With China’s strong foothold in these sectors, the delegation’s meetings provided an excellent opportunity for building partnerships.

During the road show, Gujarat Venture Finance Ltd (GVFL), a premiere private equity investor based in Gujarat with interests in renewable energy, waste management and urban infrastructure also presented the huge scope in these sectors in the State and invited investor interest for its Golden Gujarat Growth fund.

While addressing the august gathering of leading industries and investors, Ms. Riva Ganguly Das, Counsel General of India Shanghai highlighted opportunities offered by Gujarat which is a leading investment destination in India. Prof Sun Yang, Vice Chairman and Executive Director, Association of Watch World (AWW) urged Chinese investors to participate in the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013 in a big way.

The delegation explored the possibility and held discussions for a collaboration in engineering design and industrial planning, as Shanghai is recognized the world over for its rapid progress in large infrastructure like urban transportation, skyscrapers, landscape design, riverfront, industrial complexes, waste water treatment, pollution control, etc.

On behalf of Government of Gujarat, Mr. Bharat Lal invited Shanghai-based business leaders, investors, corporations, academicians and technologists to participate in the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Summit, January 11–13, 2013, to be held at Gandhinagar. The Vibrant Gujarat 2013 is planned as a mega event with over 100 knowledge events in various sectors, several of which are ongoing. The main exhibition will be spread over 1 lakh square metre of exhibition space and will provide a platform to all leading industries to showcase and explore expansion of their operations.    

From Shanghai, the delegation will move to Beijing where it has been invited to participate in China's biggest outbound investment event - The China Global Outbound Investment Summit being held on 14-15th June. The summit being organized by China enterprise forum with support from Ministry of Commerce is a platform for China's leading investors looking for opportunities abroad. In China, Gujarat is acknowledged as a major investment destination. At Beijing, the delegation will also hold a road show organized by the embassy of India wherein identified industries and investors have been invited. The delegation is also holding business interactions in Beijing with key industries.

CAG – RIL Operating in ONGC & GSPC Acreages –

CAG – RIL Operating in ONGC & GSPC Acreages – World’s Biggest Scam

In another major CAG finding on page 30 of following chapter IV – RIL is operating in ONGC block – this is new – earlier CAG reported RIL was operating in GSPC blocks also.

CAG has also Endorsed My Earlier Observation – KG D6 was essentially gas reservoir but RIL installed Oil & Gas facility – Chapter IV – Opening Para states RIL made 19 discoveries in KG D6 of them 18 were Gas wells.

These findings clearly points to MEGA LOOT.

Can you believe ONGC Relinquished Acreage Grabbed By RIL in favor of RIL?

Ram Nayak Conspiracies To Rob India  

RNC1. RIL was allotted block KG D6 adjacent to ONGC discovery area and RIL started operating in ONGC Discovery area in 1999-00.

RNC2.  In above Production Sharing Contract weightage for Technical Ability was just 6% thus the acreage that would largely go to ONGC went to RIL and GSPC who acquired 78 of 136 Offshore Blocks. Thus there was no preference to Experience and Qualified Staff.

RNC3. There was no priority to National Companies in Developing Most Valuable Natural Resources.

RNC4.  Contractors were free to market the Crude Oil & Gas in the Domestic Market.

Ø      But UPA Fixed Price and Determined Priority Allocation.

RNC5.  There was no Signature Fee, Discovery Bonus and no Cess on Crude Production.

RNC6.  RIL was allowed to use Most Powerful Rigs to could extract Oil & Gas in 10-12 kilometer radius.

RNC7.  ONGC relinquished acreage Encroached By RIL in favor of RIL.

Ravinder Singh
June14, 2012

Page 30
Newsletter june-page1.jpg
Josephine Mark
Co-ordinator – CzechTourism India
CzechTourism India
Embassy of the Czech Republic
50-M Niti Marg Chanakyapuri, 110 021, New Delhi, India
Tel.: + 91 (0)11 24108933

