Monday, April 9, 2018


Taking sealing agitation to a new direction, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) is holding an ” All Party Traders Parliament ” on sealing issue on 10th April at New Delhi which will be attended by leaders of prominent political parties.and will held serious discussion to understand the gravity of the issue and will suggest remedial measures through mutual dialogues. The political parties will also make their stand clear on this issue.
CAIT Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal said that BJP State President & MP Mr. Manoj Tiwari, Congress State President & former Union Minister Shri Ajay Maken and Chief of Aam Aadmi Party & Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal have been invited to the event beside Delhi Deputy CM Mr. Manish Sisodia, all Delhi MPs of both LokSabha and RajyaSabha, Spokesman of AAP & MLA Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj, Leader of Opposition in Assembly Shri Vijender Gupta & Deputy Leader Shri Om Prakash Sharma and all three Mayors of MCD have also been invited.
Mr. Khandelwal said that about 200 prominent Trade Leaders of leading Trade Associations of Delhi will be attending the event. The CAIT will present a Traders Charter on Sealing to all parties and will seek their opinion. If through a mutual understanding something concrete is evolved, the CAIT will take an All Party delegation to Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh and others as a follow up exercise.
The sealing issue is now becoming one of the most critical issue among the trading community since it has vital bearing on livelihood of lakhs of people in Delhi. Sealing of one shop is disturbing livelihood of about 20 families. Gradually this issue is inching towards 2019 Elections as the traders are minutely assessing the role of political parties and in mutual conversation of traders it is becoming an Election issue for 2019. There are about 8 lakh commercial,establishments in Delhi providing employment to nearly 40 lakh people. The families of traders and their employees are also attached to establishments. On the other hand about 10 lakh people like Courier, Transporter, Hand Cart Owner, artisans etc. are also dependent upon the traders for their earning.
Such a big chunk of people if converted into a Vote Bank could bring mandate to its own choice. Some kind of deliberations and discussions are underway among traders in Delhi. If traders also have to face the wreath of sealing then Traders and their employees can easily convert themselves into a Vote Bank. Even otherwise, the traders are disillusioned from the current business scenario. Beside sealing, the complexities of GST, 100% FDI in single brand retail, No use of Mudra Yojna for traders and over and above gross neglect of traders by the Government are some of the burning points which can damage political fabric to a great extent.
The sealing issue is also important to trade of Delhi and its economy as well. If situation continues, there will be sharp decline in Delhi trade in coming days and huge loss of revenue to the Government. In last 3 months trade has declined to about 40% in Delhi. The important question is what is the fault of traders ? When Government Agencies proved utterly failed in development of Delhi why only traders are being penalised and traders and their employees are being deprived of their earning by sealing the business establishments.

100 political prisoners in Burma’s jails.

Dear friend
There are more than 100 political prisoners in Burma’s jails.
Burma is still a country where you can go to jail just for saying something the government or military don’t like.
But unlike in the past, in Burma, and internationally, very few people are doing anything to get political prisoners released. We have to change that and we need your help.
U Win Tin was one of Burma’s longest serving political prisoners, describing his time in jail from 1989 until 2008 as living in hell. On his release he refused to hand over his blue prison shirt, and pledged to wear a blue shirt every day until all political prisoners were released. He carried on wearing a blue shirt until his death on 21st April 2014.
Saturday 21st April is the fourth anniversary of the death of U Win Tin, and Burma Campaign UK is joining forces with human rights campaigners in Burma and internationally to raise awareness of political prisoners still in Burma’s jails, and to put pressure on the Burmese government to release them.
We are asking people to wear blue, as U Win Tin did, on the anniversary of his death. Put this in your diary now: “wear blue for Burma’s political prisoners”.
On the day, help spread the word by posting a picture of yourself on Facebook, Twitter etc using the hashtag #blueshirt4burma. Or on Instagram: @blueshirt4burma.
One political prisoner is one too many. With your help, we can free them.
Thank you for your support.
Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK
U Win Tin
Our mailing address is:
Burma Campaign UK
28 Charles Square
LondonN1 6HT
United Kingdom

