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AAP on Delhi LG spying on ministers of Delhi government :

It is a matter of extreme seriousness that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi is spying on the ministers of the elected government of the National capital Territory of Delhi.
The Aam Aadmi Party’s stand is based on the contents of the letter written by the Delhi LG to the Prime Minister’s Office recently, contents of which have now been reported in the media.
Since the letter has been addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office, it is clear that under directions from the very top in the central government, the Delhi LG Mr Najeeb Jung is illegally interfering in the functioning of the elected government.
In his letter to the PMO, the LG has written about the presence of an official of Indian Railways in the office of the Delhi Home Minister Mr Satyendar Jain on 29.12.2015.
This letter raises extremely serious questions about the kind of undesirable activities in which the Delhi LG appears to be indulging.
It is beyond any reasonable understanding as to on what basis the LG has dragged the name of the Home Minister of Delhi Mr Satyendar Jain and what is the source of his information and how is he concerned about who visits the ministers ?
The acts of spying by no less than the Delhi LG on the ministers of the Delhi government is a serious assault on federalism and undermines the basic functioning of the elected government.
The BJP’s central government and its Lieutenant Governor of Delhi must answer the following questions :
1)      What is the source of LG’s information about the presence of any individual in the office of a minister of Delhi government ?
2)      What was the reason for the LG to write to the PMO about who visits the ministers of Delhi government ?
3)      Under whose directions is the LG seeking information about the visitors to ministers of the Delhi government ?
4)      Why is the LG interested in knowing about the work being done in the offices of ministers ?
5)      Have such instructions being given all governors/ LGs across India by the PMO or are such obstructionist tactics reserved merely for Delhi ?


Probing the minds of those who shape foreign policy.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an interaction with thinktanks in Washington
Ministry of External Affairs, India's photo.
Ministry of External Affairs, India's photo.
Ministry of External Affairs, India's photo.
Honouring sacrifice, saluting valour: formal engagements began with a solemn ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid a wreath at the Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in the presence of astronaut Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla’s family, in homage to heroism and indomitable courage.
Ministry of External Affairs, India's photo.
Ministry of External Affairs, India's photo.
Ministry of External Affairs, India's photo.
Ministry of External Affairs, India's photo.
Naresh Kumar Sagar
Turkey: 11 people including 7 police persons killed an explosion in the central Istanbul district of Vezneciler.
All India Radio News's photo.
All India Radio News's photo.
All India Radio News's photo.
4 hrs ·
 PM Modi and US Prez Obama to have lunch together in White House
PM Modi and US Prez Obama to have lunch together in White House.Range of subject lay on table.India NSG membership.Solar Energy,security ,Trade, Nuclear Energy,South China Sea International water free zone , US Investment on Midi policy project. Obama and Midi friendship with Afro-American president could embolden India – African relation with South Africa and North Africa taking investment strides. Modi heading the fastest economy and massive market give India the golden opportunity to embark upon India being nominated as NSG member and heading various International forum in order to bring the 7trillion people to be tranquil to get to automation.
Naresh Kumar Sagar's photo.
NPR journalist killed in Afghanistan mourned
Families and friends mourn Zabihullah Tamanna and David Gilkey killed in a Taliban ambush in southern Helmand province.
Naresh Kumar Sagar shared ASEAN‘s photo.
5 hrs ·
ASEAN's photo.
5 hrs ·
Within ASEAN, do you know which countries ASEAN citizens can visit without a visa? Myanmar, Laos, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam all have visa-free travel arrangements for citizens of some or all ASEAN countries, and more exemptions are planned in the future. It makes it easier for us to travel to other ASEAN countries. Let’s plan for holiday in ASEAN countries!
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting's photo.
4 hrs ·
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi at the ceremony for return of idols with US Attorney General, in Washington DC on June 06, 2016.
Last year was an absolutely huge 12 months for renewable energy , with a new global status report on clean energy highlighting how 2015 was a record year for…

This guy has insulted just about everyone, Naresh

This is who Trump really is
Naresh —
Every time someone gets under Donald Trump’s thin skin, he lashes out. We know that. We expect it.
But I still can’t get over what Trump is trying to do to the judge presiding over one of the lawsuits against Trump University.
Trump says that Judge Gonzalo Curiel (who was born in Indiana) has a “conflict of interest” because of his Mexican heritage. He’s called Judge Curiel “a hater of Donald Trump” and “a total disgrace.” He says that Judge Curiel should recuse himself.
All of that is insane. But this is about more than one case or one judge.
When pressed, Trump says that judges who are Muslim could also fail to treat him fairly. And just following the logical conclusion of Trump’s own statements, we have to assume that women, immigrants, people with disabilities, and Democrats (all of whom Trump has insulted!) would also be ruled out.
His comments are racist and xenophobic. That’s not who we are as a country — but it’s who Trump is as a person.
Hillary and this team can stop Trump from ever getting near the White House. Chip in to get your free Team Hillary sticker, and let’s get to work:

