Thursday, December 27, 2018

Quest Diagnostics India to Strand life Science

Quest Diagnostics, the world's leading provider of diagnostic information services has announced that it has completed the sale of its India medical diagnostic service business to Strand Life Sciences, a Bangalore-based specialized diagnostics company.
Terms of this transaction were not disclosed. Alvarez & Marsal Corporate Finance & Restructuring, India acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Quest Diagnostics.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Director Madhur Bhandarkar, Archana Puran Singh in Delhi for special Talent Hunt Launch!

   The national award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar, actress & Television sensation Archana Puran Singh, Music director Shravan Kumar witnessed in Nation's Capital for the special grand launch of Talent Hunt presented by Midaas Group in Entertainment. The grand event took place at Hotel Le Meridien with graceful presence of Inderpreet Singh, the president of Midaas Group Pvt.Ltd.
   Midaas is a Canada based Production house, spreading its ventures all over the Nation, so the startup took place in Delhi itself. Along with the launch, the team of Midaas along with Madhur Bhandarkar, Archana & Shravan interacted with media and shared their views for the same. And the crowd also witnessed the screening of five highly recommended movies like World war 3, Na Kaahu se dosti na Kaahu se bair, Shaane Singh, Raktaanjali & Bombays 70s.
   As per the details revealed, the mega talent hunt will give up space for short films, movies, web series & music. Starting auditions from January till February in different cities of Nation, with a panel of Judges, which will be Choreographer Saroj Khan, sensational Archana Puran Singh, Music Director Shravan Kumar, Actress Sara Khan, Harshitaa Bhatt, Dr Shweta Dagar & more.
   Talking about the same with media, Archana stated, "I am really happy to be the part of such a great platform. The light minded people who want to start something new will definitely get what they want. There are so many opportunities today in comparison with our old days, yes we haven't done too badly but yes ofcourse there are so many more opportunities today, like short films, web series. And I am really happy that talent is spreading hugely and undoubtedly Midaas is creating one more opportunity for young talent." 
   Whereas music director Shravan Kumar said, "With the help of Midaas we are taking forward music, as there is a need of more music companies. Nowadays in our industry there are few companies, so for the better proportion of music it's really important to have a bigger music companies. Apart from talented actors there are also people who are good as musician, lyricist, so I guess this is going to be a great platform by Midaas to those people who are willing to start their career and make their dream come true."

Mosly Pakistani,the pedophiles in UK

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid on Wednesday said a high number of men found involved in child exposition in the United Kingdom are of Pakistani origin.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 Today, Javid - who has Pakistani heritage - said that ignoring the ethnicity of abusers gives "oxygen" to extremists.
"When it comes to gang-based child exploitation it is self-evident to anyone who cares to look that if you look at all the recent high-profile cases there is a high proportion of men that have Pakistani heritage," the Conservative party representative said.
Grooming gangs have recently been convicted in Huddersfield, Oxford, and Rotherham.
"There could be - I'm not saying that there are - there could be some cultural reasons from the communities that these men came from that could lead to this kind of behaviour," Javid added.
He further delved into the issue and said: "When I'm asking my officials to go away and do research to look into the causes of gang-based child exploitation, then I want them to leave no stone un-turned and to look at everything.
"For me to rule something out just because it would be considered sensitive would be wrong. If I had ignored it, or been seen to ignore it, that is exactly what I think extremists would like to see in this country. It would give them oxygen and I refuse to do that."
When asked about the decision to strip some offenders with dual citizenship of their British nationality and deport them to Pakistan, Javid said there was a "very high bar" on such decisions, which were usually only taken in cases of terrorism.
"I'm the British home secretary and my job is to protect the British public, to do what I think is right to protect the British public. That's my number one job," he said.Geo News

BSP Press release on Order of weekly Namaz in Paks

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