India to historic table tennis gold at CWG 18

Manika Batra inspired India to a historic gold medal with her stunning singles victories, fashioning an unthinkable 3-1 victory over four-time gold medalists Singapore in the final of the women’s team event at the Commonwealth Games, in Gold Coast, on Sunday. Batra first scored the biggest of her career by humbling world number four and multiple Olympic medallist Feng Tianwei 3-2 before brushing aside 100th-ranked Yihan Zhou 3-0 to engineer a sensational win over the mighty Singapore side.
Batra was the architect of India’s historic win, the experienced pairing of Madhurika Patkar and Mouma Das played the supporting role to perfection by winning the crucial doubles tie 3-1 (11-7, 11-6, 8-11, 11-7) against Zhou and Mengyu Yu for a 2-1 lead in the final.
After Batra shocked Feng 3-2 (11-8, 8-11, 7-11, 11-9, 11-7) in the opening singles, Mengyu had equalized for Singapore with a straight game win over Patkar.
Batra then proved to be too good for Yihan, who failed to read her deceptive strokes. The Singaporean put a back hand long as the Indian completed a 3-0 (11-7, 11-4, 11-7), leading to wild celebrations.

India quest for medal at CWG18

Jitu Rai staged a grand recovery after a poor show in qualification to win gold in the men’s 10 metre Air Pistol event at the Commonwealth Games on Monday.
Om Prakash Mitharval, a 22-year-old armyman from Rajasthan, who led the field in qualifying, won bronze with a score of 214.3.
Australia’s Kerry Bell took the silver medal with a score of 233.5.
Mehuli Ghosh won  the silver medal after forcing a shoot-off in the women’s 10 metres Air Rifle event with a perfect final shot of 10.9, and Apurvi Chandela secured bronze, in the Commonwealth Games, in Gold Coast, on Monday.

Getronics announces new APAC CEO

Getronics announces new APAC CEO to lead business growth in the region
New Delhi, 9 April .Getronics has announced Mukul Jain as the new CEO of Getronics APAC, following changes to its leadership team in the region. The news comes as the company aims to double in size after  the IT services provider was acquired by Bottega InvestCo S.à r.l, in July 2017.
Mukul Jain has worked at Getronics for nine years, operating in a number of key commercial and management positions in the company, including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Sales Officer and Head of Professional Services Business Unit, where he has been pivotal in the renewal of key client contracts, as well as in revolutionising new channels for global and regional business.
Additionally, he will bring his strong regional knowledge and experience of the market, combined with his consulting, sales and operating background, to build on Getronics’ service quality and customer satisfaction in the APAC market. Mukul takes over from Frank Fellinger, who served as regional CEO for three years.
According to research from Forrester of the APAC market, while growth for technology budgets was only moderate in 2017, tech spending will accelerate next year to 5.7 per cent growth, representing huge opportunities for technology services in the market over the course of the next few months.
“We’re going through a very exciting period in the company’s history, as we seek to enhance our global presence following the acquisition,” said Mukul Jain, CEO of Getronics APAC. “APAC is a huge market and one which represents a massive opportunity for growth in technology. Getronics’ experience in providing dedicated end-to-end IT services and our understanding of the market complexities and nuances put us in a great position to respond to our customers’ needs.”