Christina Reynolds
Deputy Communications Director
Hillary for America
Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. This is the only team that can stop him — chip in $1 to help take Trump on:

Rajan keeps repo rate unchanged at 6.5%

RBI chief Raghuram Rajan keeps repo rate unchanged at 6.5% 
RBI has kept its key rates unchanged in its second bi-monthly monetary policy for the year 2016-17 announced in Mumbai today. In its policy statement, the RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said that it has been decided to keep repo rate unchanged at 6.5 per cent. The reverse repo rate remains unchanged at 6.0 per cent. The cash reserve ratio (CRR) has been kept unchanged at 4.0 per cent.
RBI has retained growth projection at 7.6 per cent for 2016-17 citing corporate profits and surge in consumption. Inflation target has been kept unchanged at 5% for January 2017 with upward bias. He further said rising crude prices and implementation of 7th pay commission pose upside risk to inflation. On changing the policy rate, Mr. Rajan said, the RBI will remain accommodative provided data are supportive.
In its bi-monthly monetary policy statement of April 2016, the Reserve Bank had stated that it would watch macroeconomic and financial developments in the months ahead with a view to responding as space opens up. The central bank said incoming data since then show a sharper-than-anticipated upsurge in inflationary pressures emanating from a number of food items (beyond seasonal effects), as well as a reversal in commodity prices.
The statement said that the government’s reform measures on small savings rates combined with the Reserve Bank’s refinements in the liquidity management framework should help the transmission of past policy rate reductions into lending rates of banks. The third bi-monthly monetary policy statement will be announced on August 9, 2016.
Maintaining a status quo in its second bi-monthly monetary policy for the year 2016-17, RBI has said that issues like sharp upsurge in inflation, supply side constraints and an uncertain monsoon continue to remain worrisome. Addressing the customary post-policy press conference in Mumbai today, RBI Governor Dr. Raghuram Rajan, however said that the monetary policy stance remains accommodative and the apex bank will continue to monitor macro-economic growth.
Adding that the RBI is always looking for room to ease rates, Dr. Rajan said there has to be a realistic assessment of potential inflationary pressures. Talking about cleaning up of balance sheets of banks, Dr. Rajan said, RBI is working with the government towards facilitating a process where projects with right capital structure have access to credit. Dr. Rajan, however clarified that there is no intent to go back to the days of forbearance or reverse the move towards a transparent bank balance sheets.
He said the banks do not want to get in a hurry to reduce rates as it may attract further bad loans. He, however added that deposit growth has been on the higher side in the same time frame and that will allow the banks to build up a good loan base. He added that a clean balance sheet and competition will eventually force banks to lower interest rates and pass on the monetary policy benefits to their customers.
Regarding extension of his term beyond September this year, Dr. Rajan said that any decision can be reached only after discussion between the incumbent and the government. When asked about his tenure at RBI, Dr. Rajan said he believes he has delivered on most of the issues that he had on his agenda.

Kejriwal’s Premium Bus Service Idea Most Lunatic

Delhi Transport's photo.
June07, 2016 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com