World’s Biggest RIL $Trillion Oil & Gas Robbery of GSPC – Press Alert
205bboe Reserves Worth $30 Trillion > RIL & GSPC Production $100b
To Press,
When India has 205 bboe reserves that at $150 per barrel are $30 Trillion worth but since 1999 India private companies have commercialized just about $100b or less than 0.3%.
RIL was found to be Operating in GSPC owned Block with most powerful and deep rigs that could take out all the Oil & Gas of GSPC discovery called ‘Deen Dyal Field.’ CAG report Executive Summary attached. Full report was not allowed to be released for strange reason – unlike dubious 2G report which was by CAG with media publicity.
Strangely in Overview ‘Executive Summary Of Biggest Operator in Terms of Oil & Gas Blocks Worth $Trillions Was At The End’ – not independently released like Colorful 2G report.
RIL promised ‘If Reliance's projections come true, it will change the entire energy supply chain of the country. This will further mean that projects to import liquefied natural gas in the country will be hit.
RIL in 2002 wanted to kick out LNG operators.
Offshore Drilling 65 in 2002-03 to 73 in 2011-12.
Study of Petrostat Page 17/162 for Offshore Drilling reveal in 2002-03 India was drilling 20 Exploration Wells and 45 Development Wells and total 65 – even after so many Mega Discoveries and allocation of NELP blocks to Private Companies since 1999 – respective figure is just 40, 33 and 73 for 2010-11.
But even more shocking is the low Meterage – India Drilled 194,000 meters in 2002-03 but little more 225,000 for 2010-11.
So average drilling depth was 2984 meters earlier is barely 3082 meters – almost nothing but RIL hired Drilling Rigs that were 5-10 times costlier. CAG overlooked this also.
Page 81/162 gives the comparison of cost of fuels – 16.36 crore tones of petroleum cost Rs. 455909 crores or Rs.27867 per tone whereas LNG cost just half Rs.12719 crores for 0.8949 tones or Rs.14212 per tone. Earlier also it was cheaper and has much higher calorific value.
RIL lobbied against Cheaper Green LNG also and India could import just 9 million tones in 2010-11.
Related information attached.
Ravinder Singh
June14, 2012
Reliance gas-find 40 times bigger than Bombay High
Hemangi Balse in Mumbai
Reliance Industries' gas discovery in the Krishna-Godavari basin is expected to
change the energy supply economics in the country with the reserves estimated to be around 40 times bigger than that of the Bombay High field, and double the total gas production of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation.
The Ambanis made the announcement on the gas discovery at the company’s
annual general meeting on Thursday.
Reliance's gas reserves in its exploratory block KGDN-6, off Vishakapatnam, are to the tune of 40-50 million cubic metres per day and are expected to go up to 100 cubic metres of gas over a 10-year period. Reliance's gas reserves are expected to feed the gas-starved country for almost a century. The firm will have to invest more than Rs 7,000 crore (Rs 70 billion) in extracting gas from the Krishna-Godavari basin.
Reliance is understood to already have received enquiries from several international oil majors for a partnership but is, however, planning to go it alone.
An industry source said: "If Reliance's projections come true, it will change the entire energy supply chain of the country. This will further mean that projects to import liquefied natural gas in the country will be hit."
Such a scenario puts a question mark on the slew of LNG terminals planned in India . Although most are on the drawing board, several global firms, including Shell, British Gas, and the local Petronet LNG, have bought land and carried out detailed feasibility studies to import LNG.
Reliance is delineating the gas reservoir, has drilled almost three wells, and needs 122 clearances at various levels of the government.
Though Reliance has a 10-year plan for the gas reservoir, the entire execution and commercial production is being chalked out in such a manner that it can commence production in two and a half years.
Reliance is the first private Indian company to have struck gas in a deep water
exploratory block in the country. It drilled a record 6,000 feet below the sea floor in the Krishna-Godavari basin.
Out of the total sedimentary area of 3.14 million sq. kms in our country, an area of 2.2 million sq.kms has already been licensed. This leaves us with an area of 0.94 million sq.kms that is open for offer. Further, out of the total prognosticated
resources of 205 billion barrels of oil and oil equivalent of gas, only 68 billion
barrels have been established as in-place reserves. There is, thus, a vast potential of 137 billion barrels yet to be discovered oil present in the sedimentary area of the country. It is my firm belief that this can be found by accelerating the pace of exploration in the country and by offering new acreages expeditiously.
DataWind founders Raja & Suneet Tuli win Technology Achievement Award
ICCC pays tribute to Indo Canadian Success
Toronto, June 12, 2012: The founders of DataWind Ltd., Raja Singh Tuli and Suneet Singh Tuli were awarded the Technology Achievement Award by the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), this past weekend at its annual Awards and Gala night at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.
In front of 1,200 community leaders across Canada, at the gala event, the Tuli brothers were recognized for their record of innovation, strong leadership skills and for enhancing the profile of Indo-Canadians with the global business community.  The Technology Achievement Award was presented by Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, Honourable Joseph Oliver and ICCC President Satish Thakkar.  “Our goal was to bring out the role models and celebrate their achievements in order to inspire, motivate and acknowledge their contribution to the fabric of Canadian society,” said Mr. Thakkar.
Serial entrepreneurs, Raja and Suneet have launched a number successful technology ventures over the last twenty years that resulted in successful initial public offerings on the Nasdaq stock market and products that even received recognition by the Guinness book of records. Most recently the development of the Aakash & UbiSlate tablet computers gained worldwide attention as the world’s least expensive computing/internet devices, breaking the affordability barrier in order to allow the next three billion people access to the internet.  Raja Tuli is a celebrated inventor with over five dozen patents across a wide range of imaging, communication and internet technologies.
Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of DataWind said, “We are honored to be recognized; it is a great validation of our vision, giving us the boost to persevere against significant odds in our mission to democratize the Internet by making it affordable for billions around the world”
This award is in addition to a number of awards won by DataWind over the last six months, including that of UK’s most innovative mobile company by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).
About DataWind:
DataWind is a leading provider of wireless web access products and services. DataWind’s product range includes the PocketSurfer handheld internet device, UbiSurfer netbooks and UbiSlate tablet devices.  Based on several international patents, DataWind’s breakthrough technologies solve the bandwidth limitations of cellular networks by accelerating content delivery by factors of 10x to 30x – resulting in a superior mobile web experience at a lower cost. Datawind was awarded UK’s Most Innovative Company award and are the makers of the Aakash tablet. DataWind has offices in Amritsar, London, Montreal, Dallas and New Delhi. (
Foundation for Peace, Harmony and Good Governance (FGG) cordially invites you
to the following
programme on Wednesday, 13th June 2012
Topic              : Protection Against Cellphone and Other Radiations

Speaker          :  Shri. Ajay Poddar
                             Expert in Radiation Management and Solutions

Chair              :  Shri. D. R. Kaarthikeyan  
President,  Foundation for Peace, Harmony and Good Governance (FGG)

Date & Time  :  6-30 pm, On Wednesday, 13th June,  2012
Venue             :
Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
All are welcome
Advisor: Law-Human Rights-Corporate Affairs

Former :
             Director, Central Bureau of Investigation
             Director General, National Human Rights Commission
             Special Director General, Central Reserve Police Force

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...