The Secret Law of Blessing by Karan Razdan

               ( Rahul Bali, Senior Correspondent, Sagar Media Inc)
“The Secret Law of Blessing” book is written by Karan Razdan, actor, writer and film-maker is a non-fiction work. Karan Razdan is a well-known Bollywood celebrity. Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki, Zara Si Zindgai, Jeevan Dharra, Tum Laut Aao, Disco Dancer are his Hindi famous movies of the 70s &80s.
Buddha said: “Make of yourself a light”. Razdan claims that he is a practicing Buddhists who believe in Karma. According to the author, spirituality is not only calm and serene but also a thrill, drama, and romance. Every human being deserves equal respect. Every human being deserves an equal amount of happiness and love and success. In a world of strife and violence and religious pollution, the book is timely and beautifully written and is recommended for one and all who really want to tread a path of spirituality.
The showcase of the book was organized by Ashi Foundation run by founder Mrs Pallavi Bhatara. Ashi Foundation is a non-profit organization working for the empowerment of children and women. Since 2000, Ashi Foundation under the leadership of the founder Mrs. Pallavi Bhatara achieved many milestones in educating poor and needy children. Women are skilled through life skill workshops to make them independent entrepreneurs. Ashi Foundation`s contribution to the upliftment of poor and needy children and women is commended. Ashi Foundation has been awarded 80G and 12A exemption under Income Tax Act for all contributions.
Mr. Gaurav Bhatara, an Educator and Founder and Director of AB Tutorials in his welcome address summarized the Buddhists philosophical thoughts. Sukhmani Buddha`s theory of Cause and Effect illustrates “Good deeds bring good results. Bad deeds bring bad results. Your own deeds bring your own results”.
A moderator, Ms. Vinita Bakshi, an award-winning sociologist and author of “31Miles: Can we even win against ourselves”? beautifully unfolded chapters of the book during a conversation with Karan Razdan. The function concluded with a beautiful song by Chinmayi Tripathi.


NEW YORK (9 April 2018) — In a major victory for Russian-born Hindus facing escalating attacks from government-aligned authorities in Russia, U.S. Congressman Gregory Meeks this week called on the U.S. government’s religious freedom monitor to investigate a disturbing pattern of attacks against Hindus in Russia. Meeks’ request, reported Friday in U.S. media, comes as religious freedom concerns in Russia are on the rise.
In a letter submitted to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, Meeks called on the Commission to exercise its mandate to investigate ongoing attacks against Hindu spiritual leader Shri Prakash Ji and his family in Moscow. Guru Ji, as he is known to his followers, has been the victim of verbal and physical harassment as well as overreach by Russian government agents looking to brand his religion as “extremist.”
“We are thankful for Congressman Meeks’ commitment to our cause,” said Shri Prakash Ji, who operates a prominent Indian cultural center outside Moscow and is the country’s foremost Hindu spiritual leader. “As a federal representative for one of the most diverse regions of the United States – and with one of the largest Indian American constituencies in the country – his voice means a great deal to our cause around the globe. It is our sincere hope that his constituents and his allies in Congress can continue to raise this issue with American officials.”
Attacks on Hindus have escalated since 2011, when a group of activists attempted to ban the Bhagavad Gita – Hinduism’s holy book. The situation escalated last fall when a number of men dressed as police officers stormed into Guru Ji’s cultural center to seize documents. A group of men also attempted to force their way into the family’s home, alleging Guru Ji’s followers were part of an extremist cult.
Meeks’ letter calls attention in particular to the actions of Alexander Dvorkin, a prominent anti-cult activist who has been using his authority on Russia’s Expert Religious Studies Council to target minorities, including spearheading the reputational and physical attacks on Guru Ji. Dvorkin and the Council have been singled out as concerning actors by USCIRF beginning in a 2009 report.
The ongoing attacks have prompted several pledges of support for the Russian Hindu community. Last year, Russian members of parliament held two events in the Duma to raise awareness about the attacks, which are just the latest in a series of religious freedom concerns to arise in the country. Non-orthodox Christians, as well as Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists, have been singled out as “others” and erroneously arrested, spuriously charged, and run out of the country as the Russian government uses the catch-all charge of “extremism” to persecute minority groups in an attempt to unite the country under a nationalist identity and the Russian Orthodox Church.