I admire Arvind Kejriwals way of Involving People in Governance but there is no Substitute for ‘First Time Right’ in matters of Governance. 
Before going to bus issue it important to Emphasize That Street Lights are Critical for Safety & Security of Residents – But BRPL area these days have no light 2-3 days in a week for entire night. SOME Stretches which have thick tree cover, woman not just Scared of DARKNESS, ATTACKERS & SNATCHERS but also STARY DOGS who are active at night – Women accounts for 70%-80% of human dog bite cases. 
I switch on 12W LED lamp whenever there is no street light. If every home Switches on 5W LEDs in front & back lanes –would consume just 100-120 W daily average or 36 Units to 40 Units – Rs.180-200/Home Bill Annually. Assuming 1m Residential Consumers [@ 1 per building] Subscribe to this –Rs.18-20 Cr Cost To Delhi can have SECURE STREETS. Delhi Gov may provide FREE 2X5W LEDs to weaker sections – 0.5m x Rs.140 = Rs.7 Cr.
BRPL alone charged Rs.134.3 Cr for Public Lighting 2014-15 – NCT Rs.400 Cr.
LEDs will Ensure BRIGHTLY LIT STREETS Every Night & Save say Rs.200 Cr. 
Premium Bus Service Idea Most Lunatic
1.    Load Factor of both DTC and DMRC is 30% – Load Factor of Premium Buses
shall not be even 20% – Tickets will not be Cheaper Than UBER or OLA Cab. 
2.    Premium buses shall operate on main roads – where PUNCTUALITY matters
more than ADVANCE BOOKING – Refund for not boarding is a disadvantage. 
3.    Penalties are too STIFF – Terms Wild. 
4.    Most Security features are already in place by Uber or Ola cabs. 
No Licensing & Parking Costs 
R1.   Capacity of Micro & Minibus Public Transport from 5 Seats to 20 PAX Seats, All AC Wagonar, INNOVA to TEMPO TRAVELER to provide Fast & Efficient Services – 
R2.  Picking up ‘Regular Passengers, Students, Employees’ from within 100 meters of residences and going though Insides of Colonies, First & Last Passenger & Women pickup from their homes itself – THIS IS THEIR BIGGEST SECURITY. 
R3.  10% to 20% MICRO BUSES to be ALL WOMAN Operated By DP Trained Woman Drivers. 
R4.   Micro & Mini Buses for 6-21 Passengers either Diesel Cars Upto 2 yr old or CNG.  
R5.   CABIN & PINK ROOFTOP LIGHT to be ON when 1-2 Woman are travelling. 
R6.   DTC & DMRC to Offer INCENTIVES, like Increase in Fares to Round Figures but also allow Free Travel On Holidays to E-Card Holders. 
R7.  New Direct Lifts from GROUND to DELHI METRO Platform for Photo ID – Prepaid SMART I-CARDS With Photo for QUICK Entry & Exit. 
R7.   Integrate DMRC & DTC with Local E-Rickshaw Services. 
R9.  Integrate RING RAILWAYS & Regional NCR Tracks with All Buses, & Metro Services and operate Air-conditioned Services. 
R10. Micro- Mini Buses to have all Security & Application Based SECURITY & SERVICE Features.  
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9871056471, 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power, Transportation,
Smart Cities, Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects

Asian-Americans Increasingly Identify As Democrats

The Asian news Daily

Asians Still Underrepresented on US Network News

Shared by
Gil Asakawa
voanews.com – Clicking through U.S. TV channels, you won’t see many Asians reporting the evening news. Asian Americans — including South Asians and Pacific Islanders — are less than 3 percent of the broadcast me…

Asian-American Actors Are Fighting for Visibility. They Will Not Be Ignored.

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old gregg
nytimes.com – The Academy Awards telecast in February added insult to injury. The show dwelled on the diversity complaints aired through #OscarsSoWhite, yet blithely mocked Asian-Americans with punch lines that …

Why Won’t Hollywood Cast Asian Actors?

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Rick Chen
nytimes.com – HERE’S an understatement: It isn’t easy being an Asian-American actor in Hollywood. Despite some progress made on the small screen — thanks, “Fresh Off the Boat”! — a majority of roles that are off…

Behind the Scenes, Billionaires’ Growing Control of News

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nytimes.com – Some in Utah voiced concern when a member of the wealthy and influential Huntsman family, Paul Huntsman, moved to buy one of the state’s two major dailies, the struggling Salt Lake Tribune. Mr. Hun…

Marvel, Please Cast Daniel Dae Kim as Namor the Sub-Mariner

thenerdsofcolor.org – On a recent episode of Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada revealed that Marvel Studios has retained the rights to Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Of course, t…

IGersBoston & Fox 25 Partnership – IGersBoston

igersboston.com – Greetings IGersBoston Community! We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Fox 25 News @fox25news. This partnership, the first of its kind in the world between an Instagram community and a m…

Will Hollywood ever respect east Asian actors? | Carmen Fishwick

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theguardian.com – The British actor Burt Kwouk, best known for his role as Cato Fong – the long-suffering servant of Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther – died this week. Duty-bound, Cato’s main task was to keep …

Millennials Make Up Almost Half of Latino Eligible Voters in 2016

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pewhispanic.org – Youth, Naturalizations Drive Number of Hispanic Eligible Voters to Record 27.3 Million By Jens Manuel Krogstad, Mark Hugo Lopez, Gustavo López, Jeffrey S. Passel and Eileen Patten Hispanic millenni…

