Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests enter second week

Oct 5,
Fresh scuffles erupted between pro-democracy activists occupying central parts of Hong Kong and riot police, as the protests entered their second week. Police used peper spray to disperse the corwd and the peoples gathered at various roads are asked to vacate public roads by Monday reports BBC.
Thousands of people held a rally overnight, defying the Beijing-backed authorities, although by Sunday morning many of the protesters had gone home. The scuffles occurred in the early hours today in the Mong Kok district, with police using pepper spray against some of the protesters.
Earlier, Hong Kong’s leader had warned that police would ensure government offices and schools reopened on Monday. Activists oppose China’s plans to vet candidates for 2017 elections.
During the overnight rally thousands chanted: “Democracy now! Democracy in Hong Kong!” as speakers from the pro-democracy movement urged them to persist in their campaign, the Associated Press reported.

Indian-American professor Thomas Kailath wins National Medal of Science

Oct 5,
US President Barack Obama has selected Indian-American Professor Thomas Kailath for the prestigious National Medal of Science, highest honour for achievement in the fields of science and engineering. Kailath, 79, will receive the medal along with nine other awardees, at a White House ceremony later this year. Kailath has authored several books including well-known Linear Systems.

NDMA Dullards Responsible Patna Gandhi Ground Stampede  

Ravinder Singh
To and 33 more…
Today at 9:31 AM
NDMA Dullards Responsible Patna Gandhi Ground Stampede
October05, 2014 (C) Ravinder Singh
India has National Disaster Management Authority functioning since
2005 and there are state level Disaster Management Authorities also.
Bihar also has fully functional BDMA but as given in the following pdf
report mere functions as Relief Distributor.
I was responsible for Maintenance of ‘Asian Games’ JN Stadium East
Wing in 1982. Organizers carried out Security Drills, Rehearsals to
study 75,000 visitors could exit the stadium in 15 minutes after end
of program when there were 12 Wide Exits fully open, in Patna Gandhi
Ground there was no awareness of how 500,000 people shall exit in
darkness. It was Gross Negligence of BDMA/NDMA to train Police Force
in Crowd Control and Safety Precautions. In absence of Lighting in the
large ground Event Should have ended early at say 4:30PM – same
applies to Political Rallies.
NDMA lacking Professional Competence & Leadership had totally flopped
to even Prevent or Manage Floods which appears to be its only domain.
In floods since 2005 there was no preparation visible – there was no
monitoring of Flood Control Structures. My interventions and campaign
Prevented Drowning of Punjab in 2008 and 2010 Floods – Pakistan has
blocked or restricted outflow of Satluj River which also carry Beas
River waters – any Releases from Bhakra or Pong Dams would have
drowned half of Punjab at peak flood event.
Gross Incompetence of NDMA is reflected by the fact that it Failed to
Establish ‘Emergency Stores to keep say 1000 Tones of Foods, Medicines
& Equipments’ which had to brought in by Air Force from South India
for floods in Kashmir.
Actually I was introduced to NDMA when my friend call me to inform me
about NDMA workshop on ‘Bird Flu’ and ‘Nuclear Accident’ prevention &
management. But engaging RETIRED and UNFIT Officers is worst
management in itself.
There was heavy rains reported in Bihar on 19-09-2014 but BDMA merely
states in one line the Cumulative Rainfall.
As given in the case of Bihar Disaster Management Authority entire
effort is towards Flood Relief Works – no mention of Rail, Nuclear,
Industrial, Air Accidents, Land Slides, Epidemics, Flood Prevention,
Fire Accidents, Forest Fires and Managing Crowds as at Gandhi Ground.
Cabinet Minister Rank but appointing a ‘Dullard’ means REPEAT Floods
and No Prevention of Floods. NDMA need TOP TECHNICAL EXPERT.
Even in Flood Management where it Controls Central Water Commission –
Dullards in NDMA have no control over DAM OPERATIONS. UKAI DAM and
BHAKRA DAMS are not depleted to say 20% or lower level at the end of
Monsoon Cycle – Dams generate less power during peak summer when most
expensive, reduce Irrigation Supplies and Minimize Flood Control
Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant,
Three Trillion Dollar Innovative Projects Initiative
Y-77, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016, India. Ph; 091- 9718280435, 9650421857
Ravinder Singh* is a WIPO awarded inventor specializing in Power,
Water, Energy Saving, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Technologies and Projects.

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