Today was a proud moment for our country

Today was a proud moment for our country.
Dr (Prof.) Anil Arora and his team set a new world record of “Largest gathering of joint replacement patients”, in the presence of Guinness World Records team at Delhi, on 8th April 2018. With this setting, Prof Arora’s Knee and Hip Surgery Clinic finds a place in Guinness World Records.
Dr (Prof.) Anil Arora is Senior Director and Chief Surgeon at Knee and Hip Surgery Clinic & Global Ortho, Senior Director & Unit Head in Department of Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement at Max Super Speciality Hospital and Institute of Joint Replacement, Patparganj, Delhi, Chairman of Global Knee and Hip Foundation, India. The World Record Setting Event was followed by CARE Program for Joint Replacement patients. Dr Arora told that this event was held, to dispel myths surrounding joint replacement surgeries and to remove misconception from the mind of a common man that joint replacement surgery is not successful. The previous was record was of 100 participants. In this gathering of 200 patients who had their joint replaced, participated in various physical activities including races and running. They also danced to the tune of some popular songs. These patients who had already undergone joint replacement surgery, shared their life changing successful stories.
Prof. Arora told that when one talks of joint replacement surgeries in our country, people carry negativity in their mind regarding the surgery and are not sure about the results. Joint Replacement Surgery is considered the most successful surgery of the last century and it can give you predictably positive results, if done by an expert, in a proper environment and by a proper technique. Millions of patients are there in our country who can derive benefits of joint replacement surgery but do not come forward for this surgery out of fear. This event was organized to showcase the positive results of joint replacement surgery and to remove the fear in minds of people about joint replacements. Prof Arora showed many couples (Husband and Wife) who had undergone Total Knee Replacement Surgery.
Prof. Arora told that there is no other better way to give this positive message to the society than showing live examples of hundreds of joint replaced patients who shared their life changing stories on joint replacement surgery.
People also have a misconception that it requires prolonged bed rest after knee or hip replacement surgery. On the contrary Dr Arora showed a case, where a lady who was bedridden for last 30 years, was able to walk independently 48 hours after PINLESS Computer Navigation Technology for both knee replacements. The lady was able to back on her feet again after 30 years!!! For this Dr Arora was awarded a record in Limca Book of Records in 2017.

CRISPR-Cas process

Novel  step is for the cell that reproduces a virus, whether useless or harmful, to develop some way to resist it. And, in fact, it was in this manner – as a bacteria’s defense against invading viruses – that the CRISPR-Cas process first emerged.
That process allows acquired characteristics to become inherited. In the course of a first infection, a small fragment of the viral genome – a kind of signature – is copied into the CRISPR genomic island (an extra piece of genome, outside of the parent genome text). As a result, the memory of the infection is retained across generations. When a descendant of the cell is infected with a virus, the sequence will be compared to the viral genome. If a similar virus has infected a cell’s parent, the descendant will recognize it, and ad hoc machinery will destroy it.
This complex process took many decades for scientists to decipher, not least because it controverted standard theories of evolution. But now scientists have figured out how to replicate the process, enabling humans to edit, with the utmost precision, specific genomes – the Holy Grail of genetic engineering for nearly 50 years.
This means that scientists can apply the CRISPR-Cas mechanism to correct problems in the genome – the equivalent of typos in a written text. For example, in the case of cancer, we would want to destroy those genes that allow the multiplication of tumor cells. We are also interested in introducing genes in cells that never gained them by natural genetic transfer.
There is nothing new about these objectives. But, with CRISPR-Cas, we are far better equipped to achieve them. Previous techniques left traces in the modified genomes, contributing, for example, to antibiotic resistance. A mutation obtained by CRISPR-Cas, by contrast, is not distinguishable from a mutation that emerged spontaneously. That is why the US Food and Drug Administration has ruled that such constructs do not need to be labeled as genetically modified organisms.
Previous techniques were especially arduous if one needed to modify several genes, because the process would need to occur sequentially. With CRISPR-Cas, the ability to perform genome modifications simultaneously has already enabled the creation of fungi and apples that do not oxidize, or turn brown, when they come into contact with air – a result that required several genes to be deactivated simultaneously. Such apples are already on the market, and are not considered genetically modified organisms.