Fueled By Young Voters, Asian-Americans Increasingly Identify As Democrats

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Shaun Hundle
npr.org – Asian-Americans are shifting toward the Democratic Party in record numbers, according to a new poll conducted by a consortium of Asian-American organizations — AAPI Data, Asian and Pacific Islander…

Cartoonist Fired From Farm News for Pro-Farmer Cartoon

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Martin Bme
nytimes.com – When he paused to talk, he revealed he was leaning against a fence, and the heifers were staring at him, hard. “They are going, How come you are not feeding me right now?” Mr. Friday said. “And I h…

Reuters finds readers want quality news, but aren’t willing to pay for it – Digiday

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Charles Barber
digiday.com – Reuters in April polled 1,230 of its readers as part of an attempt to figure out its future strategy. The good news: People value quality news. The bad: They still don’t want to pay for it. Althoug…

It’s official: Most of us now get our news from social media

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Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News

Hillary Clinton is the only presidential hopeful to attend Asian American forum

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Mara Figueroa
politicususa.com – NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. Democrat Hillary Clinton is the only presidential contender scheduled to attend a reception next week organized by a leading political association of Asian Americans and P…

America’s wars struggle for cable news coverage dominated by a gorilla

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The Daily Dot

Report on racial disparities in gifted and magnet programs gets strong reaction

washingtonpost.com – Many Asian American parents worry that potential admissions changes to Montgomery County’s selective academic programs could limit access for their children, while a number of black and Hispanic fa…

“Hay que posponer o reubicar los Juegos Olímpicos”

We need more good news stories, like Yamato Tanooka’s rescue | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

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Jason Nolan
theguardian.com – The joyous news that seven-year-old Yamato Tanooka has been found alive and very much unabducted, unmurdered, and uneaten by wild bears, will have brought smiles to many a face this morning. The ch…

Peru election goes tight to the race

Peruvian presidential candidate Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is on edge with a slight lead over his rival Keiko Fujimori, the country’s electoral official said on Monday.
Kuczynski had 50.32 percent of the vote against 49.68 percent for Fujimori, with 92.55 percent of votes counted, National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) director Mariano Cuchos said.With less than one percentage point between the two candidates, the election is the tightest in Peru in 25 years, according to Peruvian daily El Comercio.
Two rivals sides are anxious to get a final result.  Cucho has asked, both candidates should remain calm until all votes are fully tallied.
The tight race was likely due to a lack of ideological differences between the two candidates. Kuczynski and Fujimori could name the same Minister of Economy and nobody would be surprised, political analyst Arturo Maldonado told local media.
The winner will assume the presidency on July 28 with a mandate of five years.

Dear Naresh, A country of over a billion people

Trending petition
Dear Naresh,
A country of over a billion people and we have trouble winning even a handful of medals…
Ankit Gupta wonders if the Indian cricket world could help promote Indian Olympians.
“If the IPL franchises can sponsor and support our Olympians, India might finally sit up and notice the unsung heroes who are going to fight for our pride and honour.”
Sign Ankit’s petition asking IPL team franchise owners and team members to pledge their support to members of the Indian Olympics contingent.

IPL Teams, Sponsor and Support India’s Olympians #IPL4Olympics

Petition by ankit gupta
Want to change something?
Start a petition.

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Russia on “adequate” response to NATO

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Finnish counterpart Timo Soini were at a joint press conference in Mosocw, Russia, June 6, 2016 and added caution on NATO.
Russia is preparing an “adequate” response to the expansion of NATO toward its borders, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Monday.
“We do not hide that we have a negative attitude toward the NATO policy of expanding its military infrastructure toward our borders,” Lavrov said at a press conference with his Finnish counterpart Timo Soini.
Russia has announced the deployment of three new divisions near its western borders as one of its measures in response to NATO’s building missile defense systems in Romania and Poland and the signing of an accession protocol with Montenegro.
Lavrov said that NATO used the Ukraine crisis and Russia’s reaction to Kiev’s attempts to discriminate against ethnic Russians in the east of the country “to invent a new pretext for the existence of the alliance.”
The diplomat ruled out the possibility of Russia’s attacking any NATO member states, which he said was an excuse used by the United States to deploy more troops and weapons to maintain its control over Europe.
Russia also disapproved of the NATO policy of involving other states in its military activities, Lavrov said, commenting on NATO BALTOPS 2016 military exercises, which started in Finland earlier on Monday.
Soini, for his part, said the exercises, which Finland has participated in since 1993, have the goal of strengthening Finland’s defense capacity and were not aimed, against anybody.

Competitiveness, climate, security Finn’s priorities Ministry of Finance release Finnish road map of EU presidency. Finland i...