Friday, May 20, 2016


On 10th June, the Power of Three will be unleashed as the formidable trio of exemplary actors in the shape of Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, with Vidya Balan in a pivotal guest appearance will be seen together in Ribhu Dasgupta’s emotional thriller TE3N! 
As the chase to nap a murderer heats up, Vidya’s character has to vend her way to different localities in the city of Kolkata. Vidya reveals that polishing her driving skills was the only real preparation she did for the movie.
“I know how to drive,” Vidya Balan said, “but I’ve never been a confident driver but for this film, I wanted to do it myself so I actually drove around Kolkata. Sujoy Ghosh was my driving instructor.”
Well, nothing like a film experience that teaches you something new!!
Watch out for the much awaited TE3N as it releases on 10th June 2016

The unprecedented scale of victory of ‪#‎BJP‬ in ‪#‎Assam‬ has left many wondering, while the saffron party is all abuzz, as they prepare to form a govt in the largest state in the ‪#‎Northeast‬ for the first time.
The unprecedented scale of victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Assam has left many wondering, while the saffron party is all abuzz, as they prep

Hillary;Donald Trump is qualified to be president.My answer was no.

Naresh, today during an interview, I was asked if I think Donald Trump is qualified to be president.
My answer was no.
This week alone, he’s alienated Great Britain (one of our closest allies) and praised the reckless dictator in North Korea. A qualified nominee would recognize that either of those statements is a colossal mistake.
But a qualified nominee would also never suggest that we ban all Muslims from entering our country, violating our deeply-held principle of freedom of religion and endangering our partnerships with allies who are absolutely essential in the fight against terrorism.
So, no — Donald Trump is not qualified to be president.
But if we don’t work as hard as we can every day from now until November 8th, he’ll be the next president of the United States.
The world is counting on us to win. I know you won’t let me down — chip in to say you’re with me and ready to take this fight all the way to the White House (we’ll send you a free sticker to say thank you):

Thank you,

Hillary needs you now more than ever — chip in to join more than one million grassroots donors standing with her:


A well in drought, chosen by instinct, praying to God,

The Asian news Daily
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Naresh Kumar Sagar
20 May 2016
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A well in drought, chosen by instinct, praying to God, man digging for 40 days; water found, he invited all, some who mocked him
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thumbnailwww­.worldculturepictorial­.com– 05/11/2016 HuffingtonPost chosen by instinct, prayed to God: 40 days digging a well during drought After his wife was denied water, man spent 40 days digging a well during drought…
New Twitter Account, Hashtag Re-Imagines Films #StarringJohnCho
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thumbnailwww­.nbcnews­.com – After a series of recent hashtag campaigns — #MyYellowfaceStory, #MyBrownfaceStory, #whitewashedOUT — in which Asian Americans and others spoke out against the lack of Asian and Asian-American repr…
#StarringJohnCho highlights Hollywood’s ‘whitewashing’ – BBC News
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thumbnailwww­.bbc­.com – That’s what social media users are asking, after a 25-year-old digital strategist created the website and viral hashtag, #StarringJohnCho. The site is a collection of popular movie posters that hav…
50 Young Asian American Stars in Politics – Asian Fortune
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thumbnailwww­.asianfortunenews­.com– This is a list of young Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) who are making a difference in politics and public service in this great country. Indeed, these stars shine brightly, and their …
Leaked Documents Confirm Facebook Deciding Which News Stories Trend – Breitbart
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thumbnailwww­.breitbart­.com – The document shows that Facebook’s team behaves like a typical Old Media outlet, with editors selecting and approving stories at virtually every stage of the process. The company also keeps a list …
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Medical profession is united on this issue and supporting the NEET


To all the Chief/Health Reporter

The Supreme Court Judgment on NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) was welcomed by the medical community. There are some reservations on this issue by some person. It is a known fact that the NEET has been declared to be happened this year for Under Graduate and dates has already been announced but the Government is going to bring an ordinance to stop NEET.

Medical profession is united on this issue and supporting the NEET and that too from this year.  To express the opinion, a press conference is being called by Delhi Medical Association on Saturday, 21st May 2016 at 2.30 pm at DMA House, Daryaganj, New Delhi after the lunch.

You are requested to kindly depute your reporter and photographer to attend the press conference at 2.30pm on Saturday, 21st May 2016 and oblige.

Dr. Ashwani Goyal
Hony. State Secretary, DMA
M: 9811113647

The Sagar News views Daily
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Naresh Kumar Sagar
20 May 2016
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原子力市民委員会 声明「熊本地震を教訓に原子力規制委員会は新規制基準を見直すべきである」発表 記者会見
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thumbnailtogetter­.com– 社会 政治(+25) 経済(+3) 国際(+7) 社会問題(+25) 法律(+4) 環境(+1) 震災(+15) コラム(+5) ジェンダー 注目のまとめ 今週人気のまとめ 新着のまとめ 人気のまとめ 更新済まとめ 震災 復興(+2) 原発(+10) 支援(+3) 政府 自治体 注目のまとめ 今週人気のまとめ 新着のまとめ 人気のまとめ 更新済まとめ 原発 注目のまとめ 今週人気のまとめ 新…
Keep America’s Nuclear Energy Plants Working for Us!
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thumbnailaction­.nuclearmatters­.com– About Resources News & Views Facebook Twitter Or sign in with email Don’t have an account? Register now Keep America’s Nuclear Energy Plants Working for Us In Michigan, our nuclear energy plants pr…
CBRE UK Residential | Lisa Hollands named in City AM’s “Most Powerful 100 Women”
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thumbnailwww­.cbreresidential­.com– Residential United KingdomUK Europe United Kingdom Asia Hong Kong Singapore Home Buy Register Browse all properties Our sales developments Our guide to buying Buying a new development Investments I…
How Facebook’s ‘news feed’ bias is related to the cyberbully problem for youth
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thumbnailcoreconnectivity­.org– Facebook has come under fire with recent publicity about flagrant bias against conservative points of view in their “trending” news service. This social media giant had claimed it was objective in …
CEH: News from the Living Waters
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thumbnailcrev­.info – Animal heroes of the Illustra film “Living Waters” are still making headlines. Fans of Illustra Media’s Living Waters, third installment in its Design of Life series, will probably be interested in…
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Saga Music and Unisys Infosolutions cordially
invites you to attend the cover of the
song launch of their upcoming Punjabi & Hindi movie

(‘Katiya Karoon’song fame)
(‘Lingaa’ fame)

Time   : 6:30 p.m
Date    : 20th May (Friday) {followed by Cocktail & Dinner}
Venue :
 Kingdom of Dreams (SHOWSHAA), Auditorium Complex, Near IFCCO Metro Station, Sector 29, Gurgaon, Haryana
(Note: Conveyance available
Vinod : 9582179335
Raju : 9868569081)

 You are requested to send correspondents/photographers/camera crew for the Song launch.

Shailesh Giri

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...