Facebook 87 million datas under scrutiny

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says Facebook data could be in Russia
Whisle blower said facebook enormous data segregated at various regions in most scuentific method to dilute its significance. .
Most of the information improperly harvested from Facebook Inc users might be stored in Russia, said the former employee of Cambridge Analytica who blew the whistle on the data-privacy scandal involving the analytics firms role in the 2016 presidential election.
The data could be stored in various parts of the world, including Russia, Christoper Wylie said in an interview news  broadcaster NBC.
The professor who was managing the data harvesting process was going back and forth between the UK and Russia, Wylie said, an apparent reference to Cambridge University lecturer Aleksandr Kogan.
Wylie said it was difficult to verify how many people had access to the Facebook information or derivatives of that data because it was a lot of people, according to a partial transcript released by the network.
The number of Facebook profiles whose data was improperly shared with London-based Cambridge Analytica was first estimated at 50 million people. This week, Facebook raised that estimate to 87 million. Wylie said the true figure could be higher, absolutely.
Once data leaves your database, you know, data is a fungible thing, right? he said. You can make as many copies as possible.
Facebook founder and chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg is preparing to testify before Congressional panels investigating the mishandling of its data and other revelations about the social-media giant.
Zuckerberg is scheduled to appear before a joint hearing of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committee on Tuesday to discuss Facebooks role in society and users privacy. Hell back up Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
Social and Political experts are of opinion, Those who seek photographs or writing for commercial use or audio videos need to pay to the owner in case of Facebook datas the Chair
Zuckerberg has sneakingly transferred for his ulteriors gain without consent so in each country has the option to take appropriate action according to the law of the land.Facebook is both public good in many matters but could play toppling factor de stablising puluse of the people to create its purposes meet by creating fake news originating from isolated people to bring insurmountable loss to nation and nations thus participating  in planning strategy for political parties and nation to bring change according to funds exchanged. Social sites need to be tamed nationally globally its transparency each facebooks contributors need to be paid on its earnings.
media agencies

Vikas Thakur add India bronze medal CWG 18

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Sagar Media Inc : Vikas Thakur of India competing in the men’s 94kg final weightlifting. Vikas Thakur added a shade of bronze to Indian weightlifters’ golden run in Gold Coast on Sunday

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Sagar Media Inc: Experrs are in the opinion with national growth to puck on many counts the most important is expanding infra scope of enhance trade to eastern states GST imp for MSME to grow faster their surge seem slow but udrcurrent 2wild.Ind gain in Powr Minn trvel tel surge

Are we not becoming slave of English Language

Balraj Saggar. Are we not becoming slaves of English language and culture?                                                          
Unfortunate is the country where a foreign language is introduced at the first primary, even at the pre-primary stage. It not only establishes the supremacy of that language in the minds of small kids at their budding stage but also affects their power of understanding and expression. The system exerts a lot of pressure on their minds for learning that language, taking away their usual development of expression. It is an established fact that if you attain mastery over one language for which mother tongue is the best, it is easy to attain it over other languages too. During early years, let children be taught through mother tongue where aim should be to develop their power of expression as much as possible. National language, if it is not the mother tongue, may be introduced at third or fourth class level and English or any other foreign language in 6th class and as an optional subject. Domination of English in India is responsible for many of the ills.

We are adopting not only the language but also are highly influenced by its cultural background. In such a situation, it is but natural that Indians are drifting away from their rich cultural values. In order to set things right, it will be appropriate to make national as well as regional languages as medium of instruction for all subjects up to the highest level for which primary concern is to develop requisite vocabulary in all subjects for which Sanskrit is a vast source to depend upon. If this is not done, India will always remain slave to English language and culture.         

India win Gold & Silver in shooting CWG 18

India shooting laurels win with Gold medal the sixth gold Manu Bhaker makes it to target and Hena Sidhu shot solver medal in shooting events.
Bhaker pointed concentration , added her an effort calmly aggregated 240.9 points to break the Commonwealth Games record and finish well ahead of her senior teammate Sidhu, who aggregated 234.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...